Medical Marijuana's Great (And Odd) Midwest Test: Iowa

Iowa, America’s breadbasket, home to liberal scion Tom Harkin and conservative contrarian Charles Grassley, is vetting the issue of medical marijuana politically like no other previous state has by conducting a series of public testimonies, convened by the Iowa Pharmacy Board (who was ordered by a Polk County judge to do so in April in response to lawsuits brought by medical marijuana patients in Iowa against the IPB).

Two of the first four public hearings have already happened (August 19 in Des Moines and Sept. 2 in Mason City); the next hearings are:

October 7 in Iowa City and November 4, Council Bluffs

At the Mason City hearing on September 2, eight speakers, all but one in favor of medical marijuana law reforms, spoke out against the prohibition of medical marijuana in Iowa.

Des Moines resident and multiple sclerosis patient Ray Lakers, 42, who was jailed for possessing less than a gram of medical marijuana in 2005, spoke of medical marijuana’s utility and benefit to his life. Conversely, Maedene Sappenfield of Mason City spoke out against it in the Globe Gazette, “I have a son-in-law in North Carolina who has MS and he functions without marijuana very well, so it is possible.”

Watch news video of the Mason City hearing here.

The IPB does not have the authority to legalize marijuana for medical use, but it could suggest to lawmakers to move marijuana to a schedule lower than I. In turn, Iowa lawmakers would have to pass amending legislation. An AP article indicates an interesting legislative challenge (some would say ‘poison pill’): “the [IPB] said that the drug [marijuana] would have to be used as treatment in all states for Iowa to reclassify it.”

Keep up with the legal and legislative struggle to bring medical marijuana to Iowa at:

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  1. ok now i am negative nelli of the year here so if you out do me i might get extra fuckin sad that sombody els is as doubtfull in the gov as i dont make me that sad ,,

  2. wow ok so they need to prescribe marijuana for stress especialy for people that live in iowa nothin more stressfull then hitting 3 deer and totaling your van i cant imagine they are going to continue to lie to themselves about marijuana orgon just opened their first dispensery grassley is gone this year and california is going to have it totaly legalized in the next 2 months their is no hiding for them anymore its either face the facts or GET OUT its that simple.. well peace out probly my last comment enless they deside not to shut off our net …. peace outy and god bless

  3. More postives that the world at large is PASSING THE STATE OF IOWA and THE US in the DUST!!! The old school blames EVERYTHING on pot, get real, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM…
    The Brazilian Supreme Court just voted unanimously to strike down ANY laws prohibiting a consenting adult from using marijuana FOR ANY REASON in their own homes or private, but will prosecute if harm to someone results from use. That sounds fair enough… So why is this picture blurred to the out of control powers in the US???
    Now take into consideration, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay have also done the same; all of South America will soon follow. These countries are tired of the DEA induced violence and don’t want or need their money anymore…
    A Cannabis Cup was held in South America this last July… This is not a bunch of stoners setting around in a back room, this was a competion/celebration with 300 selective breeders competing. This being quantifiable by extensive genetics research and labor to create finely sought after specific qualilities.
    Are wine competitions all about a bunch of drunks setting in Skid Row drinking cheap wine?? … the fools behind the wheel in the US just don’t get it. Their alcohol prohibition was a TOTAL FAILURE as is their marijuana prohibition, fools you are tearing this country apart!! You are turning otherwise peaceful citizens >> apathetic and hostile towards you!!
    So here we sit in “THE LAND OF THE FREE” … BS!! We live in a megolmanically maliciously old school CONTROLLED SOCIETY. Living in fear brought upon us by the idiocracy/bureaucracy of the world’s largest NARCO TERRORIST GROUP… the DEA, who just don’t get it…
    The DEA operates in 20 countries besides the US, many of which they are condoning opium/heroin production and cocaine to fund their actions and wars… NO opium shouldn’t be legalized or any other “DANGEROUS” drug, but marijuana has NEVER KILLED ANYONE from an overdose in 7000 years of recorded history.
    The US polilical fools out there who push the US’s control buttons should read “MARIJUANA IS SAFER.. So Why Are We Driving People To Drink?” by Steve Fox, Paul Armentano & Mason Tvert
    The US will soon be a second rate nation, both economically and socially if THE POWERS THAT BE don’t step down or get their heads out of their asses…
    Be Safe

  4. Well this tea party will show what ADULT America wants and needs by a over whelming majority!!
    Harvard Law School Professor Charles Nesson will be arguing the appeal of my marijuana conviction for sharing a joint at the 2007 Boston Freedom Rally on the historic Boston Common with High Times associate publisher Rick Cusick. We both took the stand at our trial and testified under oath that we were certainly sharing a joint, and were protesting the constitutionality of the very marijuana laws under which we were arrested.
    The state law under which Rick and I were prosecuted has since been modified by a voter initiative last fall removing all criminal penalties, and setting a $100 civil fine, for the possession of up to one ounce of pot in Massachusetts. Nonetheless, it would be great if we could convince the court of appeals that the private use of marijuana in Massachusetts, as it is in Alaska, is constitutionally protected conduct.

  5. The rest of the country as well as the rest of the world has been passing Iowa by for a long time. What’s new about that? We’d like to see you doing something about it. Anyone can drop a note here complaining about it. I hope Keith wins his case in Massachusetts. I doubt if it will change many minds here in Iowa, but it all adds up.

  6. It is nice to see Keith back in court litigating a marijuana case. It’s unfortunate that he has to be the defendant, but I guess that what it took to get him off his ass and back into court.
    [Editor’s note: Your obnoxious comment intimating that Keith Stroup is ‘lazy’ are harsh and unwarranted as NORML has over 500 lawyers in court, almost every day, defending the rights of cannabis consumers. No other organization, including the ACLU, has litigated more cannabis-related issues than NORML.
    NORML is a real, functional and accountable organization, not a one-man show.]

  7. WOW ok we are ALL frusterated with the way things are now and we are all fighting a battle thats why were here “digusing” our veiws and using our rights as Americans to excursize our right to free speech YOU ALL tell me what the hell is it going to do to jump down each others throats about this issue we are ALL on the same page litteraly and figurtivly WE ARE on the same side if we start getting mad at each other then there is less energy to fight the real problem we are all fighting in our own way the best we can I for example am proving to dhs and ss that just because i smoked pot dosent mean im a bad parent which they all agree with me about ive had nothing but good reports and praise not to mention ive educated them a lil about whats going on in this country about marijuana this isnt just about adults that want to or need to smoke this is also about children who are losing parents everyday and being put into foster care or placed with family because thier parents smoke so please for the sake of the kids the ill and yourselfs lets stop fighting each other and work together DEVIDED WE FAIL TOGETHER WE PREVAIL.. Peace

  8. What the hell are you talking about >>> CARL??? I NEVER said anything about NORMAL or Keith Stroup!! This was just a reposting from NORMAL own post showing the progress made in other states!
    Maybe you should go back and READ NORMALS own post!! It was CUT AND PASTED FROM THEIR SITE >> CARL ver betum!! I ADDED NOTHING!!
    FYI CARL I have my own ways of doing things and they are getting done.
    A free society is one where it is safe to be unpopular.
    Adlai E. Stevenson
    The difference between vision and hallucination is action.
    ~ Allen Patmarajah

    If you don’t post my response to Carl’s or your post (or whoever assumed I stated what you are ASSUMING I said), then you are no better then they are.
    As far as doing something, I have sent out over 2000 letters and e mails. I have politicians, lawyers and doctors who just don’t want to come out and speak up, but smoke routinely and MOST not for any MEDICAL reasons…
    So quit blowing your own horn!

  10. Sorry Editor :>)
    It was Carl who made the comment which after rereading all of his posts I agree it was an inappropriate comment.
    People here in Iowa appreciate Carl’s work, but at the same time he thinks he walks on water or something. Other people are working for the same RIGHT’s as Carl, just by other methodologies.
    My approach to dealing with the old schoolers and their BS is a combination of both the collateral attack of the laws and the back door approach.
    It is much easier to walk in the back door than to try and kick down the front…
    Be Safe

  11. ok so im catching some slak for my quote “even tho it rhyms” 😛 United we stand Devided we fall.. so cant we all just toke a long. peace

  12. Just a suggestion. There is an old carpenters saying “measure twice >> cut once”. This also applies to writing and spelling.
    The world is not idealistic utopia, the world will never be; the world will eat you up and spit you out without skipping a beat. The world has never been utopia, it hasn’t in 10,000 years so it surely isn’t going to start now.
    You can pray until you turn blue, you can wish all you want >> it’s simply the sad truth. So what YOU do in your frame of reference is all that matters for those you intereact with…
    Be Safe

  13. i may not have a conventional view of things or go along with the popular vote at 26 ive been through hell and back so if the world was going to eat me up it would have already trust me its tried im realistic about the way things are but also hopefully about how things could be try as the world might it will not take that away from me thats why ive been here for the last few months because im hopefull i see you all snaping at each other and my hope fades and i cant stand that so i made a comment trying to help you see that a simple comment or a few spelling error are nothing the world is crap right now and it needs people to at least imagine it better other wise all hope is lost so if you think im unconventional and idealistic good i hope so i hope my kids are to. peace lil miss hopefull

  14. those i interact with are children and the way i see it telling them all the time that the world is crap just dosent cut it so you trying to explain the facts of life to me is a waste of your time i had a daddy and dont need your negativity i came here for some postive information i guess thats over so peace out have fun talking to yourself.

  15. Khrisha that is exactly what I was making reference to.
    The most important thing(s) in this world should be your kids and your family. Fuck the rest of the world…
    It would be nice to save everyone,or maybe just one (1) just one… but unless you’re building a n Ark…ain’t gonna happen. You have a good heart and it’s in the right place, so just follow your heart… it is you you look at in the mirror everyday..
    Peace be with you and be safe…

  16. Khrisha..
    Sorry you feel I has talking about you, but then I was. Yes it is good you come on here and express your heart (since 99.9% EXPECT yours rights will be spoon fed you.. until they get busted) and talk from your heart, but when you post it for the world to read, don’t you think you may have just a little responsiblity to show you can spell..sorry I am not trying to talk down to you, just think twice and cut once…K…?
    I sure as hell am not attempting to play your dad >> get real. AND I am talking about ME ?? >> just how am I talking about me?? a ghost figure, nameless?? Accept your deal and give it up, be nice or be gone..

  17. Marijuana/hemp are outlawed for one reason: Special Interests! The DuPont family hired a crooked congressman to outlaw it so their nylon interest would have no competition. Americans can buy hemp products from Europe/Canada, but our farmers can’t grow it ? Hypocrisy. Fraud.
    Tobacco doesen’t want any competition nor does alcohol. And Big Pharma is amongst the worst of this company. People can function without all the side-effects of the pharmacueticals and yet the policy makers who decide whether or not to get real, get honest are stuck on stupid. These policy makers that continue to deny marijuana/hemp access to the “free market” place are incompetent, dishonest or both. Control freeks.

  18. All of what you posted is true and then some. The reality is, the “good ole'” boys can’t live forever and then it will happen. Which is BS, it should have been 20 yeaqrs ago when it was recommended to Nixon!
    Everyt state is short on funds, tax medical marijuana instead of making criminals and hatred towards the government as a whole…that would be too easy!
    Do it just as the 13 legal states do, the special interests can F#$%^& Off.
    This is America, not some goolag in Bumb Fuck Siberia…although sometimes I wonder? The way the legislators conceive to raise money for this state is raise the fines way out of proportions, (people should start challenging the fines and punishments as excessive under the FEDERAL CONSTITUTION) on everything>>>> Damn and they wonder why all the college grads are leaving the state! Go figure..
    The Senate and the House needs an overhaul. TWO term limits, these “lifers” leaches on our system are the problem >>> not the solution. They get free health care and make more then most Americans do a year by triple!!! and a pension for life… like they sacrificed what? and our Vets get shit! It’s no wonder this country is broke…

  19. I have lived in Iowa for about 10 years and I never thought I would see the legalization of gay marriage before marijuana in this state. Everyone (farmers, business people, sick people, etc.) here smokes pot, they just keep it secret, noone wants their neighbor to know. IMO, alcohol is a far more serious problem here than weed, and it is basically promoted and often cops look the other way when it comes to drunk drivers and public intox, people don’t like to ruffle feathers in Iowa, but I truly believe if we were allowed to have a public vote, marijuana would be legalized. Think of the tax revenue, people, think of putting the dangerous people that use dangerous drugs in jail, not the pothead down the street who will never hurt anyone or steal anything. Maybe, drugs like meth would become less of a problem here if everyone was allowed a safer, alternative like pot to get their high. I think if we don’t resolve this issue soon, there will be an even worse migration of young people out of this state and into areas of the US that provide the legislation we all want.

  20. People…when is enough…enough? Are you a criminal because you smoke pot? ESPECIALLY if it releaves a medical condition! Who, where and why gave the BS authority to make laws to contradict reality? Is this a civilized country of compassion?
    Sick really sick… Wall Street rip offs artists, big banks, credit card companies…all want your money, >> bail me out BC I have fucked you for years… but only because they have figured out a way to rip you off twice!!…who gave anyone the authority to rip off your right to releave pain and suffering >> or just deal with the fake laws?? MIGHT NEVER MAKES RIGHT!!!

  21. Maedene Sappenfield is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. But I feel her religion affiliation may be a motivating factor behind her “opinion” on medical marijuana. She is a christian scientist. Although medical attention is aloud in this religion, prayer and denial of the diseases are often the recommended route in healing. Studies have shown higher mortality rates among Christian Scientists than those using conventional medicine, there are cases of individuals who have died following their choice of Christian Science care over medical treatment (my mother being one of them.) I’m not here to start a debate on whether this religion is right or wrong, but in this particular case I feel ‘someones’ opinion is highly influenced by it.

  22. Maybe it is time to begin ousting members of the politariate who are so blind as not be able to read scientific data in support of medical marijuana use. Just like was done to the Supreme Court justices in Iowa.
    “We the people”… not… “we the sheeple”… lead by megalmanical power freaks”.
    This “we are too busy” attitude of the state of Iowa is BS!Board of Pharmacy passed the buck off thinking they wouldn’t have to respond…BUT then it was determined THEY have the authority, THEY changed their tune again >>> time for them to go!! Sucking off the tax payers and refusing to act in behalf of the majority of Iowans…
    The state could generate millions in tax revenue and save law enforcement millions in victimless crime enforcement. The prisons could be used to house violent criminals.
    So good ole boys, what is your justification to NOT backing the majority of Iowa citizens wants?

  23. It is typical government as usual, the pharamacy board said they didn’t have the authority or they would, they it was found out they did have the authority and refused “we need more time”. GIVE IT UP!!
    Would you rather have your kids smoking K-2 or some other BS that WILL kill them or marijuanam which has NEVEr been known in history to cause a death or overdose!!
    This governement is out of control and is in violation of the United States Constitution contract. It is illegal to make a right into a priviledge or make something illegal that is a right; and it is illegal to require a license for something that is a right. These are all cases which have been decided in favor of the citizens “we the people” by the United States Supreme what’s so hard people? WE HAVE RIGHTS guarenteed by the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION contract… STAND UP FOR THEM OR LOOSE THEM..

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