Want To Know Why Pot Is Illegal? Ask Your Governor (Again)

Nearly eight months ago I posted the following essay to NORML’s blog, entitled: “Want To Know Why Pot Is Still Illegal? Ask Your Governor.”

Marijuana law reformers, myself included, have spilled volumes of ink commenting on the numerous reasons and vested interests responsible for the continued prohibition of cannabis. But while these lengthy writings may be worthwhile intellectual exercises, I fear that they overlook the obvious.
That’s why, right now, I’d like to give you seven specific reasons why the use of cannabis by adults — including seriously ill patients — remains a crime in America. Ready? Here they are:
Governor Donald Carcieri (R-Rhode Island)
Governor James Douglas (R-Vermont)
Governor Linda Lingle (R-Hawaii)
Governor John Lynch (D-New Hampshire)
Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-Minnesota)
Governor Jodi Rell (R-Connecticut)
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-California)
Each of these Governors have single-handedly opted to kill marijuana law reform legislation in their states — either by the stroke of a pen (Carcieri, Lingle, Rell, Schwarzenegger) or by applying enough legislative pressure to abruptly halt ‘pro-pot’ proposals from ever reaching their desk.

Why am I reposting this now? Simple, because the more things change the more they stay the same.
On Friday, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty vetoed legislation that would have allowed terminally ill patients the legal right to possess and use (but not grow) medicinal cannabis. That’s right, I said ‘terminal.’ Apparently Gov. Pawlenty — who cynically remarked “While I am sympathetic to those dealing with end-of-life illnesses and accompanying pain, I stand with law enforcement in opposition to this legislation” — would prefer to have patients at death’s door rely on the medical judgment of a prison warden rather than that of their physician.
But Gov. Pawlenty is hardly the only state governor up to the same old tricks.
In New Hampshire, lawmakers are trying to work out a last-minute compromise with Gov. John Lynch, who has threatened to veto any measure that allows for seriously ill patients to grow or use medical cannabis in their homes. And in Connecticut, Gov. Jodi Rell’s veto threat of legislation that sought to prevent minor marijuana offenders from being saddled with lifetime criminal records certainly did proponents no favors.
In Hawaii and Rhode Island, legislation pertaining to the medical use of cannabis is now on both state’s governors’ desks. If past is precedent, can vetoes be far behind?
And what about Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who earlier this month announced, “[I]t’s time for a debate” regarding taxing and regulating the sale of cannabis for adults. We expect to learn more about the Governor’s position in mere minutes, as he will be elaborating on his stance in today’s Digg.com chat — which you can access here.
Want to know why pot remains illegal in America? You can start by asking your governor — again.

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  1. “U.S. Customs agents got a surprise on April 9, when they checked a trailer of an 18-wheel truck crossing into El Paso, Texas, from Mexico and found more than 9,000 pounds of marijuana hidden among auto parts bound for U.S. factories.”
    Reason why I posted this is this simply points the fact I and many other Americans know about if marijuana was legalized and taxed that these types of problems with the cartel would no longer be a problem being the legalization and taxation would strike a saver blow to the cartel taking away their over 60% annual profit from keeping marijuana illegal which if legalized and taxed would be like cutting off the legs of a chicken to the cartel. But hey what do we know after all will the govt listen to us? May be now they will and if not here is an idea lets have some one from NORML run for president and vote him/her in to represent us.

  2. I hope Governor Tim Pawlenty dies a horrible painful death. What an uncompassionate asshole. I’d like to give him a nice good kick right in his face, and then jump up and down on his neck. He doesn’t deserve to be a governor.
    Whats with people in positions of political power having no balls? And fuck Obama; what a lying asshole. Change? Yeah right. Fuck you Mr. President, you stupid fucking lying square.
    Oh yeah, why the hell are there people over the age of seventy still in the government getting fat paychecks while millions of people in America can barely hold onto what they have. Fuck that. America is dead.

  3. There’s one glaring oversight on this list — Bev Perdue (D-NC).
    Yet our tobacco revenue continues to decline, and she’s taxing the hell out of what’s left of it. A few months into office and she’s already managed to pass a hefty sin tax and statewide indoor smoking ban.
    She’s like a sadistic church lady bent on turning the entire state into her personal Sunday school classroom.

  4. at least it makes it to the Gov’s office in those states…
    It didn’t have to do with cattle rustlin’ or keeping minorities down so it doesn’t require any attention here in good ole Texas!
    The Texas ‘legislative’ process is seriously fubared unless you have assloads of money and connections.

  5. Mike, History will never forgive the Prohibitionists! But they have shielded themselves, like the Kennedy killers, and are out of harms way. All they have done will follow them into the next life, and if they happen to find their way to heaven, there is going to be a fight! I always said that I would pay 1000 dollars to get into a ring with the likes of a charles ing, a grandmother and grandfather and baby killer. Slavers like him deserve the best results that Uncle Sam taught me in the Military and what my Chinese neighbor taught me before I joined the Military! Alas I am a Christian Warrior and Will not do violence to any unless I am Attacked!
    These Prohibitionists will probably want to put a Microchip in our right hands and foreheads one day too!!! If I am unlucky enough to be alive when that happens, all bets are off and I will have to be forgiven for taking the Samson way out!! But the cowards that have waged this war against us for seven decades will not escape history!!!!!
    Long live liberty!!!!

  6. This is a Civil War, weather people want to believe it or not, this is a war on our own citizens, just a way to control a populace. You know its funny, I believe in God because everything that exists is extremely intricate and it all works together, and is beyond amazing so it would make sense that their is a creator, but what I don’t understand is that religions, especially Christian religion seems to have one thing in common, the need to control people. When I was younger, I remember reading the bible, and listening to people explain Christianity, and all I wanted to do was try and track back to where this bible came from and how it came about. What I learned was there was great opportunity for the old world leaders to “translate” or interpret the bible in a matter that helped keep CONTROL of the populace. I believe in God because this planet/world is way too amazing and intricate to be created by a big bang or anything else that is out there, but at the same time I have little faith in people today as this world is over run by greedy people that couldn’t care less about their neighbors, so I see people in high positions in religion being the same, being just human and using things to their advantage just like politicians. It seems almost everyone is trying to force their beliefs on other people these days weather through religion, laws, or anything else. Even the major school districts use kids as an excuse to get raises, and more job security and federal/state funding even when we have enough to do the job right in the first place, like the DEA being against the end of prohibition even though its a better option for the country because they need the funding to stay in business, or the politicians that happily take contributions from the big corporations as campaign contributions when knowing fully that they will have to appease these corporations even if it means doing something that is not in the best interest of the people of the United States, because all that matters to them is getting elected, not the well being of the people. This country is seriously screwed up, and its greedy people that make it the way it is. America is no longer the land of the free, its the land of the greedy.

  7. the politicians wont legalize any drug unless it has crude/harsh chemicals that make you addicted therefor making you pay more to get them,which i think is fu@ked up, because the self medicated sick people choose to smoke/grow their own pot because they cant afford or don’t want to put harmful chemicals in their systems,and that makes them/us all criminals .but in all fuc# the government ,we the people are to strong to be told we cant do this or that im sick of it.its time we take a stand as one nation,im tired of hiding my pot arnt you? dont they get it we are not going to stop ,millions have died at the hands of pharmaceutical company’s ,tobacco company’s,and of course alcohol company’s but they are all LEGAL….WTF???????? IS IT ME OR IS THE U.S.A A LITTLE CONFUSED OR MISLED ON WHY WE CAME HERE FROM ENGLAND IN THE FIRST PLACE OH YEAH IT WAS BECAUSE WE COULDNT CHOOSE FOR OURSELVES WHO WE WORSHIPED…and a little fun fact ;Christopher Columbus brought cannabis on his voyage to the Americas and everyone was required to grow it for the good of the colony;.what i am trying to say is the government dosnt care for its people or else they would legalize pot and stop the sales of all the poisons we all are now addicted to.the legalization of marijuana would wipe out our country’s debt in less than a year, improve the damages we have done to the ozone,virtually fixing our global warming problem and creating a new field of jobs that would be readily available nation wide.but no drugs are bad? YES i agree DRUGS are bad but in that note drugs are made plants are grown ..fuck the war on drugs its not working!

  8. Ok Ok i can see we have some plenty pissed off ppl. lets see i read that america is dead and corruption is blah blah blah. Chek it ppl its plain as day our country has succumbed to utter corruption and dilapidation. Our country is ran by non elected puppet master billionaires. i talked to a drunk guy ata bar a day ago and he said he was hi level ceo for a huge pharm company. and he told me his company alone had senators congressmen judges tons of cops and even entire precints and others on their personal payroll. And tho he smoked pot he said it was fantasy to ever hav it legalized cuz it wasnt as profitable as the synthetic stuff they legally and forcfully cram down our throats. But he said the main reason for it is that most ppl today wen confronted with liberty denying ideals dont fight, they just complain and obey. He thn pulled out a roll of like 10 grand payd for his drinks and mine and rolld out to his beamer. He coulda been lyin but you had to be there. He was for real. So the solution? Lets stand up and march and protest and do watever it takes. or look to the book ‘1984’ for a glimpse into our future. Im from Nowhere Kansas and im standing up gettin ready to raise NON violent protest. Youll hear more from the General my brave fellow freedom fighters.

  9. Schwartzennegger said he doesn’t think there is any information available from how countries are doing that have legalized marijuana.
    So Schwartzennegger hasn’t heard of the Netherlands? What about Belgium, it’s not legal to sell there but you can possess and use and all people need to do to buy is go visit the Netherlands and buy it?
    We could also compare and contrast Nepal before and after it banned marijuana(because our government bribed it) in the 1970s.

  10. We need to user our voters as a weapon…pass it or be voted out of office. We have enough votes to push a campaign. Governors are easier to remove than the senate or house members.

  11. How about a conference where the governors of the 13 MMJ states talk about how it has actually worked out for them?

  12. Jonathon,
    this is because Christianity is a tool to control a population, as well with all other religions. Since the ancient Egyptians, religion has been a tool of power to persuade and control a populace. Most every religion stemmed from the ancient Pagans astrology

  13. Yes, I have been pointing this out over and over again. Every time the mj policy-reform issue is voted on in my state, the population votes over-whelmingly in favor of reforms, and every time the issue reaches the state-congress, it passes by a narrow margin, but then, the governor “vetoes” it with one stroke of a pen.
    So long as state Governors can kill drug-policy reforms with their power of veto, nothing will change. they are vampires and they are vultures, and they are NOT humanitarians working for the good of society.

  14. They keep knocking down our efforts because the federal government does not want pot legalized. Why? The simple answer is because it does not benefit them, and the people go along with it. No one has realized that it is not about whether or not the government benefits from it; it is about whats in it for the PEOPLE. This government has gone rogue and has been so at least since the JFK assassination, but the clockwork was put into action long before then even. Wake up people. There are other issues we have to address before pot can be one of them.

  15. #68 duh Says:
    May 31st, 2009 at 4:44 pm
    marijuana is illegal because your not suposed to use it.(it is a drug of abuse)
    If this is true THEN…
    ought to be illegal as well.
    – Cannabis has a 5000 year safety-record.
    It was only recently made illegal in the 1930’s
    for reasons of GREED and RACISM!!!

  16. I’m wondering when the elected politicians are gonna start listening to what the people that put them there would like instead of listening to the people that pad their pockets because I don’t donate to them they don’t hear me that sounds like organized crime to me

  17. “While I am sympathetic to those dealing with end-of-life illnesses and accompanying pain, I stand with law enforcement in opposition to this legislation”
    Someone should tell this guy that it doesn’t matter what law enforcement thinks about the law, its their job to enforce it. His job is to support what the PEOPLE have decided.
    There used to be separation of powers.

  18. To the President, Congress, Senate, Governors, and all other elected officials and law enforcement agencies of the United States of America:
    We are the people of the United States. It is by the labor of our hands and the sweat of our brows that this great nation continues to live and thrive. From the captains of industry to the civil servants – we are male and female – we are every color, race, creed and religion. We are even agnostic and atheist. As Americans that is our constitutional right. We pay the taxes that fund every program and agency that keeps our country alive. We raise our families, build our communities, and are the very lifeblood of the civilization that we call the Western Culture. And millions of us use Marijuana.
    Some use it for medicine, some for recreation, and some for both. But what you have turned a blind eye to is that the role of government is to protect us from our enemies, not from ourselves! If an adult chooses to drink, or smoke, or toke – it is none of your business. In comparison to the use of alcohol and tobacco, an individual that uses Marijuana violates no ones civil rights – harms no one – and brings no burden to bear upon society. The burden upon American citizens is the prohibition of Marijuana itself. We have declared for over 70 years that the war on drugs is a war on the people of this nation.
    And yet our government – elected by we the people to act as our representatives, to ensure our rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, have consistently turned a deaf ear to us for over 70 years. You have been purchased by the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Pharmaceutical lobbyists.
    You have consistently ignored the scientific and medical facts concerning the immense benefits of quite possible the greatest plant that exists on our planet. You have systematically put forth lies, propaganda, and misinformation concerning Marijuana to the American public for the dual purpose of continuing your endless supply of wealth received from the masters who own you – and to exert control over the very people you are supposed to be serving.
    Our founding fathers believed that people should not fear their government – that instead government should fear the people. For when a government begins to ignore the will and rights and voice of its citizens, then Liberty and Freedom become nothing more than hollow words. And the greatest document written since the Magna Carta, our very own Declaration of Independence, tells us that, “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them (the people) under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”
    All Liberty begins with an act of defiance. Our defiance towards all who insist on treating us as criminals has begun. It will not cease. We will not and are not going away. Our new revolution will and has begun in every hamlet, town, and city in this nation. You can silence us and ignore us and mock us no more. We are not the dregs of society, as you seem to think. We are educated, informed, and we VOTE. Your records will be viewed closely. We will take note and remember those of you in office who continues to subjugate the American citizen and seek to further your campaign of moral control – and we will vote you out of office.
    No despot or tyrant can stand before the cannons of true liberty and freedom. Not when aimed by the hand of truth.
    Lance A. White – citizen and patriot.

  19. I would like just for five minutes have these so called people in front of ME. I can’t believe we have such cold hearted Governors that are stopping people like me from getting relief from pain and spasms. What is wrong with these people, are they that ignorant. I hope for there sake they never get sick but than again maybe if they were they would have a different opinion!

  20. #71 Mark Says:
    June 2nd, 2009 at 1:11 pm
    “While I am sympathetic to those dealing with end-of-life illnesses and accompanying pain, I stand with law enforcement in opposition to this legislation”
    Someone should tell this guy that it doesn’t matter what law enforcement thinks about the law, its their job to enforce it. His job is to support what the PEOPLE have decided.
    There used to be separation of powers.
    – Not all law enforcement thinks this way…
    Gov. Pawlenty needs to listen to what
    has to say!

  21. the united states is a fucked up retarded place and i hate them.
    we need people to wake up and take back the govt by ANY MEANS

  22. With a Democrat President and Democrat Congress, amazingly, prohibition gets blamed on a few Republican Governors.
    Wake up and smell the hypocrisy.

  23. How many of those Governors will get re-elected? I dare say NONE of them (well, maybe 1 since he’s a Dem).
    We the people must vote for change. Work to that end, people. That is what our democracy is all about.

  24. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!It is time for our voices to be heard and that my friend is with the power of the vote! Now is the time that we must organize and become a force and let politicians know we are not taking it anymore. It is time now to start compling names of those who oppose Comprehensive Marijuana Reform and remove these jokers out of office. And folks it can be done but we cannot wait until 2010 or 2012 to start the time for action is now! This board alone can start generating ideas and action plans. We have one already on our list the gov of Minnosota who wants to be President and I say for all my brothers and sisters who rely on Marijuana just to get through the day because of terminal illness or mental sickness Hell to the Naw! Lets do this people!

  25. Im gonna go out on a limb here… When you put everything on the table you’ll see that marijuana can and does slow down death and violence. I would go so far as to say that marijuana can probably slow if not eventually cure terminal illness. With more funding and research, pot could probably prove to be a very safe and natural answer to allot of societies problems. The government doesn’t want to see any of this happen for one good reason- Population control. And ofcorse, money. Think real hard about it.. It just might make sense. With weed readily available at your local liquor store, more people would be buying pot then booze… Which means less alcohol inspired violence. Suddenly the cops don’t look like heroes anymore because they aren’t arresting people at a rapid rate. In my town all there is for cops to do is bust stoners.. Behind the scenes gangs thrive. Cops are oblivious. Our government believes violent criminals and all criminals alike are better off dead. They can only arrest so many people but they all secretly hope the “bad guys” will kill eachother off. More people getting high wouldn’t allow the violence to get to out of hand. The logical thing is to end the violence that prohibition causes ofcorse but I have news for you- Your government likes violence, and they make a hell of a profit off of it. Its quite sick. Take the dying cancer patient, just keeping that poor soul alive for another 365 days is quite an expense to your cold government. The government doesn’t like keeping the sick alive, its too expensive. Legalizing pot for the sick and dying would only slow down the progression of their death costing the feds more $$$. Now im gonna get really ballsy- I think if it were 110% up to our government and not our people.. The feds would line the sick and dying up, and kill them. Its simply survival of the fittest. Nothing more. As far as bringing in billions of dollars in revenue, its a defeated arguement. The government already has plenty of $$$. The economic failure is an illusion! We’re at a time when dis-trust in the government has never been higher. What better way to win back the people’s trust then to cleverly devise a controlled ruin of the economy? Then when things appear they couldn’t get any worse- In comes the US government to save the day!! Creating the next era of lies. DIG FOR THE TRUTH, WHAT YOU FIND WILL ASTOUND YOU. THIS GOES DEEPER THEN PROHIBITION. No campaign is gonna change their mind. There must be revolution! The people have already spoken. And we are being ignored. At this point we are no longer a democracy. If our founding fathers were still alive I believe they would rally the troops. There is no peaceful solution when fighting evil. If you want a compassionate USA, Then come men, lets take this country back!!!

  26. What we should do is make a website petition where anyone wanting legislation sign it and then mass mail that petition to every politician in their state including the president and indicate that no more votes will be placed for anyone who opposes legalization, and its time to start a new party that will listen to the real voice of the people.Makes me wonder what a new true political party could achieve with all of our help. I honestly believe we are the Majority, But no one has bothered to count us as we are too busy hiding from the current authories.

  27. Not like I need anymore ideas for posts (still have too many drafts that are not yet completed), but this is nonetheless and awesome post and a great resource for any blogger.I wish I would have thought of this idea??.Great job.Phil

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