Pew Poll: Only Eight Percent of US Adults Believe Cannabis Should Be Criminalized

Washington, DC: Over 90 percent of US adults believe that cannabis should be legal for either medical or adult-use purposes, according to national polling data compiled by the Pew Research Center.

Sixty percent of respondents agree that marijuana ought to be legal for adults, while an additional 31 percent of adults believe that it ought to be legal for therapeutic use. Only eight percent of US adults say that marijuana should “not be legal” for either purpose.

Consistent with prior national polls, total support was greater among Democrats (95 percent) than Republicans (87 percent), and stronger among younger voters (ages 18 to 29: 94 percent) than older voters (ages 75 and up: 85 percent).

Polling data compiled by Pew in 2019 reported that 62 percent of adults support full legalization. National survey data published last week by Quinnipiac University reported that 70 percent of registered voters favor legalizing marijuana for adults – the highest level of nationwide support ever recorded in a scientific poll. 

Additional polling data is available from NORML.