Profiles in Cannabis: Jessica Peck Corry

NORML is proud to confirm that Jessica Peck Corry will be speaking at the 2009 NORML National Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Ms. Corry is a Denver-based public policy analyst and political strategist, specializing in civil rights issues. In 2008, Jessica was highlighted as one of Colorado’s most influential women by the Denver Examiner; in 2007, she was named one of Colorado’s top political “Movers and Shakers” by the Colorado Statesman. She regularly appears on Denver TV and radio for her policy expertise and her blog, “The Corry Story,” is published by The Denver Post’s

Jessica is a former GOP candidate for the Colorado state senate, where despite being outspent more than four-to-one, she garnered nearly 47 percent of the vote against a two-term incumbent. She began her career as a press secretary in the United States Senate, working for U.S. Senators Fred Thompson (R-TN) and Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and for the U.S. Senate Governmental Affairs Committee.

Ms. Corry is the proud parent of two young daughters, and is an outspoken critic of cannabis prohibition ­ in particular, its adverse effects on children. “It costs $30,000 a year to incarcerate a pot dealer,” she says, “and we spend $10,000 a year to educate a child.”

Jessica says, “Yes we cannabis” and so should you! Meet Jessica and hundreds of other like-minded people at NORML’s 38th annual conference, taking place September 24-26 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown San Francisco. For registration information, please visit:

More about Jessica:

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  1. I wish I could go to SF for the conference. But being a teacher it’s a tough time to leave. Actually, I think that’s a three-day weekend for us (Yom Kip or Rosh Hashanna).

  2. Excellent, would love to be at the conference to hear Jessica Peck Corry speak. Click on the Colorado Daily: link above – She’s right, it took women to reverse alcohol prohibition – gosh, hope women will do it again and end cannabis prohibition.
    Thank you Jessica for your wisdom and bravery.

  3. I don’t know about supporting her because she is GOP which I don’t trust them at all…… She went for democrat yeah maybe…. U know is hard to believe politicians now days, it’s sad… (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  4. Great article on, except for that Ken Winters “expert” who actually encourages parents to teach their kids to drink “safely,” among other ridiculous and completely debunked arguments about memory loss, respiratory problems, blah blah blah.
    How about quoting an actual scientist in an article sometime, instead of a hack doctor or a cop?

  5. “It costs $30,000 a year to incarcerate a pot dealer,” she says, “and we spend $10,000 a year to educate a child.”
    That’s an amazing statistic. We spend three times as much on a complete waste versus the most important and truly profitable investment you can make.

  6. If this woman seriously wants political leadership, she should show us a plan and not just sympathy. Sympathy is easy. So what if is costs a lot of money to lock up dope dealers? Locking up dope dealers is not where the real harm is done, it is locking up users.

  7. She should go to all the other states to do a speech on it tht could change alot she seems like a smart women

  8. San Francisco – Radio Ad starts out with a Mother telling her son that they will be doing drug testing at his school . She then asks her son if he’s ever done marijuana ?Followed by marijuana she then asks , cocaine , heroin , speedballs ( whatever that is ). This is another attempt by the Drug – Alcohol and probally the tobacco companies to use deceptive advertising to prevent you from using marijuana because its use will cause their sales to plummet . They do this NOT because marijuana has anything to do with hard drugs but , only for their financial greed . In fact it is their drugs that are most similar with heroin , cocaine , etc. and in fact marijuana has nothing at all to do with any hard drugs . They want to deceive you the foolish into believing marijuana is bad when it’s their drugs that are bad . IT IS NOT MARIJUANA .

  9. #4, mntnman444: Those are nifty pictures from the site you listed. Too bad it says on the right hand side: Pill Talk is a pharmacy blog that covers news, events and curiosities in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We keep an eye on recent developments and bring them to the public eye. We also poke fun at them once in a while.

  10. they should inquire the sum for incarceration of the 850,000 annual cannabis users that get busted.

  11. Another class act to join our fight. I love it when smart well spoken and courageous people like her take a common sense approach to prohibition. The more people like her that help us speak out on this issue the better.

  12. Darn I wish I could go to this conference but although I cannot I am excited as one could be b/c this conference is going to be the most important conference of all times! It is time for Marijuana users to say Enough! Homosexuals can now marry and anti abortionist can kill people and claim justifiable homicide but those who smoke weed are incarcerated? WTF? Even Jesus said in Matthew that it is not what goes into a man that defiles him it is what comes out such as evil thoughts of the heart. No enough is enough but it is up to all of us to now walk the walk and leadership is needed and our grass roots movement has to step it up for the 2010 elections are just around the corner and this conference is going to emerge not only leadership but new political allies for the politicians will now know that we aint playing no more!!!! Too bad NORML cant broadcast this live on the web for all of us who cant go.
    [Editor’s note: NORML’s staff is working to live stream the conference and/or major portions of it.]

    Politicians are all actors, and Washington D.C. is their stage. There’s nothing genuine about them. They play the part, Lords of the Modern World, cast them to play. They tote the tyrant’s baggage, and are lickspittles. We rely on their wisdom, but they will never know how wise they are until they know how ignorant they are.
    So!…There’s no more fence ridding. We the people, the nation’s audiance, must decide, once and for all, who is going to play the tune the audiance wants to hear, and script how our lives will play out to finale’. It’s no longer an option We the People give our elected representatives. “Been there, done that.”
    Our representatives will do it our way…or…it’s the highway.
    “OUR CONSTITUTION IS JUST.” It is up to We the People to preserve and defend it from injustice, and those who create injustice. We the People, each and every one of us, are the front line defense against the personification of the evil intent to relieve us of our liberty. If we do nothing…we will receive nothing, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves…or…complain to but ourselves. We can no longer be oblivious to tyranny of any kind or form. We, in a free society, “MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE RESULTS OF OUR ACTIONS.” We must not fail because we lack an inspiring message of sufficient clarity to command government’s attention. We must not become cantankerous individuals that would keep liberty off balance, and destabilize it. We better have a ticket to ride…because…”WE HAVE 85% OF US TOGETHER AT ONE TIME.”…and…if that doesn’r grab government’s attention, then there’s something very wrong in D.C. That wrong is the arrogance of corruption. At any rate…”ENOGH IS ENOUGH.”

  14. Hey , Just Legalize it……… you believe anything you read just because it is in a magazine or in print ? I’m pro legalization , too but , i am not dumb enough to believe if it is in print it’s got to be true .

  15. Someone at NORML needs to take on this twit Barrett Duke at the Baptist Press. He’s arguing for continued prohibition based on “moral standards” (read: ultra-biased, close-minded religious oppressiveness) and this article of his is astounding in its ignorance and gall. It makes me sick to my stomach.
    I would have commented on it, but of course, they don’t allow that there, either.
    Can someone at NORML contact this buffoon?

  16. i think that lady smoked a joint before taking that picture because it looks like her lipstick is smooshed or shes just really bad in photo’s

  17. It is like this we all have to be involved no more just talking! NORML needs money (all grass roots organizations do) For those of us who can give much must do so and those who can give little just give! If 100 of us just gave five dollars a month that is 500.00 a month and that is what six grand a year? and this is just 100 people giving five a month. No more! No more persecutions of Marijuana smokers and it is time that all of us now stand for our fellow brethen who are locked up in prisons and jails and cannot speak for themselves along with those dying and Marijuana is their only relief in their last days in this crazy world! I beg of all of you to please put back at least five dollars in your monthly budget(more if you can afford it) to contribute to NORML a powerful organization that is fighting for our rights but we have to make NORML more powerful and folks that is done with money and so let all of us step up! and remember you can always send money orders if you want your privacy to remain private just do it! IT IS OUR TIME AND NO MORE PERSECUTIONS! NO MORE!

  18. I think that Jessica right there is no reason we should loss any more money on this pontless law when the money could do so much more good esle where. I think that if she was to come to Georia she would find a large support group and more people that think like her! And I would like to thank her for speaking up!

  19. Jessica!! go girl, damn I saw your interview on Fox, you are very intelligent, thanks for pushing away your desire to pay for the pat war, and in turn, endorses many other causes to legalize it….sweet workin with ya!

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