Marijuana, Inc: Tonight on CNBC!

A major, strongly promoted news special on marijuana prohibition will air this evening at 9 PM and 1AM (eastern) on CNBC.
CNBC is running an online poll in relation with their documentary ‘Marijuana, Inc.’ and the results so far, not at all surprising—98% of voters have voted ‘yes’ to decriminalize marijuana! The positive tone of CNBC’s poll suggests that ‘Marijuana, Inc.’ will indeed be a well-watched news piece on marijuana, and likely another small step towards legalization and regulation of cannabis in the United States.
Just like with the efforts of the last few weeks, where marijuana reform ranked #1 for Americans, let’s keep the pressure on and see if the vote totals in support of decriminalizing marijuana can maintain a 98%-2% lead. Cast your vote here.
After you watch Marijuana, Inc., come back to NORML’s blogs and comment on what your impressions of the 1-hour documentary are and if you believe CNBC’s coverage of cannabis prohibition is helpful or not in the overall reform efforts.

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  1. After seeing Nat Geo’s piece with Lisa Ling, this was a bad hatchet job. Trish Regan just another vapid dolt incapable of understanding the real problems of prohibition. There is nothing wrong with weed that can not be cured by LEGALIZING IT.

  2. “now makes up as much as two-thirds of the local economy”. – Courtesy Nbc
    Dosnt this say something Mr. Obama? u.S Government?
    Possible Bailout Solution?

  3. ha. I truly hope John Walters didn’t literally mean marijuana is a poison, if so he is dumber than I suspected. Reguardless the host seemed anti pot in general. They didn’t seem to take a stand either way, and just told both sides of the story, ours backed with facts and social truths, theirs with nothing but history and ignorance.

  4. show was absolutely bias/one sided in its sly way of making us look like bad people. Does NORML have a list of people, places and things to boycott when they offend us?

  5. hahaha and did yall see that sh** about the bucket that had the “mexican” food in it hahaha that place was all dried up and old, but a clean as* bucket with a can of menudo,new bottle of hot sauce,and a pack of tortillas( no mold ) get the fu** out of town with that sh** haha

  6. TERRIBLE!! They did nothing to display the situation in a neutral way. They regurgitated a bunch of DEA/John Walters BULLSHIT! They took the negative and ignorant viewpoints held by uneducated individuals in this country and made a short show to support their ideas. Essentially this is propaganda. There is NOTHING about the science of marijuana. NOTHING about the HISTORY of marijuana. NOTHING about what the country would be like IFFFFF marijuana were legal!!!!!! WOW!!! These news people really need to start thinking outside their box…
    Several times i heard “Marijuana… Crime…” or “Marijuana… Fires..”.. This is my favorite.. “Marijuana… Eco-waste!” REALLY?! Are we tallying that now too? Thats a pretty weak defense.. Not to mention that even if they are correct in their assumptions.. ALL THOSE THINGS WOULD NOT EXIST IF MARIJUANA WERE GROWN IN A LEGITIMATE FASHION! Wow…… Jeeze… You must feel very silly CNBC … Most poorly made hour special ive ever seen. Going back to watch National Geographic.

  7. OK guys !!
    CNBC is a FINANCIAL channel !!! Any show they air is about MONEY and how it flows and works. They were not trying to promote any agenda, pro OR con. The point was to show how BIG the Marijuana Industry is. They also showed how profits that big cannot be stopped, it is after all a free market. I believe they have done the Pro-Legalization lobby a favor by getting the truth out in this area. A financial report cannot be expected to include medical, law enforcement, or ideological arguments, except as they pertain to the financial report! Also, a report does not offer possible solutions to any percieved problem, they report, viewer decides, otherwise it is an opinion piece, not a report.
    I think they did a good job.

  8. The show was alright. some parts i didnt like, especilly the houses buring down, pot dealers have guns and pitbulls, mexicans are murding people, and armed bandits robbing a house for pot…. They should put some of the positive things that Cannabis has done it the Doc, and then i bet peoples opinions would change for the good

  9. Mr. Walters is not dumb. He is corrupt. Same with the testicularly challenged pukes that preceded him, or the one that Obama appoints to succeed him. The charter for the ONDCP calls on them to oppose legalization. They lie. Walters, McCaffery, et al. Liars. They do not give a rat’s ass about the health or the safety of the citizens. They juat want to continue the big hoax upon Americans. They are beneath contempt.

  10. Its been illegal for about a lifetime and some don’t know its true POTential, all we need is ONE chance!
    Unfortunately I missed the CNBC Marijuana Inc. documentary, If you know of any reruns please inform me because I would really like to see it, thanks!

  11. This program was pretty good, until they actually talked to John Walters about Mexicans stealing other Mexicans to grow marijuana!?
    cnbc really showed some guts by airing an [almost]non-biased look at our cannabis culture. I was excited to watch this and really didn’t walk away angry like I thought I would.
    They really got the story from everyone, and I felt that the conclusion was: it’s time to regulate this commodity and benefit from the tax revenue.

  12. this makes me so mad
    i saw a special on the same channel last night on Rachel Hoffman, thegirl from florida who got killed because of the war on drugs.
    I felt like the media was trying to make it seem like marijuana was the reason that she died.
    Why the FUCK do they continue to lie about this? it so obvious that if the prohibition policy was not that the girl would have just been a normal ganja smoker and would not have died.
    if you want to reduce crime and make alot of revenue while keeping ganja away from children SIMPLY LEGALIZE IT.
    why does netherlands have less marijuana users than the united stats yet u can just go down the street and buy it at the local corner store?? legalization WORKS!
    Im pretty sure its just the cops like to treat innocent people bad and they like all the money that is made by throwing innocent peoples life away by puting them in prison. that is the only reason i can think of why it is illegal.

  13. I thought that the cnbc special was an eye opener. The first interview with the guy growing 20 plants around his house with only a wooden fence for security really got me to thinking.
    The guy works for a whole year to make $100 grand, but he can’t get any money out of it until harvest, cure and sale takes place. Until then, he is totally at risk for being jacked. Although a very sexy way to make a living, his particular strategy may not be the best.
    A grow-op should have security similar to a jewlry store selling diamonds when so much is at risk. It’s not like people don’t know his garden is there, it smells wonderful, pungent and inviting.
    Marijuana should be 100% legal with very tight regulation.

  14. I agree with others who note how the program avoids the obvious question about legalization. All the ills documented are due to prohibition, yet that clear connection goes unacknowledged. I wrote to CNBC to ask if they had some sort of directive to their journalists to not examine legalization as a solution. Can they all be as naive and uninformed as Trish Regan?

  15. It was okay. I’m not sure how many minds it probably changed, if any. Hopefully, people who watched it now realize how much money there is to be made in this industry. It’s hard to imagine it being completely illegal that much longer once Wallstreet figures out that there’s a fuck-load of cash to be made.
    I also hope-and I know this is wishful thinking-that viewers were smart enough to figure out that most of the violence surrounding the industry would go away if it were legalized.
    I don’t think they did a good job of showing how the problems they raised could be dealt with. I’m sure there’s ways of dealing with the pollution generated by the farms, for one thing.

  16. #93 Parandroid Says:
    January 23rd, 2009 at 3:42 pm
    I am glad I missed this news special. After having read all the above comments it sound like the program was mostly rubbish.
    Agreed, Parandroid!
    —>Even though I didn’t get to see Marijuana, Inc, because I don’t have CNBC, I did watch their web-trailer on YouTube, and did get to watch Dateline’s “Deadly Dealing, A Cautionary Tale”, concerning 23 year old FSU graduate, Rachel Morningstar Hoffman, last Friday on NBC.
    My thoughts…
    About –>MJ, Inc.
    –>The CNBC “Marijuana, Inc” YouTube promo sounds like the same ‘ole
    “Let’s get tough on that evil foliage of the Devil, and the degenerate scum who propagate it!”
    I couldn’t see this one shedding any new light on 75 years of Anslingerism, only perpetuating the abyssmal lies of it; even though the actual full news program MAY HAVE made some brief, vague mention of reasons for NOT continuing this failing and unjust BOTANICAL-PROHIBITION, reasons for RE-legalizing cannabis, reasons forbidding federal interference in states which have RE-LEGALIZED medical use.
    My thoughts…
    About –>Dateline
    –>The Dateline story on Rachel Hoffman’s untimely death last May, appeared to present both sides, but seemed slanted towards a prohibitionist-mindset;
    though it did mention that Florida’s penalties are more severe than other states which have ‘decriminalized*’, and Rachel’s friends denied that she was selling pounds of pot, (as TPD initially claimed), and family,(Marge Weiss and Irv Hoffman, Rachel’s parents) DID place the blame on TPD for not ‘following protocol’ for letting her get killed…
    * “DeCriminalized”
    (Wouldn’t ‘de-FELONized’ be a more accurate term for most of the so-called “decrim” states’ laws?).

  17. I just saw a clip from that documentary and it was awful. They totally are going to bust California growers more than ever. Mendocino’s Measure G just got revoked to the State limits so reform is now going backwords. . That documentary made it look like all the growers here are bankrolling from marijuana and they do put this out at a time of economic distress so all the people in the U.S. that haven’t got a clue about this issue will be jealous because they are working hard jobs that pay little and they will glad to hear of the many raids that will be coming; and your great leader will do nothing to help reform the laws that are in place for the corporate intrests. Remember if corporations could control Marijuana and receive all its profits like alcohol and tobacco it would be legal!

  18. #17 Dave Says:
    January 22nd, 2009 at 9:56 pm
    I just finished watching marijuana inc. and all i have to say is smoking and growing marijuana burns your house down? Did the plants spontaneously combust or did someone cash a bowl in a pile of tinder? A little bit ridiculous if you ask me. I understand that crime comes along with marijuana but last time i checked crime is everywhere and comes along with everything. Crime, gangs, guns, violence is all over the country, in many places it is more of a problem than in California. I think they did a decent job of showing some of the truths and GOOD side to pot also. Most of the time i heard marijuana is very profitable, #1 cash crop in California, and that 90% of mom and pop stores and businesses profit is for marijuana cultivation supplies. HOW IS THAT NEGATIVE!? It makes no sense what so ever it is stimulating the economy. Also if the DEA is going to barge in on dispensary after dispensary but then say they should not be blamed for and drug or narcotic problems….c’mon now take some responsibility don’t put it on all of the legitiment medical growers and businesses. And right at the end there, a search and destroy squad for plants haha. It was even admitted, law enforcement is NOT winning the war on marijuana so it needs to STOP!
    #75 Craig Says:
    January 23rd, 2009 at 11:06 am
    I didn’t like the piece at all. It left me with the impression that CNBC thinks that we need to increase our efforts to eradicate marijuana.
    Craig, Dave,
    –>The people wanting to eradicate cannabis,
    (and other ‘forbidden’, yet medically-useful plants as well),
    to extinction, and crafting policies to continue doing so,
    THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING in the so-called 21st century!
    — Society and science should be determining the actual medical-properties and applications of Nature’s Gifts, not trying to suppress them in lieu of hawking feckless, patentable,
    (for ridiculous profits!), bastardized, wholly-synthetic, laboratory-generated chemicals, (Marinol, anyone?).
    #37 cmw Says:
    January 22nd, 2009 at 10:22 pm
    To me it just seemed like they were mocking reform efforts by placing the emphasis on the criminal aspect of the industry. and no emphasis was placed on how legalization or decriminalization could help by eliminating the criminal aspect.
    also, it was funny to me how John P. Walters referred to marijuana as “poison”. I get a kick out of his ignorance.
    I have a hard time saying whether or not this documentary will help overall reform efforts. At this point I’d almost say all we need is someone with hundreds of billions of dollars to lobby for reform, not another documentary.
    –>Other plants, far more ‘poisonous’ than even the most potent cannabis, are perfectly legal in most states / jurisdictions, and have even been made into useful medicines / medications,
    (Motion-sickness patches, containing scopolamine,
    found in certain species of TRULY DEADLY Solanaceous PLANTS, for example).
    –>Sounds like Walters likes perpetuating the 30 times stronger, ‘Not your father’s marijuana’ myth I keep hearing, which is very much, a MYTH!

  19. more propaganda , supremely discuized as a girl next door , this vixen put a whole county of farmers at risk with a blunt rearangement of the facts ,steven colbert ,would be proud of this ,in fact ,you should ask him to do the next one

  20. if the focus for the enforcement was shown at the beginning it would be better for the move to decriminalize, but since it was shown at the end of the program I don’t think it was as effective as showing the positive aspects of the culture.

  21. Im paul jensen bx 4372 ann arbor mi 48106 Im handicapped and disabled I want a prescription for marijuana but think I may be left out .Im a proponent
    of medical marijuana for mental health patients Ide like to amend the new laws and I am seeking guidance
    please help

  22. Good air-time for our movement. Crappy in all other aspects, lol.
    Good job everyone thus far. Keep on voicing yourselves for all those who cannot be heard from our prisons!
    Fight for the sick and incarcerated!
    Fight for your right to light!
    Peace all.

  23. The only reason that marijuana is illegal is that the tobacco, alcohol and drug industries would be compromised if it were decriminalized! Many folks would prefer a couple of “tokes” to drinking alcohol. Period. I am 72 years old and no “kid,” but I think the “War on Drugs” has been a total waste of time and money. Marijuana is a simple herb the same as all other herbs; and our courts and prisons are filled with people who made the “wrong choice” on how to relax, feel “high,” or whatever. What a shame! Only the government can decide what our choice of “relaxation” might be? In addition, we could very quickly ease the tax liability this country faces by legalizing, taxing and controlling the legal sale of marijuana. Just a thought from a “Senior Citizen”

  24. Well, I was one of the growers interviewed by CNBC. I thought I would take a moment to share my own perspective. First of all, don’t even think of moving to Mendocino County to grow cannabis. No one will welcome you here, that is for certain. Everyone would be better off if you stay right where you are. And proceed to make where you are, more like it is here. And for the record, I am a California native. I was born in Southern California. My step-father kidnapped me when my sister was born(long story) and first brought me to NorCal. I have been coming and going from here, all my life. When I came here after the passage of Measure G, I had to be informed of it. I came here to become more of a social activist. I had just been interviewed by RollingStone, so it isn’t like I needed to come here to seek fame. On that note, it was none other than Ross Liberty, who spearheaded Measure B, who put me in contact with CNBC. I suspect he is kicking himself for that one! Now, just so everyone knows, the producers spent about three hours with me in my small personal garden. I have every minute of it recorded. I cannot coerce them to air what I want them to air. Surely you can see the “marketability” of thier show was substantially increased with the size of the plants in Eric’s garden over mine. I can’t expect him to call her on her arrogance, when she makes a comment about how “unusual” cannabis cultivating is for most “viewers”. Personally, I would like to know, from her Upper West Side, how many Americans think they know what a “put option” is, or how it differs from a “call option”? I suspect she thinks everyone knows what those are. Doesn’t everyone buy, sell and trade on the Exchange?! Most Americans know that growing cannabis is not very common, but highly appreciated. I encourage education as a first step towards bridging the gap between those of us in the know and those of us who just aren’t there yet. Nor could I prevent CNBC from interviewing someone who readily admits that his notoriety comes from in his own words “pot-porn”. Hey, it sells magazines man. Or is he still having to give them away? I on the other hand, have struggled long and hard through the ranks of quasi-respected relegalization organizations, inside and outside of the community. For two years, I hosted a program specifically addressing the issues facing our local and global families. I got less than thirty seconds of airtime. Yet, through all the misinformation,(I too cringed when I heard her say that cannabis was completely legal in Amsterdam) it wasn’t all that bad. Nothing gets a persons attention like playing into their fears. They did what they thought was as middle of the road as possible. To think, this has gotten so many different responses already. That in itself, is what I signed on for. The truth is that the DEA recognized that we do have our state rights. This is our state, and our country. We the people, of which cannabis cultivators are included, are the power. I also noted that eradication efforts are not worth the tax payer expense that this state cannot afford one more day, let alone another season. The moment has never been better to realize the potential of the addage “Cannabis will get us through times of no money better than money will get us through times of no cannabis”. Or ever still “A friend with weed, is a friend indeed” Just so you know, I have been pushing to get a really good cannabis show together, but the political climate is still very sensitive. Call Jeremy Coleman at Sirius/XM radio. or email him.

  25. Been smoking pot for 37 years. Am 58 and just got my Masters in Art therapy, When I got 2 Bachelors degrees at 47 I had a 3.87 grade point average and was on the honor roll almost the whole time. I quess I blew the fried egg commercial theory hey. I want pot legalized so I can grow my own!

  26. I been smoking for 36 years and think it’s a same that cigarettes,alchol,and liquor are legalized and have killed alot of people. You never hear pot kills. I’ve been shot,stabbed,and run over twice. I’m a disable vet from nam. I rather smoke pot than take all the drugs the VA and doctors write. I have been retired 3 years from Postal Service after 30 years of time. I also loss a young mother 42 due to alchol and alot of friends with alchol. Been to Heidelburg Germany for 2 years and they have control on everything so we should be able to do the same. I know it would proably hurt these politicians pockets thats why it’s not legal. I hope to see it legal before i die. I vote yes to it here in Florida.

  27. With watching the special, i found that almost every problem they presented would easily be solved with legalization. The crime,guns and gangs, which were the big negatives, not the health concern. Would be completely eliminated, because the ability to regulate it, if it were legal and taxed.
    Tax, a great word, would drastically help our nation. What if we as a nation were suddenly able to produce a multi billion, if not trillion dollar taxed crop. The money, like with cigarettes, alcohol, and gambling, could actually help rebuild or economy and schools. Control of the product, such as safe use, would be a must, as with alcohol.
    A lot of people only believe there is one use for this plant which is completely absurd. The sudden strive for a green planet, is an a ever growing concern for many of us. Marijuana can be used to make paper, clothes, rope, and a whole slew of other products much more efficiently than the current methods we use. For instance paper, south america is cutting down there rain forests frantically to sell the US paper at cheap costs. If hemp was used to make paper, the yields are up to six times as great per year, and not to mention its just a weed so it’s completely renewable. I thought i would add this when the show started talking about the environmental hazards of growing. Do you people know what your local farmers are dumping in the ground to make your wheat and corn…obviously not. This could also be avoided with legalization and strict regulation of production.
    I decided to write this piece not because i even smoke the stuff. In all actuality i cant if i want to because i serve in the military and am constantly drug tested. I am in the medical field and have served in certain units more prone to deployments. Coming back and seeing the soldiers with ptsd, depression, and sever anxiety as part of my job, to document there psyche upon return. I’ve decided its worth a try over a fist full of Valium normally followed by a bottle of whiskey. Strikingly the people i keep in touch with from California, get med cards for it and say sitting down and smoking a joint at the end of the day has done more than any doctor.
    I really dont know why it’s illegal. To think the government cares about our individual health is absurd. A lot of people don’t know why alcohol was once illegal. Was it because the federal government cared about our health and well being at the time, absolutely not. The first car ran on alcohol, but, Rockefeller was so rich that at the time was able to convince everyone it was bad and would be a better idea to use gas and oil. It was more efficient to use alcohol but, hold on, soon was illegal, hmm, lobby ism…no no no. now your a conspiracy freak. Didn’t something happen like that about a hundred years ago with marijuana and the lumber companies for paper production? Nope, cant read it in my history book written by who…nm.
    Anyway this is ridiculous and if you think its bad dont do it. Tell your kids not to do it, just like drink. No good parent, i know, recommends a stiff drink at the end of the day to their kids. Lets grow up people and stop the madness. It would do more good than harm in my opinion.
    If you think i missed any point or would like to send me hate or congrats mail for writing this.
    Thank you for your time and keep the sub standard work for the most of you:]
    the jobs go overseas cuz your lazy…ty ty ty

  28. Trish Regan is a remorseless tool. Her fake plastic nose job face and extreme, condescending ‘gravitas’ (she outdoes Colbert) turn my stomach. I cannot believe CNBC just ‘dropped the ball’ on this. It was, as someone above pointed out, a well planned Hit Piece out to discredit decriminalization or legalization. What a cowardly, boot licking position for them to take when so much is on the line.
    I also wish NORML would get their proverbial sh** together and put up a list of companies to boycott and petitions to sign…but then again their PSA’s are juvenile and cheesy (sorry, the time to mince words is over) and they haven’t even responded to my polite e-mail asking about updating the ten year old arrest statistics with current information.
    Playing right into the stereotype of lazy, unorganized potheads…in my opinion….and I’m FOR you guys. I’m on your side!

  29. Seriously??? John Walter, Marijuana is a Poison lmao I been smoking Marijuana since I was 16 I am now 29 super healthy and finishing my Masters degree on herbology and I am not dead. He needs to get educated.

  30. Waist of time! Just LEGALIZE IT! Why won’t they legalize it? Oh that’s right it’s lucrative to imprison hundreds and thousands of pot growers and users. We need to do something about this our voice is what matters.

  31. The only ones hurt from Cannabis are the people imprisoned for cultivating this plant..

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