2009 Conference – Thursday Agenda

Today’s Highlights

  • Special Medical Cannabis-Only Day
  • Flip The Switch: A Medical Path to Full Legalization – Steve DeAngelo, CEO, Harborside Health Center
  • High Times/NORML Activist Awards and Silent Auction


Moderator: George Rohrbacher, NORML Board of Directors
8:00am Registration
Welcome and introduction: The Continuing Importance Of Medical Cannabis
Allen St. Pierre, NORML, Executive Director
Palliative and Curative Relief Through a Safe and Effective Herbal Medicine
Paul Armentano, NORML, Deputy Director
Dr Brooks J Kelly, Ph.D, Chief science officer for Genovations Laboratory, Cannabis Therapeutics
Morning Individual Patients, Caregivers, and Small Patient Collectives
Panel Info and Comments


  • David Bearman
  • Chris Conrad
  • Omar Figueroa, Esq.
  • Zenia Gilg, Esq.
  • Frank Lucido
  • Moderator: William Panzer, Esq.
Lunch On Your Own
David Bearman, MD
Smells Like Freedom
Robert Corry, Esq.
Afternoon Larger Patient Cooperatives and Dispensaries
Panel Info and Comments


  • Matt Abel, Esq.
  • James Anthony, Esq.
  • Warren Edson, Esq.
  • Joe Elford, Esq.
  • Matthew Kumin, Esq.
  • John Lucy IV, Esq.
  • Henry Wykowski, Esq.
  • Moderator: William Panzer, Esq.
Flip The Switch: A Medical Path to Full Legalization
Steve DeAngelo, CEO, Harborside Health Center
High Times/NORML Activist Awards and Silent Auction
Kindly sponsored by: High Times Magazine
Boss Enterprises and The Green Door VIP Party
(By invitation only)

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  1. I know its a 3 day convention. What was the outcome for so far? Hope it went well. keep the weed burnin n the seeds churnin

  2. Teach our Juries to nullify the cannabis law and send the government packing.
    Don’t throw your old seeds away, let them march in the government’s face. Plant them down mainstreet in your home town, plant them in vacant lots fore closed property, ally ways not mowed, roud-abouts are great places. Just don’t plant in the wildlife or forrest areas. Plant you old seeds so the spring up in their face. It is a great way to say we are not going away and we will out last you, and in the end of this stuggle there will be CANNABIS

  3. #5 Iam with you im bout sick n tired of this prohibition shit OVER A PLANT that grows jus like a dandilion what pitty this gov is

  4. Nothing will have changed, still more arrest will be made, more lives destoryed and property unlawfully taken and enjoyed by our new criminal element, Law enforcement! Let sit around a talk about it some more, have lunch over it, perhaps a dinner and a show. Thats for the change, what do I owe you now? I think my party will skip the convention, the lunches. and the dinner and show and get some unlawfully kept people our from under the criminal element, government. Hay thats an idea, free people, stop talking about what you would do if you only could get something past in congress and wake the hell up, there is a war and you folks have been the target!

  5. Call on me when your blue in the face from talking, and the legislators have taken your last dollars and heading out on vaction again. Do unlawfully captured people in prison get vacations?, How about sick leave? WOW! You folks are in for a world of hurt, but aleast you talked about it!!

  6. Too bad that the Osteopathic Medical Board of California has already ruled that David Bearman’s practice standards—and by his testimony, those of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine—do not meet the incredibly basic (and the minimum legal) standards set forth by the Medical Board of California. He doesn’t think that a physical examination or vital signs are necessary, offered no scientific evidence in support of his vague positions, was rambling and evasive in his testimony, had a poor command of the facts, and even admitted the guilt of the (now former) Doctor he was serving as a paid ‘expert witness’ to help defend. Some expert!
    The Medical Board saw right through David Bearman’s dog and pony show in the Alfonso Jimenez Case Ruling which you can read in full at: http://medpotcrisis.com/docs/jimenezruling.html OR http://medpotcrisis.com/pdfs/JimenezRuling.pdf
    Alfonso Jimenez lost his license because he did not adhere to the basic standards of medicine. Today, those standards are clear, and many doctors recommend medical marijuana to their patients without fear of Medical Board prosecution by simply following the guidelines set forth by the Board and by treating their recommendation of medical marijuana the same as they would recommend any other treatment or medication. No more of this “it’s just pot,” or “it’s safe, it’s harmless.” — if it’s gonna be ‘medical marijuana,’ it needs to be taken seriously.

  7. It is interesting that someone who was not present at Dr. Jimenez’ hearing weaves their own inaccurate spin around an Administrative Law Judges spin in the Jimenez case.
    In regards to standards ,I testified the Dr. Jimenez did NOT meet the standards of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine. In fact the state’s expert and I were in almost toal agreement on standards.
    What I did testify to was whether the proposed and ultimate punishment fit the allegations. I based my testimony on my 14 years as Medical Director of the oldest Medi-Cal managed care county organized health system in the country. In that capaxcity I was responsible for Quality Assurance and Peer Review. In addition I worked with the California State Health Department in auditing the physician who provided care to Medi-Casl recipients. I also discussed the State Health Departments A&I unit reviews with the medical directors of several other Medi-Cal managed care programs.
    While the State Health Department’s Audits and Investigations section found most, if not all .of the errors of omission and commission by one or more of the audited physicians ,that Dr. Jimenez was alleged to have committed, not one was reported to the Medical Board of California, much less punished for it.
    The commentor on the content of my testimony in this case and AACM standards would do well to know what he is talking about before engaging in gross misrepresentation of the record bordering on slander. I suggest that anyone with a real interest in this case read the transcript and come to your own conclusion.
    This case is not over yet. Dr. Jimenez is appealing on the grounds that the Osteopathic Board Administrative Law judge was biased and essentially had her mind made up and further that the punishment was not commensurate with the transgressions. That just might explain her inaccurate distortion of my testimony in her discussion of the case.
    I would admonish NORML just a little for allowing these kind of inaccurate ,wild accusations in this blog. On the other hand this type of open discussion and back and forth can help expose the true nature of the quality of justice being dispensed when it comes to the medicinal use of marijuana.
    David Bearman,M.D.

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