Free Speech Victim Of Mariuana Prohibition In South Dakota

Here is an update from South Dakota where the judge who placed a one year gag order on South Dakota NORML’s Bob Newland not to publicly advocate for cannabis law reform whilst on probation for a minor cannabis offense has had to defend his sentencing and constitutionally-questionable limitations on Mr. Newland’s First Amendment rights to free speech; the right to peaceably assemble; petition the government for a redress of grievances.

To place this into sharper political context, in their first attempt two years ago, South Dakotan voters narrowly defeated a pro-medical cannabis initiative, 51%-49%.
Therefore, placing First Amendment restrictions on the state’s most vocal and notable cannabis law reform advocate for a minor cannabis offense sets a wretched legal precedent for personal freedom and political organizing in South Dakota.
To make matters worse, now an anti-drug state senator is gratuitously misleading the public by claiming that medical cannabis advocates in South Dakota are disingenuous:
“Judge Delaney was absolutely correct. To characterize Newland as an advocate for the legalization of marijuana for MEDICAL purposes is untrue. He is only interested in making marijuana available for his friends and others for recreational purposes, and perhaps financial gain.”
The voters of South Dakota need to run another pro-cannabis law reform initiative and pass it ASAP, making politicos like Adelstein and Judge Delaney eat crow—like hundreds of other politicos since the early 1990s who’ve opposed cannabis law reform, only to see voter-driven initiatives wash over them, and their opposition to these important–and popular–public law reforms.
28 July 2009
Hello everyone,
I write today to tell a tale of an execrable and gratuitous lie told by SD State Senator Stanford Adelstein.
First, on Monday, July 27, the following story appeared in the Rapid City Journal
Judge defends marijuana sentence
Jack Delaney imposed a gag order on political activist Bob Newland

By Kevin Woster, Journal staff | Monday, July 27, 2009
The well-known public advocate for the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes had previously pleaded guilty to felony possession of the drug. And Delaney wanted to make the sentence sting without imposing an unduly harsh prison term on a 60-year-old man with a relatively clean criminal record.
So in essence, he told him to shut up for a year about one thing: medical marijuana, and an ongoing campaign to bring the issue to another public vote in 2010.
Delaney sentenced Newland to one year in Pennington County Jail but suspended all but 45 days under a set of stipulations that included weekly drug tests, random searches and a one-year ban on public advocacy for medical marijuana.
Delaney rejects assertions by some that he was imposing his personal beliefs on medical marijuana through the sentence.
“I have no concern whatsoever about whether medical marijuana is legalized,” Delaney said during an interview with the Journal in his office. “The important thing was to have a sentence crafted to impose a penalty on Mr. Newland that was significant to him.”
The advocacy ban was an infringement on Newland’s First Amendment rights. Delaney doesn’t deny that. But neither does he consider it more onerous or any less appropriate than many other infringements imposed as part of felony sentences.
The random searches Newland faces in the next year would be violations of his constitutional rights, but for the felony plea. Felons can face otherwise unconstitutional firearms restrictions and the right to associate with certain people or go to certain establishments, Delaney said.
“We restrict speech as well in a lot of protection orders, or in divorces, where in some cases the parties’ freedom to speak to one another may be limited,” he said.
And given the fact that the maximum penalty for Class 6 felony marijuana possession was two years in prison and a $4,000 fine, Newland’s sentence could be considered light by others who face similar charges, Delaney said. He was particularly concerned about younger minority defendants who might get a longer jail term for the same crime.
“I’m sitting there faced with a gentleman who is older, well known, who is thought by many to be considerably more well off than he is, and he is seeking a sentence that is going to be considerably more lenient that what they (minority defendants) might receive,” Delaney said. “So my thought was that I have to take something from him that is as valuable or maybe even more valuable than his freedom.”
Delaney settled on what he calls the “partial infringement of speech,” as well as limits on his freedom of association in support of medical marijuana. Newland may still meet in private with medical marijuana advocates to plan the medical-marijuana campaign. But he cannot appear publicly in or speak on or for the campaign.
“I’m taking away a legal right of the person to associate,” Delaney said. “I’m taking away his liberties. But not nearly as much as if he were in jail.”
Typical sentences for the same felony possession charge range from 45 days to 120 days in jail, Delaney said. But many of those who receive such sentences have more criminal marks on their record, he said.
Delaney has received about 40 e-mails commenting on the verdict, with many critical of the ban on speech and public involvement in the medical marijuana campaign. Many of the e-mails came from people active in the medical marijuana movement, he said, and some engaged in “name calling.”
Others, however, were more understanding when Delaney explained his rationale.
“All felonies are serious crimes, and they have a wide range of impacts on anybody who’s a felon,” he said. “This is unusual. And if it hadn’t been Bob Newland, it wouldn’t have had the same impact.”
Contact Kevin Woster at 394-8413 or
In the online “Comments” on this story, Sen. Adelstein said this (reprinted as written, bad grammar and spelling intact):

Judge Delaney was absolutely correct. To characterize Newland as an advocate for the legalization of marijuana for MEDICAL purposes is untrue. He is only interested in making marijuana available for his friends and others for recreational purposes, and perhaps financial gain.
I met with him at the Capitol in Room 411, (or maybe 412) during the session to offer, to assist for MRDICAL purposes in a Bill, as Chair of Health and Human Services. I said that I would only do so if there were 3 (three) simple changes in the legislation he was proposing.
1. There would be a required prescription from and MD legally authorized to issue drug prescription
2.The prescription could only be given if either there was no FDA drug that would accomplish the same as the marijuana or that drug cost three more times the cost of the pot.
3. The marijuana could only come from one or two sites approved and inspected by the SD Dept of Health
He and his friends in the room flatly rejected all three saying that anyone could grow the stuff for anyone else at any time that it was needed
I walked out of the room, knowing that they had no true interest in the help for people with pain and/or suffering. I of course opposed their bill vigorously and it did not even get to the House floor.
Newland is and should be treated as a common felon. The Judge was correct from stopping his phone posturing, I only wish that it was for more than a single year.
Stan Adelstein, State Senator District 32

The details of the meeting as described by Adelstein are a lie. You can read the true story at the decorum Forum Blog, and you can comment there or at the Journal “Comments” site above.
Best regards,
Bob Newland
24594 Chokecherry Ridge Rd
Hermosa SD 57744

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  1. Not a surprise at all the only leg these politicians have left are to tell lie’s to attempt to get people on their side. All i can say is that seeing a 60 yr old man as a felon for using cannabis should be the criminal act in this situation as well as all other simple possession charges that are in lieu of a not having a violent crime attached. We have a voice and the only way they will listen is when the ballots hit.
    God bless Americans, to hell with the government!

  2. This is terrible terrible terrible. Why are people so ignorant? Why can’t people listen to facts and scientific based research and evidence? I’m just too sad to hear this.
    Also CNN just posted this.
    More sh*t coming from the Drug Czar’s mouth. The government has gotten so bad that it’s been bought out by Big Pharma. At least now that prescription drugs kill more than all illicit drugs combined, hopefully more people will realize how terrible Prohibition really is and end this corrupt policy once and for all.

  3. It is clear that politicians lie. Obama said that the war on drugs is an “utter failure” and we need to decriminalize marijuana. Nothing he said could be further from his political agenda. So in turn, we face people like this that use their position in power to make public policy, such as this judge, from the comforts of their offices. It is entirely clear that no one in congress, aside from a select few, are going to back any such measure to reschedule, or remove penalties for simple marijuana offenses. This was the same issue back in the 20’s with prohibition. Politicians were on the payroll for the bootleggers, and police were in the pockets of the politicians. Remember, Al Capone loved prohibition, the Kennedy’s enjoyed prohibition, and so did the rest of the gangsters of that time. Why? Because, it made them who they were, and they would be nothing without it.
    Bob’s unfortunate situation is just a grain of salt compared to the stockpile of salty situations that millions of American’s face everyday. Prohibition seeks to undermine the very principles of what our country was founded on. Abraham Lincoln opposed prohibition, he stated that it seeks to make crimes out of things that are not crimes. In contrast, however, our police agencies across the nation rely on the “War on Drugs” to supplement their income per the government’s failure to provide sufficient funds for them to continue forward. It is inherently clear that our government doesn’t care about the will of the people. Remember, this prohibition against Marijuana was made by a popular vote, it was an act of Congress, and at the time, it may have seemed to be a great idea. To date there are 2000 Marijuana related charges filed each day. The numbers grow exponentially when the states budget shrinks, and police are getting laid off. You would figure that police would start to place their efforts into crimes that matter, but in reality, it’s easier to jail someone for pot than arrest a murderer, they seem to shoot back if you try to catch them.
    So I say to all my fellow patriots, do we want this unconstitutional tyrannical atrocities to end? Then, listen up. Medical Marijuana is great, in fact it is probably the best thing since sliced bread, but it only opened people’s eyes to the issue, it wont close the door to prohibition. We need to do what Franklin D. Roosevelt did, and call for a Constitutional amendment to be added by a vote. We can do this by a national petition for a redress of grievances, and cause a real push for legalization. We can try to go state by state, and force the hand of the federal government, or we can take back our freedom ourselves. If this herb is as loved as we know it is, then we can make this happen. By contrast, this isn’t impossible, but it will take hard work. Unless of course, you all don’t think that we are entitle to it? Just kidding.
    In closing, I just want to thank Bob Newland for his tireless efforts to assist our cause. To me, this is a war of people, and he is a POW. May you spirits be strong as your will, and may god keep you in his arms. May god bless you, and all people in our great nation.
    Thank you all for all the hard work that you do. Keep up the good fight! Damn the torpedoes! Full steam ahead!

  4. After reading this i just have to say what rights do us really have in America as Americans? Our rights should not be violated . I Say make a stand and do what we all can to end this stupid kid shit the govt. is doing . When a person invades another persons right then is not such a person breaking the law their self? This is BS and needs to be put to an end. We need to keep fighting and fight their ass even harder to ensure our rights and freedoms as upheld . We need to end all this stupid never should have been war on America / Americans and do all we can to ensure our children and their childrens children have a future in a free nation that is how America is suppose to be and not what prohibitionists and others like them want our nation to be . We are the American people and are entitled to our rights , freedom and liberties as such . Instead of being push over people that the govt. is allowing dictatorship happen . Well it is true. Instead of a free nation of the people by the people as it suppose to be it is more the dictators of this nation against the people. So I ask you this once again is it suppose to be “we the people” or “we the govt. and prohibitionists”? Lets take our rights , freedom and liberty back and restore to power “We the people”. Instead of letting this just happen we need to do all we can as free Americans and defend our freedom , liberties and constitutional rights be for we let our nation be turned into a dictatorship nation. Together we can and shall make the difference . Keep fighting fellow patriots.

  5. The Gov. needs to take a min n think y r we fighting ovr a fukin plant let’em hav it WTF There acting like a Bunch of Fukin Kids


  7. There is a glaring problem with the proposal put forth by Stan Adelstein, State Senator District 32. That is with stipulation #2.
    I would much rather take an herbal remedy/medication than some pill manufactured by idiots who could give a rat’s behind about the safety, efficacy, and long term damage done by said PILL.
    Stan Adelstein is an uptight, ill-informed buffoon who obviously hasn’t done his research on the vast damage done to so many as a result of AHEM…. FDA approved pills/drugs. FDA sure hasn’t convinced me they or anyone else in the pharmaceutical end of things has anything but their wallets in mind, they certainly aren’t concerned with John or Jane Q Public’s health!!!

  8. There are no depths to which prohibitionists will not sink to impose their will on others. Prohibitionists do not care about the Constitution of the United States, they care about running other people’s lives.

  9. #1 Is there a way to appeal this on grounds of violation of Bob’s First Amendment right to free speech, even if he was coerced into this via plea bargain?
    #2 Adelstein is a typical prohibitionist politician who is obviously beholden to lobbyists of the pharmaceutical industry who dictate by legislation to the American people that they must first prove that a pharmaceutical drug is not as effective as marijuana and from sources his ilk would have to approve of, in order to force people to choose something that is more dangerous and/or also less effective. All the while they conspire with their federal prohibitionist colleagues to see to it that the FDA does not allow cannabis, too.
    Do everything you can to make the judge and the senator and all who side with them as miserable as possible!
    The prohibitionist stance is typically the kind of policy position that is very unpopular with the public right now, namely politicians and not patients deciding what is best for them. It’s the complete antithesis to having patient-oriented health care in the U.S. I want patient-oriented health care coverage, that is universal health care coverage, with private and public health coverage for all.
    If you pay taxes, you earn it!

  10. I would like to urge those writing in to please use spell check and refrain from sounding like knuckle dragging, foul-mouthed louts.
    Perhaps those Moderating could return/reject posts like the one submitted by: CKDK29
    Otherwise we are shooting ourselves and the efforts of NORML in the foot. The last thing we need is having politicians think only morons care about their right to possess marijuana, when in fact there is a vast cross-section of pro marijuana Americans out there.
    Blessings & Joyous Howls,
    Camille Christie-Barber

  11. re; “simple changes in the legislation”
    1. There would be a required prescription from a MD legally authorized to issue drug prescription
    CLEARLY, IT WAS Stan Adelstein, State Senator District 32, WHO “had no true interest in the help for people with pain and/or suffering.”, AND “should be treated as a common felon.”
    3. The marijuana could only come from one or two sites approved and inspected by the SD Dept of Health
    WILL THE “one or two sites approved” GIVE IT AWAY FREE?

  12. I cannot believe he actually believe that only one of his kids smoke marijuana. And you know I really dont wish it like that but if thats what it takes for him to understand that marijuana is not bad for you and actually helps you, I wish that someone in his family or him suffers from some kind of condition that would lead him to use and understand marijuana. I think this is the only way this two face, cold hearted, no compassion for human beings would understand the real benefits of marijuana.
    PS. all those sick people that live in North Dakota and need marjuana should get together and go to your goverments office and protect or go inside and demmand to be heard and to be seeing on how u are suffering do to pills from the big pharma and the ignorance of them not listening.

  13. The sentence imposed by this Judge (your honor- i think not) violates the Bill of Rights. This sentence represents a great injustice in our country and should not be overlooked. It’s disgusting.

  14. It’s outrageous that this guy is essentially having a gun put to his head and being told you can’ say X, Y or Z.
    However, it is no less outrageous when somebody is forced by government to take a drug test in order to stay out of jail, yet this is so commonplace, nobody has a major beef with it anymore.
    All it will take is more judges to hand out these kind of sentences and the apathy from the public will grow like wildflowers.

  15. Let’em step on our rights. When enough people get outraged, one thing will happen. They (our leaders) Will have no choice but to fear the people. Fear us or watch you political careers PARISH!

  16. Poster for #6 and #11
    You obviously have no idea on how free speech works.
    I thank the moderators of this site for not discriminating ANY posts from ANY submitter, regardless of how distasteful they may be to SOME. Each post is the viewpoint of the post-ee and may be worded to however they like.
    In fact, I would rather have CKDK29 spout his post into the face of a politician, than play the game of fanciful rhetoric that politicians have become so accustomed to and also know how to get around.
    Nothing gets the point across further than a big ol’ FUCK YOU. Don’t believe me? Let’s see what happens the next time someone says it to YOUR face.
    Free speech is impossible if ANY side is censored.
    Remember that the next time you decide to label someone
    as an embarrassment to NORML or any organized group.

  17. 7 Mike Stroup
    Here! here! well said. But…in answer to your question…there are no depths…therefore…there is no sinking. It’s a bottomless pit!…leading to the aboded of the damned.
    What will also allow them to fall into hell is their incideous statement:
    “We don’t want to send our children the wrong message”
    Well! Prohibitionists certainly don’t want to send the correct message, that cannabis is the “safest medicinal non-addictive substance there is…even safer than asperin.
    “The message they do want to send to our children.”
    “I’m lieing to you!”
    Your children will recognize this when 9 out of 10 of their friends prove to them that the parent’s, the PTA, the police, and their government are lieing to them.
    “Is this the message we want to send to our children?”

  18. Bryce ~ Much as I hate to admit it, you’re right about free speech and censorship.
    That said, I stand by my feeling that we can accomplish our objective by being smarter and more passionate without being crass.
    We’re here for the same reason.

  19. they can not override the constitution and specifically the Right to free speech. this judge apparently didnt take government in school. does he know the bill of rights. there are no controls on the first amendment and judges cannot tell us what to say,felon or no felon.

  20. I can not believe the line ” He is only interested in making marijuana available for his friends and others for recreational purposes, and perhaps financial gain.”
    if we are truly capitalist, then so be it. Who cares what you put into your body!! Senator smuck head (name calling) needs to look into his medicine cabinet and this frig. what do all those companies want? They sell products that rape the earth, kill people all for financial gain.

  21. Can someone please help me understand what is to be so feared about marijuana? We’re not talking about something with radioactive properties here. It’s barely even flammable. If you eat it raw, it wll do nothing but gag you like coffee grounds.
    And the recent discussion is that “some people just want to get high” from it. Can someone please explain to me what is this awful condition called “high?”
    Or is this whole drug war just a ruse, as I suspect, the governments way of gradually eroding citizens’ rights to freedome and privacy? Seriously, back in the early 80’s, was anyone besides me skeptical about the sudden dramatic flurry of discussion about drugs and the “just say no” crock of shit? Did anyone besides me think maybe it was a smokescreen, a red herring the government threw out to distract us from something that was going on that they didn’t want us to know about? Did anyone besides me say “aha” when the whole Iran-Contra thing finally came out that had been going on that whole time? And no decade has been more representative of this ploy as this present one that we’re just finishing up. The Bush administration had us all running to Walmart in our Dodge Caravans and buying up more house than we could afford, while they happily instituted wire tapping and other attempts at violating civil rights, and God knows what else is going to come out still?
    Does anyone else think random drug testing in the schools or workplace is a serious violation of civil rights?

  22. Yes we all agree that our leaders and such have been lying to us about cannabis. The uses are great many,but , folks, becareful. Lets not tell our kids its ok to use cannabis as kids either. We dont want them smoking or drinking either do we? I mean yes I would rather catch my kid smoking a dobbie than smoking a cigarette or getting drunk, or swallowing pills. Lets just make sure we educate them. They have to know that there are some drawbacks to smoking cannabis,but as we know, not to the degree other substances do. Too much of anything is bad for you.Even water can kill you if you drink too much.They should also know how prohibition tramples our rights,and while we are at it , ruins lives around the world.
    I not trying to tell people what to do here,just make sure our kids do get the right message.

  23. Bob, please be careful in your postings. Even a re-post of any statement you make could be taken out of context. We don’t want anything bad to happen to you. We all know “they” lie constantly, it’s the only way to keep up the propaganda campaign. It would not surprise me to see one of your statements taken out of context and used against you. It’s also not a bad idea to have software that wipes anything you say in emails off your hard drive (even one on one conversations could conceivably be used). We are many, we are winning. The battle goes on…We can wait Bob. Just a simple “I am doing fine” post will be enough for now.

  24. I can’t seem to find Stan Adelstein’s email address anywhere. Perhaps he is stuck in the 20th century, or maybe even the 19th century!
    Another Prohibitionist whom claims compassion, yet is only interested in filling the Pharma coffers and continuing to spread propaganda One last note, the reason so many are able to obtain prescriptions is because marijuana is actually beneficial for myriad symptoms and illnesses. Some relatively minor and others more serious! It seems ironic and tragic that marijuana is illegal, but you can walk into your doctor’s office and get a pill to make your dick hard for hours! HMMMMMMMMMMM>

  25. I can’t seem to find Stan Adelstein’s email address anywhere. Perhaps he is stuck in the 20th century, or maybe even the 19th century!
    Another Prohibitionist whom claims compassion, yet is only interested in filling the Pharma coffers and continuing to spread propaganda! One last note, the reason so many are able to obtain prescriptions is because marijuana is actually beneficial for myriad symptoms and illnesses. Some relatively minor and others more serious! It seems ironic and tragic that marijuana is illegal, but you can walk into your doctor’s office and get a pill to make your dick hard for hours! HMMMMMMMMMMM>

  26. 1. Speak the truth,
    2. be condemned and told to shut up,
    3. keep on telling the truth,
    4. fight for your rights (sue),
    5. collect money:
    Sergeant Jonathan Wender.
    6. Continue telling the truth.
    7. Receive accolades in Heaven because you cared more about truth than your reputation.

  27. the only way i can see to get mj legal is to get the fda to change it from scheduleI to scheduleII or III. we need to hound kathleen sebilious to read all the studies performed on mj, and not just the federal governments studies. perhaps she would be a better target than congress only because it was turned over to the fda by nixon. the fda has sole authority to re-scheduled any drug.

  28. has anyone considered “WATER” in the argument for ending the prohibition on cannabis & hemp?
    it takes roughly 200 to 700 liters of water to make one litre of WINE. lets say a conservative wineo drinks a bottle every other day rounding down to 3 bottles a week. in six months that person has consumed 78 bottles of wine, which (78*450=) roughly 35,000 liters of water to support their choice of vice over six months, or 192 liters PER DAY.
    on my last 3 month indoor grow cycle, i used less then 700 liters of water to grow 6 cannabis plants (3 sativas & 3 indicas). these 6 plants have lasted me just about 6 months, and i consume more then the average cannabis user, which comes out to less then 4 liters a day.
    we are in a time of water shortage, which “vice” or “choice” is better for the planet???

  29. I have the Petition in hands to get this on the 2010 ballot, all I need are legitimate signatures. I look forward with starting with my neighbor the sheriff!
    Dont worry Bob the fight isnt done, and I am sure we can do it this year.

  30. 29 propot
    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services can make it all hapen tomorrow. The FDA is under HHS.

  31. california=desperation=legalization! no mon no fun. time to legalize the herb! its only a matter of time.

  32. crooked cops can scream all they want and beat the same tired propaganda to death like gateway drug,save the children but the truth is the cat is out of the bag. too much knowlege out there in cyberspace. just a matter of time until the herb is legal. cant wait. I waited 40 years for this. mmmwwwaaahhh hhhhaaaaa hhhhaaa

  33. @ 32, Rebel,
    I’m confused. Maybe you can help me pinpoint where the snafu is.
    According to the U.S. Patent Office, the Dept of Health and Human Services already knows marijuana has amazing health benefits:
    Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants” ( and my own laymanized abstract and brief analysis.)
    I can understand that perhaps the USPTO is over its head in trying to figure out if the claim is accurate or not, seems to me the USPTO just tries to make sure there is no existing patent and various other legal issues, but clearly the HHS did the medical science homework and decided it was accurate.
    So it seems there is a strong political undercurrent somewhere. I guess it’s not too hard to target the usual suspects, those with blood on their hands. But I figured I’d ask anyway, in case I’m overlooking something.

  34. 35 Drew…of course…everything you know and say is true.
    List every member of congress, every department, agency, group, or individual having anything to do with the legislation of cannabis, which are by far, way to many, and ask yourself who, which, or what is not being controlled by “ONE VOICE.” There’s your snafu (Snafu…I am Navy too). Every one of these entities knows the value of cannabis, and could, IF THEY HAD THE GO AHED, do something about it with the slash of the pen…but…until that “ONE VOICE” says O.K.”…they’re all at the mercy of that “ONE EVIL VOICE…THE C.E.O OF HELL.” Just don’t fool yourself in believing that this is all a matter of city, county, state, federal, or even world policy. “ONE EVIL VOICE IS RUNNING THE WHOLE SHOW.” The SNAFU is world domination, and $$$$$$$$.
    I don’t know if that answers your confusion…but…
    “It ain’t gonna happen until THE VOICE says it’s gonna happen…and…THE VOICE…is not going to dismantle the humungus monetary cash cow. “IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY.” Drew…and…it’s all about the sheep doing what the sheep herder tells them to do.

  35. The SNAFU is world domination, and $$$$$$$$.
    Ok. I don’t doubt either of those. In fact that seems to be the goal of many companies. Some countries have at least the latter desire.
    I don’t spend much time reading lists of who is rich in various currencies or US dollars, so you’ll probably have to give me some hints. 🙂 Ok, I just noted who was at the top.
    Who did the figure-head of China visit when he first arrived in the U.S. a bunch of years ago? Before meeting with the President?!

    I would rather fly, but I’m sure my eyesight would have disqualified me. My Dad still irons his skivvies to this day! He’s in his 80’s. That and many other things I’ve seen have not really endeared me to the armed forces. However, I understand it can be a place where many have learned the art of various forms of discipline.
    When I accepted an invitation to a recruitment center in high school I had a long conversation with one of them about religion. A commanding officer came along at some point and told me I should probably be leaving, his assigns had other work to do. 🙂
    To me it’s ironic about the love and focus on money. Money is probably, consistently, the worst holder of value throughout the ages. Inflation seems to invariably take hold and spiral out of control (or violence steals it). Then what’s left? Knowledge, creativity, the stuff you have at hand, people, one’s ability to influence others, and defend against the might-makes-right crowd as they try to subjugate you and force their wills on you.
    Please correct me where I’m wrong.

  36. 38 Drew
    You’re clicking on all 8 cylinders…now days 6 or 4.
    Who did the figure-head of China meet with prior to meeting with the President? Are you referring to “Slick Willie?” You noted who was at the top. Did you go high enough? Remember…Nixon was sent to China to establish relations. Who sent him? He didn’t have the power to do that alone. You might want to look into the 5th Avenue Compact…and…how Nixon got elected in the first place. You might also
    examine “WHY” Jimmie Carter got elected.
    I think you have the answer to the $64,000 dollar question…”Who is the Voice.”

  37. 39. Rebel,
    “…clicking on all 8 cylinders…” I feel more like the title of a Jackson Browne song. 🙂
    President Hu (I think it was), I forget the year, in his first official state visit to the US, met with Bill Gates first. Then later went and met the President, Bush I think it was. Bill Gates seems to top every list of richest people.
    Perhaps Hu was trying to “send a message” that “China is not ‘East’ it’s really just further ‘West’?” 🙂
    Ok, I see I’m not on the right track, based on your hints. But that $64,000 sure would come in handy! Gates probably has that much lost in his sofa. 🙂
    I was just a wee bairn when Nixon was in power. The main thing I recall (being told many years later) was the state I grew up in was the only state he didn’t win. 🙂
    Did you go high enough?
    The lists of richest people are probably hard to avoid if one is very rich. Could Wikipedia be bribed enough to keep people off of it? I doubt that.
    Since God is assumed to own everything outright, they don’t put God on these lists. Also, some folks don’t believe God exists. 🙂
    So there’s someone between Gates and God?
    Kissinger is not on the Wikipedia list of richest but still seems to be alive.
    In the 1970’s my level of awareness was more on the neighborhood, school, and town level, I entered my teens in the 80’s. I sense you have a better and longer memory of these things.
    Is your Free Speech also being denied too? Why don’t you just say? 🙂
    Should you wish to be discrete, contact me through my name above.

  38. 40 Drew
    1. Bill Gates is “Pocket change to the voice.”
    2. In 1968…I think it was ’68…we were in China teaching them all about “CREDIT.”
    3. Nixon was never “in power.” He thought he was…and…that’s what got his ass thrown out of office. Henry K had more power than “Tricky Dick.”
    4. Wikipedia is not a reliable/recognizable source for anything.
    5. God doesn’t own anything. One shares one’s soul with God…willingly. If one doens’t believe in God…that’s a choice one makes for one’s self. That’s O.K. I’ve got many friends that only believe in evolution. Frankly…I believe that evolution is the recepie for creation…faith and science go hand in hand…but…that’s my belief system.
    6. It has absolutely nothing to do with wealth…it has everything to do with “POWER.” I shouldn’t say…absolute anything. It has much to do about accumulated wealth and the power which that sets upon us.
    7. Drew…I was born befor penicillan was a “wonder drug.” I’m a year older than penicillan…and…a
    year younger than the prohibition of the present
    “wonder drug” we are fighting for. I’ve seen and heard everything inbetween…and…my memory is a “curse.”
    8. I’m certainly not affraid to say it…I’m sure I’m on some subversive list somewhere…and…could easily be referred to as an enemy of the state…so what goes up…must come down. I wasn’t playing cat & mouse…I was leading you in the right direction, hoping you would come upon the answer for yourself. Discrete!!! there;s no such thing as “discrete.” They know exactly what we have said…and…exactly where we are as we speak. In fact…if you have your cell phone on…they could hit you with a smart bomb…right now!
    Don’t let me scare you…but…they do have the technology to do that.
    9. The answer you are seeking is…”Rocky” and friends.
    Actually…I don’t think they even know how much money they have…but…he/they do know how much power he/they have…and…you do too…because you’re feeling it right now. “Buddy…can you spare a dime?”
    He can make the world turn on the same dime ‘ole J.D. handed out long ago.”

  39. 41. Rebel,
    I expect to he killed by a bunch of religious nuts: John 16:2-3. (Whether or not they claim any particular religion; and it could be money and/or power is their religion.)
    Ok, so you’re right around 70? Near my mom’s age.
    “Rocky” makes me think of either Bullwinkle or the boxer. Neither of which I know much about. J.D. as in James Dean the dead actor? J.D. Salinger? I wasn’t a fan of that book I was forced to read in high school. Many of your references are from before my time or too obtuse for the time I have available now. I can’t recall the first president I voted for, but looking at a list, I was probably trying to vote Reagan out of power, or else trying to keep Bush 1 from getting in office.
    I am not surprised by your assertion on “power.”
    I’m still not sure of your concern for just telling me. You really don’t need to worry that if you tell me I will argue with you, I won’t. I will only question nicely if I’m dubious. Anyway, if the person was pushing buttons back when Nixon was in office, isn’t this person close to EOL? Therefore I may need that person’s name and his/her next in line.
    Call me “slow” give me an F. I don’t care. Name names! Type the name in backwards or acrostic… Send it to the admin at my name above…

  40. 43 DREW
    I’m sorry for the confusuion, and the history lesson.
    The teachers I most respected, were the ones that “made me think.” I hope…in your pursuit of the truth…the only thing that matters is…that you never stop searching for your own answers. And by the way…argument is the best way to come to agreement.
    It’s so much better than just accepting what you’re being told…like they’re attemting to do to us now.
    O.K. here’s your answers.
    Rocky is Rockafeller. J.D. is John D. the patriarc.
    Catchers in the Rye is a excellent thought.
    You’re certainly not slow, and forgive me if you thought that I suggested you were. You’ve got good direction. The real answer you are looking for is…the C.I.A. Now we can start looking over our shoulders. Your culpret is the C.I.A. Nobody tells the C.I.A what to do…except for “THE VOICE.”

  41. 44 Rebel,
    Thank you for narrowing the field a bit more for me.
    You’re speaking with a terminal nerd who was punched in the face, and knocked out, in my HS computer lab (early 1980’s) for sticking up for someone I didn’t even like.
    I have a teaching certificate and have held a number of licenses. I am addicted to learning and figuring things out. Giving me the answer straight away will not make me value it any less. 🙂 I realize there are some (or many) who have a hard time appreciating what they’re given, and probably at times I fall in that category, but I was raised by a man lived through the Great Depression and who’s family was split apart by it, so “frugal” and work are mostly what I’ve known my whole life.
    Yes, I am one of those guys who can do the same thing and try to help the student question himself to the answer, however, in those contexts I am fully aware of what the student already knows (and doesn’t know), and unfortunately one of the things lacking on Internet forums is the in-person sense one can sometimes get, with regard to what a person already knows.
    Please don’t think I’m angry at you. But since ideas and knowledge are more “digital” (capable of being shared perfectly without loss to the giving party), than “analog” (the receiving party gets something from the giver and the giver no longer has it), sharing what we know is imperative and time’s a wastin’. My Dad has Alzheimer’s and I want him to try mmj, be a part of a study, etc…

  42. Let’s see here. Have we not seen the news about all of the P.O.S. politicians and people in law enforcement lately? Especially in SD! They have lost ALL creditability. So why are they still in office? Why are the police running the streets like jack booted Nazis’? Time to somehow submit a vote of NO confidence in the majority of politicians and by extension law enFORCEment!!! Let’s not FORGET poor Bob Newland. His 1st, 4th, and 8th(and maybe the 14th) Amendment rights ARE clearly violated! What about HIS(and ALL of our) civil liberties? Has it been so long since a popular(in the hearts and minds of all. i.e. M.L. King,etc…)person has had there civil liberties SO violated it outrages ALL Americans? “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish JUSTICE, ENSURE DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY, provide for the common defence, PROMOTE the GENERAL WELFARE, and SECURE the BLESSINGS of LIBERTY to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Do these words mean anything anymore? “NO State shall MAKE or ENFORCE any law which shall abridge the PRIVILEGES or IMMUNITIES of CITIZENS of the United States” Say’s right there in the Bill of Rights. WE the People. More like THEM the Government!!! What a SHAME!!! Before 1937 tax stamp act. The herb(a gift from GOD) grew WILD EVERYWHERE!!!

  43. The concept of any prohibition comes from the definition of a sumptuary law. A sumptuary law attempts to control and divide people into classes by limiting the desires of those considered the lesser class. Generally monarch type governments use sumptuary laws to inflict class separation through prohibiting the lesser class from participating in something reserved strictly by the so called upper class royalty.
    Any 4th grade student understands this country was founded on the principles of individual freedoms.” A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.” -Abraham Lincoln U.S. President. These same people pushing prohibition would be targeted for treason investigation had they been around during the founding of our country! Don’t Be fooled American people any prohibition enforcement against us is as UN-AMERICAN as Hitler!!

  44. 45 Drew
    You’re not a terminal nerd. In fact, I now view you as a noble guy for defending justice…which you are doing right now. Thank you for that…we need more like you. Have you ever seen “Pay it Forward?”
    I made up my mind long ago…to study the “dark side” of government…the stuff that never gets in the history books…the stuff that would often times, be better not said. especially if you know where the bodies are buried, Oh well!…the more you know, the better off you will be. Always better to arm yourself with the truth. Then all you need is courage, which you have already indicated you have. I’m sure guys like Neurogenesis1:29 and R.O.E. will be happy to provide you with the “TRUTH.”
    Good luck. I hope I have brought some reality to your spirit. When you’re feeling down and blue, and you don’t know what to do…keepa goin’.

  45. Senator Adelstein and Judge Delaney need to be impeached they have no concept of justice or truth and obviously are too unintelligent and unfit to preside in their respective positions. How much you wanna bet they’re creationists too?

  46. 49 Steve
    For sure they are idiots…but…there is nothing wrong with creationists. Ater all God gave us Manna, and if they can’t figure that out from reading their own scriptures they’re dumber than I gave them discredit for. You on the other hand must be an evolutionist, and there’s nothing wrong with that either. What am I…if your trying to figure it out?
    I believe in Faith & Science as one in the aame.
    By the way…there’s nothing wrong with dummies either.
    They’re just not as wise as we are.

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