South Dakota

Kristi Noem (R)

South Dakota

Took Office 2019
Term Expires 2022
NORML Grade: F

2019 Enacted Legislation


2019 Vetoed Legislation

Governor Noem vetoed legislation that sought to license and regulate commercial hemp production in the state, opining, "There is no question in my mind that normalizing hemp, like legalizing medical marijuana, is part of a larger strategy to undermine enforcement of the drug laws and make legalized marijuana inevitable." (Link)


Governor Noem has historically opposed all efforts to liberalize marijuana laws in South Dakota, and she recently affirmed her opposition to a pair of 2020 ballot initiatives that seek to legalize and regulate medical cannabis and adult-use marijuana. (Link)

Marijuana is "the gateway drug to getting people more addicted, getting into stronger drugs, then they end up committing crimes, and it just opens the door to bad habits and behaviors that aren’t going to be beneficial." (Link)

"Legalizing industrial hemp weakens drug laws. It hurts law enforcement. It’s a step backward." (Link)

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