Kate Brown (D)


Took Office 2015
Term Expires 2023
NORML Grade: A

2019 Enacted Legislation

Governor Brown signed several bills into law in 2019. Senate Bill 420 facilitates new, streamlined procedures for those previously convicted of minor possession offenses to file to have their convictions set aside. Senate Bill 582 authorizes Oregon to enter into agreements with other states regarding the exportation of cannabis products across state lines. Senate Bill 970 prohibits landlords from taking discriminatory action against those who either use medical cannabis or possess cannabis-related convictions. In response to reports of falling retail cannabis prices, the Governor also signed legislation, Senate Bill 218, authorizing klators to limit the issuance of new commercial growers’ licenses when/if they see fit. (Link)(Link)(Link)(Link)

2019 Vetoed Legislation



Governor Brown has long been an outspoken proponent of marijuana law reform and adult-use legalization, stating, "Voters in Oregon were clear when they chose for Oregon to legalize the sale of marijuana and the federal government should not stand in the way of the will of Oregonians." (Link)

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