Clinical Trial: CBD Administration Increases Blood Flow to the Hippocampus

London, United Kingdom: The administration of 600mgs of oral CBD increases cerebral blood flow to the hippocampus, according to randomized, placebo-controlled data published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.

A team of investigators affiliated with London’s University College compared the administration of CBD versus placebo in 15 healthy volunteers.

They reported: “We found evidence that acute CBD causes a significant increase in regional CBF [cerebral blood flow] to the hippocampus. … If replicated, the finding that acute CBD increases CBF in the hippocampus may be relevant for hippocampal disorders, since higher resting hippocampal blood flow is associated with better memory performance.”

Authors concluded, “These findings may have implications for the potential use of CBD across a range of disorders associated with hippocampal dysfunction including Alzheimer’s disease, PTSD and depression.”

Full text of the study, “The effects of acute cannabidiol on cerebral blood flow and its relationship to memory: An arterial spin labelling magnetic resonance imaging study,” appears in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.