Alabama: Majority of State-Licensed Physicians Support Medical Cannabis Legalization

Birmingham, AL: Seven in ten state-licensed physicians support the legalization of cannabis for therapeutic purposes, according to polling data compiled by the Lester Hill Center for Public Policy at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Investigators surveyed opinions of 450 physicians of various specialties. Seventy percent of respondents endorsed the use of medical cannabis when recommended by a physician. Support was slightly higher among pediatricians, with 72 percent endorsing medicalization. 

Whole-plant cannabis is not permitted for medical use in Alabama. Legislation to establish a limited program permitting the production and distribution of non-smoked cannabis products has passed the Senate, but has faced resistance in the House. 

Surveys of practicing physicians in other states, such as in New York and Minnesota, have similarly shown majority support among health professionals for medicinal cannabis access. A WebMD/Medscape survey of over 1,500 health professionals nationwide reported that two-thirds of health professionals believe that cannabis should be a legal option for patients. 

For more information, contact Carly Wolf, NORML State Policies Manager.