Women's Issues

NORML Women's Issues

Women have become a large part of NORML's outreach efforts, as they have a very unique experience when it comes to marijuana and marijuana prohibition. From child protective service issues to treating menstrual cramps and other medical benefits, to cultural cliches - when it comes to this issue, women are major stakeholders, but many continue to have reservations. With every poll that comes out, women are lagging in support by an average of five to ten percentage points behind men. Women make up more than 50% of the voting population, and this critical demographic tends to be more undecided on marijuana legalization, but are also more open to persuasion. Their maternal concerns understandably make them more worried about the consequences of expanded use of marijuana on their children and their communities.

The NORML Foundation is working to close the gender gap through public education campaigns and outreach projects designed to further educate and engage women on the need for reform. The following section includes topics and information covering all aspects of women and marijuana, including legal issues, medical benefits, parenting, public polling analysis, reform efforts and educational resources. There is no doubt that once women, especially mothers become educated about the social and economic costs of marijuana prohibition, as well as the benefits of alternative policies, the scope of the national, mainstream conversation will be changed for good.

Principles of Responsible Cannabis Use

Here you will find the standards and definition of "responsible cannabis use," as adopted by the NORML Board of Directors in 1996.