Are The Feds Finally Recognizing Medical Marijuana?

While states like Michigan, New Mexico and Rhode Island have recipriocity for out-of-state medical cannabis patients, to date NORML was not aware of a AUSA recognizing such (though, on occasion, we’ve seen the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) not act upon medical cannabis patients caught with small amounts of their medicine). This may well be another change under the current Obama administration as both the Clinton and Bush 2.0 administrations prosecuted state authorized medical cannabis patients caught up in federal arrests.

On June 30, 2009 in the Federal District Court of New Mexico, Assistant US Attorney John Anderson agreed, on the record, to Honor the Medical Marijuana Recommendation of Charles Smith of Shasta Lake, California. Federal District Court Magistrate Judge Lorenzo Garcia further agreed to accept the State’s proposed recommendation of a Conditional Discharge upon provision of Mr. Smith’s Medical Marijuana Recommendation to the US Attorney’s office. This historic moment occurred during the federal Government’s prosecution of cases related to the Annual Rainbow Gathering that occurs in different states around the country and involves a large Federal Law Enforcement presence. The cases were prosecuted as civil collateral forfeitures and the records have been transferred to the Central Violations Bureau for the Federal Government. Five Medical marijuana recommendations were honored including those from Wyoming, California, Hawaii and Washington State. This is the first time in modern history, in which it is known that the US Attorney and the Federal District Court agreed to accept medical marijuana recommendations and licenses in order to dismiss marijuana possession charges.
This historic series of events followed the filing of a law suit by Bryan Krumm of New Mexicans for Compassionate Use in New Mexico Federal District Court in 2008. During those proceedings members of New Mexicans for Compassionate Use were able to speak to Justice Department representatives about the statements in March of 2009 by Eric Holder, US Attorney General, that medical marijuana would no longer be prosecuted. After this conversation in May of 2009, Attorney General Holder came to New Mexico in June of 2009 and again gave a public presentation on the matter stating that legally established medical marijuana distribution operations and legally sanctioned medical marijuana users (all under state laws), would not be prosecuted by the Federal Government. During the proceedings it was revealed that the AUSA’s prosecuting the cases in New Mexico told Defendants that they were not returning the medicine and that they would be prosecuted if they were caught with Marijuana in the National Forest again. During discussions with the US Attorney and his Assistants at the Court, long time Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Judy Rosenstein discovered that the US Attorney for New Mexico, Gregory J. Fouratt, was not involved in that decision to impose conditions on the Defendants.
Contact Attorney John McCall for more information on this case. Charles Smith has given permission for this information to be released to the public and is available, somewhere in the woods around Shasta Lake, if you want to find him and talk to him about his experience.
You can go to Youtube Lisa Law for video of the Rainbow Gathering and Law Enforcement activities.

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  1. After many years of fighting the War On US (drugs). I feel I have defined the war’s intent. It is to feed on our children. If you are matrix fans (I am) you know what I mean. Racist and greed started this war but money is the main driver today in the year 2009. Billions are spent and those that reap the billions pay to ensure the war never ends. We as a nation can stop this war. A war that does no good only damage. Mainley to our young people making them felons and destroying their lives. Less than one percent of the people that use so called illegal drugs need or want help. Much like the millions that take the so called legal drugs they just want relief. Either from stress or depression reflecting the condion of our country. A few are rich and have it all the masses are deprived of opertunity using poor education and unfair laws the masses are kept under control. The ones that feel they are deprived of freedoms and rights are routinely thrown in jail. That makes me think of Eddy Lepp. Eddy is an old man who grew cannabis for anyone that needed it. An old man that harmed no one a peaceful person. But our Federalizes put the man in jail for ten years. Basically a life sentence for this kind man.
    We are in trouble private jails boast the number of beds they have full. Judges take bribes to insure the for profit jails are full. Small and large towns have found the drug war a way to provide income to their coffers adding fines and jail time. Easy money for them just find a black with 24’s playing rap, find or plant some weed and bingo! You just brought in another several thousand dollars to your city.. Not to mention all the major players (the ones that profit from our misery) all pay our lawmakers to ensure it stays the same. We spend billions jail millions for nothing! Why not try legalization and control like liquor?? Can’t fill the private jails then and no kickbacks to our leaders the whole system of slavery would collapse. As I see it the racist are the only ones that are against stopping this slavery.
    I have always said help the people that need or want help.. LEAVE THE REST OF US THE HELL ALONE IF WE NEED YOU WE WILL CALL YOU…
    Cherokee Fred Jesus

  2. If the situation were reverse???
    If cannabis were legal and chemical drugs were illegal…Does that mean all the whites that like chemical drugs would be locked up?
    No they would change the law what ever the blacks like make that illegal and throw them in jail!!
    Why do blacks like cannabis? Could it be they have been deprived of money and grew the weed for some small escape from their situation? Anyone can grow it free they did that is why it was made illegal.

  3. The feds will never get a clue with it comes to Cannabis.. Yet I find some of the drugs the FDA approves, totally dangerous. At this point in my life, I just assume not have a Government. *peace on earth*

  4. Please Go To
    If you have seen the documentary Drug War the Last White Hope you know who this guy is. The federalize have taken their revenge for his telling the truth…If you can help with his defense fund any amount they take paypal!!

  5. 27 Nesomania & 47 R.O.E
    What most people do is stop short at our national borders. Now! it is my intent to totally piss you off with two words….”Trilateral Commission.” I could add insult to injury by saying that the only two American stockholders in our Fed is Rockafeller, and Goldman Sachs, and I ain’t to sure about them. One might also take a real hard look at the CFR-Council on Foreign Relations.
    Look if we’re not damned careful the good ‘ole U.S.A. is going to be ruled by European Socialism, our liberty will be a thing of the past, and we will all bow to the anti-Christ.

  6. this is good fellow inhalers. im prayin it is not one step ahead and then ,next week…three steps back. id sure like to drive the majic bus again before i die….

  7. CFJ:
    Slavery is all around us in many forms. The war on drugs(us) is just one form within another. Money and taxes ARE slavery. If you make money and dont pay taxes…guess what…to jail you go. Money in its self IS a form of slavery. Try to survive without it. Our society has enslaved ourselves with it. Go out and try live off the land. Guess what, the feds WILL step in. Its not allowed. We are all cornered into making our living within this monetary system that supports our slavers. Is there a way to put a stop to it all without total chaos? I cant say. Can you imagine a life where evrything is free and knowledge is givin to all who want it? Put in 20-25 years of work while your young , producing goods and services for the population, then become a scholar or doctor ,peace officer, what ever to help those around you. Ya its a eutopian dream but,hey you dont get from here to there without walking .
    I just find it sad that humanity limits its self with the love of money and possesions and use these things to control one another, just to get more possesion ,power and money on the backs of the bruised.
    heres to imagination and dreaming as sweet as it was.

  8. You know as far as health care if Obama can not show the truth by medical marijuana then why can we trust him on the bill for health care would they be fair to all americans. No!

  9. Why isn’t this being talked about with healthcare? There are plenty of us that feel the same way and this is a good time to push this! I do almost daily and hope that others follow my lead!!!

  10. #48 “Rebel with a cause,”
    “The Green Door Movement,” I like this idea sir the more I think about it. The word “Uniform,” draws attention to me like a walking billboard for advertising, I just like the idea of being recognized in public at a time when most MJ supporters are still subculture oriented to feel safe. Please contact me by clicking on my highlighted name so we can do a little planning.

  11. I just saw an “above the influence” ad. It was about alcohol though and I’ve seemed to notice a trend of it being about alcohol now rather than cannabis. Is it just that I happen to see them about alcohol or has anyone else noticed this?

  12. alcohol, tobacco, & big pharma kill millions across the globe anually…yet marijuana kill nobody. if all humans were eating hemp oil/seed products then we would b in much better shape 2day. and choosing to vaporize cannabis responsibly would mean that you wouldn’t drink alcohol, smoke cigs, or pop pills.
    CFJ has made clear some of the nauseating tactics used to first stigmatize marijuana and make it illegal. what is truly tragic at this point in EARTH’s history…THE EVER MEDDLING KIDS..AKA the USA was being led like a puppet by the likes of Dupont, Hearst, Mellon’s & Anslinger pushed through HEMP into this legislation…because they saw all the $$$ and HEMP threatened their monopolies in several different industries….trees, nylon, & petrol.

  13. Our Government, Federal & States, enjoy having the best of both worlds. Isn’t it obvious to you, now more than ever, that as long as Government reaps the financial benefits of prosecuting MJ users they’ll be addicted to the money being generated and at the same time our State & Federal Governments has MJ programs on every level for Medicinal users.

  14. #55 Rebel with a cause Says:
    August 11th, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    “…Look if we’re not damned careful the good ‘ole U.S.A.
    is going to be ruled by European Socialism,
    our liberty will be a thing of the past,
    and we will all bow to the anti-Christ.”
    RE: Rebel,
    Did you happen to notice
    this television-program on
    last weekend?

    Global America:
    Rebuilding the Tower of Babel
    (Part 1)

    “What are the effects of
    globalization on society?
    – This new documentary…
    surveys the modern blueprint that is
    being designed by the United Nations
    and other social architects.
    The move towards the construction of
    a new globalized society is underway through
    the collaboration of international agencies
    which seek to advance a secular ideology
    through the establishment of international laws and
    the application of new definitions of human rights…”

  15. “Are The Feds Finally Recognizing Medical Marijuana?”
    No. Absolutely not. That would bring their house of cards down.
    War on (some) drugs was designed to replace slave labor (outlawed in 1865 when the north won) with prison labor. They outlawed the ***naturally growing*** substances that minorities were using INSTEAD of drinking the white man’s alcohol.

  16. 65 NeurGenesis
    No! I missed the program…but…I’ve been preaching the ill effects of globalization, and Monopolistic Capitalism for many years. It’s gone way too far, and I’m affraid it’s irreversable. We now have a left wing totalatarian government. It all started at Morgan’s Skeleton Island in 1913, and the creation of the Federal Reserve. If you want my personal opinion, I think the anti-christ will rise up out of Switzerland, and claim pride as the Iluminati. Watch the CFR and the U.N.

  17. 64 NeuroGenesis…..P.S. to 66
    The only human rights they better pay close attention to is Louie. He will reach down their throats, grab their asshole, and turn them inside out. You know what air feels like on raw tissue…I’m sure.

  18. 44 General_Jake
    Sure I remember you. How are you? Fine I hope. I never said I was opposed to a good fist fight, and I also said, I would hold you hand in hell. I was just saying that we shouldn’t throw the first punch. I read your posts. Keep up the good work.

    Our founding fathers believed that government should be set up so “NO MAN BE AFFRAID OF THE OTHER.” I’m glad they are not around to see how their progeny has totally disgraced that liberty. We no longer trust our government. We no longer trust our fellow man. I doubt if we trust ourselves much anymore.
    Lack of trust is a child of “FEAR.” We plead with people to go vote. What we don’t grasp or comprehend is that people vote “AGAINST” what they “FEAR.” People “FEAR” the consequences of cannabis use for any reason. We the People Behind the Green Door must not be affraid. “NO FEAR.” That’s an absolute! “NO CHOICE.” Besides…we’re 85% in favor of the
    “LEGALIZATION” of medicinal use. We’re 85% strong.
    I’d say we’ve got prohibitionists safely out numbered. We should carry ourselves in the presence of all opposition as if everything were titular and ephemeral but us.
    “FREEDOM FROM FEAR.” We should hold that freedom in government’s face. Freedom means “THE SUPREMACY OF HUMAN RIGHTS”…and…that’s the mandate We The People Behind the Green Door give government. We are aggressive in our objective. We’re not asking…we’re telling…and…we don’t care if the prohibitionists are listening or not. We are doing the listening, and
    we’re making the judgment call on what we’re hearing.
    But…if our words are falling on deaf ears, and they are turning a blind eye to our presence…it will be of their doing…and…so will the consequences for selling the Will of the People down the river. Will they take responsibility for the results of their actions. Time will tell. On the other hand…they have no time left.
    In the mean time…We the People Behind the Green Door…will look straight into their eyes, listen to what they have to say, and go with with our conscience. “Sometimes silence has the loudest voice.”
    Now is not the time. Now is the time to do some ass kickin’ in the voting box, and in public with our non-violent physical presence.

  20. theres so many f-up things that happen’s in this country,like to our kids,older folks ect.and most of our law makers & bleeding hart libarels say that the people who do those things can be rehabilitated.i dont think its right to put a pot smoker to death before a snapper or rapist.but if enough of use stand together i think we can change it.look at northern cali,

  21. 72 tim duffey…and all of a like mind.
    You’re right! The problem is “will enough of us stand together?” The Green Door…offers a grass root push to “Legalize” medicinal cannabis in all fifty states. Will you stand with us?

    See post 48. The grass roots push is on. A solid head count is what we intend to lay upon their table. Give us your support, GET BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR, and let us take it to anyone standing in opposition. What state are you from. If you support the Green Door, add your state and GREEN DOOR to your post I.D.
    EXAMPLE: John/Jane Doe CA.GD

  23. I cannot believe the corruption Im seeing. Just now around 40 something years old waking up. This whole mess is one giant machine designed to fuel the greed for money and power. The simplicity of putting the proverbial “wrench in the works” lies in the power of numbers……our numbers…….not their numbers. Our numbers are us…..somewhat akin to “I have seen the enemy and the enemy is us”. We cannot be the force we have the power to wield until we understand what “we” means. Together we change damn near anything we think needs change………”Not To Quote Obama” …….How about a march on Washinton , wearing the green shirts as one has suggested……..we set a date in October , we stop this absolute insanity , we do it in peace, we do it together………

  24. Follow the money….. follow the money…..
    That’s what the LE alway’s say. Let’s turn the tables and follow the money right up to the highest level of the corruption that the prohibition on cannabis creates inside LE,DEA, and the FDA.
    Rev. Sleezy
    The Universal Life Church of the Holy Smokes
    Potland, OR

  25. cronic pain surgey on neck, back, knee replacemrnt 4 disc out of neck 4 out of lower back us army 20 yrs ptsd. anixity .army. va dr civ dr. say narcotics the rest of my life.but trieded med, marajuana. works so. good i am able to use a lot less oxycontin percet . i hate these meds bvut pot helps so much i need about half .to control the pain, some days are worse but my life is so much ,better, i love life again .with this pain comtrol , why do i have to be adr made druggy. when. maraijuana works so well. and you kids are lying to you pot is not gateway . that gives ypur kids ,congress senete kids. so they can justified booze

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