Presidential Candidates On Drugs

Lest folks think that NORML is unfairly biased toward one political party over another, let me reiterate that NORML and the NORML Foundation are required by law to be non-partisan.
(I state this position, again, in response to recent posts proclaiming, inaccurately, that NORML is either pro-Democrat or pro-Republican. In truth, neither of these positions are true, and in fact, NORML’s endorsement of any party, including Greens or Libertarians, would be illegal.)
By contrast, the NORML PAC can raise funds to contribute to “pot-friendly” political officials at the local, state, or federal level. Since 2001, the NORML PAC has contributed over $37,000 to select politicians. These public officials are not selected because of their political party affiliation; they are selected because they have each made exceptional efforts to liberalize America’s antiquated and punitive marijuana laws.
Unfortunately, none of the four major Presidential or Vice Presidential candidates are prior recipients of NORML PAC funding — nor is it likely any of them will be in the future.
On the Democrat ticket, Presidential candidate Barack Obama has flip-flopped twice on the issue of decriminalizing marijuana (replacing arrests and jail terms with small fines) for adults. Although he has made statements supporting an end to federal interference in state medical marijuana laws, he has also expressed skepticism that cannabis has demonstrable therapeutic value, and has said that he would only favor its use under “strict” controls. As a Congressman, Obama has made little-to-no effort to advance marijuana law reform, and has championed various federal anti-drug provisions to increase drug law enforcement efforts both domestically and overseas.
By contrast, Obama’s running mate, Delaware senior Senator Joe Biden — as noted here, here, here, and here — has a 35-year record regarding the drug war, almost all of it disgraceful. Biden’s most recent verbal support in favor of medical cannabis notwithstanding, the bottom line is that the Senator is a primary architect of the federal policies that have brought us: mandatory minimum sentencing in drug crimes, random workplace drug testing for public employees, the 100-to-1 crack versus powder cocaine sentencing ratio, the creation of the Drug Czar’s office, the RAVE Act, and America’s modern federal anti-paraphernalia laws (the statute that comedian Tommy Chong ultimately spent nine months in prison for violating). Most recently, Biden endorsed a nationwide ban on smoking, and he espoused the use of mycoherbicides such as Fusarium oxysporum — a genetically engineered fungal plant killer — in illicit crop eradication efforts.
Predictably, the Republican candidates are no better. During his 26 years in Congress, Arizona senior Senator John McCain has consistently voted in favor of stricter drug enforcement in America and abroad, endorsed Nancy Reagan’s vapid “Just Say No” mantra, backed mandatory minimum sentences and even the death penalty for certain drug offenders, and has repeated scoffed at the notion of medical marijuana, even going so far as to turn his back on bonafide patients.
McCain’s VP pick, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, has by far the most limited record on drug policy. Like Obama, Palin is an admitted former pot smoker. However, unlike her running mate, Palin may have some sympathy for medical cannabis patients, having served as the Governor of one of the twelve states that has a legal therapeutic cannabis program and chosen not to speak out against it.
In short, both party’s veteran candidates (McCain and Biden) are positively awful on drug policy, while the younger generation (Obama and Palin) may offer reformers at least some minor glimmer of hope.
Bottom line: regardless of who wins the Presidency, marijuana law reform will still be waged primarily on the state and local level — where our support and our victories — continue to grow.

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  1. I propose we combat the “Just Say No” DARE slogan with “Just Try It”.
    I always find it ironic that ‘Drug Czar’ seems to be an acceptable term with the ONDCP although it’s a term related to Russian monarchy, and monarchs weren’t very big with freedom of thought or experimentation . It’s like they’re saying “Yeah, we control you, do something about it” directly to our faces and we just lie back and take it.
    Even with Biden’s sketchy approach on drugs I’d rather have the Obama/Biden combo than the geezer and the hot librarian.

  2. Will there be light at the end of the tunnel if the Democrats get in, we shall see. Will there be light at the end of the tunnel if the Republicans get in, I do not think so. About the only light I want to see is the flick of Bic lighter when the rest of the country follows suit of the other twelve states that have their marijuana laws changed by the people for the people. As far as I am concerned, I am tired of living in fear everytime I flick my Bic. I live in one of those states that are still under draconian laws. The govt. knows the medical values of marijuana, other wise they would not have patents on marijuana. So what is problem with the government to build more prisons for non-offenders or maybe the lawyers loss of revenue in a billion industry of representing marijuana users. Only time will tell!!!!!! At least BUSHISM will be out the door.

  3. I think you guys are trying to hard to be nonpartisan Biden is far and away the biggest douchebag of all If you took McCain,Obama,and Palin added them together and multiplied by ten they wouldn’t suck as bad as Biden
    I guess as far as drug policy goes lets hope If elected McCain listens to Palin and if Obama gets the job he doesn’t give Biden the time of day or hopfully he’ll dump Biden off the ticket all together they seemed to be floating that idea the last day or so.

  4. I do agree with Obama, on stricker rules for the legalization of medical marijuana. We do have the resources to “govern” the rules, ie NORML, MPP. I do think that legalizing marijuana would just be better then just legalizing all together would be better.

  5. If you vote for them you condone their actions and their hypocrisy. Do not encourage them!
    Vote Libertarian or Green.
    Do not condone immorality.

  6. Obamas whole campaign has been run on the basis of change. changing Washington. Changing Government. Marijuana legalization, decriminalization, medical marijuana are issues he should be using to his benefit. These are areas where major change is needed and demanded by a good majority of Americans. 12 states have decrininalized, with massachusetts and I believe Michigan??? still to follow. Many states have medical marijuana legislation already in place. Why wont the canidates listen?? These are issues they are all still afraid to talk openly about even when the public is demanding a discussion.
    I believe its around 80% of the country now that is for medical marijuana. Obama and Palin have admitted to smoking marijuana so they themselves have experienced that it is not a sure fire way to ruin your life. I would say that they’ve both become fairly successful individuals regardless of their past “drug abuse”.
    I’ve heard some argue that the cigarette and alcohol giants are the real thing preventing these politians from discussing this issue. Will it even come up in a debate. I doubt it but i’ll be watching to see. Why can’t we all get organized and make this change? 80% for medical marijuana and we still can’t get a canidate from either major party to stand up and say that if elected they will do whatever they can to stop this so called “war on drugs”? Its a proven failure. Its obvious to anyone intelligent enough to look at the facts.
    In closing….I am well aware of all that NORML has done to progress this movement in the right direction. I agree with NORMLs mission statement and goals. In the article above there is a link to a list of Goverment officials who have recieved campaign contributions from this organization. I understand the thought process in that however I feel those funds would be better spent getting the message to the people. As it is stated, if this progress is going to continue it needs to happen at the state and local level. I want to see one nation television commercial that educates the public on the lies and the failure that has been our drug war. I want to see a “this is the goverments brain on prohibition” ad. Is there any way to make this happen. Get the message to the people on a larger scale. Use their own propaganda techniques against them. Explain the lies and twisting of the facts. Let the public know that theyre government is telling them that it needs “more testing” and then the DEA is denying the right for colleges and universities to take part in the studies they say they need.
    How can we better organize to make this change happen faster?? I’ve written my congressman. I’ve talked to my friends and family. I’ve joined the many forums and groups. What else can I do?

  7. well what I believe is that medicinal marijuana should be legal in states but it should be up to the state citizens. When it comes to voting the only levels of govt. voting actually wields any sort of accomplishment is in the state and local levels. we as a people don’t vote the presidents in its the Electoral College.
    But back to the legalization of marijuana. I belive that smoking pot RESPONSIBLY should be legal. and the key word is RESPONSIBLE and any form of the word.

  8. I know it may not be the ultimate solution, but I urge everyone to smoke if they want to. F— the law for long enough and it will get changed. Smoke, smoke. I think I’ll go light up right now, eh?

  9. Nice vid Not Supporting Obama
    Here’s a link to Obama supposedly saying he’ll stop medical marijuana raids.

    Everyone should notice that he really never says that. also he’s against state’s currant medical weed laws in that he doesn’t want people growing their own. Obama wants weed regulated the same as morphine witch it basically is right now.
    Weed is not Morphine or oxycotton nor is it meth or heroin It’s an herb My great grandmother used to use cannabis as an ingredient in her cooking
    Obama is clearly against legalization the only positive thing obama said is he wouldn’t waist resources going after medical weed witch is NOT the same as saying he’ll stop federal raids.
    Obama supporters will of course try and give us some BS that once in office we’ll see his true pro cannabis beliefs for that week ass argument I’ll remind you all Bill Clinton her promised gays the moon & stars, when push came to shove they got Don’t ask Don’t tell. Obama on the other hand out right says he won’t spend any political capital even on the narrow idea of medical weed
    I’m supporting McCain in this election all the same I urge everyone to go to the libertarians web site and read their platform.

  10. The missing last sentence: “Libertarian nominee, Bob Barr; Green Party nominee Cynthia McKinney; and Independent Ralph Nader all support states making their own medicinal marijuana laws and a reduction of federal criminal enforcement of marijuana prohibition.”
    It’s not taking a stand for one candidate or another, just the truth. Unless a politician is active in support, I assume they will later turn against us. Unless they say “Yes” to reform, don’t count on them to do a damn for you, Stoner.

  11. If I were to vote, I think I’d have to vote for Barr. I certainly don’t agree with him on every issue, but I appreciate his candor with regards to marijuana laws, as well as his position.
    I know some candidates refuse to speak their minds, in fear of some backlash, but I think this country has seen enough results from the “tell them what they want to hear” politics to know it isn’t healthy for this country. Most politians talk so much crap that I’m not sure even THEY know what THEY think after a few years.
    I want more blunt, honest, straight talk. Not the kind McCain tried to use in his “express”, as that was just more of the same. I want someone who isn’t afraid to say it like it is…like Ron Paul, Bob Barr, or even Kinky Friedman. At least you know what they think, even if you disagree.
    Too many politicians beat around the subject without taking a real stand. Barney Frank, for example. Nice guy…I think he wants to help, but he doesn’t lay it on the line…he half-asses it, knowing the backlash will come.
    We end up with the situation we have now. Exactly what does Obama think or plan to do? What does Biden have in mind? Palin has no real record…should we just guess and hope? They either don’t speak at all, or when they do speak, it’s so vague that it could be taken any number of ways. Enough with that bullshit.
    I will not participate in a system that is designed to only offer the illusion of choice. I know for a fact that my state is red. I know for a fact that, if I were to vote, my vote would be wasted in that sea of red.
    Our government system MAY be the best there is, but it surely isn’t perfect and it surely doesn’t work for everyone. Until I can move to a more friendly state, I will suck it up like everyone else and hope for a better tomorrow.

  12. I personally am voting for Obama, perhaps mainly because I want my vote to have an impact, even if it is only as a pebble of 300 Million Citizens.
    I would love to see 3rd parties enter our system. However, with our “first past the 50.1% post” voting system, rising third parties draw away voters from the major party most like them (feel free to argue that the Republicans and Democrats are exactly the same, but I don’t agree with you). Unless we change the way we vote, I don’t believe third parties will ever succeed in American Politics.
    I suggest 2 remedies:
    First: There are many types of voting systems, each with their advantages and disadvantages. But I think a run-off election of some kind would bring much benefit. Everyone votes for whomever they want the first time: the list is pruned of those with the least votes, and continues to prune until left with two. THEN you can choose The Lesser of Two Evils, if it even turns out that badly.
    Second: Change the U.S. House of Representatives from representing geographical groupings of people to simply representing a percentage of the population. Right now each Rep is standing in for over 600,000 American citizens,yet is one in a body of 435 total! How much power is that? Furthermore, while there are (I believe) at least 3 million card-carrying members of the Green Party (for example), they have very few Reps, because they do not constitute a political majority in any but a few districts. With proportional representation, those 3 million would be guaranteed 5 Reps. Once seen, I think the likely result would be more would join them as they see their votes adding up to some sort of power (with a two party system that is closely fought, even small 3rd party groups could have more significance than it might be thought.
    I realize these things would require Constitutional change, so it won’t happen easily. But I personally think that changing the system of choosing our representatives is the only way 3rd parties will gain any significant political power.

  13. If Obama is elected president the United States will have serious problems.
    I am for Marijuana Legalization, but Obama would NEVER make a controversial decision in fear of hurting his political record (How many times did Obama not take a side and vote “Present?”) I don’t want a President with no Balls.
    I vote for AMERICA thus I VOTE MCCAIN.

  14. The true problem with getting legislation passed for the legalization/ decriminalization of Marijuana is that we can not get elected officials into office that are “REAL PEOPLE.” To be a Politician you have to be fake, and you have to compromise who you are.
    How many politicians out there do you think roll up a nice fatty right after voting against drug reform?

  15. Women have a constitutional right to choose to end a life , and I cant relieve my arthritis and glaucoma, after becoming disabled serving uncle Sam ! Makes me want to wave the flag !

  16. McCain’s most recent comments at a town hall meeting were that he would not arrest the ‘dead and dying’; which he really should have said ‘sick and dying’; this after being questioned by a medical marijuana advocate. Governor Palin isnt a typical right winger at all, she (in my mind) has reasserted McCain’s maverick image; as I had written him off as a ‘sell out’ to the Bush agenda (during this campaign year). Governor Palin hasnt spoken out against the decriminalization of marijuana (including 25 plants; constitutional Alaskan law), nor has she tried to change it (as did her Republican predescessor). This coupled with her fighting corruption stance (in her own party), and her pro-life stance(just my beliefs; no offense to anyone) has convinced me to select McCain/Palin. Obama (who I was in the tank for solely until a month ago) has shown (IMO) to be unpredictable.

  17. mccain will only give us more reagan/bush/bush and palin will do whatever her party tells her to. they will maintain the status quo that serves to maximize the profits of the nation’s enormous prison industrial complex.
    biden…. ugh. i would be much more comfortable supporting the democrat ticket with kucinich, gravel, dodd, or even edwards as the vp candidate on this issue. nevertheless, i think that if serving under a president who strongly supports prohibition reform, biden will do as he’s told. unfortunately, obama’s message of change is not likely to include drug policy reform. the fact that he insists on federal controls for medical cannabis as restrictive as those for opiates and amphetamines shows that he has little knowledge of, or concern for, this issue or the Americans whose lives have been ruined by the DRUG WAR rather than the drug.
    this is certainly disappointing from obama, who jokingly admitted to “inhaling,” stating “that was the point!” senator obama should pause to consider that it would have only taken a slight turn of fate for a police officer to patrol past he and his friends during a meeting of their pot-smoking club the “choom gang;” that such a crossing of paths would have certainly ruined not only his future as a presidential candidate but his future at harvard period. its funny that obama can smoke up all he wants and he turned out just fine… but now he can’t even promise that the federal government under his administration would concede federal decriminalization in lieu of state’s rights regarding adult recreational use. he has commented several times that he didn’t want people “growing it on their own.” senator COME ON!!!! do you REALLY think that growing a plant is a bad thing???
    although i have serious concerns about obama being a mirror of clinton 92, i will vote for him because i vomit from the fear of a mccain administration. perhaps barack will let my physician give me cannabis for my nausea…
    four decades of failed criminalistic prohibition with nothing to show but the world’s largest prison population and NOBODY- pres or vp for either of the big two parties- will say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH???? all this talk about being a maverick or being a candidate for change. can’t they see that nothing will change until they admit that the war on drugs has never REALLY been about drugs? can’t they see that our biggest addiction- the g-damned dollar- is stronger than any pill, powder, or plant?

  18. I would just like to say that, I can appreciate everyones views on marijuana legalization. I support legalization. However, it will NOT happen with either one of our choices for the presidential office. McCain is a “puppet” who CAN NOT make ANY decisions on his own. Talk about flip-flop, have ANY of his supporters seen his record. The ONLY thing republicans do is tell you what you want to hear and without ANY regard to thier supporters, turn right around and do just the opposite. As long as it puts money in thier pockets, its TO HELL with “WE THE PEOPLE”. We the people who choose to elect someone based on thier words and promises. Just as soon as they are elected, what happens?, its no longer “WE THE PEOPLE”, its “ME and MY WEALTHY ASSOCIATES”! These asswipes run thier companies into the ground then “WE THE PEOPLE” have to bail them out with our hard earned tax money. Not hundreds,not thousands,not even millions, but BILLIONS of dollars out the EFIN window. There is NOT one candidate republican or democratic running for office that I WANT to vote for. The old geezer “puppet” I hate to ask, but, if elected, what would you want to happen if he kills over from his health issues,assassination or freak accident and all of a sudden we have this “pretty woman” leading our country? Do you honestly think she can handle such a job? REMEMBER, this is MY view. If Obama happens to depart this world from health issues,assassination or some freak accident, even his vice president would have me worried. Its sickening to think that for at the very least, the next 4 years if elected, our Republican candidate will only improve “ME and MY WEALTHY ASSOCIATES” and continue to screw “WE THE PEOPLE”. Where as, MAYBE and ONLY MAYBE, the Democratic president will open his eyes and recognize the 80% (democrat and republican) population in favor of marijuana reform and have the “BALLS” to do something about it.
    I want ANYONE who HAS NOT read the book, “The Emporer Wears No Clothes”, to do so. It can be purchased at most ALL book stores for a very reasonable price. If you want to, you can have your public library acquire this title for you and you can “check it out” for free. Thank you for your time. howie

  19. I’m sure they wont mention it because some of the ole timers would make them look BAD!! but as much as it COST to raid these medical dispensiaries and arresting pot users, if/when it becomes legal.. wouldn’t the money saved make a LARGE/HUGE dent in the now COLOSAL US DEBT.

  20. Obama has spoken against the war on drugs and for decriminalization before, although says he’s against legalization. But think about it. For him to be openly supporting legalizing marijuana at this juncture could cost him the election. It could appear too controversial.
    I think Obama really does support legalizing marijuana. In order to appear less controversial he’ll probably pass the responsibility to “experts” who will look at scientific studies and give a recommendation. But unlike Nixon he’ll actually follow it. Then we’ll have a coffeeshop-style decriminalization while marijuana remains technically illegal, but after that it wouldn’t be long before the international treaty is repealed and marijuana would be officially legalized.
    There could be an even greater watershed of change coming. The Bush administration has committed many crimes: wiretapping, falsifying intelligence, torture. And I strongly believe there was electoral fraud in the last two elections. If that’s true it could deal a crippling blow the Republican Party, and with them gone people would vote for third parties freely because there’d be no spoiler effect. Obama would likely win reelection, but in 2016 we could potentially have a third party win the presidency with the Republicans gone and then we can reform the electoral system to IRV and we’ll have a multi-party system.

  21. People need to understand that it is NOT the candidates that are the real problem, it’s the LOBBYISTS. Think about which special-intrest groups would lose the most from legalization, the Fraternal Order of Police, the prison guards’ union, the American Bar Assoc., just to name a few. In fact, it has been said that the prison guards’ union is the strongest lobby in California (Playboy Mag.) All of those accociated with these groups, and those employed by, would lose their jobs and funding. With entire industries being shipped overseas why not these? Then again, I wouldn’t wish this mindless prosecution on any country. Nowadays, the only countries that prosecute pot offenders more than the US are either in the third world or in the middle east.
    Eight years ago, McCain had my respect and I then considered him the only GOP candidate that I might vote for, based on his strong stance against lobbyists and special-interest campaign funding, but not any more. Now he’s changed. To re-tool a joke Robin Williams once used; have you ever noticed that McCain never speaks while Bush is drinking a glass of water?
    So Obama admitted to once being a stoner, so did Palin. My problem with Palin is that she has the bible crammed further up her butt than Bush’s. Sixteen years ago Clinton secured my vote by being cool enough to admit to once holding a joint (didn’t enhale? yeah, sure!)
    It’s important to realize that NO candidate (or running mate) can speak in favor of legalization at this time without throwing the election away. It is also foolish to vote for a president based on only one issue. Laws are made by congress, then ratified by the president, and with Denis Kusinich and Barney Frank willing to push the bills through, the matter is what happens if and when a legalization bill hits that desk in the oval office. I don’t know if Obama would sign it of not, we can only hope. I DO know that McCain would most certainly veto it. So we MUST vote Obama come November!!!

  22. Upon re-reading the above posts and the header on this page, I still assert that the problems with government are from lobbyists. I must note that NORML is, in fact, a special-interest lobby, one that I support (a neccesary evil, if you will). I wish I could support it financially, but I’m going to be paying off court fines, costs, and other fees for some time to come. And the economy isn’t helping (thanks to the GOP).
    Not to be a hypocrite, my point is that our elected officials listen to the lobbies instead of heeding the will of the people. And on this issue NORML’s $37,000 voice has been drowned out by the mulit-million (maybe multi-billion) cacophonic chorus of the lobbies against legalization. And I havn’t heard McCain say anything about campaign finance reform since he announced his candidancy in this election. Obama is our only home for ANY change!

  23. s35wf must be a republican. Very many 3rd party votes will guaranty a McCain victory.
    Anyone remember 2000 and Nader?

  24. our forefathers said that our govt. should be “for the people, by the people”. when they took a survey a while back on whether or not to legalize marijuana the “yes” had it. yet our govt. still hasnt even taken it into consideration. now why is that… they say this country is the land of the free yet we dont even have the freedom to smoke a joint in the privacy of our own homes when we aint even hurtin anybody. yet alcohol is legal… you can get alcohol poisoning from drinkin too much, people drink & drive & kill others… but when have you ever heard of someone smokin too much pot & dyin? when have you ever heard of someone gettin high behind the wheel & killin someone (if you smoke enough to the point you’ll wreck, you’re not even gonna feel like gettin up to go to your car to drive.)
    & yet they still wont consider it when we got all these good arguements goin for mary jane!

  25. Hopefully this wont be a comment just scrolled by…I took the time to read each comment and took in every idea.
    I love not only the ideals NORML supports, but to everyone whom is pro legalizing Cannabis.
    Just to clarify something..I believe in legalization but I also believe in regulation. Obviously there should be an age restriction, similar to alcohol. I have a bit to go over so sorry if this is all out of order…
    I haven’t met a so called “pot head” who functioned worse than a drunk. There were over 873,000 arrests in 2007 due to cannabis related charges, thats not including the people who didn’t get caught. That is A LOT of people who smoke. If the government could only use this to their benefit.
    First off, The government could totally tax cannabis, and I for one would pay to buy a pack of “Marlboro Greens” (an idea haha) This 1 plant could pull this nation out of debt. This whole “Nation crises” can be solved with the legalization of Cannabis. You HAVE to be a moron to believe that legalizing Cannabis is a bad idea. I know I want the US to have a stable economy again, not with just the cannabis saving it, but the food industry that would probably arise with it!!
    Hemp coming from the cannabis plant could replace cotton as a better material. The cultivation of cannabis can only help the environment, Why not!?!? Sounds pretty good to me!
    I dare anyone to challenge the idea…
    For every 1 negative idea you can give me,
    I’ll give you 3 positive ideas on how the legalizing of a plant can stimulate the economy and fix a nation.

  26. Obama is our only hope if canabus is to be legalized in the near future. If he goes all out pro on it now it would cost him the election by the rednecks and all the leagal groups that will lose money when they quit busting us.If McCain gets in the next four years will be the sane as the last four.most likly worse.

  27. Lets use everthing at hand with a little imagination to balance the bail out. Say,” Maybe legalization of marijuana laws and taxing it on a state and federal level. Just think ? A new source of revenue for thise who are least likly to protest a tax. What a novel Idea

  28. I am part of the neo-pagan movement and have just found this delicious website once again after years.
    Now that McCain and Obama have been selected by this wonderful country to destroy the legacy of George Bush, I believe it would be a nice thing for them to fill the White House with a cloud of marijuana smoke and open up all of the windows to get Washington D.C. high on some skunky buds with crystals and it’s so green that it creates a rainbow effect in the moonlight.
    I’m voting for Obama and Michelle for President/First Lady not on the virtue of their pot smoking experience together but because i haven’t voted in like 12 years since i was a teenager.
    Get off your computers and go vote.

  29. I am not sure who to vote for, but I have been watching very closely for the entire campaign. Obama has preached about the economy, and recently McCain has also adopted this as his slogan. I am tired of having to live a double life to be portreyed as a responsible individual. I have to pretend I don’t smoke for work, and also have to quit frequently for uncle sam. I can’t understand how I can be forced to serve to fight for freedom of Iraqi’s, but can’t choose to fire up a joint once in a while. Got off on a tangent, back to my main point. Both sides are arguing that the economy is in crisis. It is, so lets solve it. By legalizing we save a lot in the judicial system, and also stand to do something other than waste more taxpayers money “stimulate the economy”. I think we all saw how well that plan worked out.

  30. Even the most empathetic to this cause would be compelled to not mention it if running for office, by the many people out there still confused about it and the many people who refuse to accept its legitimacy. Each candidate is asking an entire country, which doesn’t get along very well, to agree. The hope is that Obama has watered down his true feelings on a great many issues in order to oust the worst president the country may have lived through yet. The tragedy would be if we the public do not agitate, do not make resistance to legalizing cannabis uncomfortable for those in power. Of course, this all hinges on a national respect for Science, and yet many schools can’t even muster the courage to utter “evolution.”
    Make no mistake we can win the day, but it will take more time and a public education and normalization campaign to rival that of the Star Wars franchise, Church, McDonald’s, or any of the other huge messages we receive daily which contribute to our cultural conditioning.
    Barack Obama at least is willing to listen to a variety of recording artists and genres. McCain listens to Abba.
    Vote Obama, but we the people must hold him accountable if we really want this country to change for the better. One person’s perspective is simply not good enough for America.
    Money for Science.
    Money for Education.
    Marches in the street.

  31. Obama flops positions and changes his story so often I have no idea who I’m going to get if I vote for him. He really does seem like he’s only feeding his own ambitions. Biden just scares the hell out of me. He’s completely anti-marijuana and anti-gun. Two of my favorite pastimes. As I live in a state without legalized medical marijuana and I definately would qualify for use in every state that has legalized it with my disability. It frightens me to think of a Biden led crackdown on all the states that have approved it. It could be 1937 all over again. God help us all.

  32. Don’t beat your heads against the wall. Of all marijuana busts 1% occur on the federal level.
    Both candidates suck on the drug issue.
    Lets refocus our efforts people. Write your state legislature. Convince anyone you see who is against marijuana. Hold a pro-mary rally. Lets get out of our attics and basements, put the bong down and get this shit legalized.
    States do a much better job convincing the Feds then we do. Get the states on our side. 12 states have done it already. Thats 24% of America. We need 13 more to have half, and 14 for a simple majority. On a local level, you have a face. The feds don’t listen to shit, there are too many of us with too many complaints. They got wars, foreign policy, etc. to deal with. They dont give a rats ass about our right to blaze. But once we have the states on our side, they will back off.
    As for the candidates, watch out for McCain and Biden. ALthough, I must say McCain might be better. Palin comes from a pot smokin state, and smoked herself. Plus, as VP, she has less to to than Obama would as Prez, and will therefore listen better.
    Together we can make a difference

  33. I’m definitely for Obama in this situation. at least with him there is a glimmer of hope. and not total loss.
    Plus… you guys didn’t mention any of the views of the Green or Libertarian parties…
    that’s why this election is pointless. people aren’t aware that there are more than just 2 choices.

  34. Obama is, let’s face it, pretty unlikely to allow states their constitutional right to decide their own drug policy – he’ll be too busy redistributing wealth and increasing government power. And, as for the Dems in Congress, they’ll be too busy milking every earmark possible out of the President to vote on any issue that could jeopardize their re-election chances.
    The best hope for legalisation is to register Republican and watch out for 2012; of the frontrunners, Palin and Sanford are lukewarm at best on the Drug War, and Jeff Flake and Gary Johnson are its outspoken opponents.

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