Nearly 13 Years After Prop. 215, Law Enforcement Still Resists Medical Marijuana

California’s citizens and legislators may be at the vanguard of America’s progressive cannabis policy-making, but, unfortunately, many in the law enforcement community in the Golden State are still uncomfortable with–and resistive of–the will of the voters (their employers) when it comes to physician-sanctioned, patient access to medicinal cannabis.
A ‘white paper’ released to California law enforcement (including prosecutors) in late April by the California Police Chiefs Association is just now being seen by the general public and the cannabis law reform community, and the paper once again reinforces the clear intent of the law enforcement community to continue leading the charge in maintaining the status quo of cannabis prohibition.
By any fair measurement, law enforcement is unrivaled in serving as one of the five pillars of cannabis prohibition.
Read the CPCA report here.
In response, later this summer, the NORML Foundation will publish a definitive legal guide to medical cannabis for practicing lawyers and medical cannabis dispensaries. Additionally, NORML seeks to provide complimentary copies of the guide to all of the public defenders’ offices in California.

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  7. Under the latest appeals court ruling in Butte county V Butte County Superior Court, you can indeed sue the police for this very thing. It also clearly states that members may simply contribute financially, and that NO LOCAL ORDINANCE can override state law.
    “For Immediate Release: July 1st, 2009
    Landmark Ruling Issued on Collective Cultivation of Medical Marijuana
    Appellate court protects collective cultivation and affirms civil actions by patients
    Sacramento, CA — The California Third District Court of Appeal issued a landmark ruling today on the right under state law of patients to collectively cultivate. The 2-1 appellate court decision stems from the case County of Butte v. Superior Court involving a private medical marijuana collective of 7 patients in Paradise, California. The nationwide advocacy group Americans for Safe Access (ASA) filed a lawsuit in May 2006 on behalf of 56-year-old David Williams and six other collective members after a 2005 warrantless search of his home. Williams was forced by the Butte County Sheriff to uproot more than two-dozen plants or face arrest and prosecution. Contrary to state law, which allows for collective cultivation, Williams was told by the Sheriff that it was not lawful to grow collectively for multiple patients.
    “This ruling by the California Courts sends yet another strong message to state law enforcement that they must abide by the medical marijuana laws of the state and not the competing federal laws,” said Joe Elford, ASA Chief Counsel and the attorney that litigated the case on behalf of Williams. Today’s appellate court ruling affirmed this position by concluding that, “the deputy was acting under color of California law, not federal law. Accordingly, the propriety of his conduct is measured by California law.”
    The appellate court also stated that to deny patients protection from warrantless intrusions and seizures by law enforcement “would surely shock the sensibilities of the voters who approved [Proposition 215].” Especially worthy of note is the appellate court’s assertion that the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 is not simply an affirmative defense to criminal sanctions, but “…we see an opportunity for an individual to request the same constitutional guarantee of due process available to all individuals, no matter what their status, under the state Constitution. The fact that this case involves medical marijuana and a qualified medical marijuana patient does not change these fundamental constitutional rights or an individual’s right to assert them.”
    Today’s appellate court decision upholds Butte County Superior Court Judge Barbara Roberts’ ruling from September 2007, in which she states that seriously ill patients cultivating collectively “should not be required to risk criminal penalties and the stress and expense of a criminal trial in order to assert their rights.” Judge Roberts’ ruling also rejected Butte County’s policy of requiring all members to physically participate in the cultivation, thereby allowing collective members to “contribute financially.”
    Even in his dissenting opinion, Court of Appeal Judge James Morrison stated that, “the United States Congress should reconsider its refusal to amend the federal drug laws to make reasonable accommodation for the 13 states that have enacted some form of compassionate use exception to their penal codes.”
    ASA was compelled to file the Williams lawsuit after receiving repeated reports of unlawful behavior by Butte County law enforcement, as well as by other police agencies throughout the state. After uncovering Butte County’s de facto ban on medical marijuana patient collectives, ASA decided to pursue the case to show that collectives and cooperatives are protected under state law. “In addition to protecting patients’ right to collectively cultivate, the Court has reaffirmed that medical marijuana patients enjoy the same constitutional rights as everyone else, including the ability to file civil rights actions when those rights are violated,” continued Elford.
    This ruling came down just after the police chiefs put out this rag.
    It could be considered RICO, since they know they are violating the law.

  8. RE:
    That’s how it’s supposed to be…
    – However,
    some departments accept federal-money,
    (i.e. Byrne-Grants),
    and / or are located in
    highly-federalized areas of the state,
    (i.e. the U.S. – Mexican border,
    national-parks, etc, for example),
    perceiving themselves as
    more obligated to
    enforce federal-law,
    rather than
    It is a direct violation of the California Constitution for the police to enforce federal law over state law.

  9. Pray tell…a Byrne Grant…what the hell is that…a federal bribe. State law is “the law” of the state. What are we talking about here…medicinal use…
    religious use…WHAT!…because any other use is illegal. Not only does gov. have its head up its ass, it’s cork-screwed up there…but…it’s business as usual.

  10. #163 Anonymous Says:
    July 19th, 2009 at 7:11 am
    “Pray tell…a Byrne Grant…what the hell is that…
    a federal bribe.
    RE: You could say that…
    Drug Policy Alliance article:
    Drug War Funding:
    The Byrne Grant Program

    “The Byrne Justice Assistance Grant program
    provides hundreds of millions of dollars a year
    to local and state crime prevention initiatives.
    In recent years the program has come under
    scrutiny for its role in perpetuating racial disparities,
    police corruption, and civil rights abuses.
    This is especially true when it comes to the program’s
    funding of hundreds of regional anti-drug task forces across the country…..”

  11. 164 Neurogenesis1:29
    Thanks for the info. Good clarification. I knew there was something deeply wrong with that grant/bribe
    shit. Good to here from you again. You know who.

  12. To me this board is just mental masturbation, who do you think reads this crap, the cops. Gee I’m a cop and now that I’ve read this shit I’m going to leave everybody alone now. The only road to freedom is through revolution, plane and simple. Are forefathers tried this bullshit for several hundred years and it still took bloodshed to change things, do you really believe humans are different now, come on! People who have the power, no matter what that power is will not give it up easily, just the way it is. So if your not willing to fight, please then, shut the fuck up!

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