Rolling Stone: Drug Czar Kerlikowske's 'Striking Reversal' On Marijuana

Kerlikowske Finds Ideology

7/24/09, 12:34 am EST
This is a major disappointment:
Obama’s drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske hit the road this week to rail against the perils of pot:
“Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit,” he said at an appearance in Fresno, California.
This is a striking departure from what Kerlikowske told me in an interview in May.
Because of the restrictive terms the Vice President’s office imposed on our interview, I’m not at liberty to quote the drug czar directly.
But when I asked Kerlikowske for an example of how he hoped to bring sound science back to Office of National Drug Control Policy, he told me that science would answer whether smoked marijuana has any medical benefit.

That’s a question that science answers, he told me, not ideology.

From this week’s comments, it appears it took just two more months on the job for Kerlikowske’s openness to scientific uncertainty to snap shut in a fit of ideological conviction.
Tim Dickinson

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  1. 125 R.O.E Ain’t that the truth!
    We the People must especially beware of My Evil Brother and his small group of selfish men who would clip the wings of the American Eagle in order to feather their own nest. We the People have unalterably set our faces against that tyranny…and
    …made the most succinct statement of which we’re prepared to fight
    This is no vision of the new millennium. It is a definate basis for a kind of world attainable in our time and generation. That world is the very antithesis of the so-called New World Order which My Evil Brother seeks to create. To that world order we propose the greater conception…”moral order.” A good society is able to face schemes of world domination without fear.
    Millions of Americans have placed their destiny in the hands and heads and hearts of their fellow Americans, free men and women, and their faith under the guidance of their “Belief System.” Freedom means…”the supremacy of human rights.” Our support goes to those who struggle to gain those rights or keep them. “Our strength is in the unity of our purpose.” To that high concept there can be no end save victory. FDR
    I’m the same old Rebel with a Cause. I’ve been at them since 1957. A decorated seasoned veteran of domestic wars. They haven’t changed one damned bit. They defy the law of nature. “The only thing in life that is permanent is…change.” They haven’t changed since the beginning of time. We just have to be the bigger dog.

  2. Totally right on about not buying Mexiweed. They are coming over here, ripping our forests to shreds, and selling us dirtweed. I am a medical herb grower in Cali. I grow Kush and Blueberry. Cali is becoming Amsterdam. Obama is better than Bush. We had to worry about the DEA with Bush. But the drug czar is paid to lie. The booze, pharmaceutical and police industries hate it if pot is legalized. I grow with fertilizers from Advanced Nutrients, the only company that is totally honest about weed. I get buds the size of baseball bats. The way to fight the drug czar is by growing your own weed, and it’s fun too!!

  3. to#13 mike,
    your right that is the only danger to using marijuana is the vaporize it is to enjoy it in a truly healthy manner. we have to get ourselves out of the habit of refering to it as smoked.where can i find some testing on inhaling vapor rather then smoke.its another step in the right direction . thanks

  4. Marijuana is safe, with comparatively acceptable risks of danger compared to alcohol or tobacco. Even salt has its dangers, so Gil Baby could dangerous and has no medical benefit. How’s about the fumes from welding rods, combustion engine exhaust?
    One could smoke or vaporize cannabis every single day for a year, even getting high several times a day, and then just up and quit the next day with no withdrawal whatsoever. One can NOT do that with tobacco or alcohol.
    This is for sure, and I’ve seen it firsthand.
    These prohibitionists are so full of shit!
    I hope many other places approve a tax on cannabis in California to make voters simply say that California might as well legalize even recreational cannabis at the state level on the ballot initiative.

  5. 153 fla activist
    A vaporizer is a medicinal delivery device. I call it a “Maximum Capcity Inhalator.”

  6. #153 fla activist Says:
    July 29th, 2009 at 10:53 am
    to#13 mike,
    your right that is the only danger to using marijuana is the vaporize it is to enjoy it in a truly healthy manner. we have to get ourselves out of the habit of refering to it as smoked.
    where can i find some testing on inhaling vapor rather then smoke.
    its another step in the right direction . thanks
    RE: fla activist,
    – For more detailed info about vaporizers,
    go to wikipedia:
    Scientific studies of cannabis vaporiser usage
    also following external reference-links provided
    at end of article, as well…

  7. There is a phrase, “Devide, and conquer”. Well that is what we are doing to ourselves. There are a multitude of reform organizations, NORML, SAFER, MPP, LEAP, etc. I personaly think that we the members should demand that they should merge, and become one large single voice, and a very loud voice it will be. As things are now, we are a bunch of small voices whispering against the wind, easily dismissed, easily ignored. I believe that many people consider us stoned out crackpots, laying around stoned out of our heads all day, they actualy believe “Stoners in the Mist” is the truth, we need to show them that this is NOT true.

  8. Joseph “Ironman” Siler
    I totally agree! Any similar organization from any country. I love the data from countries where its legal. It always shows that it is not worse than alcohol.
    Which reminds me of something somewhat relevant…
    Why I do not date women who smoke, drink or use drugs…
    .. ……
    My Mom looking for the right guy only ended up with Alcoholics. She was a “Daddies’ Girl” looking for someone like him. Her Dad was a very old fashioned man. Unfortunately, he was also an Alcoholic. Here I feel that I must point out he was by no means an Abusive Alcoholic, he was everything I hope to be aside from the drinking, kind, gentle, warm, compassionate, funny, honest to mention just a few. When he was drinking he was a happy drunk. She did not know of Alcoholism or about Alcoholic Characteristics. She later figured out her dad was an Alcoholic and some of the Characteristics she admired in her Dad, were Alcoholic Characteristics. These Characteristics were what she was looking for in a mate, so Alcoholics is what she found. I think I need to say Characteristics one more time in this paragraph….”Characteristics!”
    .. ……
    My Moms’ boyfriend for 8 years was a Drug and Alcohol Counselor for the State. Everyone he counseled had been Convicted and Incarcerated for an Alcohol or Drug related charge. (I hate the statement, “Drug & Alcohol”, it implies that Alcohol is not a Drug.) I was about 13 – 21 years old, when he was around. This was also when I was just starting to really know about and experiment with Alcohol & Drugs. I saw Alcoholics and Drug Addicts, addicted to every drug at the time; M eth & Xtc (sp?) were not invented or widespread yet. (Sorry to break this apart but I don’t want anyone who searches for that word to find me.) They would come over to my place to mow the lawn or chop some wood to earn a little extra cash. Added with continually hearing a Counselor, I believe that this has given me a very unique perspective. I do not have a problem with people doing mushrooms on occasion but I do not think I will ever try them. I have no desire to ever try any other drugs. Prescription Drugs I am very careful with. I hardly take any pain medication when prescribed to me, too addictive, don’t want to sleep all day and night and pain is your bodies way of saying, “don’t do that.” I like to listen to my body rather than further damage it.
    .. ……
    Look at the percentages of how many people do this drug and what is the percent of those people that are addicted? How does it affect someone after long-term usage personality, temper, external physical damage, and internal physical damage?
    .. ……
    Verbal Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, to friends, and loved ones. These are the people who you are supposed to care about most, the people who care about you most. These are the people who you are supposed to do everything within your power to help and protect from all these things.
    .. ……
    Drug and Alcohol related accidents.
    You can overdose and die.
    When you blackout, you are close to death.
    You can go into detox and die.
    Adverse effects of long-term usage
    Other drugs (This includes Alcohol!) can change your morale compass. Things you wouldn’t do to someone else, say to someone else, things you wouldn’t do for money all can become things you would do or say to even family.
    .. ……
    The lifestyle is even addictive, where do you go to meet someone, a club or a bar. What are people doing there, drinking?
    .. ……
    If she is not done with the “Bar Or Clubbing Phase” or never had the chance to really experience it and gets in a serious relationship it probably won’t last. She will get into some fight about nothing. Then talk to her hot friends that are at the clubs. She will hear of guys offering them trips to Hawaii for the weekend. Then she will wonder why should she put up with this. When she can just go out and have guys buy drinks for her all night long. She can go home with a guy with a nicer car or a better body. Only to find out months later he is physically abusive. There are a great many things guys do not tell you about themselves in the beginning. And to be fair ladies, there are a great many secrets you women hold too. Guys are not the only ones to abuse. Well in the beginning everyone sounds like a great catch. That is because they are the salesperson. Now if it were an ex how would the sales pitch change? Unfortunately women need to go through and understand this phase. Meeting a guy in a club, there is a high probability that everything he tells you is a lie.
    .. ……
    I don’t want you to quit drinking or smoking for me. You do this and if things start turning south, you might start that habit again. You might resent me for keeping you from what you love. Smoking or drinking is a friend you do not
    want to say goodbye to yet. Then when you quit something you should really stop hanging out with your friends that do what you stopped. It just makes it easier to quit. Part of the reason you hung out was you had that in common. Do you have enough in common to continue the relationship? Could continuing the relationship adversely affect your progress in quitting? Then it can turn around to being my fault you can’t hang out with these friends.
    .. ……
    Militaries use alcohol to numb the troops into being able to kill without feeling. Block the mind from free thought in their free time. The alcohol numbs the emotions. This increases the probability of using you or just playing with your
    emotions. I do not care what you are looking for, if you are honest, there are many people you would find attractive that are looking for the same thing. There is no reason to play with people’s emotions and lives.
    .. ……
    I hear the lack of the ability to emotionally connect yourself with your partner. It is an intentional disconnection though sometimes it is done without knowing but mostly with premeditation. They are creatures of habit that usually repeat the habit even before they have given the other person a chance. This usually deals with some form of being hurt in the past and or the fear of getting hurt. I will hurt you before you hurt me. If you are ever dumped you can always say, “I hurt you first.”
    .. ……
    I have had so many special occasions ruined by alcohol. Someone deciding to drink too much and I have to spend my time taking care of him or her. They are not having fun and I am not having fun. The only difference is, I was not the one who made the bad choice. Wait, wait, I guess I should accept responsibility for staying around that is a choice too.
    .. ……
    I refuse to compete with this lifestyle. I refuse to live in this world. If this is the lifestyle you still want, you do not want me. Neither one of us wants to be in a position of hearing I’m sorry all the time.
    .. ……
    How much is too much? Height, weight, how often, how long, tolerance, over time it all changes. Then there is perspective. There is always that friend who drinks more than you. The friend that you can always say, well I don’t drink more than (insert name here), he is not an alcoholic. If any of us were an alcoholic it would be (insert name here). I see so many people looking at the worst case and saying, I’m not that bad. Well do you really want to be using rock bottom as your scale?
    .. ……
    The longer you drink the greater the probability of it changing you. It doesn’t matter how strong you are. All it takes is 1-3 months of losing yourself in that bottle. bad break up, a loss of a loved one and you can instantly become a
    completely different person for the rest of your life. Typically once you become that other person it is like a downward spiral from there. Perfect time for the nerd in me to bring up Star Wars and to save face a little I’ll blame it on That 70’s Show.
    .. ……
    It cracks me up, I cannot tell you how many times a woman gets all hot when she hears I do not drink, yet she drinks. She does not think of how dating someone who doesn’t drink could change her life. What if she is an alcoholic and doesn’t even know it? I really want to be there for that discovery. Why should I give my everything to you? You do not even know if this is your dream, you are just trying out mine.
    .. ……
    I can’t believe that someone could look at the “Faces of M eth” and still try it?!?! Those posters should be posted everywhere!
    .. ……
    Do not get me wrong, I did have my drinking days, I partied. I stopped drinking right after I turned 21. I was engaged to a beautiful person who I was no longer “in love with”. I was breaking up with her but trying to still be nice about it. Needless to say, she was not making it easy on me. We were drinking and I raised my voice and said something hurtful, not yelled really, just spoke in a way that was not me. I then remembered how my Mom described my Dad, “he was the sweetest man I ever met, until he started drinking.” I did not want my description from others to retain the latter part of that statement. Very shortly after that I just quit drinking and found Martial Arts. I had one or two drinks a year for a few years after, to remind myself that I do not really like the intoxicating feeling of alcohol. Plus if you don’t drink, you are very aware of the pier pressure you feel from what feels like everyone. Ah, c’mon its New Years’, it’s my birthday, just one, or the opposite sex is probably my greatest weakness. I have probably had 3 – 5 drinks in the past 10 years and I only see that getting less and less. Also, with my background and with my Martial Arts, I just think it would be irresponsible of me to drink.
    .. ……
    Alcohol and many other drugs out there, increase the Yang. I realized that Yang (although I did not know what is was then) is a part of everyone. If you deny that, you can build up negative energy and one day explode. This negative energy needs to be released in a positive way, building the body, spirit and mind. I needed to release that energy. In school there was lifting and wrestling. This was great but after school that energy still needs to be released in a positive way. If you do not release that energy in a positive way, it will come out in a negative way. Given the choice, I would rather have an over abundance of Ying than Yang.
    .. ……
    I believe that I am making the right choice. You want to know how I know? I have found that in life, the right choice is usually the more difficult one. Look at today’s society, how accepted drinking is. How much being single and drinking goes hand in hand? Where do you go to meet someone who wants to be found, the bar or the club? FYI clubs are bars too. Ok, I will admit the, “right choice”, would be to do nothing but I do believe that everyone needs some form of release.
    .. ……
    Know my story before you judge me. What is legal and what is right seem to be less familiar with each other these days. What does it say about a society in which it is legal to do something that has a high probability to make you violent but it is illegal to do something that has a high probability to make you less violent? When I think of the definition of “home” I think of sanctuary from the troubles of the world. Home is a place to leave or constructively address your troubles, to feel safe and warm.
    .. ……
    I remember I was about 11 and my brother was about 14 and my Mom was with…let’s just call him Satan. A very religious Recovered Alcoholic, who of course relapsed. It was late and my brother and I were in our room trying to sleep. We couldn’t go to sleep because we heard our Mom and Satan arguing. He got loud enough to get us out of bed. Yelling was not something that happened before Satan. We do not yell at our Mom and our Mom does not yell at us…something to do with loving and respecting each other. So anyone talking to our Mom this way was unacceptable. So my brother and I walk out of our room and stand outside our room so they can see us. Really I’m just following my brothers’ lead. I know he is scared but he is 3 years larger than me. Satan was a full sized adult, even though he never really seemed to act like one, man I was scared. I had never been in the presence of pure rage or even true anger, towards another. Well there was that one time when we were like 5 & 8 and a group of older boys were chasing my brother and I. My Mom stood outside our door with a bat, the look in her eyes you could tell threatening the lives of her children is a bad idea. (Love you Mom!:)
    .. ……
    Don’t get me wrong, I have many friends that drink, to each their own. I just don’t want to have a serious relationship with someone who drinks. It’s my choice, just as I need it to be her choice as well.

  9. Another reason we need to ban together…not one of us feels comfortable enough to use our real name in here. That is offensive!
    If I had a UA, for a job, the night before I could drink enough to be picked up by a detox center and yet pass the UA. If I was a person who couldn’t even wait one night for a drink, you would think that would be a bad sign for a UA screening. But no you can show up with levels high enough to indicate you were near death, but at least you didn’t smoke pot within a month.
    If I was doing the hiring, I wish I could at least not hire someone if alcohol shows up. Not because it is so bad but because this potential employee knew (s)he was going to have a UA and couldn’t wait 24 hours. That should be a very bad sign! Or at least if the blood alcohol level is above a certain point.
    What do I know 🙂

  10. Regarding my previous post #150:
    Anything positive I had to say about
    Gaul KerlyKowardsky’s Seattle days…
    I was mistaken…
    – From what I’ve read at Huff-Post,
    from those who live(d) in Seattle,
    the former police-chief was merely tolerating
    cannabis-law-reform changes there,
    not advancing them…
    Perhaps we’re seeing his “true-colors” now,
    as thug-Zar of the USSA, comrades! 😐

  11. 1st Let me describe an alcohol induced “Blackout”. Perhaps you are close to death from overdose, but the most prominent symptom is TOTAL loss of memory. When I drank, and experienced a “Blackout” I could remember NOTHING, and still can’t. I could have committed terrible acts of violence, and not had ANY memory at all of it. Luckly I didn’t.
    I personaly have experienced cannabis induced loss of memory, but I have absolutely no doubt that if anything untoward had happened I would remember that. The cannabis induced memory losses were very rare, and occured only when I first started consuming cannabis, the alcohol induced memory losses were quite common for me. I quit drinking 41yrs ago.
    Alcohol removed my inhibitions to violence, and destroyed my good judgement. The incident that made me realize the insanity of my drinking involved having a man on the ground, my left hand locked on his throat, my right hand drawn back, the heel of my hand aimed at his nose. I was going to kill him, the Marine Corp. taught me well. If the owner of the bar had not wrapped his arm around my neck, and pulled me off of him, I would no doubt have gone to prison for, at the least, manslaughter. I am, when sober, or intoxicated, a peacefull, compasionate person. That is the level to which alcohol changed me, made me capable of killing a friend because he offered me a ride home.
    Our drug czar obviously has NO true knowledge of the affects of cannabis. He needs to be educated, we need to educate him. Get the letters, and E-Mails going big time.

  12. Neurogenesis 1:29; Editor,
    Did you happen to read my post while responding to it?
    Yes, I tried cheap vaporizers, and I tried expensive vaporizers.
    I held the flavored hot air in my lungs, experiencing the deprivation of oxygen and build up of CO2 you speak of (laugh about?) with other types of consumption… it kind of reminded me of the few times in high school that I tried free base cocaine.
    That had an effect. Too bad the crash was unacceptable, so it didn’t appeal to me.
    But I did all the the things you suggested, and I got NOTHING but strange colored dried plant material in return.
    To the editor: It isn’t a “preference,” for a bong versus a vaporizer. Is it just possible that they don’t work for everybody? Or are you going to say it is just my fault for not doing it correctly, which is this author’s point.
    My brother, who had someone experienced bring a vaporizer to his house, said he also felt nothing. This is why I maintain that many “vaporizers,” simply think they’ve gotten high, when they actually haven’t achieved anything close to what they should be experiencing.
    If I contact the “makers of that stupid 500 dollar bag machine”, what will happen?
    Will they give me a discount for being ill and using cannabis as medicine?
    A money back guarantee? (likely not, as it would be then sending back via mail a thing which is contaminated with THC, which would be a major crime, which is the same reason used water pipes cannot be returned: They’re contaminated and not resealable.
    One of the vaporizers I bought, the French made “Vap-Ir,” came with a DVD to show you how ostensibly to use the machine. Nix for results.
    IT WAS a HUGE 300 EURO mistake, AS IT NEVER WORKED. And I kept stepping up in price, as I got no results from several lower priced units/hardware store collections in a felt lined case.
    AND I AM NOT unfamiliar with the use of complex machinery, nor am I unskilled in use of cannabis.
    I have smoked it for 35 years from a pipe, joint, or bong, and my lungs are just fine (being ill and with my physicians up to date on cannabis use, they listen to my chest intently at check up times.)
    I lived in the Netherlands for 14 years as well, and went to college in Hawaii BEFORE ICE replaced pakalolo. (much of the dope in Amsterdam since 2003 is poorly grown, moldy and full of pesticides. Once back in California, I haven’t coughed on a bong hit, which was regular in Amsterdam.
    So there seems no need for a vaporizer, especially when they do not work (ok editor… “for everybody”. You don’t have research that a vaporizer works for everyone do you? Do you have research indicating cannabis vaporized kills pain?)
    Can you suggest what it is I might do to get a result? Not a better result, as there has never been a result, except the emptying of my wallet, but a result from a vaporizer?
    Curious if you vaporizers are all married to the idea that vaporizers are the savior of the cannabis movement?
    Tell me, what study has shown vaporization to help with pain, gastrointestinal difficulties, and the other things that people use (real smoked or orally ingested) cannabis find relief from?
    Given that vaporizers have been around for only a decade and really haven’t caught on (perhaps because most are hugely expensive or rip-off assemblages of crack-pipes and blow torches, or both) why should the movement attach itself to vaporizers, when we have maintained and continue to maintain that smoking pot is not harmful?
    This gives them a weapon, as not everyone has 500 dollars for a bag machine, assuming these even work for most people, while rolling papers cost only a few cents per roll, and water pipes can be made from mayonnaise jars, and fairly good pipes can be made from an apple or a soda can.
    There must not be a schism created between the wealthy pot vaporizer and the less wealthy joint/bong user.
    Cannabis use is safe, or it isn’t. And the majority, if not all, of the studies on cannabis, as medicine or not, have been done WITHOUT vaporizers.
    Cannabis is safe to use, or it isn’t. The movement cannot be predicated on the idea that everyone will start using a set of machines which work poorly, if at all, and which are hugely expensive.
    Yes, editor, I know you think you have proof. If somebody wants to come prove it to me, or if someone wants me to come to them so they can prove it to me, then fine.
    for my part I spent about 750 euro on 4 different vaporizers in 2003. None worked, and all were very difficult to operate, not to mention dangerous, with their blue/white open flame.
    I’m incredulous that I even have to write this, and PC IS A HUGE, HUGE REASON TO GET A VAPORIZER. Smoking has been banned in bars and restaurants in the Netherlands, just as in California. And I am told by reputable sources in the Dutch media that the cofffeeshops as they are will not survive, although they may turn into dispensary type operations, as is the case in many Utrecht cannabis sales points.
    Why? There is no smoking in the Netherlands in bars and restaurants, and coffeeshops are for the record classified as restaurants.
    It does not matter what is being smoked, just like in California.
    Why all this PC Crap in traditionally tobacco tolerant Nederland? American complaints. It started at schiphol about 10 years ago.
    Schiphol is in competition with other nearby large airports for trans-Atlantic passenger traffic. In order to help this competition, it was decided to listen to the biggest complaint from the biggest complainers: Smoking OK in the airport and Americans.
    Then it spread like a metastasized cancer from there.
    Vaporizers, to the extent they work, and I do believe people are fooling themselves…the studies you have are double blind placebo controlled and look at relief of symptoms, editor? Or were the questions about whether or not the people felt “high?”
    Vaporizers will not save the movement, nor will they have an effect on it. It is like trying to control, traffic jams by placing ethanol in gasoline…. Not related at all.
    Eric Johnson
    [Editor’s note: Who claimed that vaporizers were going to save the movement? 1) This ever-growing and momentous socio-political movement to reform cannabis laws does not need to be ‘saved’, and 2) in free-market oriented societies like the US and Netherlands consumers should have access to the cannabis delivery method of their choice, from vaporization to ointments to edibles to joints. To each their own.]

  13. has anyone considered “WATER” in the argument for ending the prohibition on cannabis & hemp?
    it takes roughly 200 to 700 liters of water to make one litre of WINE. lets say a conservative wineo drinks a bottle every other day rounding down to 3 bottles a week. in six months that person has consumed 78 bottles of wine, which (78*450=) roughly 35,000 liters of water to support their choice of vice over six months, or 192 liters PER DAY.
    on my last 3 month indoor grow cycle, i used less then 700 liters of water to grow 6 cannabis plants (3 sativas & 3 indicas). these 6 plants have lasted me just about 6 months, and i consume more then the average cannabis user, which comes out to less then 4 liters a day.
    we are in a time of water shortage, which “vice” or “choice” is better for the planet???

  14. Obama pulled fast one on me[voted for him].i feel insulted that he laught us off in his towne treat us like loser potheads.fuck him and his drug czar.i had surgery a few years ago on my back.somedays the pain can be unbearable,i can’t take meds because last year i found out i have stage 2 fibrosis of the liver.thank God for this wonder drug.i don’t like taking pills,the possible side effects are more than what your trying treat[NO THANKS].i just want to have the FREEDOM to take care of my the only way i can.i will keep funding the gangs until this country pulls its head out it’s ASS and legalize CANNABIS

  15. Passive resistance and protest is obviously not working. The politicians simply smile and say something that sounds like what we may want to hear and then turn their back and laugh at us as they do what they want. The only way that we are going to able to change our Gov’t agenda is to REMOVE the offenders and Enemys of the people from office. Here is a little something to remember…ALL our Politicians, Police, are PUBLIC SERVANTS!!! Technicaly, they are supposed to Follow and make decisions based on the Will of The People. Since they are obviously ignoring that fact and NOT doing what we as a Majority tell them we want to be done then we should FIRE them and place someone in their place who will follow the Will of The People. Any who refuse should then be considered an Enemy of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and treated as such. No Mercy offered, no quarter given.

  16. “Dangerous”—Another idiot on our nation’s payroll who blatantly lies and ignores years and years of visible evidence that cannabis is neither dangerous, nor even harmful. I wait for the day when these children in power will grow up and act with dignity, maturity, and intelligence.
    And, of course, let’s not forget the millions of people, myself included, who enjoy the benefits of reduced pain and suffering due to the “lack of medical benefits” that cannabis possesses.
    I have to assume that the DEA is holding Kerlikowske’s chain, at this point, and his lack of intestinal fortitude means another eight years of government sanctioned violence and harassment of good people who choose cannabis rather than deadly prescription drugs.
    I hope I’m wrong.

  17. #166 Bluesmoke Says:
    August 3rd, 2009 at 8:22 pm
    —Another idiot on our nation’s payroll who blatantly lies and ignores years and years of visible evidence that cannabis is neither dangerous, nor even harmful.
    – It’s only “Dangerous” because it’s illegal,
    (and NOT vice-versa…).
    – Perfection of Prohibition II:
    The “side-effects” of prohibition-itself
    (and not the prohibited-item, cannabis),
    is the justification for its continuation…
    (The “logic” behind ONDCP-asspuppet
    KerlyKowardsky’s latest anti-pot proclamations)
    – It only remains illegal because it’s
    a quote / unquote “illegal-drug”, and they,
    dare-say, can’t re-legalize it because…
    it’s an illegal-drug,

    Everyone keeps looking in the wrong place for the culpret. He’s hidding in plain sight. he’s always hid in plain sight…that’s what spies do. Blame who you want..but…don’t deceive yourself.

  19. The ONDCP is required by their charter to do anything to prevent the legalization of cannabis, and obviously lieing is part of anything, a big part, it’s the only thing they have.

  20. #168 Rebel with a cause Says:
    August 4th, 2009 at 1:19 pm
    Everyone keeps looking in the wrong place for the culpret.
    RE: Rebel,
    – What I was saying is that the real CULPRIT
    their CURE,
    the “problem” is caused by their “solution”.
    – Like trying to prevent dehydration-borne
    ailments by making clean water unavailable…

  21. 170 Joseph “Ironman” Siler
    Right! and that’s why the new drug czar has to lie. But he did say…Let’s leasve up to science. Isn’t that exactly what we want. “Attempt” is a more concerning word. We are all in violation…because
    …we are all”attempting” to legalize cannabis.

  22. What is dangerous? Let me tell you my experiences. First dangerous encounter with ALCOHOL. I was in the U.S.M.C. on a Carribean Cruise. We were at Veagus, Porto Rico. Went into the small town,(the only town) Isabela Segundo on the Island. I remember going into a bar, having a couple of beers, then waking up on my bunk with a fat lip. I was told that I had gotten upset with the jukebox, and attacked it. Obviously someone didn’t think that was a good thing, and busted me in the mouth to stop me. I’m glad it wasn’t a person I attacked. DANGEROUS. Still in the Corp. In Iwikuni, Japan I went into town, got stinking drunk. I walked up to the front of a bar, double swinging doors with metal studs around the edges. I, don’t ask me why, decided to open these, quite heavy doors, with my head. I walked into the bar with blood streaming down my face. Why they didn’t call the MPs I don’t know, but they didn’t. I went into the bathroom, and while I was in there one of the hookers came in, coed bathrooms, and I said something to her she didn’t like. She busted me up aside the head, I grabbed her, spun her around, and SLAMMED her into the wall. She went straight to the floor. This time there was a person involved. DANGEROUS. The list goes on. Telling a 350lb friend I was going to kill him with my bare hands, glad he was a friend. Wrecked the same car twice while drunk, my motor cycle once. Had a man on the ground, my left hand locked on his throat forcing his head back so I could drive the heel of my right hand into the bottom of his nose. Thank GOD the owner of the bar wrapped his arm around my neck, dragged me off him, and said “not today”. DANGEROUS. Yes Mr. Drug Czar that is DANGEROUS. That is what ALCOHOL does to far too many people in this country.
    Now Mr. Drug Czar let me tell you of my DANGEROUS experiences with cannabis. Well sir there you have it. I think you need to go to a dictionary and look up the meaning of the word DANGEROUS. You just may learn something.

  23. the mandate below explains Kerli’s stand.
    (12) shall ensure that no Federal funds appropriated to the Office of National Drug Control Policy shall be expended for any study or contract relating to the legalization (for a medical use or any other use) of a substance listed in schedule I of section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 812) and take such actions as necessary to oppose any attempt to legalize the use of a substance (in any form) that–
    (A) is listed in schedule I of section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 812); and
    (B) has not been approved for use for medical purposes by the Food and Drug Administration
    It is illegal for the drug czar to support marijuana
    for legalization,for any reason,medical or recreational
    and he is supposed to use whatever means necessary to stop marijuana from being legalized. If a study comes out that verified that marijuana cured cancer,he would have to pay for a study to cast doubt or contradicted the cancer studies data.
    And the FDA cannot approve marijuana as a medicine without the studies proving that marijuana is a medicine can be presented,and every time a study is done that shows medical properties,he just muddies up the water with false studies and skewed data,,,,It’s his job.
    This mandate from congress had to be written by either the cartels or big pharmacy. It puts a catch 22 on the possibility of legalization.
    The reason we have not heard from the AG,clarifying the now 6 month old federal medical marijuana policy
    is because for the government to have a medical marijuana,they have too first re-schedule marijuana.
    And the delay is exactly what the pharmaceutical companies are paying for,And the cartels.

  24. NO MEDICAL VALUE. Would Kerli(I like that) please explain why the federal government has aquired two(2) patents on the compounds found in the cannabis plant, for medical use.

  25. #173 Joseph “Ironman” Siler Says:
    August 5th, 2009 at 4:10 pm

    “What is dangerous?
    Let me tell you my experiences.
    …dangerous encounters with ALCOHOL…”
    RE: Joe,
    You are so lucky to still be alive,
    (and so am I…!!!).
    – Even though I never had the same number
    of hazardous-experiences with alcohol as you have,
    the ones I which did were SEVERE enough to
    bring me to the same conclusion…
    these things were the DIRECT, SOLE-RESULT of ALCOHOL,
    NEVER FROM the unjustly-maligned CANNABIS-PLANT.
    – Stepped-up “eradication-efforts” against cannabis will only serve to
    increase harms, make society more dangerous, by further “raising-the-stakes”,
    (that would normally), only be worth pennies-a-pound,
    as well as DRIVING CANNABIS CONSUMERS towards

    Marijuana is Safer
    Driven To Drink by MJ Laws?

    Reuters-Blog article:
    Driven To Drink by MJ Laws

  26. 173 Joseph “Ironman” Siler
    I was a Navy Corpsman. Want to hear some horror stories. Of course not. Why amplify what your experiences mean to you. But… I will tell you this…”YOU’RE NOT ALONE…NOT BY A FAR SHOT.” If you include death by donny-brook as DANGEROUS…I’ve seen my fare share. Semper Fi! By the way…”What do you do with a drunken sailor?” Right!…you stich’em up and throw’em in the brig.
    Funny!…I can’t ever remember having to patch up a pot patient.

  27. FYI. I went to the VA med cntr to see my doctor,(who shall remain nameless). This doctor is well aware of my use of cannabis oil to treat skin cancer. I asked him to look at the area on my forehead that had contained to Basal Cell lesions. He said he couldn’t see anything there that looked like cancer. He also said, “it seems to be working for you, keep doing it”. I said “it would be nice if you could put that in writing, but I know you can’t” I also know that if it ever came up, he would adamantly denie ever having said it. It seems many doctors are aware of the truth, but too afraid of the fed to say it.

  28. yes i am just a angry fellow “pot smoker” but i am damn tired of this. itll never change though i will keep having faith it will. but to mister Gil Kerlikowske. you sire a god damn idiot, and so is everyone else that choses to ignore the endless newspaper headlines, or internet articles stating how marijuana helped this, or marijuana helped that. nausau, tumors. if i wanted to right a god damn report on it, it would be 10 pages long of infomation. i am not niave or blind trust me i have smoked a joint or two. or a thousand and i know the side effects and the “negatives” and i haved dipped into other drugs to and i have to say from person experience, weed has defintly been the kindest, and most helpful to me out of any drug. do you god damn research. smoke a f’in blunt and see if its “dangerous” or has “no benifits” or better yet, hbu just jump off a f’in bridge.

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