DEA Still Raiding: Is This The Last Gasp Of A Dying Policy?

There may be a new president, but in DEA-land, it’s still business as usual — at least for the time being.
On Thursday, just two days after President Barack Obama was sworn into office, DEA officials raided the office of a California medical marijuana provider, as well as two medical grow houses in Colorado.
Is this behavior the final gasp of a dying regime, or an unfortunate harbinger of things to come? That could be up to you.
Several marijuana law reform groups, including Americans for Safe Access and MPP — as well as national media outlets — are urging concerned citizens to contact the new administration in opposition to the DEA’s actions.
Call or e-mail the White House and tell Obama’s staff that our new President must honor his campaign pledge not to use Justice Department resources to circumvent state medical marijuana laws.
In the coming months, President Obama and his team will be appointing new DEA administrators.  Congress will also be holding additional hearings regarding Obama’s pick for U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder. Let’s make it clear to the President, now, that the DEA’s behavior is unacceptable and must not continue under an Obama administration.
Let’s make yesterday’s raids the last acts of a morally and fiscally bankrupt federal policy. Act now.

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  1. The medicinal properties of cannabis can no longer be refuted. Why does the federal government continue to classify Cannabis as a schedule one drug?
    Rick Simpson of Canada has cured cancer with a concentrated form of cannabis that he likes to call hemp oil. He gives this oil to people suffering from cancer away free of charge. As of now he is touring across Canada spreading the truth that cannabis oil can cure cancer, and it won’t be long before word spreads to the public.

  2. The marijuana movement isn’t the only group getting a bit tired of the nazi corporatist direction of our country. I don’t see Obama as much of a change in the direction we want to go.
    Not long ago there was the white arm band movement idea. Maybe we could get all of the activists site to promote the idea for a specific date. Soon. It would be nice if all of us slaves saw how many of us we were.
    We all have a say in how our country is run. Let us hold him to his words of being a builder, not a destroyer. We cannot continue this course anymore. Peace, Jim

  3. I have no problem with the DEA’s presence, if only they were going after meth labs and meth dealers.. It is sad to see they go after marijuana because it is so common and easy to find, yet for every ‘bust’ they make, they lose more respect for themselves and the the population now can see that. The demand for marijuana is so strong, and entire economys in certain cities in america now depend on marijuana to bring business, and i think it is a great idea that will work wonderfully. Mark emery was able to trump the DEA, just by being one person who sold seeds.

  4. We’ll win. I just don’t think we’re fighting hard enough. Damn it, put down the joint and fight. I’m not a slave to my government, I’m not a slave to my job. The only thing that matters to me is self and family. Unfortunately, the government knows this because they do the best job at destroying self by imprisoning us and destroying our families over a beautiful flower of choice. Fuck them! We need a revolution.

  5. In furtherance, I think the liar should stop raiding the medicine cabinet of the sick and dying especially when he promised not to.

  6. I was shocked and appalled by this news, especially since I live in Colorado. Hopefully Obama will work towards keeping his promise. I sent him an email about my concerns. Hopefully many others will do so.

  7. Maybe there is a way to show Obama how many votes he will lose if he doesn’t STOP DEA RAIDS ON MEDICAL MARIJUANA. A website with an official count maybe? I know if he doesn’t end the DEA raids, I will know his CHANGE is a LIE and I will vote for someone else.

  8. Dear Mr. President.
    Congratulations on your historic victory, it is truly America’s victory as well. This 46 year old white guy is PROUD of the man in the oval office for the first time in his life. I voted for you, I lobbied my friends and family for you, and if I only could turn back time I would make a cash contribution to your campaign as well. I’ve never voted for any Republican and doubt I ever will, but I gave up on the democrats long ago, proudly voting for Ralph Nader in 96, 2000, and 2004. I DON’T VOTE FOR PEOPLE WHO WOULD PUT ME IN JAIL FOR A BAG OF LEAVES. NEVER WILL!

  9. I agree; we the people in order to form a more prefect country must stand together on this issue. The outright disregard that the DEA and federal Government has for the peoples will is communist, at the very least criminal.
    We must demand that our elected political “do gooders”, stop this worthless war on medical and responsible use of marijuana.
    “Hello wake up Washington, this is the low hanging fruit, of all budget cuts”. This can and must be a part of our countries return to the world’s financial super power. Call your congress person today. Demand that they end this war on god’s flowers.
    “The billions of dollars that will be made on taxes would be enough to fund a small war in Afghanistan”.
    Why didn’t I think of that?

  10. its sad to see that the DEA is still raiding the medical facilities that produce marijuana for patients. the DEA has got to stop doing this. Be more concerned with cocaine, heroin, and meth addiction and sale. Marijuana does not cause terrorism and the DEA has no hard evidence that Marijuana kills. Why pursue a weed that gives patients hope to live every day. I for one will be writing Obama’s staff and praying that I get an actual response and not a mass produced letter.

  11. I think that if we will ever have a chance at legalizing marijuana it will be though our hard work through government reform, elect our candidates for congress. The internet is our greatest means of communication to the masses. Influence to our youth (well voting age) through myspace and facebook is our best way to reach out. If everyone is so dead-set on legalizing we need to elect people that feel the same. Obama wont veto a bill passed by congress concerning our issues. Even if it takes 2 years or 4 we can change the faces in our congress. We must REFORM pass the word

  12. the goverment let beer compomysell there poison and kill millions of people a year and send pot smokers to prision what the fuck is wright about that pivcture i guees pot smokers cant play lobist millions of dollers to to keep it leagal what the big deal you get stoned of both but only go to jail for pot get real are four fathers would be rolling in there grave over our govement stupitty it all about the money why are high and powerful gov gets away with it they are above the law is this america we live in what about the pursuit of happiness its our body not the goverments

  13. REFORM!!!!!! elect the Peoples Party next congress elections. Peoples Party- direct contact government to congress issues. Gain the majority!

  14. I strongly believe the statement made by Jimmy Carter when he said, “Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself.”

  15. the real problem is that the generation running our country were brought up in a time where all drugs were bad and they were taught to say no to drugs no matter the circumstance. Today our young more understanding generation will little by little shape the government to benefit all marijuana users. All of us can see it happening over the past 15 years. Its just a matter of time before it becomes even more decriminalized

  16. CHRIS WROTE:“The billions of dollars that will be made on taxes would be enough to fund a small war in Afghanistan”.
    The government knows the day that they re-legalize cannabis ,they will never see a dollar in tax revenue,the same day the drug cartels will never see another dollar, because why buy it when you can have the fun of growing it.
    Isn’t it odd that the two major losers in this equation are the government and the drug dealers, yes odd indeed!!!

  17. What is the deal with our Federal Gov’t? Some people are just trying to make a living in a tough economy…selling a little pot is not a problem and it’s a way to support a family.
    Please stop arresting us, we’re just norml people trying to get by like everyone else.

  18. This proves that Obama is just another bitch ass puppet just like all the others, he choosed Joe Biden for vice president for god sake, what did you expect?

  19. This raid was not a last gasp of the Bush administration. It was the inaugural act of the Obama Administration.
    On the 20th Obama appointed career drug warrior and ONDCP general council Edward H. Jurith as acting director of the ONDCP. On the 21st there was a medical pot raid. As ONDCP general council there simply is no way that Jurith did not know about the raid when Obama made the appointment. There is no way that he would have acted in opposition to his new boss.
    The only conclusion is that Obama knew full well what was going to happen. This raid was Obama’s way of telling his supporters in the police and prison guard unions that the status quo would prevail going forward.
    The drug policy reform community tried harder than any other to believe in the promise of an Obama presidency. and the drug policy reform community is the first to get royally screwed by the Obama administration.

  20. I didn’t really take the time to read all the comments to see if anybody has mentioned this, but on there are several groups focused on marijuana reform. I think this would be a GREAT way for voices to be heard. Anyone and everyone reading this has my and countless other people’s encouragement to join.

  21. They’ve gone overboard on this one. I may be able to tolerate the D.E.A raids on illegal grow houses. Bud is still illegal. However, raiding MEDICAL facilities that produce a medically researched form of medicine, they’re the ones that should be thrown in jail. Medical needs to go national. I’m still praying for legalization but we need to help the suffering first.

  22. Give a cigar to #10 Kyle. A website where voters PLEDGE TO NEVER AGAIN VOTE FOR ANYONE WHO DOESN’T SUPPORT FULL LEGALIZATION, is a GREAT start. I gave Obama the benifit of a doubt this one time (2008) and I believe he would legalize it today if it were only politically possible. But it’s not, and I blame myself. In many elections over the last 28 years I voted for candidates who at best promised no progress on this issue. NO MORE!!!

  23. Noneofyourbusiness:
    We all pay money to kill ourselves. Wether it being using the microwave, driving a car, or even going to a fast food joint for a quick bit to eat.
    Every action a human takes in todays world is a step closer to death. While yes, marijuana does have a FEW downsides, it’s not as destroying to the body and system as say alcohol and tobacco.
    And I strongly agree with above posts; Why is the DEA so focused on marijuana? Crack-cocaine, cocaine, heroine, meth, pcp, ect. are all addictive substances that destroy parts of our bodies. However, I personally believe ALL substances be made legal. It’s proven that prohibition does not work. So instead of spending billions of dollars fighting against it, legalize it and use the money from the “war on drugs” to EDUCATING society about them.
    Humans will always do what they wish, thank you free thinking, and the government fails to see this. Murder is illegal, yet it still happens. You can not control a person’s mind and spirit.

  24. I just e-mailed the White House and my Legislative reps and got my friends to do the same. Folks, don’t just sit back and complain about the problem, talk is cheap. Hit the link in the blog and tell them how you feel (it’s quick and easy; plus, the letter is practically written for you already).

  25. “Its a big club, and you ain’t in it”` George Carlin
    Obama personally couldnt give a Sh*t about that policy he knows how harmless the tree is, but hes a puppet for the real interests run his policy.

  26. Keeping in mind that it might take time to turn a ship (of fools) the size of the DEA around and that I despise conflict and war, I wonder if Anthony in post number five might be right when he says we need a revolution. It would be foolish to counter their violence with violence; however, peaceful resistance has to be amped up to the level that we are heard.
    Times are tight so a lot of us do not have the money to give to the cause we once had. I for one have a family that depends on me and really balk at the idea of going to jail for my convictions. But, I wonder what else we can do to end the multi-generational nightmare of prohibition.
    This cause goes hand in hand with judicial and prison reform. Traitors and torturers go free while people get mandatory sentencing for petty crimes. It truly has become, no, it has always been, a class and cultural war with the people wearing the uniforms doing most of the shooting and most all of the propagandizing. We desparately need a next step!

  27. We Need A Natural Legal route for Cannabis in the US. This will eliminate gangs and other organized criminal entities from profiteering on this product.. How can this government be so stupid. To think the cannabis industry would be a major boon to states like california and florida! Billions in tax revenue and also billions that would go to schools, health care, rebuilding our infrastructure. Instead, we prefer to deny the truth that prohibition with cannabis doesn’t work. It didn’t work with alcohol in the early 20th century and it wont work now.

  28. The US government was granted a patent on “Marijuana”, which has “No accepted medical value”. (With the health-department.)
    It is obvious that the reality of the laws, are for personal gain, and are not in the best interest of the people. This is a form of monopoly, when no-one else is legally able to gain patents on “Illicit controlled substances”, other than the government.
    Again, ask them why “THC”, is listed as a “Psycho-active ingredient”, yet, the “THC the manufactured DRUG”, does not have any psycho-active listings as a side-effect.
    The law also says… “The law can be lifted, for a year, and extended up to six months, in times of crisis.” This is a time of crisis, it is time to debunk the laws against a substance, that does not exist, as it was written. “Marijuana”, as it is described by the government, is not the substance we are using. (THC is, but the description of THC is not the correct description of THC. The laws are null and void.)
    Send the FBI after the DEA for violating civil jurisdictions. Read the law books… Federal government can not circumvent local laws against citizens, where local laws contradict federal laws, and where the use of illicit materials are in a closed-loop, and not causing commercial damage that threatens the government, or government regulation. (Something to do with wheat, and personal consumption.)
    This abuse of power, on our dollar, will not be tolerated. This is no longer “For the good of a drug-free America.” This is only a self-perpetuating economic disaster, showing as a full economic loss, in all directions, for all Americans. For the world.
    We want a “Pollution-free” America also… where is that enforcement agency? Where are those criminals? We want a “Body-Odor-Free” America… where are those laws? We want a “Drug-Free” America… No Prozac, no Ritalin, no Aspirin, no Viagra, no lipitrol, no zyban, no multivitamins, no flintstone-pills, no Dextromethorphan, no Pseudoephedrine, no Lithium, no Mercury, no Lead, no Carbon Monoxide… where are those laws, those protections, that control…
    Oh, yea… that would be stupid… (There are laws, though not as harsh, though they kill more.)
    Those are all deadly, abused, gateways, and should not be controlled by the federal government.
    Seriously, local laws are written better, with more realistic knowledge, and factual data behind them. I think it may be time for a new supreme court judge also. Perhaps one who knows laws, and also science and facts. Perhaps one that does not abuse the power to push personal belief upon society, giving the federal government a hand in “God”. Stop playing God with our lives, you are killing us.

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