Israel: Justice Ministry Plan Calls for Regulating the Adult-Use Marijuana Market

Tel Aviv, Israel: The Israeli Justice Minister has called for the adoption of formal recommendations calling for the legalization of marijuana sales for those ages 21 and older.

Under the proposal, marijuana products would be sold in licensed retail facilities. By contrast, home cultivation of marijuana would be initially limited under the plan.

The production, use, and dispensing of cannabis products to qualified patients is already permitted in Israel.

“The time has come to move forward to a new path and legalize cannabis in Israel,” the Justice Minister said. “This is a major reform – holistic and responsible – that demonstrates Israel is not ignoring reality but rather making progress in the direction of developed nations around the world.”

Israeli officials estimate that the policy recommendations could become law within nine months. “The legislative outline can be approved very soon,” the Justice Minister said. “Afterwards, there is the process of applying performance regulations, which we expect will be done by the last quarter of next year.”