NORML Conference 2009 Thursday

Three hours of live audio from Thursday’s panels at NORML National Conference are now available at our archive of NORML SHOW LIVE. You’ll hear NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano on the science and medicine of marijuana, followed by a panel on patients, caregivers, and small patient collectives moderated by William Panzer, one of the co-authors of Prop 215.
Chris Goldstein and Russ Belville are collecting all the photos, audio, and video from the conference for upload as the day continues.

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  1. Teach our Juries to nullify the cannabis law and send law enforcement and the judicial system packing. O! Don’t forget to request your fast and speedy trail. Wavie nothing, assert every rights you have.

  2. you should organize a protest: not outside the white house or outside congress – but outside CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, et cetera…
    Ultimately, it will not be legalized unless the mainstream media makes a point of mentioning it.

  3. My brother (Charles Smith)is sitting in the Nacogdoches County Jail in Texas for an organized crime charge for 1 plant,I tried to post his bond but 20 minutes after I did it went up to 100000.All he ever wanted was his place in the country and his animals.He is not and has never been a drug dealer,maybe the police shouldn’t be harrassing his wife,trying to get her to say he was selling it.It has medicinal value to him.Back and leg injuries,no heath insurance and the price and side effects of prescription drugs are ridiculous.
    Earl Smith

  4. Norml, Russ Belville I guess your real busy with Conference dont have the time to answer my question .I’ve ask this before of Norml ,like all the work you’ve done in Cali and other States to get medical marijuana for those states ,know you have norml chapters in florida ,but what are or how are you helping to get it on the Florida2010 ballot? TEll me what Norml is doing now in
    florida to help the people of Florida to get the petition they need ?

  5. Sorry Earl your friend just became 856,500, plus him now. It is senseless and shameful that he must now suffer know this has all been based of a Constructive Fraud. How shameful.

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