Laura Kelly (D)


Took Office 2019
Term Expires 2022
NORML Grade: B-

2019 Enacted Legislation

Governor Kelly signed Senate Bill 28 (aka Clare and Lola’s Law), which prohibits state agencies from initiating child removal proceedings or child protection actions based solely upon the child or parent’s possession of certain high-CBD/low-THC cannabis preparations. The law also establishes an affirmative defense from criminal prosecution for any person with a debilitating medical condition who possesses high-CBD/low-THC cannabis preparations. (Link)

2019 Vetoed Legislation



Governor Kelly has repeatedly expressed support for the establishment of a tightly regulated medical cannabis access law, and most recently said that the passage of such a bill is part of her personal agenda for the 2020 legislative session. While not a personal supporter of adult-use legalization, she has said that she would "probably" sign such a bill into law if the legislature passed it.
"I do believe that medical marijuana needs to be legalized. It does have medical uses, and I think it would do a lot for our families … and I also think that it would help with the opioid crisis." (Link)

"[Adult-use legalization] is something where what the people want is probably more what I will want on something like that. I don’t have a personal ideology regarding it. If the folks want it and the legislature passes it, would I sign it? Probably." (Link)

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