Marijuana Legalization

Poll: Legalizing Marijuana Enjoys Bipartisan Support Among the Public

“Personal experience with cannabis is a relatively surefire cure for ‘reefer madness,’” NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano said. “As greater percentages of adults continue to become familiar with marijuana for either therapeutic purposes or for their own personal use, expect to see public support in favor of its legalization rise even higher.”

Majority Support

NORML Op-Ed: POTUS’ Marijuana Pardons Are a Big Deal Politically — Here’s Why

President Biden’s foray into the arena of marijuana reform legitimizes legalization as a subject worthy of consideration — and action — by those at the highest levels of government. Further, it is a recognition — by the president of the United States, no less — that America’s nearly 100-year experiment with cannabis criminalization has been an abject failure.

Marijuana Ballot Initiatives

How to Prepare for the Upcoming Elections and State/Local Ballot Efforts

With multiple states and cities across the nation deciding upon adult-use legalization this fall , NORML is redoubling our efforts to inform, educate, and get voters to the ballot box. In many states voter registration deadlines are approaching and early voting is on the horizon. It is imperative that each of you have the tools to be an active and informed voter. 

American Marijuana Laws

Poll: Most Americans Support Forgiveness for Past Marijuana Crimes, Oppose Cannabis’ Schedule I Status

“In order to rectify the state/federal conflict that currently exists over marijuana policy, and in order to best maintain the market controls that a majority of states have enacted to promote public health, prevent the distribution of marijuana to minors, ensure safe business practices, and improve public safety, cannabis must be descheduled — not rescheduled — from the Controlled Substances Act.”