The Hill (Round Three): NORML vs The Drug Czar

Well, it’s only been 24 hours, but so far 100+ readers have posted comments to The Hill‘s blog telling John Walters to either tell the truth or get out! (I’d be more than happy with the latter.) Keep the feedback coming.
Also, many of you may also wish to stop by the Huffington Post, where my essay has just been re-posted here.
Like The Hill, the Huffington Post is a highly influential political website — and it is one of the most visited sites on the Internet. Yet their reporting is seldom critical of the war on (some) drugs. Please send The Post a message that their readership supports marijuana law reform by commenting on this story, “digging” it, and disseminating it widely. Thanks!
Drug Czar John Walters believes he can lie with impunity.
He’s wrong.
Today NORML responds to the Czar’s outrageous claims that few, if any, people are arrested or incarcerated for marijuana violations — and we do so in John Walters backyard: The Hill‘s influential Congress blog.

How Can We Discuss Marijuana Policy When America’s Top Drug Cop Won’t Even Acknowledge The Facts?
via The Hill
If denial is the first sign of addiction, then Drug Czar John Walters is hooked to the gills. He’s addicted to targeting and arresting marijuana consumers, and he’ll do and say anything to keep this irrational and punitive policy in place.

The Hill is providing reformers with a valuable service by bringing our message prominently to Capitol Hill, and acting as a mediator in a high profile debate with the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. In the past, the Drug Czar’s office has outright refused to debate spokespersons from NORML or other marijuana law reform groups, but the office has felt obligated to respond to our posts on The Hill, which remains the paper of record for members of Congress and their staff.
Because The Hill is widely read by lawmakers and by the national media, it is vital that we demonstrate the popularity of this issue by commenting prolifically. Please post your feedback to The Hill and make a point of disseminating this essay to your friends and colleagues. Previous posts by NORML to The Hill‘s blog have received hundreds of readers’ comments — virtually all favorable toward marijuana law reform. Editors at The Hill inform NORML that it’s the highest volume of readers’ response they’ve ever received on any commentary on any topic!
The Hill is getting our message; will Congress or the Drug Czar?

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  1. You know the more i know about our country CIA NWO, and the way things are the more i think that drugs are illegal for a reason so that the elite can have there prisons and there money and there little foreign countries. I don’t think things will get much better with Obama. I think this country is done for we are making dumber and dumber people because it’s too hard to educate yourself on the truth.

  2. Hey NORML, how about taking advantage of the situation? We’re about to get screwed with the MegaBillion-dollar bailout and it’s going to cripple an economy already down on its knees.
    If we were to legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis with similar restrictions to the ALCOHOL industry, we’d could help the struggling American people. This bailout save the corporations, your focus should be the citizens of America.
    It would be nice to see an article or discussion on this, as now is the time, more than ever before, where legalization is not only the right thing to do, but it is also NECESSARY under the given economical circumstances.
    Get people thinking about this. Lets see some charts, numbers, etc. Financial support for our economy is a strong argument for the reform of cannabis laws, something I hope NORML takes seriously. Thank you.

  3. I don’t get it. We tried having cannabis as ‘acceptable’ for about 10,000 years, worked out well. Now, for about 80-90 years, cannabis is ‘evil’. And otherwise ordinary folks are criminals. Don’t these lawmakers realize that making a perfectly legal business criminal does far more damage than legalizing this so-called crime? Just ask Al Capone.


  5. As long as forfeiture laws continue, marijuana arrests will continue. You always hear about the war on drugs and a nation wide crack down on drunk driving, but when was the last time you heard about the big crack down on violent offenders? I can’t recall anybody saying it’s time to put all of their efforts into stopping violent crimes in my state. The government needs to get their prioritys straight. Knowing someone that was arrested and given the maximum sentence of 90 days,fines and probation, for smoking a joint in his own home, while 3 theives in court with him all got 30 days suspended and sent home, I can garauntee you people are still being arrested for minor offenses.

  6. I really think every one of these articles are the best chance we have to be heard on capitol hill.
    Cheers to you Mr. Pierre

  7. Just like last time, my comment would not be posted…what is the deal?
    I wrote…
    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” -Abraham Lincoln
    Over the years, I have read and heard countless lies unapologeticly spewed forth from the Office of the Drug Czar under the “leadership” of John Walters. It is a travesty for a high level governmental official to blatantly speak untruths about well documented facts in an attempt to push a certain agenda. I could go on and on about the lack of integrity within Mr. Walters’ department, but when is this dishonesty going to end?
    “He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length it becomes habitual.” -Thomas Jefferson
    The Founders would be disgraced at what has become of their once honest and beloved government…

  8. Walters needs to read the Bible, God put that plant here for a reason, with all the new medical findings I dont see how he can lie like he does. Maybe one day he will need it for help himself, has he ever thought about that?

  9. Another powerful argument – targeting Walters right between the eyes (where his Unicorn horn should be).
    We have to demand honest arguments from our politicians if we are to ever expect any rationale outcome – and in this case we have a long way to go.
    Keep up the good work
    PS- I posted at the Hill – did you?

  10. I tried posting on The Hill but my comment didnt take for some reason???….
    Anyway, fantastic job on taking the fight to them!
    for over 70 this nation has been declaring war on its own people. Personally I cannot think of anything more insane then that. Especially over a completely harmless plant!
    Our last 2 Presidents have both admitted to smoking pot. Yet they sit in the White House while thousands of our citizens sit in the big house!
    Speaking of; why is it that we get drug tested for pointless jobs like Blockbuster Video yet EVERYONE on the Hill is exempt? Especially the President!
    It would seem to me it would be much more important to drug test the President daily being that it is the single most important position in the world!
    How can the Drug Czar and his office continue to lie so boldly when the stats are so stacked against them?
    More importantly is this: How are they allowed to get away with it? Is there no accountability what so ever?
    Is this such a big business for them that they fear losing law enforcement money?
    I cant personally see that being that the money could be redirected to fighting against real drug problems like the amazingly large meth problem that we have!
    Is CCA(Correction Corporation of America) so hard up for cellmates that they need to continue this obscene practice?
    I find that running a prison as a business has inherent flaws and inspires corruption and perversion of our nations and criminal justice system as a whole.
    With an American being arrested every 37 seconds or so this is very relevant and is probaly something that should be investigated…but I digress.
    Sorry to rant..again great job!

  11. The Drug War is a heavy handed slap in the face to all Americans.
    To me, this issue is as ridiculous as the Government making a “No Nail-Biting” law – punishable by up to 1 year in prison and a $1,000.00 fine.

  12. FYI… Note that the many of the posts to The Hill are being delayed because they must go through the moderation process, and I’ve just been told that their moderator is out of the office. But please keep those comments coming nonetheless; they should all appear online on The Hill’s website in due time, and it is critical that we send them a loud and clear message.

  13. I see three posts above stating the Hill did not post their comments (including mine)…they are obviously trying to suppress the responses in order to appear that the public is disinterested in the issue…The number of comments has remained 12 since I tried to post last night up until right now, and I am expecting to not see that number rise even though comments are being inputted…
    Should we expect anything different?

  14. Too many wars not enough money something has got to give… soon
    People leaving remarks on “the hill” need to be patient they are moderated and can take a little while to show up
    Read at the top 🙂
    The Hill’s Congress Blog has been built as a forum for elected government officials, staff and selected policy experts to exchange ideas. The Hill welcomes posts from anyone and will almost always publish it whether it is favorable or critical, as long as it is substantive and advances debate.

  15. The “War on Drugs” should be over. We as humans, we should not treat drug addicts like rapist or murders but people with an illness. If alcholism is considered a disease the smoking crack should be. This is our country not the politicans.

  16. we live with the prohibition. But after thirty years we’ve learned one thing clearly about it, and that is it does *not* have the ability to remove the demand for marijuana from our country. Ten thousand years from now, a hundred thousand years from now, there’ll *always* be demand for marijuana in our country. And where there’s demand there will be supply.
    What are we going to do? ..allow the drug dealers and narco-cartels to control this product, or take control of it ourselves by certifying reputable businesses to produce and sell it?
    As a country we need to stand up and demand an end to the federal prohibition. Research into the medicinal uses of marijuana should *not* be illegal, medically-prescribed marijuana should *not* be illegal, personal consumption of marijuana by adults in their own home or in specified establishments (“coffeeshops”) should *not* be illegal, and the growing of industrial hemp for making into clothing and other purposes should *not* be illegal.
    Don’t be silent, demand the legal production and sale of marijuana by certified businesses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. First off i want to comment on what Monty stated already. I 100% agree with him. I was having the exact same discussion with a couple of my friends already. We all know that our country is going into some extremely hard times, now is the time to push the issue. Also we all know that the police and other government authorties will fight us ever step of the way. Think about it they love to bust us pot smokers. What are we gonna do to them but sit on the couch all stoned and be like oh shit. Do you really think those fat asses want to go and put themselves in any real danger. I mean I dont really know how cops are all around the country but I can assure you that around my area we have some out of shape cops that should consider themselves a discrace. Well getting a little off topic. But I will say in ending Our country is a mess and we can take this time to not only help our cause but also help our country.
    NORML you guys keep up the good fight.

  18. Im my opinion, if marijuana was legalized for medical use we would not need this bail out money that Bush wants just before leaving office. He might think he is getting away with the biggest rip off in America but I do not see a need for this bail out, if these companies got themselves in this mess let them get theirselves out. If Medical Cannibis was legal ther would be enough in taxes to fix this problem
    And Walters can really lie when asked to. We need a change in laws. We need Medical cannabis made legal for those who really can benefit from it and our goverment knows this but refuses because of the big profits from prison

  19. I had to quit smoking and my borring repetitive life was getting into quite a slump. Before I was perfectly happy to go work at the factory and didnt think anything of the laborious blue collar work. I went in did my job came home and enjoyed a buzz with some late night tv.
    I started to drink because the mindless routine was getting to me and drinking just made me feel like crap, angry and hungover. Also my dad is an alcoholic and it was damaging to his relationship with the family.
    I told my Dr I was feeling depressed and he gave me some “mood enhancers” that gives me a huge kick in the butt. My head tingles and I find myself clenching my jaws a lot. It is working for me just fine no anxiety and no depression. But Ive noticed that Im more inclined to studder and have trouble speaking around people sometimes while Im on it.
    The medicine is called Sertraline side effects include Nausea,dizziness,dry mouth,loss of appetite, increased sweating, drowsiness, diarrhea, upset stomach or trouble sleeping may occur.
    Now Smoking side effects were hungry,sleepy, happy. Why cant I just smoke why do I have to take this damn pill.
    Ty for all your hard work Norml and give it to these liars. Americans deserve better than alcohol or pills with a multitude of side effects.

  20. I have to thank everyone who posted on this site. Never before have my eyes been so opened to the truths behind the war on drugs. To throw my own opinion into the mix, I would like to agree with JM82, marijuana is better than alcohol or pills. It is simply a calming drug, one that improves the mood of the user. Making it illegal is simply making things difficult for us as American citizens.
    How can it be that something like alchocol can be legal but marijuana cannot? Alcohol can make someone quick to anger and causes many deaths in the form of drunk drivers. Whereas something like marijuana

  21. is a helpful drug that simply calms one down. Government officials may argue that it is harmful to the body but isn’t alcohol as well? Alcohol causes liver damage, but if marijuana is affecting the lungs, it is SO much worse. That is just ludicrous. Smoking is harmful to the lungs but that isn’t illegal. The illegalization of marijuana is an unjust law that should most definitely be reformed.
    A friend of mine is under review to be kicked out of college because he had marijuana in his dorm room. Such an event angers me to no end. In my presonal opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with anyone making the choice to smoke marijuana. And to strip the chance of a college education from someone simply because they were in possession of it really gets my goat.
    Even though it is my belief that anyone should be able to smoke marijuana, the government will not let this happen. Once we succeed in our legalization, there will probably be an age limit and a legal amount to be in one’s system. Even if this must be conceded I feel it would be well worth the legalization of this substance, one that should never have been illegal in the first place.

  22. I feel there is racism involved in this abuse of states’ rights. The American Indian and Jamician use
    these herbs for their spirtual rituals.
    How do you deny a client’s rights for relief from
    pain and suffering,i.e. glaucoma, some cancers? We see
    the ads with the side effects from the chemicals that
    the FDA push on the American Society. 700B dollars worth of mismanagement and greed? What about other Nations? Herbs are used for treatment, they must be cost-effective, because these Nations have free health
    care. Don’t forget our history, of Cocaine in a bottle.
    The FDA Needs a complete overhaul. They are allowing
    drugs on the market that are ‘black-boxed’, they are not fully tested. Hormonal Replacement Therapy is much more well treated with Black Cohosh and licorice.
    It stands to reason that marijuana is safer than chemicals. Firstly, it is from the earth. Secondly, it
    produces an ephoric effect on the brain waves. Does that mean it interacts with the brain’s chemistry?FDA, Study That. We know that you took Fenucreek off of the market. Fenucreek helps to eliminate mucus off of the lungs. These NSAIDS make some people as sick as
    a dog, I included, they are too strong for my system.
    Soy isolate products, garlic and herbalist remedies work for me. If I didn’t have God’s natural pain, perspiration, vomiting and fever, where would I be?
    Everybody needs to go ‘Back to Eden”, that book saved my life.

  23. australia reported today that their economy loses 20 bil a year to imported drugs. could governments be getting the point? those sucks do understand money… also norml recently has made it more clear that pot legalization is their political goal, i for one would like to have control over my own life and be able to smoke hash, opium, or even catcrap if i choose. some evenings a mandrex would be a treat. govt blows..

  24. All good posts, all good comments but I think Monty hit it right on the unicorn. We the tax payers are about to get screwed with this financial bail out, this is the time to bring back that paper stating that revenue from underground marijuana sales was more than both of the US biggest cash crops put together,wheat and corn. The big wigs in Congress dont respond to anything that doesn’t have a dollar symbol infront of it…lets put this to their face. Instead of all this money going to the thugs and cartel bosses; tax it, regulate it, make it available to the people. It just makes sense.

  25. I just have one question that, surely, the Head of the United States Office of National Drug Control Policy should be able to quickly answer in a simple “yes” or “no”:
    Dear Mr. Walters,
    is marijuana deadly with no medical value?
    Jeff Lucas

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