Survey: Over 80 Percent of Americans Support Uniform Quality Controls for Cannabis Products

Washington, DC: More than eight in ten Americans believe that there should be uniform standards in place regulating the manufacturing of commercially available cannabis products, according to national polling data commissioned on behalf of the regulatory compliance group SIPCA and the Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS).

Most respondents (72 percent) said that cannabis products should be grown and produced using “consistent product safety standards (regardless of which state they are legally purchased in),” and 84 percent support the notion of the “federal government setting standards for product safety and quality that must be met for any cannabis products produced or sold in the United States.”

Because cannabis remains classified as a Schedule I illicit substance under federal law, regulations governing the manufacturing and testing of marijuana products vary from state to state. 

Separate polling has similarly shown that a majority of Americans desire greater regulatory authority over the safety and quality of hemp-derived CBD products, most of which are currently subject to little or no federal or state regulatory oversight.

“The U.S. has a plethora of consumer protection laws and organizations, at both the federal and state level, that regulate consumer affairs. So, it is understandable that Americans expect these same consumer protections in cannabis, like they do for everything they purchase,” said Lezli Engelking, President & Founder of FOCUS. “The lack of protections for cannabis consumers is simply one more example of the extreme risks to public health and safety Americans are exposed to [because of] the lack of action around cannabis at the federal level.” 

Consistent with other national polls, a super-majority of respondents (78 percent) to the SIPCA/FOCUS poll agreed that marijuana should be legalized under federal law. 

More information on the SIPCA/FOCUS polling data is available online. Additional polling data is available from NORML. Additional information on state by state regulatory policies is available from NORML’s report, ‘Marijuana Policies in Legal States.’