Americans' Top Political Priority: Marijuana Law Reform!

Thanks to everyone who voted in’s “Ideas for change in America” competition. Out of 7,847 ideas generated, “Legalize the Medicinal and Recreational Use of Marijuana” was voted the #1 idea for change (with 19,530 votes) in America!
Now its time to direct our strong commitment for marijuana law reform at Obama’s official website, where “ending marijuana prohibition” continues to remain in first place…so let’s keep it that way by telling all our like-minded friends, family and co-workers to vote now to make sure that Washington policymakers–from both parties–recognize the clear popularity marijuana law reform enjoys in the United States.

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  1. ok so theres good and bad about it being leagal if they make it leagle good is you wont do jail time if your caught with it and bad is your putting all the drug dealers out of work…and if they say you have to be 18 or older to buy it then theres still ganna be an issue im 15 and been smoken for 4years and im not ganna stop ok like my mother knows and gives me $ to get it so it wont effect me but my homie have to hide it and all so it will effect them and all so they shouldnt put an age on it but they should make it leagal and sri if i dont make any sence im stoned off my ass from weed haha

  2. I as an American citizen think that we should make marijuana a legal drug just cause of the fact that this country needs money. Another reason why I as an American think marijuana should be legal is cause it’ll save the u.s. money from puting people in jail spending money on them trying to get them off of marijuana even thoe it is a unharmful drug. It doesn’t make people freakout or cause trouble, all it does makes you relaxed and feel no stress. As an American I strongly agree on makeing marijuana legal.

  3. i like a herb,, but difficult to mak the herb legal.. i agree if the herb can be a legal.. i’m from indonesia ‘n many herb in my country,next time U must taste made in indnesia.. thanks,, bravo to your opinin to make a legal..

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