Potent Pot Myths Exposed (Again)

“This ain’t your grandfather’s or your father’s marijuana. This will hurt you. This will addict you. This will kill you.”– Mark R. Trouville, DEA Miami, speaking to the Associated Press (June 22, 2007)
Having spent over a decade debunking the ‘potent pot myth‘ — the false yet wildly popular notion that today’s cannabis is dramatically more potent, and thus more dangerous (or as British Prime Minister Gordon Brown likes to say, “more lethal“) than the marijuana of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, it’s nice to finally get some back up.
Writing in the forthcoming issue of the scientific journal Addiction, researchers at the University of New South Wales, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, examined the potency of over 100,000 pot seizures from around the word. They concluded (drum roll please), “Claims made in the public domain about a 20- or 30-fold increase in cannabis potency and about the adverse mental health effects of cannabis contamination are not supported currently by the evidence.”
The investigators also addressed the equally popular myth that ‘potent pot’ is responsible for an increase in the number of people seeking ‘treatment’ for cannabis, finding, “Another reason for increase in treatment seeking could be the introduction of cannabis diversion programmes, some of which involve mandatory treatment for those who have committed a cannabis-related offense” — a point we’ve made here on several occasions.
Want more details? NORML podcaster extraordinaire Russ Belville has an extensive summary of the study here.

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  1. To tell you the truth, I wish that I could’ve actually tried some of my father and grandfather’s weed, because it may have actually been more pure and alot more effective, so I don’t see what the problem is…

  2. You know,at the end of the day ,regardless of weather it is even intelligent to say that cannabis potency has increased to such level’s we all have highly developed minds of our own,minds which can figure out the most complex of complexities and in saying that i firmly beleive that we make the mistake of blaming the drug(atleast as far as cannabis is concerned) and not the user for his or her lack of responsibility.I t seems as the days go on in this country we start giving people m,ore and mopre excuses for their actions and consistently try to convence ourselves that it could not possibly be that we might just have quite i a few insane individuals living around us in every day society,and that just maybe these people do not deserve the right to walk free,yet however there is always a fuckin excuse for why somebody behaves the way at whi9ch they do. Plain and simple,we need to grow the fuck up as a country and stop blaming our actions omn everythign and everybody but ourselves,its halarious to sit back watch these so called”leaders” in this coutnry spew out complete and utter bullshit to cover their own asses.We as a nartion need to all soon realize what tyhe fuck it is that we all have in that beautiful and amazeing country.Its time we take responsibility for our own actiions and stop fuckin complaing about what we dont have.Infact to clearify the point at which i am trying to make i would be killed if i lived in some countries of this world if i even dared make commentso ut the leaders of the country.Yet here i sit protected as hell in Americas free to say whatever i damn well please…thats something for us all to ponder on……And yes i do realize my typeing looks like that of a 5 year old however it does not help that i am slightly drunk and very very tired.However my point has been made…night to all and bless God America.

  3. the american goverment would like you to believe it is just and honorable , but when in fact it is more deptressive than north korea itself. I know this becauswe i used to be a servent of inforceing it policies . when it comes to cannibis my best recolition would be the campfires around our firebases in vietnam at night and the smell of cannbus from both side indicating emminate attacks in the morning. Now the goverment new stories of how somr little green plant growm under some punie little light is 30 times more potent than the opianated tai sticks of the 60.s.

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