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Editors at The Hill asked me to write a blog post regarding the recently introduced cannabis decriminalization bill in Congress, HR 5843. My blog post is squished in between Rep. Duncan Hunter’s and Sen. Kenneth Salazar’s posts.
There is a comment section as well…have at it and let policymakers and their staff know what NORML supporters want in the way of a functional cannabis policy.
Along with Roll Call and The Politico, The Hill is widely read by Congressional staffers and the national media. Washington Times columnist and San Diego radio show host Rick Amato interviews me this evening at midnight (eastern) on the topic of cannabis decriminalization.

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  1. I tried to leave a comment on The Hill, but it didn’t go through. They still indicate zero comments. Maybe they are just slow to accept.

  2. We gotta stop this drug war ….who is the government to tell us that we cant make the safer choice of smoking marijuana rather than alchohaul….Please pass this bill I know Tons of people 100’s if not housands who agree we gotta stop this DEA RAIDING NON-sense if we want marijuana she should be able to have it and stay out DEA

  3. I see it all perfectly; there are two possible situations – one can either do this or do that. My honest opinion and my friendly advice is this: do it or do not do it – you will regret both.SorenKierkegaardSoren Kierkegaard

  4. I read the article in the hill and the only thing I noticed is that among the states the have decriminalized marijuana that California was missing in the article, is this an oversite?

  5. I hope everday that at least one of those bills introduced will pass. Prohibition of Cannabis MUST end. 72 years is too long to waste our tax dollars on archaic policies wrought out of prejudice, corrupt buisness deals and shady legislators. Over 5,000 years of documented cannabis use, not one single death, made illegal within the lifespan of a single human being. The money from taxed cannabis sales should be used to establish free universal health care…oh wait that’d be two good things at once…I think a congressman’s head just exploded.

  6. The so called Government needs to remember that in the first line of OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION it states WE THE PEOPLE. We are the people(the common mid-class American) who want to decide our own destiny. We are to scared to grow for personal use so that we don’t have to go to scumbag drug dealers. The younger generation is the the future not the older politicians in office who have no idea what is best for Americans, but would rather fill their own pockets instead of the rest of the country. Thanks Allen.

  7. It’s about time someone introduced a bill that gives protection to sick and dying people and that would allow adults to make up they’re own mind on how they choose to relax in the privacy of thier own home. I’ve drank beer most of my adult life in moderation and believe whole heartedly it should be my choice to use or not use marijuana. You might want to let people know that medical marijuana is on the ballot this november in michigan. People need to know it’s on there so they can get out and vote. I’ve talked to several doctors and nurses that are all for it , but had no idea it was on there. Including optometrists who deal with glaucoma patients like myself, that could use it to lower thier eye pressure.

  8. Thanks for speaking on behalf of the citizens around the usa that support decriminalization as well as legalization of marijuana. Hope the show went well

  9. It will lower crime rate, and jails will be less polluted. You could sell weed like the government sells cigarettes, thats how you can tax it. Weed is just something you do on your free time. Basically weed just makes you sleepy, happy, and hungry. DECRIMINALIZE MARIJUANA!!!!!!
    The United States would be a better place.

  10. Heloo I totally Suprot Anything to do with Cannabis,
    And I cant belive or Understand Why Cannabis Is elegal
    And Alchol is? Cannabis is Good For almost Every thing
    And Alchol is Good If you want to get Realy Sick And y Alchol has killed and Poisonend People for years. But every day more and more Bars and liquar stores open up
    And Mean Wile The Cure for cancer and almost any outher thing wrong with you hase been elegal for almost 70 years.
    Whats Wrong with that ?
    Jason R.

  11. This is fantastic. More access to the mainstream where the community isn’t derided with stereotypical hippie persona.
    I was extrememly please to see the 75 comments on the Hill’s website – all positive
    We are Norml

  12. I really hope this bill becomes a law. and they leave hosnest people alone..
    I know some people are athiest.. but the government has “In God We Trust” on all of its currency..
    It looks like they are hippocrits.
    Because God made that little weed, and so far it doesnt look like they are trusting him a BIT..!!
    God didnt make Meth, Cocaine, extacy, etc. and other man made drugs that really do HARM people. its just a simple little weed when smoked or vaporized. It makes people grin/giggle. Cigs and Alcohol is legal and they cause all kinds of Deaths each year. I havnt seen ONE death caused by this little weed!!

  13. anyone know when they will be voting on this bill? I know that they are on 5 week vacation right now so are we looking at late september?

  14. yes its time to stop wasting our tax money fighting marijuana.Proabition on alcolhol failed,and they made it legal,even though it kills,makes you sick,and ruins your liver,and mosts acolics lives.We are americans,if we can smoke pot and be responsable working adults we should beable to get high and relax if we want without the fear of being arrested or fired from our job

  15. GO normal!LEGALIZE it for all,not just for people that go to a doctor,and pay him,so they can smoke pot.Us normal working people who don’t like to drink,would like to beable to get high,not drunk and puking or crashing a car

  16. I’m really glad to see that the good people at norml are finally starting to get a chance to tell people what the reality of cannabis is, because I personally feel that the only possible reason that that we are forced to deal with this rediculous marijuana ban is due to the fact that many Americans actually have no idea what the truth is, they just have the wool pulled over their eyes by silly ads that make people believe that if you smoke you’ll be instantly transformed into a drugged out loser, so bravo to norml for trying to undo the damage that many lying, stereotyping ads and myths have done to marijuana’s reputation.

  17. 107 comments to Allen’s well penned article and the 0 to 5 comments on the blogs surrounding this one speak volumes. Since we are getting this much feedback on this, do you think that the legislators will listen? Only if we keep up the pressure.

  18. I made the Hill NORML when my buds and I blazed a blunt on the Hill Lawn during the DC Revolution Rally. GO RON PAUL!

  19. Its funny to think that it is possible that America and many other places might not even have been discoverd had it not been for this beautiful and useful plant. By this I mean that the sails and ropes for most of the sailing ships of the time were made of HEMP. Hence the term “smoke some rope.”
    How big is our national deficit? 10 Billion dollars. Well ,I can think of a great way to reduce if not pay off this debt. “LEGALIZE MARIJUANA” Then instead of all the drug dealers from forein countries getting our hard earned cash it will remain in U.S.A where we can do some good with it.

  20. I pay my taxes on time, vote, perform jury duty give to charties, donate blood and am a responsible citizen in my community why is it that my government is making a crimminal out of me. The government should serve the will of the people not the other way around.

  21. Legalalization of marijuana should have been done a long time ago and It is a medical herb that has no dangerous side effects. The government just wants the people to think it does so they can be so crooked as to shit on the American people. This country was founded under the right to be free and our freedom is being tok away. We need to get together as a nation and stand up to the government and put and end to thier lies and stop being so chicken shit and take back our freedom that was once given to us.Are we just going to sit on our asses and let the government try to fuck us any way they can by keeping the legalization of marijuana and raing gas prices or are we going to join together and fight for our freedom. Well I choose to fight. I don’t care if any one joins the fight with me but Im gonna stand up for my freedom.

  22. Americans want marijauana made legal for medical use. With all the new research being done and the diseases it works for its a shame it’s not already legal for medical use.

  23. A wise man once said, “…That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.”
    Revolution has occurred in every major society through out history, from the Romans to the Persians, Mongols, Incas, and at the forefront of every uprising rests a body that has grown beyond the constraints of an inert government bent on tradition or the private agenda of its members.
    At all times a government should act as a function of the society for which it represents. America today has become the end result of conforming years of societal progression to the ideals that suited the population in previous generations, ideals that now sit as rock against the ever changing torrent of humanity. It is by such a standard that we can say that the government has lost its ability to function properly and rather then act in a manner benefitting the people, it now acts as a beast, greedy and self serving. A beast who’s purpose is to secure the future of those at the reins, who stand on the shoulders of the broken, huddled, and tired masses.
    Politicians need to rethink their role for in the pursuit of their own agenda they’re effectively alienating those who once supported and fought for their election. These are the terrorists who seek to destroy the way of life America represents, and in doing so secure their own succession.

  24. Its we the people,not we the goverment.I think after 30,35 yrs the people have had enough.Its more then time to change,The reefer madness has got to end along with all the lies,enough is enough,tax,regulate,and sell it.The dealers laugh at and say thank god it still illegal so we can stay in business and the next thing they say every penny i get is tax free.Truly our leaders cant be this stupid or can they?It should automaticly be legal due to the fact that alcohol kills,pot doeasnt.And yea drug zsar its not a gate way drug either,the only gate way drug is your stupid nonsense,people are sick and tired of it.

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