Drug Czar Clarification: 'Smoked Marijuana' Is Dangerous And Has No Medicinal Value?

In an attempt to clarify an apparent gaffe made a few weeks ago to California media stating that “marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal value”, drug czar Gil Kerlikowske in a new interview with his hometown media in Seattle has only slightly, almost imperceptibly, modified his remarks by now implying that somehow how ‘smoked‘ medical cannabis is not a legitimate and effective drug delivery method:
When asked about his comments a few weeks ago Kerlikowske told KOMO news “I certainly said that legalization is not in the president’s vocabulary nor is it in mine. But the other question was in reference to smoked marijuana. And as we know, the FDA has not determined that smoked marijuana has a value, and this is clearly a medical question that should be answered by the medical community.”

KOMO also reports:

Kerlikowske’s stand on legalizing marijuana for everyone is more clear-cut. The Office of National Drug Control Policy, by law, actively works against legalizing drugs.
Kerlikowske takes on last jab at cannabis by continuing his predecessor’s  proclivity to mislead the media and public by claiming “You know from the University of Washington, the number one call from young people for treatment here, after alcohol, is marijuana. So I’m not seeing the benefit to society with legalization here.”

Number one, cannabis is not legal in Washington state, or anywhere in the US, 2) youth in Washington, and all around the US, after being ensnared by the hundreds of thousands per year by cannabis prohibition laws enforced by the criminal justice system (or university police), are provided with the Hobson’s Choice of either going to jail or so-called ‘treatment’.
Mr. Kerlikowske should cease employing this rhetorical straw man as he is intelligent enough to know its inaccuracy, but continues to adopt the failed rhetoric of prior hardliner drug czars Gen. Barry McCaffrey and John Walters, who consistently made the same claims during their tenure, and lost credibility every time they continued to propound such obviously misleading propaganda.
Kerlikowske’s latest unfortunate remarks affirm cannabis law reformers have much work left to do! Maybe our good drug czar should call actor Patrick Swayze and ask him ‘if he is benefiting from smoked medical cannabis?’

Patrick Swayze, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer over a year ago, is using medical marijuana to relieve the pain of his last days of chemotherapy.
According to a family insider, Swayze, 56, has found that smoking marijuana helps with his nausea, inability to sleep, and anxiety. The insider noted on the actor’s slight weight gain as well as adding that he (Swayze) feels more “normal than he has in months.”
Pictures have surfaced of Swayze out with his brother Donnie looking much healthier than he had weeks before.
“Patrick was rapidly losing weight because he couldn’t keep good down. He was so weak, he needed help getting around,” the source told the magazine.
“Marijuana works extremely well for many cancer patients. It helps fight nausea from chemotherapy treatments and may alleviate anorexia or loss of appetite,” Dr. Ron Kennedy of Santa Rosa, CA, said of the situation.

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  1. Whatever Kerk! You are a parrot, Monty Python style, and whatever credibility you built up for yourself in Seattle is now down the tubes.
    Drop everything against Marc Emery!

  2. Marijuana laws, and enforcement of these laws, does more to harm our country, and individual citizens, than any of the false claims that Cannabis is “dangerous”.

  3. The definition of marijuana is a politically motivated unconstitutional omnibus. A proper definition is supposed to simple, clear and accurate.
    Instead of using the semantics ruse that “The term ‘marihuana’ means all parts of the plant Cannabis sativa L., whether growing or not;…” which trips up even the Drug Czar so that he has to clarify his remarks to mean ‘smoked marijuana’, why not just redefine marijuana to clearly specify what he meant to say.
    Make the definition read: “The term ‘marihuana’ means all parts of the smoke produced by the combustion of the plant Cannabis sativa L.”
    The semantics become clear with this simple definition. Cannabis (the plant, including its unburned parts and vapors) becomes unscheduled, while the public use of marijuana (the smoke) remains officially prohibited until it is removed from Schedule 1.
    Once the definition is reset, then the correct Schedule for smoked cannabis can be easily determined.

  4. this is the first week where I haven’t seen someone debate legalization on a youtube news video.
    NORML- Do you know if there are any tv debates coming up soon?
    i think the tv coverage is great for the movement! the prohibitionist’s usually come out looking stupid
    [Editor’s note: The only current TV production pending that NORML’s aware of re cannabis is CBS’ Morning Show wants to do a segment interviewing mothers who prefer cannabis to alcohol or other drugs.]

  5. @ rebel with a cause: It has been shown through research that smoking marijuana can contribute to COPD *if the person also smokes tobacco*. I don’t know if Swayze has quit tobacco or not.
    Anyways, I hate smoking it, and even vaping it, because it does irritate my lungs (even a volcano set to the correct temp). Solution: butter, tincture, edible oil. Easy peazy Japaneazy. 🙂

  6. May I say, I have for 40 years, been a healthcare consultant and mediator, and this is the way I view the conflict. We create unwanted behavior from prohibitionists by being “FEARFUL”…fearful for any one of a dozen reasons that keep a huge number of anti=prohibiionists in the closet. The idea is “NOT TO FEAR” prohobotionists, or at the very least, not let them know we do. The idea is to stand up, stand tall, and dominate the situation with calm positive rationale…the homage we pay for not being the beast. If you stand up “FEARFUL,” all you’ve done is stand up. Understand…the prohibitionists believe whole heartedly in their power, and will dominate as long as they think they possess that power. “Don’t let them know they have the power by acquiescing to their mendacity and unjust law.”
    Calm positive rationale does not suggest insults. Insults only justifies their response, which assuredly
    will be nagative to the core. In other words…it’s not advisable to sweat, curse, or call names. The idea is to present the “TRUTH,” not create an argument. If you realize, if you have an epiphany, they are NOT listening, chances are, nothing you can say or do will make any difference. They most likely have a bigger issue than hearing the “TRUTH.” If they become frustrated, we might as well brace ourselves for our own frustration. Frustration begats frustration, anger begats anger, and someone is going to walk away with violence on their mind (Brinksmanship). And, that’s what war is all about. War is nothing but failed policy, or argument. We’re dealing with both…so we have to be especially careful that someone doesn’t light a fuse, or throw a stone.
    Calm positive rationale. Nobody ever accomplished anything by totally disregarding the other one’s view, even though nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. Remember too, insufficient
    knowledge causes artificial reality.
    I am a mediator…but a mediator has a right to take account of the facts. I have a right to an open mind and a conscience.
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Manford Mantis

  7. What he meant to say was “unless it comes from a pill, and as long as big pharma keeps bribing politicians, marijuana will not be legal unless big pharma makes a profit on it”. Obviously, smoking and eating marijuana has worked for thousands of years of human history without having to have a chemist in a white labcoat mess with it.

  8. in reply to E’s post … or a white man in a suit messing with it.
    And by the way, marijuana will never be legalized as long as people are afraid to post with their real names.

    If we want to stop hearing all of the mendacity spewed by anyone, anywhere, and for any reason…in other words…leaving us nothing to bitch about…we have to lean on the President to “enforce” his Memorandum to Executive Department Heads and Agencies, and the Data/Information Act. Not only does this instruct government not to disseminate false and misleading information…but…it instructs those disseminators to correct that information which is incorrect.
    Copy of letter to E-Mail to Whitehouse.gov to follow.

  10. I’m trying to figure out how it is dangerous. It may have a lot of chemicals in it but are any of them toxic enough that they could kill people? Can anyone clarify what the Drug Czar meant by dangerous, because I didn’t see that in the clip. I just heard him say the FDA hasn’t said that smoked marijuana has medicinal benefits. What is taking them so long? There is a pill called marinol that is out and I’ve heard that is has the active ingredient of marijuana in it. They also have some sprays out that you can spray in your mouth, and they got THC in them as well. Are these illegal to possess and prescribe by federal law in the U.S.?

  11. It is so unbelievable that first President Obama says that he is all for the legalization of Marijuana now he says that he is against it. I am glad I did not vote for him. I did not vote for McCain either. I voted for Libertarian. See this is what I hate about both the Democrats and the Republicans is that they want to make a law for everything and at the same time they trick us like they did on the 3 strikes law. Attention People of generation x, if you want for their to be less laws and more freedom stop voting Democrat or Republican and vote either American Independent or Libertarian.

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