Stocks, Estate and Gifts

Stocks & Securities

You may also choose to contribute appreciated securities. By contributing appreciated securities to the NORML Foundation, you avoid paying the capital gains tax that would be incurred if you sold shares and gave the cash. You may also receive an income tax deduction for as much as the full market value of the stock you give. Check with your tax adviser regarding your own situation.

Contributing shares of stocks or other securities can be accomplished easily by directing your broker or bank custodian to deliver securities to the brokerage accounts of NORML or the NORML Foundation. To make a donation to either NORML or the NORML Foundation of securities or stocks, please contact:

Charles Schwab and Co.
PO Box 628291
Orlando, FL 32862-8291

*Note: Paper transfer can take 5-6 weeks. Electronic transfers are preferred.

Here is the information you will need if you wish to wire a stock transfer to the NORML Foundation account as a contribution.

The NORML Foundation account number at Charles Schwab is #1148-5495. The DTC is #164.

If you need assistance, please call Charles Schwab and Co. at 800-435-4000 or NORML Foundation at 888-67-NORML.

Please let the NORML Foundation staff know if you are making a stock transfer to the NORML Foundation account, so we can be certain the stock arrives in our account, as intended.

Combined Federal Campaign

As a function of the United Way, the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is available for federal and state workers, military personnel and retirees to donate a small portion of their weekly paycheck to The NORML Foundation. The United Way manages the funds and distributes them on a monthly basis.

Please check your CFC form for the NORML Foundation.

Wills and Estate Planning

Instead of a memorial or statue erected in your honor, why not have a lasting impact and endow NORML and the NORML Foundation to fight for individual freedom? Please consider naming NORML or the NORML Foundation as a beneficiary in your will. Bequests to the NORML Foundation are deductible for estate tax purposes.

Naming the NORML Foundation as a beneficiary of your IRA reduces both federal estate taxes and the income tax that would be paid by your heirs on the value of the contribution. However, naming any charitable organization as the beneficiary of an IRA can have other important tax consequences so it would be unwise to do so without consulting your tax adviser.

Corporate Gift Matching

In recent years, many supporters of NORML Foundation have donated via their company’s gift matching program wherein the company matches your donation to the NORML Foundation, often, dollar for dollar.The NORML Foundation has thus far received matching gifts from major corporations such as Phillip Morris, Cisco Systems, Intuit, Microsoft, Sun MicroSystems and Playboy, Inc.

If your employer offers such a program, please consider naming the NORML Foundation as the recipient of your employer-matching contribution.

Again, major gifts from supporters of marijuana law reform comprise an important part of empowering the NORML Foundation to provide a voice for the millions of American adults who smoke marijuana responsibly.

If possible, please give generously to NORML or the NORML Foundation.

For your privacy, we don’t share the names of our supporters.