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Check it out on – Rick Steves coming up soon, plus discussions from the founder of Oaksterdam, Richard Lee; Dr. Harry Levine on race and marijuana arrests; and California NORML’s Dale Gieringer on the current legal landscape there.

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  1. You have done a great job on educateing people about hemp.I think its time to take it state by state and get legalization . I would join forces with the smokers of tobbacco to get the Draconian taxes and prohibition there overturned. While you might say its two seperate issuses its not.Legalazation of pot will have a much harder time of it if the war against tobbacco is defeated.If you dont want the over taxation of it in the long run it would be better to join forces now because after all it is smokeing. Finally while the medical aspect has been a lever to get more acceptance it ultimately becomes a masqurade to the real issue that many people would prefer to smoke grass than drink or use tobbacco,people want it as thier recreational vice of choice.
    Which then becomes a very clear and strong choice that pot smokers cause far less trouble than boozers. That is a slam dunk. I would also make a very big issue of the fact that George Washington was a huge supporter,he gre it drank the tea and smoked it. Who then is any politician to stand up and say its bad or a gateway drug. I would then get all famous people to admit they smoked it and prefered it to alcohol in a sort of either you are with us or against us outing. I hope my comments help.All The Best Lee Stevens

  2. Every Saturday on , KGO Radio of San Francisco , Gene Burns does a show devoted entirely to Wine an Alcoholic drink responsible for thousand of deaths every year, health related problems , alcoholism , agression and addiction . He is SENDING A WRONG MESSAGE TO KIDS .He is pushing drug(s) on his show and that is wrong . Give him your thought and ask him to stop pushing drugs on his program . You can contact him by going to ” KGO Radio ” & get his contact information . Let’s send him a clear message ; STOP Pushing Drugs like Alcohol .

  3. Hell yes!!! Hemp as wall as Cannabis have several arena’s in which it’s( “grass” ) favorablity towers over booz.

  4. I am not a lawyer. I have been to many Court rooms for different reasons and stood for myself or my wife as a criminal, civil, and traffic as a Defendant, Plaintiff, and as an interested party. I have study the law of the land and the courts on my own. My college education is in world cultures, world prehistory and cultural histories of America as well as education in human behavior or what was once called mental health. I am a skilled public servant and volunteer worked 7.5 years as a firefighter/driver/operator/ EMT-I/All Water Rescue and Recovery team leader and trainer for my area. I have always smoked cannabis, some 30 years or more now.
    This is where I am coming from, just another simple guy who wants the system to work.
    NOW, For one moment lets talk about the Duty of the Court and the Rights Secured by the People. Here is a few thoughts to contemplate about our Court system and why I say we should attack the Cannabis Laws by class action writ and title actions. This is a peaceful approach left to us by our founding fathers.
    The Courts are not bound by mere forms, nor are they to be misled by mere pretenses. They are at Liberty —- indeed, they are under a solemn duty—- to look at the substance of things, whenever they enter upon the inquiry whether the legislature has transcended the limits of its authority. If therefore, a statue purporting to have been enacted to protect the public health, the public morals, or the public safety, has no real or substantial relation to those objects, or is a palpable invasion of the Rights secured by the fundamental law, it is the duty of the Courts to so adjudge, and thereby give effect to the Constitution. (Related case law: Mugler v. Kansas, 123 U.S. 623, 661)
    It is the Duty of the Court to be watchful for the Constitutional Rights of the Citizen, and against any stealthy encroachments thereof. (Related case law: Boyd v. United States, 116 U.S. 616 (1886))
    Closing thought:
    There can be no liberty if the power of judging be not separated from the legislative and executive powers. (Related case law: Searle v. Yensen, 118 Neb., 835, 226 N.W. 464, 69 P 2d 953.)
    Remember this the next time you lite up your joint and enjoy your outlawed liberty;
    Liberty lies in the hearts of the people; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it. While liberty lies in the hearts of the people it needs no constitution, no law, no court to save it.

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