Survey: Many Patients with Spine-Related Pain Turning to CBD

New York, NY: An estimated one-in-four patients with spine-related pain report using CBD to combat their symptoms, according to survey data published in the International Journal of Spine Surgery. 

Researchers anonymously surveyed patients at a spinal surgery clinical in New York over a four-week period.

Twenty-five percent of respondents acknowledged either using or having used CBD for symptom control. Nearly half (46 percent) of users reported that it mitigated their pain. Thirty-three percent said that the use of CBD improved sleep and 20 percent said that it reduced their anxiety. By contrast, nearly 25 percent of users reported no therapeutic benefits from CBD.

Authors concluded: “This is the first study, to our knowledge, to examine the consumption patterns and perceived effects of CBD in patients with spinal pathology. This investigation demonstrates that CBD is a prevalent alternative therapy used by many patients with spine-related symptoms. As the popularity of the supplement is only expected to increase over time, spine surgeons must educate themselves on the evidence behind the use of CBD, understand its legal status, and be aware of the potential for mislabeling of ingredients.”

Full text of the study, “Prevalence of cannabidiol use in patients with spine complaints: Results of an anonymous survey,” appears in the International Journal of Spine Surgery. Additional information regarding the use of cannabinoids and pain is available from NORML.