Weed-Whacking Drug Czar Looks Silly – Sounds Foolish

Ever want to see a perfect example of rank government propaganda? Watch this public relations stunt filmed by CNN of moralist-masquerading-as-drug czar John Walters making a flaccid attempt at being funny, and relevant. The video immediately goes into a 2:30 story about outdoor cannabis in California that largely parrots the government’s party line.
Some thoughts after watching the videos:
John Walters, the self-described anti-1960s warrior (well, in the video he apparently has moved onto hating the ‘values’ of the 1970s), lumbers up a hillside for a highly staged public relations stunt and the best message he can stammer out is to try to shame ‘Hollywood’ (a favorite target of rightwing moralists) into ‘helping us spread the word against cannabis’ (this is the very same rhetoric Reagan and to a degree Bush 1.0 employed to incite emotional contagion in the media against ‘drugs’ in the halcyon ‘just say no’ days).
Help the ONDCP? Is Walters whining that Hollywood is no longer an ONDCP stooge?
Is Walters forgetting the hundreds of absurd and insulting ads from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, produced largely gratis by, well, ‘Hollywood’? Or, when the ONDCP used to sneak anti-cannabis ads into popular TV shows produced in, well, Hollywood, before NORML successfully sued them via the FCC?
What is it with the obsession these drug czars have with trying to pigeon hole every derogative thing they can think to say about cannabis into what they believe is a witty dig on ‘Cheech and Chong’? Clinton’s Drug Czar, former General Barry McCaffrey, frequently would deride medical cannabis as “Cheech and Chong medicine”.

How’d that work General
? Apparently, Walters has not learned from such blundered, detached-from-science rhetoric.
Also, my guess is that Walters is likely a big Bill O’Reilly fan. Shocking, I know. Why do I surmise as such? Did you catch all the weird references from Walters in the video to people who use cannabis being in their “basement”? The only person I’ve ever heard, on numerous occasions, make references to cannabis consumers as ‘boobs in the basement’ is O’Reilly.
Ironically, on the times that O’Reilly disparages cannabis consumers as ‘boobs in the basement’ he is usually quick to add that he favors decriminalizing cannabis for adults.

BTW, while NORML’s blogs are not usually the environ for a commercial plug, but since Walters chose to waste the taxpayers’ money in southern California to propagandize, I think it only karmic that I let readers know that Cheech and Chong have just re-united and are going out on tour in September. Get your tickets here…think of it as good time protest against the government’s war on cannabis consumers. Also, there is a rumor that Cheech and Chong will be speaking at the upcoming Democratic National Convention. If true, how those apples Walters?
Tommy Chong is a NORML Advisory Board member and served 9 months in a federal prison for selling bongs.
Walters and company claim to care about the safety of law enforcement personnel trying to enforce our country’s feckless cannabis prohibition laws, namely the effort to eradicate domestically grown cannabis? If true, 1) prohibition, rather than tax-n-control policies create any attendant violence associated with the uncontrolled sales of cannabis and 2) I think it entirely avoidable for the deaths of three to eight police officers and pilots that perish annually flying over the countryside in the US looking for ‘needles in a haystack’, not because of prohibition-created criminals, but from junky, faulty and old Viet Nam era helicopters often used on loan from state national guard units.
Hey, Czar Walters, any law enforcement personnel die last year flying around looking for tobacco, grapes, apples, barley, corn, potatoes, etc…?
Yep…I thought not.
Walters and the ONDCP care about illegal aliens who grow cannabis on public and private lands? Really? Any illegal aliens growing tobacco, grapes, hops, potatoes, apples, etc…?
If Walters cares about illegal immigrants supposedly being forced by who he claims are Mexican drug cartels to tend illegal cannabis gardens, then he can’t morally and intellectually continue to support the failed policies of cannabis prohibition that creates a distribution system for cannabis where some of the players will camp in the woods and live off of the grid.
Finally, Walters says in the video ‘Hollywood and the American people need to know the consequence of these plants”.
Wrong! More importantly: Hollywood and the American people need to know about the misguided efforts and abject failure of cannabis prohibition, and Walter’s zealous efforts to perpetuate it.

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  1. The drug czar is a dink and everything, and prohibition is a waste of money. However, armed cartel growers harvesting crop in a national forest is a pretty dangerous business. I mean come on! Somebody growing a few plants at their house is one thing, but a drug cartel doing is messed up. It was funny that the czar said one plant was worth $4,000. What a boob.

  2. well, where do i start,if you spend billions of dollars trying to enforce a law that isn’t working. and the cartel, al queda , and all other corrupt groups is still funding their organizations.Wouldn’t you think the u.s. government with all it’s worldly ways see the light and just do the most effective solution to stopping it and just strike down the federal law against marijuana and put the money, manpower and resources to better use ?they should be held responsible for every attack on every front on the effort to continue this stupidness.

  3. John Walters wouldn’t happen to live in Prince George County, MD, by any chance, would he? If so, someone needs to mail him a package of MJ, so it can be intercepted by a drug dog in AZ, and then the PG County Sherrif’s Office can perform a No-nock raid on his home and shoot his beloved pets. Then they can leave the bastard on the floor for a couple of hours while he argues, “…but I’m the Drug Czar!”, while they track the blood of his dogs all over his house. Oh! And don’t forget to hog-tie his mother-in-law!

  4. what a bunch of dumfucks running this country.
    cheech and chong is gonna be sick i got my tickets for the westbury theater in NY. caint wait

  5. All of the so called problems that he spoke of would all be wiped out in a single pen stroke by full cannabis legalization. it is always about supply and demand. there will always be a demand. as long the product remains in the hands of the black market, they have the supply and therefore control feeding the demand. full legalization would instantly remove the power of supply from “criminal” hands and put it in legal, safe, and taxable hands. thus, destroying an entire criminal enterprise, worth billions of dollars, leads to corruption, and worse, in a single day. Legalize cannabis.

  6. A well-written piece. Your points are all excellent.
    However, the net result to date is arguably a win for drug prohibitionists.
    Because the prohibitionists arguably have the larger megaphone (CNN) in this case. They reached more eyes and ears, and while we can scorn Walters, the CNN piece (failing to mention the massive amount of marijuana not seized) made Walters look good from the perspective of those who support drug prohibition, reinforcing the public image that drug prohibition works enough to sustain it.
    Have you contacted CNN about the piece?
    Our main battle is in the mainstream media, because drug prohibition only succeeds by public image (they’re the good guys, we’re not). This battle is the only one we are still arguably losing.
    Until we can get the public majority to understand that we are the good guys (truth and Liberty are clearly on our side) and they are not, our obstacles will be much greater.
    Please inform us of your efforts in that crucial battle. I would love to know what actions you take in the mainstream arena in response to the likes of the CNN piece.

  7. When will all the brainwashing attempts finally stop? These people like “the drug czar” lie so much, they believe themselves! It’s pathetic! Thank God for NORML and the rest of us out here that are not so trained and brain washed.

  8. Considering the latest pot movie to come out of Hollywood, “Pineapple Express” (great movie, by the way), shows how ordinary citizens are forced to deal with ruthless drug gangs as a consequence of marijuana being illegal, what the fuck is this drug czar blabbering on about?

  9. This guy GAY WALTERS or whatever his sorry ass name is …is full of crap. He just wants attention and fame for something that he’s been trying to get since the 60s. He’s exactly where the 60s is…in the fucking past!! Is anything like the 60s or 70s these days? AND to stoop so low as to mention Hollywood, like they are GODs or something…Okay yeah, I smoke pot because a celebrity is doing it!!! Get outta here CZAR crackhead….and he seems to always find the pot stashes…What the hell is he doing to find cocaine, meth labs, crackhouses??? These are the real drugs killing everybody! He’s probably pocketing mad cash from these crazy escapades that fuels his addictions….Everyone has an addiction and it doesn’t have to be drugs!! His LIES are slowing the progress that we’ve been working so hard towards….CZAR WALTERS SHOULD HAVE DIED!!NOT RACHAEL HOFFMAN!!!

  10. I wonder where Walters went golfing after the photo opp?? Since he flew all the way out west why not have more fun with the tax payer’s money?

  11. the drug war or as it really is “the war on citzens” is merely another stunt that allows to government to attack and subdue citizens so they can take their house,cars,children and then strut around and act like they have saved the public! I would compare them to hitlers secret service that attacked anyone that disagreed with him. Our government is out of control. wars in other countries,jails overflowing in this country with non violent prisoners. It is all coming to a head with our national debt exploding and jobs in china. You cant jail a couple of million people and provide them with medical care,food,heat and air conditioning forever. The money is quickly running out and there will not be enough money to jail everyone in the country that does not agree with the drug warriors!

  12. Agreeing with poster ph0ed1n: MSM has bigger mouthpiece. And, if you’re the marijuana consumer you’re at the disadvantage of engaging in an illegal act which is probably going to keep you from voicing an opinion. If you’re reading this, you’re already aboard. How do we reach MSM? How do we get ALL marijuana consumers to rise up and say we’re as mad as hell and we’re not going to take this anymore?

  13. I think the blogger missed the point. I didn’t get a “reefer madness” feeling from the story, but rather a feeling of contempt for violent illegal aliens fueling the black market… which is a feeling I agree with.
    Now all we have to do is convince the government that if there were no black market for cannabis, then that would be one less source of funding for the violent illegal aliens.

  14. hhmmmmm! I’m wondering if Mr.Walter gets a high
    when photographed holding a cannabis plant. He must, since he’s smiling…maybe hell do like many others when he retires…..join LEAP !!!!!

  15. You would think there are enough people who are sick of being seen as the “bad guys” for smoking pot there would be more media attention on our side. I mean hell, fans of the T.V show Jericho got a bunch of attention for sending the station peanuts. Maybe we should all send something to CNN… I dunno what… Any ideas?

  16. seeing that colonel makes me angry, never been deployed and is helping a dysfunc agency look like its working, get the army off of tasks like this and bring them out here to east baghdad im sure the finance office needs some help (as national guard rarely go out)

  17. My comment got deleted…It may have been a bit vulgar, but TRUE!! My point still stands…He’s focused on getting all the pot stashes, but I don’t see him going for heroin, cocaine, crack, or methlabs….He makes us & NORML look bad and makes it harder for us to make progress….We really do need to educate others on the correct information! Tired of this slander

  18. I sent this comment, which is also on a few other websites, to Allen’s excellent piece. Here she goes….
    I wrote this a few months ago, feel free to distribute far and wide!
    The Other Failed War
    Ever since the dawn of the 20th Century have the politicians chosen to let fear, lies and obfuscation rule the debate over cannabis. At first it was the Mexicans who had used cannabis for eons who were singled out and their use of pot was the vehicle to engage in this insane exercise in futility of outlawing a perfectly harmless substance. It is after all a plant, not some witch’s brew concocted in a lab or kitchen. In the 30’s along came one Harry Anslinger, who went on an all out rampage to stop the use of Marihuana. Any one who has watched the movie “Reefer Madness” and has smoked a joint or two knows that the aforementioned work of fiction is just that, FICTION!
    Over the past decades a number of groups, such as the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and others have been busy educating interested people and trying to get legislation passed that would allow the responsible use of this natural occurring herb by adults. Unfortunately, decades of lies, mis-information and fear mongering by those elected to serve us have prevented an open and fair discussion. The direct result is that when polled just slightly less than half of those asked think that cannabis use by adults should be legal. Yet when asked if medical cannabis should be legalized, with a doctors order, the number jumps to 75%. Twelve States have already legalized medical use, yet the federal government wastes billions annually ignoring the laws duly passed by those states. Charges are being brought against those who under doctor’s care use cannabis to treat many symptoms and illnesses with a plant that has no side effects and can be grown in the back yard.
    Decriminalizing adult use in contrast to outright legalization enjoys about 60% approval by the American adults, yet our elected public servants ignore both, medical as well as recreational use under decriminalization and consistently reject serious discussion of reforming or lifting the oppressive laws currently on the books. Currently approximately 30% of the US population live in places where some form of decriminalization is the law and neither teen use nor any other aspects of the use of grass have adversely affected the communities.
    Nothing however will change unless open and fact based discourse is allowed to occur in the public mass media. Don’t wait for that to happen anytime soon. The media is too much depending on the advertising dollars from special interest groups. Late in the 90’s the drug czar’s office heavily promoted the vision of your brain being akin to a fried egg. It was the best Gen. Barry McCaffrey’s dis-information team could come up with. Rather than engaging in fact filled, open discussion the government relied on the advertising gurus to dazzle us with weird messages. The government’s ad money came with a catch. Congress would only authorize the “sunny side up” ad money if the networks would match time for free. A good deal for the taxpayer. For every buck spent we got two bucks of propaganda. After the contracts were signed and the ads had started to obfuscate the facts and further stifle discussion the economy changed and the networks were hit by ad buyers who wanted to buy higher priced ads. There are only so many slots per hour and the networks started to lose ad revenues, yet were stuck with the contracts. Our illustrious government came to the rescue by offering the networks to get their free ad time back if the prime time shows would reflect the appropriate story line. Sort of not so subliminal advertising. A system was put in place where an anti drug message of a certain length per half hour or another longer anti drug message per full hour would satisfy the drug czar. Salon discovered these somewhat shady bed fellows and exposed the whole sordid mess. Unfortunately the average American’s attention span with all the drivel being thrown at us is just too short for many of the government’s misdeeds to remain in our minds long enough.
    News reporters tend to gobble up the propaganda spewing forth from politicians, rather than talking to the experts who have studied the effects of cannabis both medical and recreational. Take former Governor Raymond Schaffer of Pennsylvania, who was appointed by non other than “I’m no crook” Nixon to head up Tricky Dick’s commission on cannabis and drug abuse. In 1972 the commission headed up by Gov. Schaffer recommended to Nixon that possession for personal use should no longer be an offense and that casual distribution for no or little money should no longer be punishable. Nixon of course did everything to hide the findings and serve the public by forcing his and the special interest’s agenda down our throats. Tobacco and alcohol however are still legal, yet both are considerably more harmful than cannabis, even lethal, not to mention all the chemical drugs that are out there.
    To this day cannabis is portrayed as a gateway drug to harder substances, which is an unfounded lie. Claiming that cannabis will always lead to the dependence on hard stuff like cocaine is akin to claiming that everyone who drinks a beer will end up switching to hard liquor. It has nothing to do with neither cannabis nor beer. Addiction depends on the individual person! I would even go as far as saying that had the government told people the truth about pot in the first place rather than pandering to the temperance movement, many would have never switched to, let’s say meth. After all the lies perpetuated for close to a century pertaining to cannabis all one has to do is smoke a doobie despite the propaganda and find out that cannabis is not the dangerous substance portrayed by the establishment. And hey, the government lied about pot, then maybe, just maybe, they lied about the other stuff too, so lets try some meth, or coke. NOT!
    The other lie told about cannabis is that it is addictive. Bull! Ask anyone who has smoked pot if they had withdrawals when their baggie went empty. I have never heard of anyone holding up the corner liquor store to get money for a bag of grass. Those holdups, when they are drug related usually involve crack addicts, never potheads. People rob pharmacies for the prescription drugs, like Oxycontin or Vicodin, not to score money to buy Ganja. I can tell you from experience, that during my pot years I ran out of weed more than once and never had any withdrawals, and neither have any of my acquaintances. It is non addictive, get used to this little fact.
    Law enforcement can also not be counted on as they have a stake in busting anyone they can. America makes up between 4 to 5% of the world’s population yet we proudly and gleefully incarcerate more than 25% of the world’s prison population. Overall population: China, 1,321,851,888 and the US, 301,139,947 as reported for 2007. The incarceration rate as reported by the UN in 2001 was for China, 1,428,126 and the US 1,962,220. Even China, a nation known for human rights abuses and with over 4 times the population we have, has fewer incarcerated than we do! A report by the PEW Center recently came up with these numbers; 1 out of every 100 adults and 1 in 15 black males over the age of 18 are currently locked up in the United States and we can pride ourselves in this record! We are Number One in the systematic incarceration in the world! American taxpayers are forced to pay close to 50 billion of our hard earned money to support the warehousing of nonviolent pot offenders alone, when violent offenders often get released early to make room in an overcrowded prison system. 48% of our prison population is for non violent drug possession charges! Anyone doubting that money is the driving factor behind the war on drugs ought to watch the documentary “American Drug War: The Last White Hope” released in 2007.
    According to NORML roughly 74% of those arrested for pot are under 30 years old and one in four is under age 18. Unfortunately this age group is least likely to have the financial wherewithal to mount a strong legal defense, or for that matter pour money into reform of the current drug laws. The same NORML report also mentions that black Americans account for 12% of cannabis users, yet make up 23% of cannabis arrests. In some areas the percentage is even higher, NORML cites New York, where minorities make up 80% of those arrested for cannabis possession. In the “American Drug War: The Last White Hope” documentary light is shed on Tulia, Texas, where open racism and a corrupt police department ended up ethnically cleansing the town of blacks in a drug raid. Of course the American prison system is being farmed out to private companies, such as Wackenhut who under the name GEO runs prisons and makes a killing. Guess who pays for that insanity. It is you, the taxpayer. 60% of you feel that cannabis should be decriminalized, meaning no jail time and fine only yet you are more than happy to fork over YOUR tax dollars at the rate of $36,000 per inmate per year to lock up people who got stoned. You willingly pay this money by not voting against those, from the local level to 1600 Sesame Street, Washington DC, who perpetuate this failed attack on reason and the pursuit of happiness.
    Another side effect of this endless and un-winnable war on drugs is the fact that it drains the resources of the police departments as well as the courts and prosecutor’s offices. According to the producers of the hit HBO show “The Wire” which was set in Baltimore where drug busts have hit the stratosphere while at the same time the arrest rates for real crime such as rape, aggravated assault and other violent acts have dropped dramatically.
    On Monday, December 3rd 1917 Congress passed a joint resolution called the 18th amendment to the Constitution, outlawing alcohol. We all know where that fiasco took us. On December 5th 1932 Congress passed the joint resolution which came to be the 21st amendment, repealing the 18th after it showed that prohibition did nothing more than drive booze under ground where it could be consumed but neither taxed nor regulated. Today many states operate liquor stores who sell booze and collect the taxes due. Taxation and control! The corner drug dealer isn’t going to ask for ID or pay taxes and grass is available to anyone with a little money. Cannabis is the number one cash crop in a few states, notably California. Conservative estimates show that taxing cannabis could generate one billion dollars in revenue to California while at the same time saving the state an equal amount in law enforcement cost. That’s an overall net gain of over two billion dollars for one state alone. Think about the good that kind of money can do compared to warehousing human beings in jails and prisons as well as freeing up the court’s time and resources!
    Cigarettes and alcohol are harder for youngsters to get a hold of than any illicit substance. That argument alone should give one pause to rethink our policy towards cannabis. Prohibition is not working! It never has and never will! All prohibition does is glorify drugs and the element of illegality only makes it that much more sexy. Another argument is that legalizing cannabis sends the wrong message that pot is ok. This might be the easiest of the myths to dispel. Take legal pharmaceuticals, which are good drugs if and when used responsibly. Alcohol is legal and ok when used responsibly. Cigarettes are legal and there is no way of using them responsibly. Yet legal alcohol, legal cigarettes and many legal pharmaceuticals are addictive, and when they are abused any one of those can and sometimes will kill you! Pot is neither addictive nor can you overdose. I quit smoking cigarettes 6 months ago and I still have withdrawals. That was the 7th time in my life that I quit. During my pot years I ran out of grass many times, never experiencing any cravings or withdrawal symptoms, yet I still have cravings for tobacco after six months!
    Drug testing has been a multi billion dollar industry ever since the 80’s when drug testing was sold by the “Just say NO” crowd. Ironically when Nancy Reagan proclaimed that all we had to do is just say no and pee in a cup, her hubby was busy looking the other way when our own CIA was bringing cocaine to the country and in effect started the crack epidemic in the LA area. Drug testing was sold to our corporations by the boat load. Less absenteeism, more honest employees, better productivity, less work place accidents and therefore less worker’s compensation claims were just some of the buzz words used by the shills selling drug tests. It was sold to those in charge of businesses as a way to improve their bottom line. If the bottom line really increased is up for debate, but it had nothing to do with law enforcement or stemming drug abuse. In 1988, the last year of the Gipper, Congress passed the Drug free Work Place Act. All that did is make the drug testing labs really busy. After this law was passed, anyone wanting to do business with the federal government had to maintain a drug free work place or lose their contracts. Compliance by blackmail. At about 30 dollars per test and roughly 40 million test per year, you do the math. That is 1.2 billion dollars the lobbyists for the drug testing industry got for their clients so they can snoop around in our pee. Today the government spends 17 million plus on school drug testing alone, yet quite a few psychiatrists are seriously worried about the ramifications. From lack of interest in extra curricular activities to trust issues those are just a couple of problems that may arise and at the same time this zero tolerance policy will neither work, nor will it end the lies and erroneous “facts” from opening the debate and make real inroads to the drug abuse problem.
    As far as medical cannabis is concerned the government is also lying. Clinical research in the US is severely restrained due to the current laws, yet much evidence exists today about the benefits of medicinal cannabis, so here are a few examples from NORML’s publication ‘Emerging Clinical Applications for Cannabis and Cannabinoids’.
    Alzheimer’s disease. A review of recent scientific literature indicates that cannabinoid therapy may provide symptomatic relief to AD patients while also moderating progression. (References, Ramirez et al. 2005, the Journal of Neuroscience 25; Eubanks et al. 2006 Molecular Pharmaceutics; Hampson et al. 1998, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 95; Science News. June 11, 1998; and more)
    ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Writing in the March 2004 issue of the journal ‘Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Other Motor Neuron Disorders’ Investigators at the California Pacific Medical Center reported that the administration of THC prior and after the onset of ALS symptoms staved disease progression and prolonged survival in laboratory animals compared to untreated control specimens.
    Diabetes Mellitus. 8 references given
    Dystonia. 7 references given
    Fibromyalgia. 10 references given
    Gliomas. 26 references given
    Gastrointestinal Disorders. 12 references given
    Hepatitis C. 15 references given
    Hypertension. 17 references given
    Incontinence. 5 references given
    Multiple Sclerosis, 17 references given
    Osteoporosis. 4 references given
    Pruritis. 7 references given
    Sleep Apnea. 4 references given
    Tourette’s Syndrome. 7 references given
    The aforementioned diseases are the new ones found where medical cannabis appears to be promising. Other diseases such as glaucoma, rheumatoid arthritis, nausea, side effects from cancer treatment, chronic pain, neuropathic pain, eating disorders and depression, just to mention a few. As with any medicine the dosage must be controlled by a physician.
    The American College of Physicians has come out recently that past approaches and debate over cannabis have clouded science and prevented meaningful research. Many researchers have come forward in the past and have complained about the federal governments resistance into full research and making money available only to study the bad side. Does that remind anyone of the government’s outright silencing of many scientists when it comes to global warming? If it don’t fit the party line, obfuscate the truth. According to Bruce Mirken who works for the Marijuana Policy Project feels that the American College of Physicians’ stand: ” pulverized the government’s two favorite myths about medical marijuana – that it’s not supported by the medical community and that science hasn’t shown marijuana to have medical value.”
    “In strict medical terms, marijuana is far safer than many foods we commonly consume… Marijuana in it’s natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. By any measure of rational analysis marijuana can be safely used within a supervised routine of medical care.”
    -Drug Enforcement Administration, Chief Administrative Law Judge Francis Young, NORML v DEA, 1988
    We are currently entering the sixth year of the war in Iraq. It is another war perpetrated by a government that lied us into this quagmire and over two thirds of the country are demanding an end to this atrocity. The failed 94 year old war on drugs is also based on lies, perpetrated by the same special interest serving government, wasting your hard earned money! 60% of the population favor decriminalization of personal use and 75% of you support the idea of medical use, yet nobody speaks up. It is high time to stop this insanity, both at home and in Iraq. We Americans have the right to demand from our government that our taxes be spent wisely to benefit the public, not the Industrial Prison Complex.
    We have the right to demand the truth from public servants, not propaganda, lies and favors to the special interests.
    Comment by Greg Williams — August 7, 2008 @ 1:49 pm
    (I can also be found at http://www.busgreg.info)

  19. wow, the drug czar is one corrupted uninformed man. he makes rediculous comment after another when talking about the dangers and diseases. WHAT DISEASES? Is he talking about the millions of people each year that are helped by this therapudic plant? Marijuana casuses or contributes to no diseases. The entire video is a perfect example of how corrupt our media has become today. Our country should not be blatently lying to us. This is why it is so hard for a decriminilization bill to be passed because CNN and other mainstream news stations implant these false reasonings into our citizens heads. It is time for a change. End the prohibition

  20. Legal or not, I’m gonna keep on tokin!
    Sad waste of over a TRILLION of our tax dollars now since Nixon waged the all out “war on drugs”…..90% of which has only been a war on pot and a war on our own citizens!
    What a waste for sooo frickin long!
    My only question is:
    IF they were to legalize cannabis completely, regulate it and tax it……would the price of da kind nugz drop, hold steady, or go even higher?
    I would HOPE they would drop substancially because NOBODY should pay $400oz or more.
    A killer ounce of the very best weed in the world SHOULD never be more than $100 IMO….if it was legal and taxed.
    Better yet, allow ANY citizen to grow and display their harvests at Weed Markets and LET true free market Capitalism reign in every town in America!
    Also, abolish the Federal Reserve and NEVER pay a Federal Income Tax…..which is unconstitutional anyway since there IS NO LAW requiring us to!
    Keep Blazin my fellow stoners ’cause with the impending collapse of our global financial system, something’s gotta give soon ’nuff.
    We all cannot afford to let these politicians try and convince us that we NEED MILLIONS of more jail cells!
    Rate things are going…..it’ll be Wal-Marts and prisons on EVERY corner!
    Legalize…..OR completely decriminalize but either way……REMOVE marijuana from the equation in this long-lost “war” of oppression!

  21. John Walters makes not only a total fool of himself, but also shows how out of touch he is with the youth of the country. If he really does want to succeed in the failed Cannabis prohibition, he ought to try to speak as though he is not your great-great-grandfather. This prohibition started in the 1920’s because of illegal immigrants bringing Cannabis into the U.S. Immigration rates have gone up in baffling numbers since then, marijuana use and distribution has gone up in the very same manner, and the country has gone into a swirling black hole of debt. Let’s think about the result of the decriminalization of Cannabis; The government could tax it- this “$40 million garden after taxes could be worth probably $45- $50 million. The prisons would be less crowded, and less taxpayers’ money would be wasted on a foolish old man frolicking in a garden of Cannabis plants making up probably less than 1% of the plants in the U.S. Also, the criminalization was brought on in the form of a stamp act; anybody with a stamp to distribute marijuana was able to. There was one catch, only a few were made. This was tested out on a ban on machine guns to lower the mob violence in U.S. streets caused by the prohibition of alcohol. Could this be in any way, compared to the gang violence on the very same U.S. streets caused by the prohibition of marijuana? Yet there seems to be a double standard for a substance that could rake in billions of dollars annually for the U.S. government and is less harmful than alcohol.

  22. this faggot ass drug czar needs to sit down and realize its marijuana not like crystal meth. the government is making millions of dollars by putting marijuana users/distrubutars/ cultivators when its not even that bad of a drug. why cant a hard working american or any american for that matter sit down and just be able to enjoy a toke. the drug czar needs to hit a bong or something and relax himself. if its not physically addicting like herion what is wrong with it. it has never killed anyone just from smoking it. and there is no serious crimes related to marijuana. if im minding my own buisness and not involving other people who disprove with what i do is there seriously a harm with that?

  23. Somebody should throw that tool Walters in prison for life for possession with intent to sell and let him get raped in prison. Let’s see how long this douchebag lasts in prison. Freaking Tyrant! This jerkoff belongs in a Nazi Administration not an American Administration.

  24. John Titter 2036: I discredited him thinking his timetravle story was bullshit. How do we the people feel about our Government? I feel decieved lied to and slightly like a slave. John Titter claimed a Civil War started up in 2006, but never mentions the cause, maybe he delayed the civil war. We are the people we are the Employers of the Federal Government they work for us the US Citizens, we want to get High off of pot so why are they stopping us? Why is Absinthe now legal, who asked for the Government to legalize that? Yeah give the people Wormwood all we need is some retards cutting the ears off like Van Gogh.

  25. Legalalization of marijuana should have been done a long time ago and It is a medical herb that has no dangerous side effects. The government just wants the people to think it does so they can be so crooked as to shit on the American people. This country was founded under the right to be free and our freedom is being tok away. We need to get together as a nation and stand up to the government and put and end to thier lies and stop being so chicken shit and take back our freedom that was once given to us.Are we just going to sit on our asses and let the government try to fuck us any way they can by keeping the legalization of marijuana and raing gas prices or are we going to join together and fight for our freedom. Well I choose to fight. I don’t care if any one joins the fight with me but Im gonna stand up for my freedom.

  26. I loved this story, especially the emphasis on the ONDCPs continued assertions via press releases and new stories that “illegal aliens” are growing our weed for us. Well, when I was in grad school at WVU I participated in an analysis of working conditions of migrant workers in the apple industry in Eastern WV and Western MD. The conditions the workers lived in were appalling and they were ‘kept’ on those compounds by agreements White House and Musselman’s made with the local sherrif’s offices. It was a modern form of slavery where the workers lived in the compounds, had to buy food and sundries from a ‘company store’ and went where they were told following the harvest. When they were finished, they were shipped home uncerimoniously with their meager paychecks in hand…How is this any better? Remember that when you are spooning applesauce into your kid next time they want a snack.
    Sick, pathetic, hypocritical and disgusting. That’s a small sampling of what we can say about this hateful misinformation campaign.
    USA! USA! Whatever…

  27. tobacco and alcohol are legal and they are way more addictive and it is nearlly imposible to overdose on pot also if they make it legal they could use the money for government programs
    so honestly what is the real reason they dont make it legal

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