Conference 2009 – Friday Agenda

Travel Author and NORML Advisory Board Member Rick Steves

Today’s Highlights

  • Welcome – California Assemblyman, Tom Ammiano
  • Lunch On Your Own Presentation with Rick Steves
  • Panels on: pot and politics, legalization, regulation and parenting
  • Listen live NORML Show Live from 11am-2pm (PST)


7:30am Registration
NORML Board Chair Steve Dillon, Esq.,

2009 Marijuana Mitzvah
NORML’s Executive Director Allen St. Pierre

Welcome Speaker
California Assemblyman, Tom Ammiano
The Zeitgeist of ‘Legalization’: Why and How Did This Happen?
Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator, Podcast Host
Pot Politics 2009 and Beyond
Panel Info and Comments

A record number of state legislatures debated marijuana law reform in 2009; a nationwide panel of experts discusses our progress.

Moderator: Keith Stroup, Esq., NORML, Federal Legislation

  • Chris Goldstein, Director, Penn. For Medical Marijuana
  • Rob Kampia, Executive Director, Marijuana Policy Project
  • Dan Linn, Executive Director, Illinois NORML
  • Madeline Martinez, Director, Oregon NORML, member of NORML’s board of directors
  • Jesse Stout, former Director of RIPAC
  • Ken Wolski, RN, Director, Coalition for Medical Marijuana NJ
Lunch On Your Own with travel author and NORML advisory board member Rick Steves presenting the ACLU DVD: ‘Marijuana: Its Time for a Conversation’
Has support for legalization reached a critical mass/tipping point?
Panel Info and Comments

According to national polls, public support for legalizing marijuana has never been higher. Why now? And how do we mobilize this public support into political change? Leaders in the drug law reform movement discuss these trends, and what they portend for future reform efforts.

Moderator: Dave Fratello, Coast Campaign Group

  • Dale Gieringer, Ph.D, Director, CA NORML; member of NORML’s board of directors
  • Rich Lee, Proprietor of ‘Oaksterdam University’ and Campaigner for ‘The Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010’
  • Harry Levine, Ph.D, Queens College
What impact would legalization/regulation have on use rates?
Panel Info and Comments

Critics of marijuana law reform allege that liberalizing cannabis laws will inevitably lead to an explosion in marijuana use.  Yet, according to the World Health Organization, the United States presently enjoys the world’s highest levels of marijuana use despite enforcing some of the world’s most stringent anti-pot laws.  A panel of experts compare and contrast the use of cannabis across the globe and try to make sense of it all.

Moderator: Mitch Earleywine, Ph.D, State University of New York/Albany

  • Paul Armentano, Deputy Director, NORML
  • Robert MacCoun, Ph.D, University of California/Berkeley
  • Craig Reinarman, Ph.D, University of California/Santa Cruz
‘420’ Break…
Pot, Parenting and Legalization
Panel Info and Comments

Talking to your kids about pot isn’t easy. Let these experts advise you on how to begin the discussion, and on how to keep your children safe and informed.

Moderator: Marsha Rosenbaum, Ph.D, Director Emerita, Drug Policy Alliance

  • Ngaio Bealum, West Coast Cannabis
  • Jessica Corry, Esq., Fellow, Independence Institute
  • Robert Corry, Esq.
  • Mitch Earleywine, Ph.D, NORML Advisory Board
  • George Rohrbacher, NORML Board of Directors
  • Rick Steves, NORML Advisory Board
ARO Dinner
(Invite only – Must RSVP)
NORML Chapter and Freedom Fighters Tribute Party
(Invitation-only event held at a NORML board member’s ‘unique’ home)

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  1. The hundreds of thousands of unlawfully held cannabis prisoners hope you have a great lunch today as you discuss who to vote for at the next election in hopes that, that legislaotr(s) will not betray us once again. Will be sitting here suffering for have the balls to ignor the cannabis laws in the first place. Stand and be Counted! Jury Nullification, Know it, Use it, change the Law, it’s simple, a caveman could do it!

  2. Wish I could have been there, but I had just gotten back from a business trip to California.
    I’m excited about the growing trend toward marijuana acceptance. Today on the cover of one of those celebrity magainzes there was mention of Patrick Swayze using medical marijuana, it mentioned this on the cover. Swayze is well-liked by the mainstream so imagine every socder mom in the checkout lane seeing that phrase and having her thinking turned just a little bit….

  3. 420 break?
    It’s stupid cliche things like this that set the movement back years.
    Great for high school kids, not good if you want to ever be taken seriously.

  4. im with #2 smoke break………2 top it all off NORMAL AN IT’s PEOPLE R THE SHIT N WE GOTTA DO THIS i dont care how the fight n if not then i’ll move where it’s more acceptable, Cali here i might come but with a shit load of respect,im one that will speak my tune im jus as sick of this shit as u.N e way i guess thats all i have to say ………shit i better spell it right or someone might complain about my freedom of speech n how i put it

    MANNA IS A DIVINE BENEVOLENCE. Manna is a gift from God as Holy Sacrament. To deny me my sacrament…is to deny me my God, and my Faith. AS I CAN ONLY BE JUDGED BY MY CREATOR AND MY SELF…at communion…
    which is a common faith, experience, and expression shared by a family of believers, as well as their intimate relationship with God…I EXAMINE MY CONSCIENCE, AND MAKE ATONEMENT WITH GOD. The prohibition of my sacrament, is a violation against my Faith, and “THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF.” By prohibiting
    my sacrament…”I AM DENIED THE ABILITY TO JUDGE MY SELF, AND HOLD MY SELF RESPONSIBILE FOR THE RESULTS OF MY ACTIONS.” Therefore…I declare…that any law prohibiting my Faith, and “THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF” is VOIDABLE. Any law prohibiting the medicinal efficacy of cannabis will be treated in the same catagorical procedure as a breach of law, and the American Policy.
    1. Article I, Constitution of the United States of America.
    2. Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
    3. Holy Bible: Genesis I:11,12. Genesis I:29,30,31. Genesis IX:3
    I have read and understand these liberties, and I declare, I am who they say I am, I can do what they say I can do, and what God has given…let no man put us under.
    PROTECTED BY FEDERAL LAW…We the People of the Genesist Faith…as a grass roots movement…by majority rule, and referendum…move to LEGALIZE MEDICINAL CANNABIS in all fifty sovereign states, as expediently, efficiently, and effectively as humanly possible to protect those members of the Genesist Faith with a medical need. Our intent is CONSISTENCY…to all be on the same page, using the same language, CONSISTENTLY. Our purpose is to proclaim the Will of the People of the Genesist Faith with a strong irrevocable mandatory voice. We the People of the Gensist Faith are no longer an INVISABLE, OR UNIDENTIFIED ENTITY, and claim our rights as guaranteed us in the aforementioned references.
    Any individual, group of individuals, or government, attempting to circumvent or prohibit, by criminalization, any Genesist’s Holy Sacrament, or medicinal use, will be considered an enemy of We the People of the Gensist Faith, and will be severely put to the full measure of the law.

  6. Glad you all had a great super conference this weekend, plenty of well meaning words were spoken, many educated people all greading each other, saking hands and sitting down to great lunches. O! ya, those wonderful endorcement and that money of support all finding it’s way into the many bank accounts of those who promise to bring change, change that never has come. While your conference went on discussing how to legalize cannabis, that plant which is unlawfully abrogated for the people, an act of illegal Constructive Fraud, the millions of cannabis prisoners sat watching tv, ate, and were treated like cattle, and their life slowly slips away from humanity, the pot growers all ove North America search the skys and looked for tracks while they try to get this years cannabis crops in. The fear of the oppressive government with their illegal act of injustice went un-checked as your conference goes enjoyed themselves. The American people continued to deal with being oppressed while others went to prison, making possible for the rest of us to enjoy that joint we smoked before we took our families to church this morning. It is so sad that history repeats itself because it seems the lambs are always slaughter before the we realize the wolf. Will we as a human race going to wake up and pull our heads out of ours asses? And POP! goes the world.
    Look children! Blood in our streets, o how did we do this to ourselves again!,
    What Grandmother?, We did this before?
    Yes children, this is the 4th time humanity has lost it’s wisdom on it’s own accord.

  7. Don’t Vote. Boycott!! It’s more effective. We boycott them ( gov’t and greedy Corp.s) by supporting Hemp and Cannabis related industries. Let Em’ know.

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