U.S. Congresswoman on CNN: Contemplates Legal Cannabis "Pilot Program" In California

Politicians these days just can’t seem to stop talking about pot — and for the first time in decades, this is a good thing!
No longer are lawmakers’ marijuana-centric conversation based upon the notion of penalizing cannabis consumers. Today, an unprecedented number of politicians are contemplating a society that is no longer bound by the chains of marijuana prohibition.
Speaking live on CNN this morning, California Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez cited the west coast’s majority support for regulating cannabis like alcohol — as acknowledged by NORML’s recent Zogby poll — and called for a statewide “pilot program” to objectively assess the impact of cannabis legalization upon adult society.
“Well, certainly, I have seen in my own state of California, people over and over voting … [on] the whole issue of marijuana,” Sanchez said. “So maybe it would be a good pilot program to see how that regulation of marijuana might happen in California since the … majority of Californians believe maybe that should happen.”
Sanchez’s comments come two weeks after the introduction of proposed state legislation, AB 390: the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act, which seeks to tax and regulate the adult sales of cannabis in California. So far, thousands of members of the cannabis community, as well as several pundits from the mainstream press, have voiced their support for AB 390. Are lawmakers listening?
U.S. Representative Sanchez most certainly is — and she’s not alone.
If you are reading this blog, then you already know that cannabis prohibition is a fraud and a failure. You know these facts, but today millions of your friends and neighbors — and even many of your elected officials — are just now waking up to these truths. And they, like Congresswoman Sanchez, are becoming more and more outspoken in their criticisms of prohibition.
Let’s encourage them to keep talking.

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  1. Excellent news. I’m very glad this issue is getting as much mainstream air time as it is. Its about time it happens FREE THE WEED

  2. Yes lagalize Marijuana first and work out the problems that come with it. Then tackle hard drugs andfigure out how to deal with that. If we can put men in space and on the moon we can figure this out.

  3. This is great news! I really hope this program succeeds, as I’m sure it will. And I hope the rest of the States gets onboard.

  4. Thank you for proposing this program, I hope it works and spreads across the country. Too many people have to hide and smoke marijuana and keeoing it illegal just punishes responsible users and does nothing to bring down real crime in this country.I have friends that have had guns pointed at them at the bank for smoking a joint at the drive up window.Law enforcement will get there faster for that than a bank robbery.

  5. I am a disabled Navy vet that suffers from mutiple disabilities. The doctors have precribed dozens of horrible medications with side effects much worse than my disabilities. Marijuana helps all of my ills with no side effects, but I am a criminal if I use it. The doctor prescribed medicines will eventually kill me. The marijuana will not.
    Thank you for having the courage to stand up against the blatant evil policies of the federal government.
    Please keep fighting!

  6. I cant keep having these seizures. Weed is the only thing that makes me feel normal after having had seizures. I dont even get high from it. It ends my headaches and helps me to not feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. It also helps my appetite.

  7. thanks alot for supporting what we believe in despite the govenment
    i would not legalize all drugs though weed isn’t a drug it should be able to go into the catgorie with ciggerettes and alchol although i bet you any money it would make those companys and taxs lose big money thats part of the reason why it illegal cause overall its not about you its making them money so theres no way they would want to do that but if it works i will move to california as soon as possible (if the feds arnet always there)

  8. Our legislators never should have outlawed something
    that is good. The Holy Bible says all herbs are good
    therefor the legislators shouldn’t act like they’re not.
    Yes California, agree with God. “All herbs are good.”
    Charles Connor from the great state of South Carolina

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