NORML's Weekly Legislative Round Up

Below is this week’s summary of pending state legislation and tips on how you can become involved in changing the marijuana laws in your state.

Montana: Legislative hearings were held this week on a pair of bills related to the medicinal use of marijuana. On Tuesday, members of the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony regarding Senate Bill 212, which seeks to impose a lifetime ban on qualified medical cannabis patients who commit certain driving indiscretions. NORML opposes this effort and is working closely with Montana Patients & Families United to derail this measure. Committee members are expected to vote on SB 212 as early as tomorrow morning (Friday, January 23), but you still have time to urge lawmakers to vote ‘no’ by visiting here.
On a more positive note, Montana’s House Human Services Committee is expected to vote by next Wednesday (January 28) on House Bill 73, which will allow patients greater access to medical cannabis. You can contact the Committee and urge their support for this common sense proposal here.
Minnesota: Senate File 97, an act to exempt qualified medical cannabis patients from state arrest and prosecution, has been referred to the Health, Housing, and Family Security Committee. Last year, a similar measure gained strong legislative support, but was tabled after last-minute opposition from the Governor. You can voice your support for this year’s proposal by visiting here and here.
New Mexico: The New Mexico Department of Health finalized rules last week governing the production, distribution, and use of medicinal cannabis under state law. The new guidelines specify that state qualified patients may possess up to six ounces of medical cannabis (or more if authorized by their physician) and/or 16 plants (four mature, 12 immature) in accordance with state law. State regulations also authorize non-profit facilities to apply with the state to produce and dispense medical cannabis. State licensed producers may grow up to 95 mature plants at one time. New Mexico is the first state to codify rules for the state-licensed production of medical cannabis by not-for-profit organizations.

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  1. Great to see New Mexico is going forward with medical.
    In MA, the DA’s, the AG, police chiefs and mayors haven’t ended their campaign despite the election day loss. They are currently trying to recriminalize in some cities and towns.
    Check out the two hearings this week. So far they have not been successful. Great to see something I don’t think I’ve ever seen, young adults taking on local government.
    Check out the difference in the two hearings.

    Quincy, MA town leaders refuse to let large crowd of young adults speak out against new marijuana ordinances.

    Rock band, Prospect Hill meets the Mayor of Methuen, MA to discuss the new proposed marijuana ordinance after a front page story in the local paper.

  2. We’re also working very hard in South Dakota to pass the South Dakota Safe Access Act of 2009.
    A law that would protect medical marijuana patients which is similarly structured to the mmj law in Montana. The bill will be in committee on Febuary 2nd where we expect to hear testimony from over a dozen patients and their families, doctors, and other experts.
    South Dakotans for Safe Access is short of funds to cover travel expenses for bringing in out-of-state experts, please donate and support or cause:

  3. And in Missouri, House Bill 277, a comprehensive medical use bill, was filed last week with 10 co-sponsors. Activists are seeking Senate sponsors.

  4. Before it mysteriously dissapeared i found online that , Amhauser – Busch and Phisner drug Co. gave the Bush regime 27 million dollars .So , Bush would continue the senseless war against marijuana , It’s the Drug , Alcohol and Tobacco Companies who play a large part against legalization against marijuana .

  5. Erik and Dan,
    I summarized the Washington state and Missouri bills in last week’s legislative update. The idea of these blog posts is to provide visitors with a legislative ‘week in review.’ For summaries of ALL pending state legislation, folks can always go here:

  6. kind of thought busch was a bitch. what happened to “natural inherent rights”? medical alfalfa? fuck the AMA! Babylon burns! Sigurd.

  7. Understanding of Marijuana depends on the people who use it. I hope many people will realize the real essence of Marijuana. Anyway, thanks for this update even if i am late. I will read your new post. Thanks!

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