Kim Reynolds (R)


Took Office 2017
Term Expires 2022
NORML Grade: D-

2019 Enacted Legislation


2019 Vetoed Legislation

Governor Reynolds vetoed House File 732, which sought amend and expand the state’s low-THC/high CBD access program. The proposal would have expanded the pool of health professionals eligible to recommend medical cannabis products and it would have opened the program up to those with severe or chronic pain. It also would have removed the three percent THC cap on medical cannabis products. (Link)

In her veto message, she stated: “Ultimately, I believe Iowa must proceed cautiously to ensure that any expansion of our medical CBD program is thoughtful and deliberate. … So I look forward to working with the Legislature and the Medical Cannabidiol Board to find an evidence-based THC limit that we can work to enact along with the rest of the provisions in House File 732 that I support. The health and safety of Iowans is too important for us not to get this right.” (Link)


Lawmakers are expected to move legislation similar to HF 732 in the 2020 legislative session. Governor Reynolds most recently said that she "supported" many provisions in that legislation, but that she continues to oppose efforts to raise the existing 3 percent THC cap on medical cannabis products. (Link)

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