California: Dozens of Cities Vote in Favor of Municipal Initiatives Licensing Marijuana Retailers

Sacramento, CA: Voters in dozens of cities and counties throughout the state approved municipal measures on election day licensing marijuana-related businesses in their localities.

Although California law legalizes retail cannabis production and sales, localities can enact municipal measures banning commercial activities. According to a 2020 economic study, an estimated 75 percent of California cities and counties have imposed local bans – depriving the state of significant revenue.

Overall, voters decided on 38 measures in 36 cities or counties. Most of the measures were passed by voters. “”It’s great to see California voters continuing to see the benefits of legal cannabis businesses in their cities and counties,” said Ellen Komp, Deputy Director of California NORML. “Legal businesses bring in sales taxes, payroll taxes, jobs, and economic stimulus while reducing crime and providing safe, tested products to consumers.”

According to data provided by California NORML, there have been over 200 ballot measures addressing cannabis in local elections in the past decade; some 90 percent of them have passed.

For more information, visit California NORML.