Study Says It's Easier For Teens To Buy Marijuana Than Beer

It’s that time of year — time for one of America’s leading prohibitionist organizations, the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (aka CASA), to once again report that seven-plus decades of criminal pot prohibition have resulted in making cannabis more readily available to teens than alcohol!

Study Says It’s Easier For Teens To Buy Marijuana Than Beer
via KPVI News 6
A recent study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University has some startling results about teens and drugs.
In their study, they found that 40 percent of teens could get marijuana within a day; another quarter said they could get it within an hour. In another portion of the survey, teens between the ages of 12 and 17 say it’s easier to get marijuana than buy cigarettes**, beer or prescription drugs. That number is up 37 percent from 2007.

[**Note: The CASA study actually reported that teens could more readily access pot than beer or prescription drugs; the percentage of teens reporting that either marijuana or cigarettes were the “easiest to buy” were equal (26 percent) — got to love the mainstream media’s dedication to accuracy in reporting. That said, the percentage of Americans actually smoking cigarettes is now at an all-time low.] Ask any advocate of marijuana prohibition, including CASA’s head Joseph ‘Russian Roulette’ Califano, why they oppose legalization and you will almost always receive the same response: Keeping pot illegal keeps it out of the hands of children. Yet CASA’s own survey demonstrates once again that just the opposite is true. In fact, it’s legalization, regulation, and public education — coupled with the enforcement of age restrictions — that most effectively keeps mind-altering substances out of the hands of children.
Abdicating the production and distribution of pot solely to black market criminal entrepreneurs increases, rather than decreases, teens’ access to cannabis.
In short, no system could possibly provide America’s children with greater access to weed than the one we have: prohibition. Now when will our elected officials get the message?

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  1. if its better to do this weed than other stuff then why dont thay just let it be sold in booz shops than other parts caus then the gov will need to size it an add a shel to put it on u see an thay need put it out so on from a box to addd it from a certan people to put it out like

  2. I live in a town with a population of 10,000. In my neighborhood of 100 or so houses, I can get weed from about 10 different people. ANYONE WHO WANTS WEED WILL GET IT. Why is it still illegal? Side effects and long term effects are significantly less dangerous than pretty much every single drug including beer and tobacco. The only crime is the fact that it’s still illegal.

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  4. Connections in the black market are rising. That’s why access to marijuana is easier for teenagers. Of course, buying alcoholic beverages in an authorize store is hard for teenagers for there are laws governing that matter. On the contrary, buying MJ on black market is like buying candy from a convenient store. All available for all ages. Its all for money after all. More buyers means more money. And I may not be surprised about the protectors of the black market. Sometimes, the depictions on movies are true about influential people who protects black market from police infiltration.

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