California: Universities Awarded $30 Million in Cannabis Research Funding

Sacramento, CA: State regulators announced late last week that they have awarded just under $30 million to California universities for the purposes of conducting scientific research evaluating cannabis use and its health and safety impacts.

Numerous universities throughout the states – including UC Los Angeles, UC San Francisco, UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, and UC Davis – will receive funding. Research projects include: evaluating cannabis use by older adults, assessing the effects of cannabis legalization on home prices, exploring the potential relationship between marijuana use and mental health, evaluating the potential impact of cannabis use on immune health, and assessing marijuana smoking and lung health, among others. Overall, the grants will fund more than two-dozen research studies.

“The research conducted through these public university grants will provide critical information for evaluating our legal cannabis system and its impacts,” Bureau of Cannabis Control Chief Lori Ajax said. “This research will be a valuable tool to inform future cannabis policy in California.”

California was among the first states in the nation to explicitly begin funding cannabis-specific research studies – having established the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research in 2000. Previous clinical trials conducted by CMCR-affiliated researchers have included evaluations of the efficacy of inhaled cannabis on spinal cord injury, diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis-related spasticity, and HIV-related analgesia.

Additional information is available from the California Bureau of Cannabis Control.