Profiles in Cannabis: Rob Van Dam

NORML is proud to confirm that former World Wrestling Entertainment heavyweight champion Rob Van Dam will be speaking at the 2009 NORML National Conference in San Francisco, CA.
Rob Van Dam has amazed audiences around the world with his athleticism and martial arts skills. Throughout his wrestling career, Rob Van Dam rarely hesitated to voice his affection for cannabis — even coining the popular catch-phrase, “4:20 means I just smoked your ass.” In 2006 he reached the pinnacle of his profession, winning the WWE world heavyweight championship.
He was eventually stripped of the title later that year following his arrest for minor marijuana possession.  Since leaving pro wrestling he has appeared in numerous television shows and action films, as well as hosting his own online series RVD TV.  Rob Van Dam is open about his marijuana use and the need to reform America’s cannabis laws, frequently discussing the issue on his live radio show.
“Our federal government prohibited this organic plant based on lies, continues to classify it among the most dangerous drugs to validate billions in funding pointless agendas, and denies it’s medical value, causing countless lives to suffer needlessly,” he says.  “How can anyone not care?”
Rob will be participating an all-star panel discussion at this year’s conference pertaining to the use of cannabis among top athletes.  Says Rob: “How about we stop ignoring the fact that World Champion athletes who take their health extremely seriously sometimes choose to use marijuana? Why are we ignoring the message there?”
RVD says, “Yes we cannabis” and so should you! Meet Rob and hundreds of other like-minded people at NORML’s 38th annual conference, taking place September 24-26 at the Grand Hyatt in downtown San Francisco. For registration information, please visit:
More about Rob Van Dam:
Watch Rob Van Dam discuss marijuana legalization on Geraldo at Large (Fox News)
Listen to Rob Van Dam debate former Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey on MSNBC here
Rob Van Dam in High Times magazine (March 1999)

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  1. I just sent my weekly update to the white house please do the same at..
    My concern:
    I am 60 retired a volunteer during Vietnam and a big supporter of our leader.
    I just watched another video on the internet it projected if the war on us continues. Fifty percent of the black race in our great country will either be in jail probation or in process to go to jail.
    How can our leader sleep at night knowing the suffering going on in our country over racism. Being white I thought racism was over but believe me it is alive and well. I found that out while working for our leader during the election in Georgia. I had old eighty year old people cuss me for wearing an Obama T shirt.
    These are the same people that started the war on us (drugs). I do not have the time or space to reveal all of the facts I have uncovered in the past several years about this war. All I can say is it is wrong and ever truth I can find shouts out this fact.
    It appears our leader has no power I voted and worked to get him elected in hopes he would end the racist war and help our county. But the drug war army doesn’t even seem to listen to him. They are still raiding medical providers in California. And jailing old people for trying to help others this is outrageous.
    My question is why are we destroying ourselves and enslaving our people? Take the money wasted on the war on us and help the few that need it. And quit ruining the lives of the rest of us! All for corporate greed.
    Also look deep at blackwater I feel they are working to keep us in war. It is their business and thanks to your 29% increase they are becoming stronger. Their leader is a right wing extremist that feels all non-Christians should die. There should not be profit in putting people in jail or waging war. We have both in our country and it will bring us down if left to prosper.

  2. What? he loses his title for possession of weed? Pro-Lifers are killing off abortion doctors and then are able to claim justifiable homicide and churches are allowing sexually active homosexuals to not only be in the church but also to serve as high officials and states are allowing homosexuals to marry but people are still going to jail and losing jobs for weed? WTF? Hell to the NO! I am so tired of this crap! Look people it is now up to us! We have a powerful mother and her name is NORML and we must all now support our mother with our time and our money! even if we all just give five dollars a month we could flow thousands of dollars to our mother. HOW MUCH MORE ARE WE GOING TO TOLERATE HOW MUCH LONGER ARE WE GOING TO CONTINUE TO ALLOW THEM TO SCREW US IN THE BUTT W/0 A CONDOM? WHAT IS FIVE DOLLARS A MONTH FROM EACH OF US TO OUR MOTHER TO TELL THE POLITICIANS WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH AND NO MORE! NORML is our mother and as her children we must protect our mothers children our brothers and sisters who have no voice due to sickness and incarceration. No more excuses we must give our money and time and effort and be able to mobilize when leadership from NORML tells us how to proceed at elections when it comes to supporting the politicians that NORML tells us to. NORML has been listening to us for we asked that the conference be on the web for those who cannot attend and NORML has announced that all or most of the conference this year will be on the web for us live and you would think I was going to be there in the flesh b/c I am too excited for this is going to be the most important conference ever and I mean ever!

  3. Rob Van Dam is My Hero! Rob’s among the rare few who is unafraid to voice his valuble opinion on a subject whose time has come. Brass balls and the common sense knowledge & decency to know America’s harsh pot laws are worthless. He has a combination few can muster up. Kudos & God bless you Rob for putting yourself out there for our cause. J. Velasco Brownsville Texas

  4. While I am a huge RVD(and wrestling) fan, billing him as a “World Champion athlete” is a little bit of a stretch. While wrestlers are athletic, they are Sports Entertainers. Real sports aren’t predetermined(not holding that against wrestling, planning it out ensures it will be entertaining). Champion athletes get to that level based on skill, Champions in pro wrestling get their because the company likes them. While RVD is amazingly athletic and a treat to watch in the ring, it’s not like GSP or Sidney Crosby are speaking out for cannabis. But RVD and athletes(like the picture of Michael Phelps) really help disprove the myth that cannabis makes you lazy and useless. Thank you RVD for helping out the cause!

  5. Herb (marijuana) is a Godly creation from the beginning of the world. It is known as the weed of wisdom, angel’s food, the tree of life and even the “Wicked Old Ganja Tree”. Its purpose in creation is as a fiery sacrifice to be offered to our Redeemer during obligations. The political worldwide organizations have framed mischief on it and called it drugs. To show that it is not a dangerous drug, let me inform my readers that it is used as food for mankind, and as a medicinal cure for diverse diseases. Ganja is not for commerce; yet because of the oppression of the people, it was raised up as the only liberator of the people, and the only peacemaker among the entire generation. Ganja is the sacramental rights of every man worldwide and any law against it is only the organized conspiracy of the United Nations and the political governments who assist in maintaining this conspiracy.

  6. Other ancient Indian names for marijuana were “sacred grass”, “hero leaved”, “joy”, “rejoicer”, “desired in the three worlds”‘ “gods’ food”, “fountain of pleasures”‘ and “Shiva’s plant”.
    Early Indian legends maintained that the angel of mankind lived in the leaves of the marijuana plant. It was so sacred that it was reputed to deter evil and cleanse its user of sin. In Hindu mythology hemp is a holy plant given to man for the “welfare of mankind” and is considered to be one of the divine nectars able to give man anything from good health, to long life, to visions of the gods. Nectar is defined as the fabled drink of the gods.

  7. so vince mcmahon strips rvd of his title for a minor mj offence but encouages his employees to use steroids that could kill them? excellent. good luck to you rvd, do it your way my man and you only have to answer to yourself and the big man in heaven.

  8. Thank you Rob Van Dam. And as shared on another post “It would be my greatest hope at this moment if concrete and positive results transpire from this conference towards ending this war on cannabis”.

  9. Its times for those in ‘Power” to return the ‘power’ to the people. We dont want your “rule” . This applies across the board. We say what bills get passed no a few men in ‘power’. On this topic, we are Doctors ,lawyers,police,factory workers, athelets,waitresses/waiters. We are not just a bunch of “addicts” Fact is many of us dont use cannabis everyday. The fact is, PROHIBITION IS A LIE TO ENSLAVE PEOPLE. Time to give up the “power” before we have to take it.

  10. I thought the debate on msnbc Morning Meeting was very unfair in favor of that idiot McCaffrey and I wrote to the show to tell them so

  11. I agree with Shawn420,
    “World Champion athlete” is a little bit of a stretch. “WWE wrestlers are athletic, they are Sports Entertainers. Real sports aren’t predetermined (not holding that against wrestling, planning it out ensures it will be entertaining). Champion athletes get to that level based on skill.Champions in pro wrestling get their because the company likes them.”
    I will just add, it is not a little stretch, it is a HUGH stretch to call him an ATHLETE.He is NOT an Athlete he is an “INTERTAINER”.
    I resent your choice of RVD as a representative for NORML. It is an insult to real athletes around the world.
    Shows like the WWE are doing more harm to our kids than Marijuana could ever do.

  12. @ Shawn420 and Mike: I understand your position re: “athletes” and sports entertainers, but I feel saying the selection of RVD is an “insult” is the biggest stretch at all. Watch some of the clips of Rob representing his, nay OUR, position. Read some more on his biography. What is so “insulting” about this man? Simply that he is a wrestler? I’ve been a fan of pro wrestling for decades, through ups and downs, through Summartino, Hogan, Flair, Austin, Rock, and yes, the Whole F’n Show. Predetermined or not, these guys do things in that ring that zero or very few baseball/basketball/football players (not to mention golfers) could ever, ever do. It requires timing, communication, concentration, balance, strength, and on and on, in quantities that very much qualify as ‘athletic’. Let an RVD fan recommend 2 or 3 matches for you to watch, and I’d dare you to say that this man is any less talented than .
    Thank you Rob, please keep fighting the good fight.

  13. Doh, owned by the tags. Last part there should read “less talented than (insert big, overpaid, spoiled sports-name here)”. 2nd typo: “stretch at all” = “stretch of all”.

  14. Whoa Mike, you are not agreeing with me, I do not think it’s an insult at all, just a stretch. A wrestling match is extremely tiring and takes amazing athleticism(at least a good match like RVD had). I just think to be an athlete you need to compete in a sport, and wrestling isn’t a sport. Nothing against RVD or the feats he pulls off in the ring, he’s just not in the right profession to be billed a “World Champion athlete”.
    And WWE does harm to nobody except idiots who try to do it at home, and even that isn’t even that dangerous. I’ve had many hardcore matches with my friends and never had an injury more serious then a bloody nose. Only a moron doesn’t realize that wrestling is fake and it takes training for them to perform the moves without causing serious injury to themselves. That is the art of wrestling, making it look like you are hurting the other person when you aren’t. Anyone can punch someone in the face, try giving someone a powerbomb and them being able to stand right up and not be hurt.

  15. he is an wrestlers are athletes.the outcomes are pre-determined, but so are some of your more”respectable” sporting events like it or takes an incredible amount of athletic ability to do what they do in the ring.yes,i am a former indy wrestler and i become quite defensive when i hear someone say that what we/they do is not wrestlers are also pretty damn good”one take”actors.there is no stopping and starting over in front of a live crowd…back on point,RVD has big balls for staying true to being a big player in the fight to legalize.many thumbs up to him and everyone at NORML.

  16. Rob is one of the few entertainers (but their numbers are growing!) who has the courage to speak out on this heretofore unmentionable issue. Cannabis helps people in pain. Any kind of pain, it seems. And so many other conditions, it would take me half an hour to look them up and type them in here.
    Mr. Van Dam is part of the solution; he’s encouraging patients and recreational users of a safer socially relaxing substance everywhere to stand up for their rights.
    Iowa! That’s progress. My sincere thanks go out to Rob Van Dam, and those like him with the fortitude to make it happen…Free Cannabis and Hemp from the evil repression they have suffered (and we along with these God-given plants) and the whole world can breathe a sigh of relief.
    Change, President Obama? It’s your move. Make us proud. Keep your word. Just do the right thing.
    Thank you in advance.

  17. God bless Rob for his free spirit and loving heart. To hell with prohibitionists were they all belong for violating God’s will as cited in the Constitution of the United States.

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