NORML To The Drug Czar's Office: "Now Do We Have Your Attention?"

More than 100 readers have posted comments in support of NORML’s recent guest editorial, “Criminalization of Marijuana Must End,” which appeared in The Hill‘s influential ‘Congressional Blog.’ Editors at The Hill inform NORML that it’s the highest volume of readers’ response they’ve ever received on any commentary on any topic!
So it’s hardly surprising that the Drug Czar’s office has grudgingly and belatedly offered their two-cents worth in a factually bereft editorial entitled “Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Ignores the Facts.” It’s an unintentionally amusing essay — though judging by the comments it appears that few people, if anyone, have actually bothered to read it — topped off by this half-baked claim, “[L]egalizing marijuana [is] a topic more often heard in college dorms at 2 o’clock in the morning than in the hallowed halls of our Congress.”
Excuse me, but if debating the merits of America’s failed cannabis policy is, in the Drug Czar’s opinion, a topic only appropriate for midnight musings, then why is the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy straining their already diminished intellectual capacities responding to this discussion in The Hill (which, last time I checked, was not a publication frequently read by college students in their dorm rooms at 2 am)??!!
Of course, I suppose The Hill should thank their lucky stars that the Drug Czar responded at all, given that no representatives from the ONDCP, CADCA, or other ‘pro-prohibition’ groups will ever agree to engage with NORML in a face-to-face debate in a public forum. I mean, it wasn’t all that long ago that federal officials were distributing a guidebook, “How to Hold Your Own in a Drug Legalization Debate,” that recommended that prohibition advocates decline invitations to publicly debate drug policy issues.
My how times have changed!

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  1. Drug treatment for marijuana is up BECAUSE the COURTS order it.If it were decriminalized the “problem” would be solved. I know because i was ordered to it.
    And juvenile boot camp that completely ruined my child hood(13)And once as an adult(20) i was ordered to it.
    FAILIN P TESTS forever. MOM cunningly got me out of it
    still dont know how.thanks mom i was 20!!!!!!! at the time. STILL SMOKIN. Got clean record 1 littering ticket at 21. I have a Great job and abide the law.
    Im 23.I feel the court raped me of the most IMPORTANT years of my life and took many opportunities from me.

  2. I dont know that this is the right place to vent frustration BUT Everyone who smokes tabbacco wants to quit cause its killing them….everyone who
    smokes weed does not.AND my joint goes out when i drop it not a cigarrete. If i smoke as much weed as i can i fall asleep. If i drink as much alcohol as i can i DIE.I hate this ciggarette and would like to hit my weed pipe.1/3 of auto accidents are from people positive for marijuana? is that the commercial. More than that smoke!!!! so are we not less likely to cause an accident. I ALWAYS DRIVE HIGH.
    But dont drive drunk because i dont want to KILL people.i got a concussion from falling backwords on so cal in membrance of DIME BAG Daryll.Never a thing from pot.

  3. haha.. another comment that’ll never be read 😉
    People in this country are scared of drug dealers. They worry about the violence they create and their influence over their kids. It is right for them to demand the government get them out of their communities and to dissuade their children from using drugs.
    However there is only one way to remove suppliers from a market, and that is to remove demand. Pussyfooting around with a “prohibition” that doesn’t even attempt to eliminate the demand from the market is a complete waste of resources. It is nothing but a drain on taxpayers and it doesn’t reduce demand, and where there’s demand there *will* be supply.
    We have two options to eliminate the demand for illegal marijuana:
    The first is to execute everyone caught with even the smallest amount of marijuana, and of course to use our extensive police and military forces to conduct house-to-house searches to ensure we get all of ’em. It’d result in at least 30 million deaths, plus quite a few “innocents” as well, and it would not actually be successful at eliminating demand because new consumers are continuously entering the market; because of this it’d have to be an ongoing offensive action rather than a one-off measure.
    The second is to *legalize the production and supply of marijuana by certified businesses*. Legal marijuana can be produced cheaper than illegal weed so legal suppliers will undercut illegal dealers’ prices. Consumers will, of course, buy the cheapest product available, especially when it’s being legally and safely sold in attractive establishments (“coffeeshops”), so very quickly illegal suppliers will be forced out of the market. The result of this will be minors will have nowhere to buy marijuana (apart from older friends), and the prohibitions’ glorification of marijuana will end, thus reducing the overall rate of marijuana use in society. Violence associated with the illegal suppliers will be gone, as will the violence associated with the enforcement of the current prohibition.
    Whatever actual health risks there are from using marijuana will not change regardless of which option is chosen. It seems pretty obvious to me which option is best!
    I live in Georgia and I support Marijuana Legalization.

  4. Legalalization of marijuana should have been done a long time ago and It is a medical herb that has no dangerous side effects. The government just wants the people to think it does so they can be so crooked as to shit on the American people. This country was founded under the right to be free and our freedom is being tok away. We need to get together as a nation and stand up to the government and put and end to thier lies and stop being so chicken shit and take back our freedom that was once given to us.Are we just going to sit on our asses and let the government try to fuck us any way they can by keeping the legalization of marijuana and raing gas prices or are we going to join together and fight for our freedom. Well I choose to fight. I don’t care if any one joins the fight with me but Im gonna stand up for my freedom.

  5. #53…your 1st “option” is already in process, in a more limited fashion.Your 2nd “option” is also in effect in 13 states. Because the 1st option has been exposed, the 2nd option is the inevitable successor.

  6. AS the years go on, we as Americans are always under the thumb of some type of propaganda fed by our govt. on a state and federal level on marijuana prohibition. I love my country, but I do not trust the govt.I bet our fore fathers are rolling in their graves because the way the govt. twists everything on THE BILL OF RIGHTS for the American people. It is TIME FOR CHANGE and it is time for us to decide to end marijuana prohibition by getting together and have our voices heard and end the drug war against us. How many more prisons are going to be built for non violent offenders who use marijuana. How many more billions of our tax dollars are going to be wasted to finance the DEA (dead end atrocities) against the citizens of America and other countries on this planet. You know our govt. is always sticking their noses out beyond our borders to show our superiority on the drug war. When will it end. When half of us are incarcerated and the other half are watching us. And they call this Amerika.

  7. All i have to say is that anyone who hasn’t read “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” needs to read it, and spread some knowlege to our disinformed world.

  8. Great work NORML, folks should also comment on The Hill’s website, put your comments in front of our nations policy makers!

  9. Im an aerospace engineer who can personally attest to the fact that the drug czar and Bush/Clinton administrations have been lying about marijuana for years. Now with the privatized prison industry and their control of big pharma they have no incentive to be truthful. People are ready to spit in their faces at this point.

  10. I think the that the reason congress has chosen to ignore the truth about marijuana in this country is because our elected officials don’t want to even think about the logistical nightmare it will be to release the countless number of marijuana offenders from prison, re-try them, undo their records, etc.
    Dear Congressmen/women,
    This issue is not going away on its own. Please do something good for the American people and begin to talk about marijuana legislation seriously. Right now you are setting the country up for a major problem in the near future. What are we going to do when a landmark judicial decision suddenly changes marijuana law overnight? Then what? Do we just open up the jails and shove MILLIONS of wrongly imprisoned Americans back out onto the street the next day? Think of the economic implications alone, not to mention the countless other problems we will face! The last thing the American people need right now is another national catastrophe on top of our current problems. Please face the truth and act before it’s too late.

  11. How many more innocent people have to be arrested before the government will finally acknowledge they are wrong about marijuana? Legalize it. All the anti-marijuana people are only lying to themselves. Their arguments are weak and invalid and they can’t defend their positions to save their lives.

  12. I still look at this topic of regulating marijuana as one of the most irrational and misunderstood ever. Clearly marijuana is NOT A DRUG!! it just grows like that no chemicals needed like the so called drugs that we should be focused on. it seems that this topic just keeps getting further and further pushed under the table despite an astounding number of supporters for the cause. As a frequent marijuana smoker i experience all the medicinal effects including increased vitality, concentration, rapid cognition and an overall feeling of perpetual bliss. Hopefully within this next presidency, although things arent looking that way, someone will pull his or her head out of their ass and see eye to eye with the millions of supporters.

  13. FFS Andy, if you’re going to defend marijuana, don’t quote Katt Williams and expect to be taken seriously. Fact is, marijuana is definitely a drug. That said, it is a drug that is safer than the majority of pharmaceuticals currently on the market. It has been shown to tremendously help remedy the symptoms of patients of chemotherapy, glaucoma, or AIDS. While marijuana cannot cure these diseases, as a former chemotherapy patient I can personally attest to the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Imagine not moving from a small bed for over three days because of the pain in your back and not being able to eat due to the effects of the poison that has been pumped through you intravenously for the past six days. To overcome the pain would’ve taken enough opiates to render me unconscious and sick, so on the third day I went for the blunt instead. I did not get out of bed to smoke it, and although inhaling smoke into my lungs was inherently damaging at that state, I immediately started to feel exponentially better. The rest of the night, I proceeded to get out of bed, walk around, eat 3 days worth of food, and felt like things were actually not very bad at all. For a schedule I drug to be able to bring that much relief to someone is a shame. Marijuana has PROVEN medical uses, yet the government keeps it classed as schedule I. The DEA still arrests dispensary owners and patients who grow legally(by the state) in their own yard/house. Recently at KU, we had a debate between a former head of the DEA’s New York office and Steve Hager, creative director for High Times. The former agent’s only arguments against legalization were that 1) More people would use recreationally. 2) It impairs your depth-perception. We can all probably agree on both points easily. Some would argue that neither are true, but even if we give marijuana opponents both arguments, how do those 2 factors outweigh the arguments for legalization? On marijuana’s side is the 800,000 people who are arrested annually, $1b+ in potential tax revenue, $9b saved from emptying prisons of non-violent MJ offenders, IMMENSE medical benefits, an increase of purity since MJ could be regulated, and finally the fact that marijuana could be sold through reputable companies to responsible adults, not brought into the country by armed cartels who capitalize on the high prices prohibition creates and bring with them violence. STOP the madness! The benefits outweigh the consequences. The people in our legislature don’t give a shit about the 120,000 people/year who die from tobacco or the 200,000 people/year who die from alcohol, but they do want to stop marijuana from being used recreationally because of bad depth perception. I think it’s marijuana opponents who have the impaired depth perception: they can’t see the depth of problems that marijuana prohibition creates, and refuse to acknowledge any benefits to legalization.

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