If Cops Really Oppose Sending Minor Pot Offenders To Jail, Then Why Do They Vehemently Oppose Efforts To Keep Us Free?

Voters in Massachusetts will decide this November on Question 2, which seeks to replace criminal penalties for the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana with a civil fine of no more than $100. Polls show that nearly three-out-of-four voters back the measure.
Who opposes it?
That’s an easy one. Who else?

Officials unite to fight marijuana initiative
via The Boston Globe
Law enforcement officials statewide are uniting against a referendum question they fear will increase marijuana use among teenagers and generate more crime across the state.
The state’s 11 district attorneys are unanimously opposing Question 2 and are being joined by police chiefs and some community groups, fearing it will undo years of effort to reduce drug use among teenagers.
… “Nobody goes to jail today for simple possession of marijuana,” said Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett, who is listed as the treasurer for the opponents, who are using the name Coalition for Safe Streets during the campaign.

Hmmm, where have I heard this before? Oh yeah.

The irony and the idiocy
via the NORML blog
Just days before the FBI released statistics indicating that police in 2007 arrested over 872,000 Americans — the most ever reported in law enforcement history — for violating pot laws, reigning Drug Czar (and pathological liar) John Walters alleged on C-Span, “We didn’t arrest 800,000 marijuana users. … That’s [a] lie.”
(Watch the video of Walters’ remarks here.)
The Czar’s nose grew another six inches when he uncorked this whopper: “The fact is today, people don’t go to jail for the possession of marijuana. Finding somebody in jail or prison for possession of marijuana is like finding a unicorn. It doesn’t exist.”
(The video can be seen here.)

Pardon me if I’m confused. On the one hand, you have law enforcement claiming that nobody goes to jail for pot possession. On the other hand, you have law enforcement actively opposing any and all efforts to reform America’s marijuana laws so that, in fact, nobody would actually go to jail for pot possession.
Question: Why do cops vehemently oppose measures that seek to comport the law in line with what they claim is already standard prosecutorial practice?
Is the answer:
a) The cops are full of it; people go to jail for violating marijuana laws all the time.
b) If cops stopped arresting minor pot offenders they wouldn’t know what else to do with their time.
or c) Most cops really believe marijuana consumers are “dirt bags” and “losers” who belong in jail.
Answer: Take your pick!

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  1. You know, I’d rather die from smoking weed anyday over cigarettes or alchohol. Me and my husband are respected, hard working individuals. We both have wonderful well-paying jobs. We don’t go to work high and we can function without it if we have to. We are productive, law-abiding, tay-paying citizens. We own our own home. He has a boat & two trucks, that are paid for. I am finally an owner of a new car. He is 23 and I am 26. We have worked so hard to get to where we are today. And we did not do it with any “handouts” or “drug money.” It so funny how you can get labeled as a lazy, worthless, lawbreaking criminals all because you choose to smoke weed. My dad is an alchoholic and has always been that way since I’ve known him. It has ruined my relationship with my dad and I have grown to hate him because of it. I doubt he would have beat the shit out of me or my mom if he would have been high on weed. People who smoke weed don’t black out and verbally and physically abuse you. Thats the last thing they’re thinking about. People who smoke weed are mellow relaxed individuals. I don’t know anyone who has ever been in a car accident because of weed. But I can tell you I have had many friends killed and seriously injured because of drinking and driving. Me and my husband both graduated high school and are in college. All while working full time jobs. And smoking weed. There are SO many people out there that do smoke weed. I believe that the majority of the world does. I think the ones who criminalize weed smokers are the real theives, stealing our freedom from us to do what makes us happy. As long as we aren’t breaking the law in any other way, I don’t see what the problem is. We should educate our kids and show them the windows of opportunity. Science has proven many medical reasons to use weed. We have fought this war on weed for way too long. I watched the movie reefer madness and it was the most comical thing I have ever seen. To think that that scared people and made them beleive you could be a dangerous person while smoking weed, was ludicris. So all the assholes who drink, pop pills, smoke crack, smoke meth,etc. that think they’re better than us weed smokers, think again. I bet we do more for our communities than you do. My husband contributes to the community everyday with what he does at work. It is time to realize that it is here to stay and it is doing no harm. I will always smoke weed. Especially because after a long day at work I need it.

  2. No one has been put in jail for possession ehh… Hmm I believe i was put in jail for having some bud well about an ounce of it. Seriously the laws need to change, the amount of money the government would make if they just taxed pot would be more then enough to help our economy. Pot is bad for the brain cells ya I’ll believe that when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet. I’ve smoked weed since i was in 6th grade. I stayed on honor roll all through out middle school. I maintained a 4.06 during high school and even did dual enrollment ( Means I went to high school and college at the same time). I must have no brain cells left if my major is pre-med which i will eventually be a dentist.
    Marijuana is addictive….. Highly doubt that, I actually have to stop smoking because i “may” get drug tested for a new job coming up. If it was so hard for me to quit then why would i stop on just the chance of getting tested. I probably wouldn’t but guess what its not addictive at all because i quit cold turkey.
    As far as cops go, i have never had a good experience with them at all. I’ve been harassed by them time and time again, and to tell you the truth they have never once helped me out, in any way shape or form. So why should my tax dollars go to them for busting me and harassing me? They shouldn’t go get the real criminals like child predators, rapists, murderers, so on and so forth.

  3. What are you thinking daniel, did you not see all the replys to l harris’ posting? This is not the place. It’s obvious that we, decriminalization advocates, are much better informed and more passionate about this than you prohibitionists. The only connection between marijuana and coke, heroin and meth is that you idiots lump them all together, so when youths learn that you were lying about pot, they assume you lie about hard drugs too. You’re right, when people need real help they call the police. All the more reason they should stop wasting time and tax-payer dollars harassing harmless pot smokers. However, I personally have never needed to call the police for assistance because I live my life in a way that’s unheard of to cops. I MIND MY OWN BUSINESS. It’s a great way to avoid situations where you “really need help,” and have to call the cops.

  4. TO MR. CASE CLOSED. Either you are bipolar or schizo. You must have been living in the mountains of Tibet since the mid thirties and fell of a cliff in to the lap of the drug czar to get information like this. Did some one piss in your cheerios to be so negative about marijuana and the other statements you made about alcohol and cigarettes. The latter two KILL PEOPLE. Then the pain killers, by the way are FDA approved. And the children, always a cop out excuse,remember we were children once too. And paying bills and raising a family, and made it to retirement. Now my taxes are going to support a facist govt. and they want people that do not think but just follow their Amerikan way. AMERIKAN COMMUNISM AT ITS BEST. The drug war is not about drugs, it is about control and taking our rights away and wasting billions of tax dollars on a war they will never win. We the people know what we want by our votes and the govt. of draconia want to over ride our voting power. Federal laws my ass.

  5. Another reason most cops don’t want to see pot decriminalized is that as long as pot possession is a crime, the ol’ “I smelled pot, your Honor, emanating from the passenger compartment” justifies a vehicle search. And many cops get all creamy at the idea of rifling through other people’s stuff. The last thing cops want is to have that damned 4th Amendment get in their way.

  6. I think that L harris guy was just a troll. I think the fact that people are trolling to get people angry about prohibition is a good sign. Public opinion is steadily moving towards decrim and legalization more every year.

  7. To L Harris: you sound very misinformed(subverted is the term I would use.) Cannabis is not addictive, and even if in some cases signs of dependence were visibly seen, they don’t last long.. cranky and crabby for a day and that’s the worst of it.
    The misinformation campaign(face it folks.. this is not the information age, it’s the misinformation age) on cannabis has been perpetuated based on deceit, and the movement/stimulation of the economy. While I do firmly believe in God, His son Jesus Christ.. I am NOT here to preach but would like to offer some personal insight.
    On the TV, you see commercials with people drinking booze with the slogan “relax responsibly”. I don’t know how many of you have had to see your father throw your mother down a flight of stairs, and break down an apartment door with 2 children at 1:00 am asleep, and then go on to kidnap your own children under the influence of alcohol as I experienced from this “safe drug” called booze.. but alcohol is the true poison(I have proof for this as well being that a “conditioned” mind simply requires and demands it)… people can die from alcohol poisoning easily, hop in a car and easily kill a family of 4, causing extensive damage well beyond the 4 that were killed in the car wreck. One CANNOT overdose on cannabis, one does not get angry, violent, or aggressive when smoking cannabis.. but they might try to sneak a bite of your sandwich at worst.. and caring IS sharing, rather then selfish greed.
    To wrap this up.. My beliefs are firm that Govt is a God ordained institution and to be honored.. but when the separation of church and state decided to proclaim without words “God we don’t want you, we don’t need You”.. law and justice then has no foundation on what is ultimately right, and ultimately wrong.. and Govt is there to see that evil does not flourish, and peace and happiness does. By not giving anyone a free choice to choose how to “relax responsibly”, most open minds can see an agenda.
    To face some readily apparent facts(yes, I love Jesus and like to “relax responsibly” on occasion only to keep it from being an idol of everyday use).. I present to all of you these things to think about:
    Cannabis is an all natural medicine, brings about hunger in those wasting away from dis-ease(opposite of – harmony of spirit). It stimulates the senses in that the effects enhance: music, taste, visual acuity, and who doesn’t know about lovemaking after toking up that feels 10X better!
    If cannabis were legalized and taxed(my personal wishes)… the pharmaceutical company would go down the drain rather then continue to grow into the economy sodomizer it actually is.
    Cannabis is also illegal because it makes people think(the Govt doesn’t want you to think, it wants your undying loyalty and you being completely under control), it stimulates intellectual discussion, smiling, laughing.. a.k.a happiness.. when 190 million americans are on anti-depressants and cannabis is an all natural anti-depressant(no chemically engineered side effects like diarhea(sp?), nullified sex drive/libido(the govt does not want “crazy” creating more “crazy”.)) If people are in a constant state of confusion based on the misinformation they are force-fed, they can not join as one to seek out the life the american justice system was designed for.. elimination of evil, and creating a path for good, peace, and prosperity to flourish. It’s just when good men do nothing…
    Like I said, when the Us Govt stopped it’s ordained job of mirroring true Govt(the one God set up) and surgically changed many of the history books in school(lots of evidence on this one on the web), and decided to keep God out of the equation.. it really cannot determine what is truly good, or truly evil. But we’ll sure put God’s name on paper currency. Perhaps consumerism is the new religion of the world… but the God I serve, the God of Abraham and Issac.. HE put that plant here on earth for some reason, and even designed us rather intelligently in that we have receptor sites for THC in our brains. God would not have given us brains if He didn’t want us to use them.. it’s the govt that does not want God, nor truth to be any part of the equation in subverting the minds of the masses and the govt does not want free thinkers. It is illegal to talk about Jesus in public schools.. 2,000 years later and the world is still trying to kill Him.
    I’ve said my peace.. and if the editors at NORML(God bless you folks!!) can see that I have a knack for seeing holes in a society of smoke and mirrors and could prove to be a valuable asset for NORML, NORMALITY, or FREEDOM OF CHOICE.. please send me an email and let me know.
    As much as could be said about “People shouldn’t fear the govt., the govt. should fear the people.” There is strength in numbers, and as long as undereducated people keep subscribing to what their tv tells them about cannabis being linked to terrorism and being the “evil gateway device”.. you obviously have not truly lived and enjoyed a joint responsibly. It’s just like alcohol, but without the headache, dizzyness, nausea, aggression, poor judgement, increased chances of death(yours or the family you kill when you drive after drinking.) It also reduces pain in those who have ZERO interest in opiate based medications.. I have degenerative disc disease and my back and my knees throb with pain almost every night, but I don’t want an addictive pill that is opiate based(LEGALIZED NARCOTIC).. I’d prefer the non addictive, pacifist inducing effects of cannabis anyday.
    The govt does not want you to think freely of your own accord.. and there is more money to be made creating new chemically engineered meds with many a side effect.
    It all comes down to deceit, and the love of money.. the govt will still fight legalization despite the fact that the majority out there can be controlled even easier then they are now if they could go to the store and buy taxed cannabis like a pack of cigs.
    I’m not attacking my govt here, just deception folks. May God bless you all.. and I’d wish God would bless america but He’s not going to as long as evil men get elected into office who allow the shedding of innocent blood anywhere for any reason(that only invites a curse of bloodshed back upon us which there is a ton of evidence for.)
    Smile!!! God still loves you, even if your govt does not – to them you are a number and asset. To God.. why blend in when you were born to stand out? He put it here and evil men decided to control you any way they can.. subversion tactics were first implemented back in 1957 or so regarding the pledge of allegiance. Too bad they removed prayer time and truth from the public schools. If I remember correctly, some man back in 1937 said publicly that the public school system was the ‘cure’ to christianity. Very, very sad, but I would conclude if people don’t believe there is anything else upon death, they’ll spend and spend to make this temporal realm a pretty rad place(albeit temporary.) If any of you find hate in my words, or condemnation…. please let me know.

  8. I have recently noticed that on all the Police, And Sheriffs cars in our town, The have had window stickers made that says “GOT DOPE”? I am a sign maker as well and want some opinions on what kind of stickers I can make, to I dont Know, Maybe show them up, if you will…
    Please email me with any suggestions, and If I use your Idea, and even send you a free window sticker to sport on your vehicle! Fight The Power… Legalize it!
    Email me @- bogiebibby@sbcglobal.net
    I am,
    Sincerely yours,
    J. Bibby

  9. It’s good to know that America still has human rights. Why I say this is because you have marijuana-convicted individuals are in jail. Here in the Philippines, you die. No more human rights. This is their name – Underground Death Squad or UDS, for short. There slogans are across my country – Drugs can kill. Marijuana is the most common drug/medicine here, and it is not one of the main reasons but the main reason why people die. Also, for the benefit that you won’t panic over your life… nobody will inform when you’ll die. UDS will just observe you. When confirmed, you’ll be “terminated.” So, I hope you feel better that there are still human rights here.. I hope NORML will be established in the Philippines…

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