Who's Behind Pot Prohibition? The Answer Is Obvious

Without a doubt the question I’m most often asked professionally is this: “Why is marijuana still illegal?”
The common inference behind this question is that there must be some behind the scenes cabal of Big Pharma, Tobacco, and Alcohol executives conspiring to keep cannabis illegal. By contrast, the real culprits behind pot prohibition are far more overt.
Law enforcement organizations — including cops, district attorneys, prosecutors, prison guard unions, sheriffs, and narcotics officers associations — remain the primary force working against sensible marijuana law reform.
Case in point? Look no further than these two egregious examples:

Los Angeles County D.A. prepares to crack down on pot outlets
via the Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley said Thursday he will prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries for over-the-counter sales, targeting a practice that has become commonplace under an initiative approved by California voters more than a decade ago.
“The vast, vast, vast majority, about 100%, of dispensaries in Los Angeles County and the city are operating illegally, they are dealing marijuana illegally, according to our theory,” he said. “The time is right to deal with this problem.”
Cooley and Los Angeles City Atty. Carmen Trutanich recently concluded that state law bars sales of medical marijuana, an opinion that could spark a renewed effort by law enforcement across the state to rein in the use of marijuana. It comes as polls show a majority of state voters back legalization of marijuana, and supporters are working to place the issue on the ballot next year.

Even prior to the passage of California’s passage of Prop. 215, cannabis dispensaries — the same sort of dispensaries that D.A. Cooley now unilaterally defines as a “problem” — operated openly, and without incident, in L.A. County. Today, over 1,000 such operations exist in Los Angeles. District Attorney Cooley has now arbitrarily declared that “100%” of these dispensaries are acting illegally based not on a court decision, but rather on his own personal anti-pot bias.
Do a majority of public of L.A. county share D.A. Cooley’s view that open market, regulated medi-pot transactions are, in fact, a “problem?” Not at all. Does the will of the voters actually matter to their District Attorney? Not at all.
According to a separate story from the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, D.A. Cooley “was one of dozens of guests at a recent conference … in which the topic was the ‘eradication of medical-marijuana dispensaries in the city of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County,’ according to a flier advertising the event hosted by the California Narcotics Officers’ Association.”
This, of course, would be the same California Narcotics Officers Association that just last month issued the white paper: “California Police Chiefs Association Position Paper on the Decriminalization of Marijuana.” You can read the entire position paper here (Have a potent anti-emetic handy!), but here’s some excerpts.

“Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act, was passed by California voters in 1996 on a ballot initiative promoted by those who subscribe to the idea that all drug use should be legalized.”
“It has become clear, despite the claims of use by critically ill people that only about 2% of those using crude Marijuana for medicine are critically ill. [Editor’s note: Predictably, no statements, including this bogus percentage, are actually cited with any supporting documentation.] The vast majority of those using crude Marijuana as medicine are young and are using the substance to be under the influence of THC and have no critical medical condition. … Marijuana is being abused by people who have no serous medical condition and simply like to be intoxicated on Marijuana.
“Marijuana as a smoked product has never proven to be medically beneficial and, in fact, is much more likely to harm one’s health.”
“The thought of decriminalizing Marijuana or allowing taxation of Marijuana is bewildering. The thought that a group of individuals would want to advocate for decriminalization of a substance that the state of California has deemed to be carcinogenic is alarming. [Editor’s note: Alcoholic beverages and aspirin — along with over 300 other substances — are also included on California’s Prop. 65 list of official carcinogens. I suppose the CNOA would argue that these substances ought to be illegal as well.] “The use of intoxicating and addictive substances fuels crime and destroys lives by creating addiction and dependency. Children are victims of abuse and neglect at the hands of parents or caretakers who live in addiction. Young adults are particularly vulnerable to addiction. Relaxed attitudes toward drug use place them at greater risk of addiction. Clearly legalization of Marijuana will lead to great use by those who would not use if it were not legal. [Editor’s note: Virtually every study on this subject finds just the opposite outcome. You can read summaries from a couple dozen or so here, here, and here.] This increased use will lead to negative outcomes.”
“Much as we see in the use of other controlled substances,
people who become addicted to Marijuana and cannot afford to maintain their addiction will turn to crime in order to supply themselves with their drug of choice.”
“Marijuana is not and never will be good for the success, education, and well-being of our society. When a person examines the two known abused drugs in our society, alcohol and tobacco, from a Public Health standpoint, those two substances would be recommended today to be banned. [Editor’s note: And apparently the CNOA would be in full support of such a ban.] The California Police Chiefs Association clearly understands that this will not occur. But, the discussion of Marijuana is important especially in light of the money being infused by the Drug Alliance [Editor’s note: Who are they?] and their ability to prey on unsuspecting compassionate people of our great state.”

Who is really behind marijuana prohibition. The answer should be obvious.

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  1. Call COOLEY and COMPLAIN: (213) 974-3512
    Most likely you will get an unnamed female that will direct you elsewhere as if you are a mere fly! Oh the nerve of these people!

  2. It’s not fair to blame law enforcement for the prohibition of cannabis. Law enforcement does not write the laws. But once the laws are written, people who decide they want to become police officers have to agree, enthusiastically, to enforce the law. When people start standing up and refusing to become police officers because of a bad law, we may see some action. But meanwhile, those most enthusiastic about prohibition will be the most enthusiastic about becoming police officers. And enforcing drug laws is strictly doughnut gobbling territory, not much skill in law enforcement is required and prosecution is always easy to achieve. It becomes a vicious circle. Those most successful at finding and busting drug offenders, become the most successful police officers.
    But who is really taking in the money in drug prohibition? Why organized crime, of course. Police officers don’t make all that much money. We need police officers, even if we can end the Drug War. Organized crime hates law enforcement with a passion for reasons having nothing to do with cannabis. Profits are so huge for organized crime, it is easy to imagine it is a conspiracy hatched by organized crime in the wake of the hugely profitable Prohibition of Alcohol.

  3. Hi. I’m a fellow who has blogged Foreign Policy, news and a whole bunch of wild stuff for years. Many of you don’t seem to know the first thing about getting information out of the wildest information system around : the online library that is the internet.
    I’m alone in the country and decided to find my way around. I’ve been at it for years.
    First. Who remembers Air America ? Mel Gibson, hokey airplane cargo runs, etc ? That was Vietnam. What was the cargo ? Pot.
    Fast forward a few decades. Do you know what really grows well in Afghanistan ? Poppies. Morphine production should be up : but there’s a shortage of it in hospitals in India.
    War Against Drugs. Sounds like a good way to run the competition out of town if you own the distribution network.
    Think about it. Organized Crime has had so much money for years they can buy anything they want. Would you seriously take a position that they haven’t ?
    Here are a couple of shockers that go against all sentiment I have heard so far in this thread.
    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

  4. “Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley said Thursday he will prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries for over-the-counter sales, targeting a practice that has become commonplace under an initiative approved by California voters more than a decade ago.”
    If the voters approved it and he’s personally taking it away, why don’t the californians use their voice and remove him from office. He’s a public servant, who works for the state, which is made up of the people. If you don’t like what he’s doing then remove him from office.

  5. District Attorney’s Office
    County of Los Angeles
    210 West Temple Street, Suite 18000
    Los Angeles, CA 90012-3210
    Telephone (213) 974-3512
    Fax (213) 974-1484
    TTY (800) 457-7778
    (8:30am – 5:00pm M-F)

  6. District Attorney’s Office
    County of Los Angeles
    210 West Temple Street, Suite 18000
    Los Angeles, CA 90012-3210
    Dear District Attorney Cooley,
    I am highly disappointed and extremely dismayed at your immorally misplaced priorities!
    As you know, the city of Los Angeles has a backlog of over 3,000 untested rape kits and is facing myriad law enforcement and budgetary cuts, as well as overflowing prisons! Yet you put medicinal marijuana at the forefront of eradication and enforcement. Why?
    Can you explain the methodology, which allows you to utilize tax payer funds in such an egregious and inappropriate manner?
    I look forward to a reasonable response based on scientific evidence and rational thought.

    Consciousness raising , awareness, reality are wiser than the culture from which they arose. “THE TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAILS.” It complicates the “OSTENSIBLE MORAL CERTAINTY” of prohiitionists…and…once again, when we closely examine the facts, i.e. the truth, “THE PROHIBITIONIST FINDS NO SOLID GROUND TO STAND ON,” only a platform of childish indignation riddled with untruths, delusion, and deception…and
    …to prohibs, the means justify the end…or…is it the other way around.
    If…”THE TRUTH HURTS”…it’s only logical that these trespassers must be in severe and excruciating pain from the outrageous lies they profess to be the truth. Within them, a moral imbalance exists.
    Genesists know “THE TRUTH”…and…we can prove it. Genesists are willing to risk harm for the “TRUTHS SAKE”…i.e. liberty. We know…it’s all too easy for Genesists to see ourselves as fighting on God’s side, to identify our ideology with “WHAT’S BEST FOR THE WORLD,” and use it to justify our actions…’WHAT’S GOOD FOR GENERAL MOTORS/BULL MOOSE, IS GOOD FOR THE U.S.A.” Projecting evil onto the world makes Genesists unassailably right, a position as dangerous in politics, as in marriage. “THE STRUGGLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL IS A PRIMAL DISEASE OF THE MIND.” Yet,
    we Genesists are fully confident that we have an appointed place in the divine order of things.
    Prohibs are motivated to deny…or…refuse to accept the truth…and…”FINDS NO SOLID GROUND TO STAND ON.” There are two ways to fool one’s self. One is to believe what [isn’t] true…the other is to refuse to believe what [is] true. Prohibs honor both with their allegiance. For these two reasons alone…these trespassers should never be allowed to “PASS JUDGMENT…OR…MAKE LAWS.”

  8. the war on weed is a disgusting waste of money that is not only unpatriotic but seriously treason, if you take into account the two facts that hemp/cannabis is the only plant capable of rapidly enough producing nough biomass to reverse the at the very least semi catalcysmic pollution situation we have caused, the second being that this country was founded on the pursuit of happiness and this plant was a major part of our founding fathers lives and goals for the country. 1

  9. “THE PROHIBITIONIST FINDS NO SOLID GROUND TO STAND ON” while stomping on our liberties which is outside the scope of the Constitution and the will of the people. Be at liberty and use Jury Nullification and send those wayward lying folks packing.
    Don’t throw your seeds in the trash, plant them for all to see, right out on main street USA. Let your cannabis seeds march in your stead, let the plants stand up by the millions in the face of the enemy. The government wants to rip cannabis plants from the ground, lets give thme something to do with their time, plant your seeds and give law enforcement something to do. Seed every foreclosed property, every public flower pot or planter, every divided highway right away, in and outside every government building. Show this government who is boss, take control of this issue and stop this unjust law in it’s tracks.
    JURY NULLIFICATION will express the will of the people in a way our government can not ignor.
    Plant your seeds and bring them to their knees.
    If 40 million cannbis uses throw just one handful of seeds each, well then, the planet will look and smell wonderful even though we are in deep shit with all that we have done.

    In this manipulated culture, bloated with puritan consciousness, it seems appropriate to initiate these primitive prohibitionists into humanity. We shout to their face…”WE ARE THE MIGHTIEST, WHO MAKE THE WORLD TREMBLE.” There is no homeric subtlety or eloquence here…just Genesists speaking for the will of our creator…and in doing that…nothing can bring us out of our challenge mode. We are filed with moral outrage at prohibitionists, and are here to balance their oppression, and their rebellion against the divine orders of our creator.
    When it comes to our sacrament, this whole world is out of balance, and if it is ever to become balanced again, it will be up to Genesists to overcome and conquer the injustices of the prohibitionist’s “EXCESS OF MORAL CERTAINTY.” There are priciples of justice to be upheld, there is our Constitution to honor and protect, and there is a duty to our creator. We Genesists will stand at each other’s side until we have won victory…and…prohibitionists can “TEND THEIR BISCUITS.”
    It is the Genesist’s ultimate objective to strike a balance…to balance each other perfectly…so our great country can find peace, and once again live in vibrancy, and embrace the vision of a truly civilized festive society. God is in his heaven, and for the time being, all is not right with the world. We Genesists are pledged to make it right…for our creator’s sake.

  11. Bud will be obtained and it doesnt matter if those means are illegaly or legaly. So why doesnt our Government kill 2 birds with one stone and legalize and tax it helping to reduce our national debt and at the same time they would be taking the drug money out of the hands of criminals who would use that money to potentialy buy guns and other weapons in order to harm others. Legalizing it could not only help our economy but it could save lives and boost national moral to possibly an all time HIGH!

  12. the police office(was stationed in Germany in the Army) at my school stated the other day at lunch, “all those people that want to legalize pot should go to Amsterdam to see all of the trash, needles and panties that are left everywhere” I laughed and said, “What, is it like some sort of Tom Jones concert?”
    If that is all he (cops) could come up with, the end is near!! I guess he hasn’t driven down an Atlanta interstate lately to see all the trash, or counted the beer cans and cups left at Univ of GA football game.

  13. Alright, I understand that law enforcement is the biggest threat to the legalization of marijuana, but I’m still thouroughly confused as to why. It doesn’t matter how you feel about the drug itself, it still costs law enforcement mass amounts of money to seek out and punish the useres, so again I ask why? There is nothing beneficial about marijuana being illegal, to anyone as far as I’m concerned. Any legitimate study will prove that, so where are all these statistics suggesting that pot is nothing but harmful coming from? I just don’t understand who is benefiting from its prohibition, in fact it seems like we’re all suffering from it (considering how quickly this economy would turn around if it was legalized and taxed). This is a legitimate question, so please if you have a legitimate answer I would be sincerely interested to hear it.

  14. You know what the real BS is? Im currently in my 7th month of probation from having LESS THAN A GRAM OF WEED in one of my coat pockets. It was litterally about the size as the head of a nail. When the drug dogs do their random searches of high schools they came to mine and i got caught with that, the judge gave me a 50,000 bail and a class B felony. Thanks to my attourney the charge was reduced to a class B misdimenor, But i still had to dish out about 3500 for bail/bond. Now I went through a treatment program beacuse i was supposedly “addicted” to marijuana. Funny right? Any who i got out of that program and made the mistake of smoking a joint. So after that came back in my tox screen for probation i decided continuing to do the thing i love most wasnt worth the 3-9 months i would spend in jail and i stopped smoking weed about 3 months ago. NOW probation wants me to go and repeat the program THAT I GOT THROUGH AND COMPLETED WHILE SMOKING WEED now that i have STOPPED SMOKING WEED. I’ve been getting clean toxes for 2 months now and i think ive proven that TREATMENT PROGRAMS DONT DO JACK SHIT BUT TAKE YOUR MONEY, TELL YOU YOUR AN ADDICT, AND WASTE YOUR TIME LYING TO YOU ABOUT THE HEALTH RISKS OF SMOKING WEED. I stopped smoking weed of my own accord and will not be going back to it untill all this mess with probation is cleaned up and im a free man. I may not be an active member of the weed smoking community but ill be damnded if im not going to continue to support it. remember people YES WE CANNIBUS.

    Prohibs have annihilated our tolerance level. This is the result of prohibs utter disregard for our Constitution, and their “NOT PLAYING BY THE RULES”

    Prohibs have annihilated our tolerance level. This is the result of prohibs utter disregard for our Constitution, and their “NOT PLAYING BY THE RULES”…
    but rather…playing by their dominating morals and idealism…”A FLAGRANT WACK AT LIBERTY.”
    Prohibs…”CAN’T BUILD A WALL HIGH ENOUGH”…to separate Genesists from their Holy Sacrament. Prohibs have perpetrated absolutely hideous attempts to do that, and will bear God’s displeasure…but…not before prohibs experience ours. “WE DEMAND OUR POUND OF FLESH.” Too many…of us have lost our lives to the prohibs “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.” Too many…lives and families have been disrupted and destroyed. Too many…have lost their freedom to incarceration, and their civil rights to criminalization/felonization. Too many…
    constitutional rights have been trampled on and violated.
    Instead of caving in to what prohibs want us to be…we have to be who we want to be…and are. “MANNA IS OURS”…we want it…and…we’re taking it…like it or not. So!…get lost prohibs…ya bother me. “TEND YOUR BISCUITS.”
    Manford Mantis

  17. 99 GAIL MCLEAN
    There are more that agree with you than disagree…for more reason than cannabis. I am a McLean of Murray…
    Clan Gunn…Aut * Pax * Aut * Bellum…peace or war. “Prohibs are scheduled for an ass extraction.”
    There’s a whole bunch of angry Americans that wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to grab a handful of their uncut cake, pop their balloons, spit in their punch, and duct tape their ass to the wall.
    Yes!…we are in a revolutionary mood, and have declared our grievances. Accordingly, we hold a stone in one hand, but have yet to cast it. We have yet to cast our vote…which we hold in the other hand…and are prepared to cast as a vote of non-confidence.
    We should also realize this. When playing football with rhinos, hippos, and elephants…the power can be as little as a squirl in a zebra’s uniform, pointing his finger, and blowing his whistle. So it is with cannabis! That “little squirl” has all the power. But…if that squirl doesn’t make the right call he might just get his finger jammed up his nose, and that whistle shoved up his ars, as he’s chased out of the stadium.

  18. Being a former partaker of the BUD, I will always believe that the people(Big $$) who grew Hemp for the Gov in U.S. are still the ones who are profiting from it being illegal. When Ronald Reagan cracked down on the borders, the price doubled, but there was more Marijuana available than ever. The price increase allowed for more money to be paid to the corrupt gov. officials, so they would overlook the contraband coming across the border. Remember Ollie North and Iran/ Contra. The gov made money to use for covert operations!

    Make no mistake!…Because prohibitionists have
    “DECLARED WAR”…against cannabis…visa vis Genesists
    …”SOMEONE HAS TO LOSE.” This because…neither is going to give up.
    God is not happy in his/her heaven because…his/her children are dishonoring and waring over his/her “GIFT OF MANNA AS HOLY SACRAMENT.” Neither is he/she thrilled over the prohibition of his/her medicine. There is but one thing to say about God’s medicine
    …”IT WORKS.”
    So!…We are forewarned of the impending results of war…”SOMEONE HAS TO LOSE.” Genesists declare: “IT’S NOT GOING TO BE US.”

  20. I agree with previous comments that the police are the main force behind keeping marijuana illegal. How many “Cops” television shows have you seen where the cops set up stings to trap dime bag dealers on the street corner or they spot a car with a tail light out and then search for marijuana. Makes me sick every time I see that happen but strengthens my will for legalization.

  21. P.S. TO 123
    15 To all elected representatives.
    87 Without a weave a thread is just a piece of string.

  22. I drink and dont smoke cigarrettes, they are poison to me but alcohol is crammed down your throat on a daily basis thru advertising. I do weed and not ashamed of it. I dont look to harder drugs nor will i consider it. our elected folks are real jerks. here in ga. they want to cane you if you smoke and kill you if you deal it. what jerks we have they would rather push on you a pill that makes a hard on. come on what is the deal with these people they are the true idiots of the world. they would rather see you drunk and smoking a cig. instead of trying to figure out a way to better our lives. they make laws for people to break such as the weed and yea it is pushed by big business and there right about the drug testing for the only 1 they can catch is the mj. It is ashame for them to push there pills like they do and say it is legal but then have a 4qtr. profit. unbelievable. what a bunch of crooks that run our state and nation.

  23. The latest pro-drunk anti pot idiot law on the table in Michigan now is if you call 911 about drunk children you won`t get busted. In short our government wants to make it easier to get children drunk. But every day the search helicopters and planes keep looking for marijuana while the pedophiles that make the laws enjoy their drunkenness now almost legal to get children drunk now. Our government has clearly shown where they stand. Kill all the potheads and give the drunk baby rapers more children to play with.

  24. The latest pro-drunk anti pot idiot law on the table in Michigan now is if you call 911 about drunk children in your house you won`t get busted. In short our government wants to make it easier to get children drunk. But every day the search helicopters and planes keep looking for marijuana while the alcoholic-pedophiles that make the laws enjoy their drunkenness now almost legal to get children drunk now. Our government has clearly shown where they stand. Kill all the potheads and give the drunk baby rapers more children to play with…….. This is for anyone who lost their career or family because of marijuana law. Do you care if the drunk flying the search plane/helicopter loses his job? Do you care if the liquid drug dealers and their liquid drug pushing employees; can`t name alcohol companies because they are protected by the drunken government, lose their jobs? Do you care if the drunks in government and law enforcement lose their job? How about all the freakin drug sniffing dog`s that make more money than you created by a stupid law that protects alcohol,pharmaceutic,drug lords, government etc. etc. I hope their children become victims of alcohol abuse. May your family get ran over by an endless stream of drunk drivers. Maybe then , when everyone is dead, except for the drunk idiots in control, they will realize what hypocritical idiots they have become. They say it`s about the children but the people in charge just want drunk children for their amusement. This war on marijuana has been fought with no resistance from the users. I want the world to see how evil alcohol is compared to marijuana. Legalize marijuana for 2 years. Meanwhile, make alcohol illegal for the same period of time. I guarantee that the drunks won`t be “peaceful” like the potheads are. The drunks will take up arms and kill. Don`t believe me? Let`s try it. Put your whiskey where your mouth is drunk!!!!

  25. Question. If the federal government treats marijuana as legal for medical purposes in some states why isn’t it automatically legal in all states. If a drug company puts out a new drug they don’t get it approved state by state. Why can’t we follow this same logic?
    The government gave up the right to regulate marijuana when they outlawed it.

  26. I have drank till I couldn’t walk and snorted cocaine till I passed out but as much as I tried I could not harm myself with marijuana.

  27. It seems like this whole pro-drug movement over the U.S. lately, and no one has the balz to say anything anti-drug. People are scared of sugar, animal products…not drugs…No one has trouble getting them, there is no shortage…I like medicine when I’m sick, but to medicate myself all the time, no thanks…Well even cigarettes were pushed on everyone for years..even re-marketed to get a female following ” You’ve come a long way baby”…

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