All Is NORML On Capitol Hill

NORML is once again taking its message to Capitol Hill via the highly influential blog.

Marijuana Law Reform No Longer a Political Liability, It’s a Political Opportunity
via The Hill‘s Congress Blog
[excerpt] Rather than rebuff the public’s calls for drug policy reform, the new administration ought to be embracing it. After all, many of the same voters that put Obama in the White House also voted by wide margins in November to liberalize marijuana laws in two states — Michigan and Massachusetts — and in nearly a dozen municipalities.
In short, marijuana law reform should no longer be viewed by legislators a political liability. For the incoming administration and for Congress, it is a political opportunity. The public is ready for change; in fact, they are demanding it. Are their representatives listening?

As I’ve written before, The Hill is widely read by lawmakers and by the national media. In fact, my last commentary received national television coverage on Fox News. Therefore, it is vital that we demonstrate the popularity of the marijuana legalization issue by commenting prolifically. Please post your feedback to The Hill and make a point of disseminating this essay to your friends and colleagues.
(Note: Comments to The Hill are moderated. That means that there will be a delay, sometimes a significant delay, between when you post and when your comment appears live online. That said, all comments will eventually be published so please join the discussion.)
Finally, if you have not done so, please vote for marijuana law reform in the final week of’s online poll. (Voting ends at 5pm eastern time on Thursday, January 15.) The legalization of cannabis continues to lead all other public policy issues, and will likely be the subject of a major Washington, DC press conference on Friday.

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  1. I am utterly dismayed. Does anyone know which countries are taking applicants for citizenship?
    What is the point to work, pay taxes, vote and contribute to your community, only to have it all stolen by oil corporations and banks that suddenly will kill our economy if we don’t “bail them out”. Then, if I want to utilize something that grows from the EARTH I will be arrested, harassed, ineligible to vote and travel out of the country?
    If I don’t pay taxes because of civil disobedience, I go to jail?
    ARE YOU CRAZY??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Katie Cuoric from CBS news will be hosting a webcast for the presidential inauguration. CBS news asked people to email them with any political questions, at So lets ask a couple questions all.

  3. I posted a comment under the same name and I’m pretty happy with my post.Kept it short and sweet look for it later the hill takes a while to update.

  4. Meet the new boss same as the old boss. The only “change” that’s coming is who’s in charge. Vote for Ron Paul if he runs in 2012 or somebody like him. Don’t be fooled again!

  5. Why the fight must continue.
    Now, with just five days until Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president of the United States, a feeling of hope and optimism has swept the entire country. For many of us, this seems to be the start of a new era in American politics. Has change finally come to America? For the last eight years, we have protested against the actions of our government at every turn, and as their failures continued to stack up we were reassured that we were right to criticize their actions. Finally, we have a government we can trust not to screw us into the ground so their friends can make a quick buck. There is no need to protest anymore, right?
    Wrong. The protests we had over the last eight years have fallen of deaf ears and were suppressed. Now that we have a government that will actually listen to it’s constituents it is time to step up the protests and allow our voices to be heard. Obama’s transition team gave us a convenient way for us to submit our concerns and suggestions to the President-Elect through the website
    The first feature on this site to allow questions was “Open for Questions” where questions were submitted and then voted on by citizens for the Obama team to respond to. The number one question, as voted by us:
    “Will you consider legalizing marijuana so that the government can regulate it, tax it, put age limits on it, and create millions of new jobs and create a billion dollar industry right here in the U.S.?”
    Obama’s team responded with a one-sentence statement saying that the President-Elect is not in favor of legalization. A few weeks later, they reopened the poll for more questions and votes. Guess what issue came in fourth place? Yet again, we were blown off with the same response. However, this proves something very important: the American people are ready for change in the drug laws. They are ready for a society where marijuana is legal, controlled, and safe.
    Now is the time to keep the pressure on the politicians and get them to listen to us. With more states legalizing medicinal or decriminalizing recreational marijuana use each year it is obvious that now is the time to act. The fight is not over now that Obama in is office, it is just beginning.

  6. You know what could come about if pot was legalized? Tax payers money would actually be put to good use, instead of paying for overcrowding jail cells. This could also help the economy, no shit. Not just by taxing marijuana, but in the industrial use of hemp is almost endless. This would bring the unemployment rate down for jobs in the industrial area. Pot is a VERY universal element in this world. Not just a drug. Then there is the medical uses of marijuana. Helps decrease the possibility of Alzheimer’s. And also an anti-depressant!? Come on people it is not that bad.

  7. It just makes sense. The people want it and are having it anyway inspite of the laws against it. The economic and ecological benifits cannot be denied. Prohibition was established and supported using racist views and conjured up stories of fear and hate. When can we get over this?? Support the constitution, end the persecution, needless pain and suffering brought by prohibition. Return to government by the people and for the people, and reap the economic benifits that we need to get this country back on track.

  8. I agree with Brian… Don’t give up, let’s keep the pressure on our elected officials! in the meantime, let’s find a way to reach out to more of the American public and “EDUCATE” them on why this problem exists and what they can do to put an end to the senseless jailing of American citizens. Our new President made some very courageous and bold statements this morning in his inaugural speech. I believe that he truly wants to make the right choices to make a difference… I am ready to do my part, who is with me?

  9. we need to allow citizens to choose to use cannabis without fear of retribution. our jails are overflowing with non violent inmates. families are destroyed,felonies on record which prohibits offenders from getting a job and passing a background check. our country is crumbling and we are worried about pot smokers. lets get real!

  10. If marijuana were legal, it would cut deeply into the profits of the prison industry, the pharmaceutical industry and medical industries. If it were sold and taxed like pharmaceuticals, alcohol and tobacco and not under prohibition, it would immediately pump billions of dollars into our economy and help mend our deeply troubled economy.
    Every year, prohibition of marijuana turns millions of productive citizens into tax burdens instead of tax payers. An even deeper problem comes about when the breadwinner of a family is put into jail for possessing small amounts of marijuana and their families are forced into government programs to survive.
    Industrial Hemp is the world’s most versatile fiber. Almost any product that can be made from wood, cotton or petroleum (including plastics) can be made from hemp. There are more than 25,000 known uses for hemp.
    Why is it illegal to grow or possess any type of cannabis in the US? I believe the answer is summed up in one word… GREED!
    It was good enough for George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. Mr. Franklin started one of America’s first paper mills with cannabis. This allowed America to have a free colonial press without having to beg or justify the need for paper and books from England.
    It is time to find a way to educate more and more people of this world about the wonderful advantages that this cannabis plant has to offer humanity, nature and our environment!

  11. I’ve watched this slow, slow process for 40 years. I chose to give it up 30 years ago, it was just too much risk for a person raising kids.
    There’s just too much money being made in the prosecutions. Local law enforcement agencies continue to thrive on the monies collected.
    There will be no Federal decriminalization…

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