U.S. DEA Finally Gets Its Man

Just over four years ago, former U.S. DEA administrator Karen Tandy announced to the world that her agency had struck “a significant blow … to the marijuana legalization movement” by indicting Canada’s so-called ‘Prince of Pot,’ Marc Emery.
For nearly two decades Emery operated a successful marijuana seed bank operation in Vancouver, British Columbia — a venture which he used to directly fund cannabis law reform efforts around the globe, including the magazine Cannabis Culture, the internet site Pot TV, and the founding of the British Columbia Marijuana Party.
Emery’s seed business was hardly a secret. For many years, Emery mailed copies of his seed catalogue to Canadian politicians. A Canadian court convicted him in 1998 and sentenced him to a $2,000 fine. Undeterred, Emery continued to sell seeds — and pay federal taxes on his profits — up until his arrest. Canadian authorities were happy to accept his tax money, and officials at Health Canada, which oversees Canada’s legal medical marijuana program, often recommended that patients contact Emery for grow advice. Nevertheless, when the Feds came calling, the Canadian authorities were swift to throw Marc Emery to the wolves.
Even though Emery’s alleged crimes would have warranted, at most, a month in jail in his home country, Canadian authorities yesterday placed Marc into custody so that he can be extradited to the United States. Once here, he faces up to five years in prison for pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana (more than 100 plants) in violation of 21 USC 841(a)(1) and 841(b)(1)(B).
But lets not kid ourselves. Marc Emery was hardly a high level target because he sold marijuana seeds to the U.S. — a simple google search will yield dozens of listings of competitors that presently engage in similar activities. No, it wasn’t so much what Marc did (“There isn’t a single victim in my case, no one who can stand up and say, ‘I was hurt by Marc Emery.’ No one,” he told the Vancouver Sun) as it was what he did with his money that aroused the ire of U.S. anti-drug officials.
And we have Karen Tandy’s own words to prove it.

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  1. Pot was outlawed by pinheaded politians for bullshit reasons and is kept that way them.
    It STINKS that our tax dollars are being used against us, lovers of freedom, to harass us and to fund a propaganda campaign of falsehoods to brainwash people, stigmatize us, and keep us quiet.
    It TOTALLY sucks that the “War On Freedom” wastes hundreds of billions of dollars that could be used to provide health insurance for the uninsured, cure cancer, or help people out of poverty, etc.. The money being wasted provides no value to the American people.
    Leave it to heavy handed politicians to make a war out of something that could have been better handled with feedom of choice and understanding, education, and treatment (for those who have trouble with harder drugs). Instead we have a giant beauracracy and an army of DEA agents who get a kick out of pretending they’re Rambo. Oh, that really helps the economy!
    Praise to MARC EMERY and all the rest of you who speak up for what you believe in. I hope someday intellegence, reason, and compassion leads this country, not greed, religion, bigottry, and narrow-mindedness.

  2. I cant believe canada would bend over and let the USA have its way with them. To allow a citizen that is guilty of no crime to be dragged out of the country irks me. My country of america is using the so called drug war’war on citizens” to usurp our freedom sucks. we need to go out on the streets and scream for the drug war to be halted. the economy has tanked , people losing jobs,and the government is waging war against the people. hhmmmm sounds a lot like Hitler and Stalin Donate to Norml or MPP and change things. reach for your wallet and make war against our corrupt and getting more corrupt government.

  3. Looks like Canada just became the US DA’s “b*tch”
    Canda please fight for your rights: Please dont tell this go down without one hell of a fight
    Signed, An American Citizen

  4. free mark!!! America has no business meddling in other countries affairs!! The DEA is nothing other than a nazi organization which overrides the constitution to ruin lives and break up families for the drug companies,cops,lawyers,prison guards all in the name of money$$$$$. legalize cannabis and free mark emery!!
    signed-american citizen

  5. So because this man grew a plant… What about the CIA that tortures and is not held responsible? What about Bush and Cheney invading a country under false pretenses? No one wants to talk about that…
    Tell what DEA, IM the new Marc Emery. You want to put him in jail, SURPRISE a new activist was born.
    New generation of activists arent afraid of you. YOU are the terrorist, not Marc. YOU are the ones with skis masks and semi auto rifles. YOU are the ones killing an innocent paster, not Marc. YOU are the ones who have no accountability for anything you do.
    DEA is a bunch of hypocrite terrorists who should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for the out right murder against its citizens. YOU work for US not the other way around.

  6. Marc,
    I am very sorry about the way the US Government is treating you.I am sorry they steal the fruits of my labor and use this money to terrorize you.I am sorry that your country rolled over on you the way they did.I am sorry that so many people are like carnivorous sheep,just waiting to tear the flesh from whomever the US mind controllers choose to demonize.I am sorry for what they did to Tommy Chong,Willie nelson,and so on and so on…I am sorry for all the people in the US who really buy into the freedom thing.In the US you are free,only if you agree.Lastly, in your case I am sorry to be an American.
    You once helped me out at a bad time in my life.Thanks
    You can bet I’ll be pulling for YOU in what ever (sheepish) way I can.

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