NORML’s 38th Annual Conference: Strung Through The Heart

By George Rohrbacher, NORML Board of Directors, medical marijuana patient
NORML’s 38th annual conference in San Francisco, convened September 24-26, was the best attended, ever. Held at the Grand Hyatt, downtown, under classic San Fran weather conditions: 78 degrees and sunny, with the fog creeping up over the hills and a river of fog laying atop the water, streaming in from the ocean through the Golden Gate, sailboats, freighters…the sun-drenched surrounding hill…all of which was to be seen from the hotel’s restaurant on the 36th floor. Medicating could be done, down at street level, on the plaza surrounding the hotel. NORML’s annual conference was held downstairs in the grand ballroom and adjoining meeting spaces. Well, my brothers and sisters in the movement to legalize marijuana, we kicked ass this during this amazing weekend!

The caliber of the presenters and breath of topics @ NORML 38.0 was just astonishing; everything from martial artists using cannabis just before the fight for calming and focus, to how current tax court decisions are shaping the trend toward a wider range of services delivered to patients at dispensaries, to a deep and satisfying look into the science of the exceptional safety profile and utility of cannabis as a medicine. And, if you couldn’t have been there in San Francisco with us, now for the very first time in history, you can attend conference from anywhere in the world, free, on the Internet, simply by visiting NORML’s 38th conference broadcast.
I arrived in San Francisco early enough the day before Conference started to do the NORML “walk through” with Grand Hyatt hotel staff. My morning had started at home at 4:00am doing chores before the two-hour drive to the airport, then my flight to SFO and transport to the Hyatt, only to find out that I was one of the 57 attendees who were being bumped to other hotel properties for one night, because a nasty overbooking computer-glitch. The cynical among us made muffled comments that this “glitch” might have something to do with the US Customs Service/Homeland Security Conference in progress at the hotel the day of NORML’s arrival. The overbooking problem ruffled a few feathers, but we got over it quickly and everyone with a reservation at conference was booked onsite by the end of the first day. The Grand Hyatt staff was awesome in dealing with the mess. And after all, really, how can you be in a bad mood anyway, you’re in San Francisco at a NORML Conference???
A tiny case in point: on day 1 of Conference, during our 4:20 afternoon break, as several hundred of us medicated on the plaza, San Francisco’s Thursday Green-Transportation Bike Protest, with police escort, pedaled by, a significant number of their ranks biking buck-naked…
As I lay in bed that night, finally in my rightful hotel room, my head a-buzz with all the people I’d talked to and some of the world’s finest cannabis, I pondered why NORML Conference was so much fun, and why I had gotten such a huge emotional lift from the day’s events. Sure, I was seeing old friends, making new ones, the common struggle and all of that…but as I continued to think about it, I realized that while those were all important elements of it, but they did not account for the power of what I was feeling.
Then it struck me! Just three weekends before NORML’s Conference, over the Labor Day weekend, my wife and I had held our daughter’s wedding on our ranch, with 70 campers and 120 guests for a sit-down dinner under a tent set up next to our home. We had the first rain in 14 weeks and rainbows the day of the ceremony. The feelings I was getting from the first day of NORML’s Conference was something very much akin to those same feelings that welled up inside that big tent during my daughter’s wedding. Yes. NORML, too, was a meeting of family, self-chosen family, the very tip of an iceberg, a worldwide network of people who, with cannabis, are strung through the heart.
The more I thought about all the people I’d talked to that first day, our wheelchair warriors, our intellectual samurai, our organizers at ground zero…the more I realized that almost to a person, they were at NORML’s 38th annual conference because there was a truth that must be told, a wrong that must be righted, sick people who must be cared for, the defenseless defended…they were there in San Francisco primarily because their hearts demanded it, their internal compass of right-and-wrong would accept no less.  And, after all the many years of losing our battles, after 20 million marijuana arrests, the tide has started to turn…
We are winning on many fronts now…but, it is not over, there is so much left to do, please help. Join the fight; please join NORML, if you haven’t done so already. And, I hope to see you at the 39th annual conference, next year.

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  1. the first thing i think about in the morning and the last thing i think about before falling asleep is cannabis…… my only regret is not having the life i need to spread the word as much as i could…… i make do though….. i talk about it to as much people as i possibly can, i try to change as many minds as i can hell ive even gotten a couple people into smoking….. i cant imagine the life you guys at NORML must lead….. knowing how many peoples lives you have affected, knowing how much of a part you are in the movement….. knowing that millions of people know who you are and what you do, being the voice of those same millions of people….. i envy all of you…… keep up the great work and i just want to let you know, one day, i hope to be someone just like you

  2. Doesn’t Hyatt Regency own more prisons in this country than any other corporate entity? Hmmm…
    2 and 2 together… (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  3. Legalize it already, the world is going insane from not being able to smoke weed, that was put on this earth to smoke if you want to. There is no reason for it to be illegal.

  4. I tell you what, writings like this make me hate that I’m on the other side of the world. I’m so proud of NORML and what they’re doing. In my book, NORML isnt some fad or anything else that would be taken lightly.
    I had a feeling of these sorts 2 weeks ago. I went home to Louisiana for my first time in 9 months, and as I sat at the dinner table with my immediate family and the former sheriff of Vernon parish Frankie Howard. As we talked politics and the problems we have in our state, I decided to take the plunge and bring up the controversial topic of cannabis. To my amazement, my own father voiced his opinion that “marijuana should be legal, as long as they’re not hurting anybody”. Understand that this is a respected man in many opinions other than my own. To hear him say that, I saw the my brother and myself had opened his eyes to more than the way things have always been. Frankie believes that one day it will be legal everywhere, after its legal somewhere. I was so excited at that moment and divulged everything about NORML that I could think of. I spoke of how NORML advocates responsible usage and how we desire to be legal with our recreation. My heart was in my throat the whole time and I was truely happy. The story above reminded me of that feeling, and hopefully someone from Louisiana will read this and get motivated enough to start (or even better continue) to email our state representatives and people in power.
    So again, thanks NORML for being the spearhead behind which I stand. You guys rock.
    Tyler D. Delrie

  5. This is a problem I have with NORML. I am a supporter of legalization and I have even worked your booths at local events. My husband benefited greatly from using Medical Marijuana during cancer treatments and I’d like to be able to use it like I would a glass of wine after dinner from time to time.
    However, when I worked that booth half the people there were baked. They couldn’t put forth coherent rebuttals to myths because they were wasted.
    Likewise, at the NORML conference where you are supposed to be discussing serious issues and developing strategies you’re all downstairs getting wasted.
    We know that Marijuana alters perception – that’s the reason we enjoy it recreationally. So, it makes no sense to me to be getting baked when you should be dealing with serious issues. The time for fun is when the work is done.
    Maybe this is why it’s 40 years on and we’re still on square one with this movement. Come on guys, light up when the work is done not when you’re supposed to have a clear head to develop plans to move forward.
    [Editor’s note: For someone who claims to support legalization, your perpetuating stereotypes that are damaging to reform is not at all helpful. NORML’s staff and volunteers are not ‘wasted’ in public and they readily rebut government propaganda at the drop of a dime.
    The NORML conference recently convened in San Francisco was the best attended ever with a small minority of attendees not present in the plenary sessions at any one time because they were at the vendor booths, networking with other activists in the halls or medicating out in the outdoor space provided by the hotel.
    Your perception that cannabis law reform is at square one is also incorrect as demonstrated by the fact that hundreds of cannabis consumers lawfully used cannabis in San Francisco with little to no harassment from the police or hotel staff. Hundreds of conference attendees toured cannabis wellness centers and dispensaries in the SF Bay clearly show that cannabis law reform has progressed well past square one.]

  6. Seriously gang, if you want to convince legislators and voters that cannabis legalization is the way to go, could there possibly be a worse way to go about it than getting baked, nude bike-riding, and other assorted hippie crap? You criticize “Buck” for “perpetuating stereotypes,” but YOU are the reason that these stereotypes exist! I cringe when I read something like this, because there’s no way that Energy Turle and Weird Beard are going to convince Mr. & Mrs. Middle America of anything.

  7. The difference in the law between states where medical use is legal and those sates where it is not is like night and day.
    While California and other citizens enjoy the right to be “in the open about it” without fear and dsipensaries sell high quality medication for a reasonable price we Texans are being thrown in jail at the rate of 50,000 per year even though many of us would choose a natural medication over synthetic any day IF WE HAD A CHOICE.

  8. Reprinted from the ASA newsletter:October 2009
    Collective Cannabis Cultivation OK
    by California Supreme Court
    The right of California patients to collective cultivate medical marijuana, and then sue if that right is violated, has been affirmed by the California Supreme Court in another landmark legal victory for ASA. The court last month refused to review an appellate court ruling that had found for the rights of a seven-patient collective in Paradise.
    “The California Supreme Court has just told local law enforcement that they must uphold the medical marijuana laws of the state and not hide behind competing federal laws,” said ASA Chief Counsel Joe Elford, who litigated the case on behalf of the patients.
    Butte County officials had challenged the lower court’s ruling, arguing that all members of a patient collective must physically work the garden that produces the cannabis, and that state law only provides an affirmative defense to criminal charges.
    Butte County Superior Court Judge Barbara Roberts ruled otherwise in September 2007, finding that the contribution of collective members may be solely financial, and patients “should not be required to risk criminal penalties and the stress and expense of a criminal trial in order to assert their rights.”
    The 3rd District Appellate Court said further that patients enjoy “the same constitutional guarantee of due process available to all individuals,” and “[t]he fact that this case involves medical marijuana and a qualified medical marijuana patient does not change these fundamental constitutional rights or an individual’s right to assert them.”
    ASA filed suit in May 2006 on behalf of David Williams, 56, and six other collective members in response to a warrantless search of his home by Butte County Sheriffs in 2005. Under threat of arrest and prosecution, Williams had been forced by law enforcement to uproot 29 of the 42 plants the collective was cultivating.
    After receiving repeated reports of interference with patient collectives throughout the state, ASA brought the action to show that collectives and cooperatives are protected under state law.
    The plaintiffs will be seeking damages and attorney’s fees from the county.

  9. What I think will put legalization over the top is coming together in love. We all know it’s a harmless plant made by god, so we shouldn’t be ashamed anymore to voice our opinions to others with love, regardless of how cynical they are. I have a strong feeling it will be legalized out here in California next year, and rightfully so 🙂

  10. You know, Buck and the Editor are both right. Why not get serious business over with before you toke. You can get so much more accomplished. It will give everyone a chance to look forward to something to do together. I don’t even believe we are back to square one after everything going on about pot in the news now.

  11. Agreed, Buck. NORML is about the opposite of “baked all the time”. They are always standing up for our rights with clear truths, at the drop of a hat.
    To assume the people that work with NORML are “stoned” all the time is pure speculation, and nonsense. I’ve personally talked with several of them, and never encountered this. As well as never encountered anyone with any negative experiences relating to NORML, when they talked with them in real life.

  12. Everybody go to to get your free Make Marijuana Legal Sticker lets show the Gov how we want this more acceptable instead of having a beer or a jack n coke

    INCLUDE ME OUT…ABSTENTIO 2012. I would not be me if supported one or the other, not believing in either, especially when both choces have the same prohibitionist origin. GENESISTS…HAVING DISOLVED THE POLITICAL BANDS WHICH HAVE CONNECTED THEM WITH ALL PROHIBITIONISTS, now speak with a familiar tongue more suitable to a Genesist’s true politics. GENESISTS DECLARE: THAT WE ARE INDIVIDUALISTS.
    I DECLARE: I AM AN INDIVIDUALIST. No law can be sacred to me but that of nature. Good and bad are but names readily transferable to this or that; the only right is what is after my Constitution, the only wrong is what is against it. An Individualist is to carry him or her self in the presence of all opposition as if everything were titular and ephemeral but he or she. I am “ASHAMED”…to think how easily we capitulate to badges and names, to large societies and dead institutions. If a single individualist plant him or her self indomitably on his or her instincts, and there abide, the huge world will come round to him or her.
    When one individualist loses his or her individual freedom, each and every individualist loses theirs. Individual freedom is the bedrock for “FREEDOM FOR ALL,” for without it, do we not become a controlled mass? People who will sacrafice freedom for order, will receive neither.
    RESOLVED: That the Individualist Party stands for, and delivers individual freedom, free thought, and the ability to act on those thoughts and beliefs. Should I find that I am the sole member of my party, I will consider my party complete, and my platform undivided.
    RESOLVED: That I HEREBY PLEDGE MY ALLEGIANCE TO INDIVIDUALISM, and should I become a traitor to the cause to which I pledge my allegiance, may my right hand wither on the arm that I raise.
    We individualists cordially invite the pledge of all people who remain loyal to the rights of mankind, and the Constitution of the United Sovereign States of America.
    Sniff the winds of change. There’s a whole new world, a wonderous place, a fantastic point of view, an indiscribable feeling, a gazillion things to see, and experience.
    Manford Mantis

  14. talking about smoking the best weed does not help the rest of us who have no way of getting any weed at all!!?? same as with high times magazine. useless to look at weed you can never get. let’s get this shit legalized so all of us can reap the same benefit!!

  15. YO, NORML.
    You guys need to get 2gether/contact the Marijuana activist folks in Keene, New Hampshire. They got balls, lemme tell ya. PLEASE….at least google ’em. Some of your(Norml’s) help would surely be welcome by the Keene pro-pot activists. And by aiding their efforts you are essentially helping yourself. We are (after all); in this Legalization battle together.
    All for one Herb, and one Herb for All.
    (if they so choose)

  16. Good work by norml. Too bad I can’t get a job with norml or any other organization that is pro-legalization–sent numerous emails for jobs and haven’t heard anything. Seems like such organizations would want help especially from someone that is college educated, lived in Amsterdam, and self-educated within the marijuana legalization efforts. Too bad….

  17. #18 im with you the quality around here isnt worth the money ,hell i dont think id take it if it was free thts how shitty it is,So hell yea i too want some

  18. Having attended the conference I would agree completely. The staff at hotel were extremely helpful. The people at the conference treated each other like old friends or family. It was one of the best and most productive things I’ve seen in sometime. If you want to take a trip into the future go to the Bay Area and see for yourself. California and Oakland are showing us all that a great life can be had with cannabis as a legal substance. Nobody acted like cannabis was a big deal. It is widely accepted by society in California. I have never felt that kind of freedom before. I can only say I hope that all of you will get to experience it soon.
    To all of the people at NORML it is great thing that you do and I hope I can be of more support in the future. Good luck and Godspeed.

  19. Everytime i read these blogs, I feel many of you are missing the point.
    This is about control of your own body. No one has theright to dictate to you what you do with it.
    Next, If you want to get this fight over, stop the corruption in government. That I feel is the biggest hurdle to get over. Lobbyists have corrupted the government process.
    CORRUPTION: A disease that spares no one.

  20. I understand why Buck said what he said from a readers point of view, it sounded like all that happens was that NORMAl spent the time smoking the best. I am glad that NORML shared with us that it is not the case, that they were not “Baked” or “wasted” and that they are trying to bring about change and what I think is really important is getting our sub=American culture some acceptance and being allowed to function in the open, in public. Where I live the tyrants still rule and we can’t, at this time, smoke in public let alone be allowed into a hotel to gather and exchange ideas on how to peacefully change the cannabis laws and raise public awareness of our oppressed culture.
    I would hope that NORML didn’t support a company holding interest in housing so many people on those unjust laws – “Constructive Fraud” please tell it is not so, or was done by mistake.
    I, like many of you folks have enjoy what NORML is doing /has done but people don’t let them carry your part, the power is in the people, each of us as individuals must hold the line if we are to get those changes we seek. NORML can only do so much, our liberty is within us, it lies or dies with us. We must support NORML and the other groups alike that have helped us reach this point. Sure it is not enough, but it is moving forward. Maybe not at the speed some of us, 40 plus years and older had hoped for but it is better today. Today 14 States have medical use, many other States are working on legislation for it’s medical use and some states decriminalized to some degree, except Kansas where I live. One day you will all hear the greatest pop even. That sound, that loudest noise you have ever heard will be the sound of Kansas pull it’s head out of it’s ass. Damm it will break windows.

  21. “a truth that must be told, a wrong that must be righted”
    It is time to undo the LIE that has been used to waste lives and money, force the government to reschedule Cannabis , better yet De-schedule it.

  22. It’s Time to get weed equal to beer and other things like Tobacco ! This is what pisses me off.There is a group called Tobacco Growers.Inc And ifI am not wrong the Goverment hasmonnies that help them out ! But yet,Constitution of the United Sovereign States of America.Say’s that in the home you an do what ever you want to find Happness and your rights should not be infringed opon !Yet to smoke or grow your own Pot is not allowed ! Is this not going agance are Constitution ? Can anyone tell me just what I need to do to Sue the US Goverment for not allowing us to use Marijuana ? And if anyone has Sued them yet ? I saw a Lady geta Awared for working as a Norml pro-pot activists.But yet I have sent this Lady 3 emails and not 1 reply !This is 1 of the resons that I just can’tsend money to help the fight ! And I also only get $728 a month to live on and live in Section 8 houseing!And if I did grow medcation I would lose my home and have no place to live !I am also in a weelchair and cant even get any reply from this lady that got a Awared!LOL it’s like the big headpeople getfor just doing the right thing! Go fiuger !The Goverment will pay for addicting Oxycodone,that does help but I would rather smoke a joint to help the pain !And I am a singe whit man that was Adoped back in 1954 ! I have no famley to help me and how do I get help to move to a state that will allowe me to use Medcial Cannabis ?If I could work I would be in one now ! But $728 just does not do it ! Norml you have my email I would love to help some-others out growing there own but cant even get to a place to help!We Really need to get the Goverment to WTF-up! People are dieing in Great PAIN !Someone with big money needs to steap -up and soon ! I know I am not going to be here much longer,And I excpet this How about you ? What are you going to say to a dieing Love one Ombma ? God Bless the USA !Its time to CHANGE NOT Talk !

  23. Normally my policy when blogging, is not to comment and alter the flow. I’ve had my say, it’s your turn. But what #8 said, pissed me off. I’ve been at dozens of NORML events all arcoss the country since I joined NORML’s board of directors, I have never seen any of our volunteers “baked”, unable to carry the fight forward at any NORML booth, anywhere. NORML volunteers, of which I’m one, when on duty meeting the general public, in my experience, act in a way consistant with our organizational heritage, the 580 lawyer/member strong NORML Legal Committee, where professionalism and decorum are the rule.

  24. While the NORML Con may have been a blast. Why was there NO coverage of the War on drugs conferance held in El Paso Tx? With speakers such as Judge James P. Gray, Ethan Nadelmann, Anthony Placido, Craig Reinarman, and many others im sure there was a weath of information to be reported. Im sure the weed was flowing better in S.F. but this conferance was kind of important for those concerned with prohibition and the deadly drug war being waged on our souther border.
    [Editor’s note: The lack of media coverage of the El Paso conference may speak to the media and general public’s concentrating on cannabis law reforms, as compared to reforming so-called ‘hard’ drugs. In some respects this is not too surprising as there is, to date, little public support for ‘legalizing’ currently illicit drugs beyond cannabis. Therefore a conference on legalizing cannabis will almost always garner a fair amount of media coverage.
    Below is an example of the extensive and mainstream news coverage NORML’s conference received:
    NORML advisory board member Rick Steves did the Ron Reagan Jr radio show.
    We expect KQED, NewsWeek, Wall St Journal, New York Times, possibly NPR
    and some follow up NBC and BBC filings later.
    Media filings generated from the NORML Conference 2009 found so far:
    California mulls legalizing marijuana
    Emilio San Pedro
    BBC News
    NORML talks pot
    Times-Standard – ‎Sep 25, 2009‎
    Puff, Puff, Pass: Assemblyman Tom Ammiano Receives Hero’s Welcome …
    SF Weekly – Anna McCarthy – ‎Sep 25, 2009‎
    Media Blitz Greets California Cannabis Tax Effort
    East Bay Express – ‎Sep 25, 2009‎
    Pot legalization ballot measure hits the streets
    Contra Costa Times – Josh Richman – ‎Sep 25, 2009‎
    Pot advocates think legalization is nearer
    San Francisco Chronicle – ‎Sep 25, 2009‎
    Marijuana advocates discuss growing public support for legalization
    Times-Standard – ‎Sep 26, 2009‎
    Pot Talk is NORML in San Francisco
    NBC Los Angeles – Jessica Greene – ‎Sep 24, 2009‎
    Suits and Ties Meet Ponytails and Dreadlocks at Day One of SF Pot …
    SF Weekly (blog) – Anna McCarthy – ‎Sep 24, 2009‎
    Willie Brown: California Likely to Legalize Marijuana – Jim Meyers – ‎22 hours ago‎
    California dreaming of full marijuana legalisation
    Times Online – Mike Harvey – ‎Sep 27, 2009‎
    NORML tackles crime and money
    Times-Standard – ‎Sep 27, 2009‎
    Artist lends her talents for NORML conference
    Times-Standard – ‎Sep 27, 2009‎
    Measure to legalize pot kicks off campaign
    KGO-TV – Vic Lee – ‎Sep 25, 2009‎
    Perata backs legalized pot
    San Francisco Chronicle – Lance Iversen – ‎Sep 24, 2009‎
    mobilize in San Francisco to legalize marijuana in
    Want to Legalize Pot? Sign Here, Please
    Taking lessons from Oakland’s move to tax medical marijuana.

    Prohibs have annihilated our tolerance level. This is the result of prohibs utter disregard for our Constitution, and their “NOT PLAYING BY THE RULES,” but rather playing by their own dominating morals and idealism…”a real wack at liberty.”
    Prohibs can’t build a wall high enough to separate Genesists from their Holy Sacrament. Prohibs have made absolutely hideous attempts to do that, and will receive God’s displeaure…but…not before prohibs feel ours. Too many of us have lost their lives to the prohib’s crimes against humanity. Too many lives and families have been disrupted and destroyd. Too many have lost their freedom to encarceration for a gram of “Sacrament.” Too many Constitutional rights have been lost, or trampled on.
    Instead of trying to be who prohibs want us to be…we have to be who we want to be, or are. Manna is ours
    …we want it…and…we’re taking it…like it or not! So!…get lost prohibs…you bother me. “Tend your biscuits.”
    Manford Mantis

  26. 11 Ol tex
    A collective or cooperative is the only recognizable entity in the State of California. Therefore…
    medicinal cannabis stores are really dispensaries for the collective or cooperative. There must be a facilitator for the non-profit entity.

  27. Dear , ol Tex ,
    I know i said I’d stop these posts but , i tried & tried . I can’t stop because i must bring you the truth .
    It’s what i keep saying the Drug & BIG brew Companies are behind what is going on in , Texas .Is this not where George Bush lives ? Who received millions from these Companies . They are undoubtably paying out millions to politicians to keep Pot illegal and their drugs flowing .San Franciscan’s tell them to stick it up their butt . Me being one of them . No one got harassed for smoking weed at the N.O.R.M.L conference in , San Francisco .

  28. Ps – i was camping out recently in a State Park in So. California and we were approached by a State Park Ranger . He said ” i can smell marijuana ” . Can i see your recommendation ? It was dark out and he had a flashlight . I kept it with my Car registration and auto repair bills in an envelope above my sun visor . I handed everything to him . He didn’t even look for my recommendation . He handed it right back to me and said ” have a nice night ” .
    [Editor’s note: Thanks for your testimonial about just how far cannabis prohibition has fallen in the last 10-15 years in the US! NORML receives numerous calls and emails a week from state compliant medical cannabis patients who interface with law enforcement over cannabis for one reason or another, and the officers respect the law and let the patients continue going about their business, with their medicine.
    This is undoubted progress in the nearly 40-year legal struggle to repeal prohibition laws.]

  29. No big deal but , I’ll be on the CALL911 series for the Discovery channel where i played two roles in Los Angeles last week . It’ll be out in early 2010 and next month I’ll be in a Reality series for ” Showtime ” . I’ve signed a non – disclosure and confidentiality agreement with the Producers and so , i can’t say much more than that .I also played as a logger in movie , ” Humboldt County ” and recently auditioned for two Japanese Producers from Japan for a movie where I’ll play the father whose daughter has cancer .It’s being filmed in , San Francisco and will only be shown in Japan .

  30. Great news #7 Tyler, thanks for sharing your story. It’s refreshing to read this sort of thing and continues to give me hope.
    And yes, Anthony #2, it would be lovely if there were no need for Conference #39.

  31. Directed to AK.
    Number 1, you should read more carefully before commenting. “on day 1 of Conference, during our 4:20 afternoon break, as several hundred of us medicated on the plaza, San Francisco’s Thursday Green-Transportation Bike Protest, with police escort, pedaled by, a significant number of their ranks biking buck-naked”.
    Nude bike riding had nothing to do with NORML. Just a San Fran sight the author is commenting on. Like saying, “I went to NYC and the cabbies were rude!”…
    Number 2, realize the facts. 40 years ago, the majority of voters on both coasts did not support legalization like today. The majority then didn’t even support simple medical. 40 years ago 70% of voters didn’t support medical. The voters have been convinced. Life experience has shown them the truth. The legislators? Well they answer to the people or the corporations, the industrial complex lobby. The primary task for legalization advocates in my opinion? To get larger and larger numbers of people active enough to demand that the pols do something and stop answering to the police unions, drug testing corps, etc. A good way to get people active? Have fun events, for one…
    3. Get a clue on what you are talking about before you go off.
    Signed a guy who helped win decrim in MA with 65% of the vote. A non hippy, Gen X, jock, business man.
    You can’t argue with results and progress. What have you done?

  32. Guys…I just blazed up and I want to say….I love you guys (wipes a tear off his cheek). Have a great day and don’t let the bastards get you down

  33. The latest episode of Fringe on Fox. The scientist Walter told a police officer that marijuana helps you sleep. AND … they did an experiment with LSD. All positive spin.
    I was so happy and you should be too, we’re making progress.
    Television programs and MSM will break this 70 plus year lie in half and we will win.
    If your so inclined, write to the Producers of Fringe and thank them. I’d suggest short and to the point emails.

  34. It is easy to get pissed off over this issue of cannabis and our secured rights. To be told over and over again that we have the best country in the world. That we American have this all powerful constitution that has secured our inalienable rights in it. That it protect us from abuse by any government including our own. That our American society stands our among all others as the best society the world has to offer. That there is these wonderful concept of “Due Process” and “Equal Protection under the Law” in place which we all can enjoy and use to address issue like the one here. Then we witness the continous “CORRUPTION” in Government, you know that disease that has spares none of us. We then find out that our the government has changed the very meanings of the words used by the founding fathers in our constitution in order to better abrogate those all important rights we all though were secured and retained by the people. Then we learned that our so called protected inalienable rights have been abrogated away with a single act of Constructive Fraud. Our government who is sworn to serve our constitution not only has illegaly outlaws our sub-culture but has fraudulently blamed our sub-culture for the most of the world’s drug problems. You know that “gateway lie”. Then that same sworn government misusing due process of law takes everything we thought we owed including our individual bodies.
    How can we not get mighty pissed off, people have gone to war for far less. I am not supportive of wars but I sure understand historically how they have come about. Tyrants abuse the people and the people get tried of Tyrant’s abuse. Tyrant’s ignor the pain and abuse they bring upon the people. The Tyrant rulers or governments have that’ “let them eat cake” attitude towards the people. In the end the people reach a point when enough is enough, the breaking point, then historically the blood flows into the streets from both sides and from those they love.
    We are on the right track in peacefully taking back our rights illegally taken by our government’s constructive fraud upon our Nation. Keep the liberty in your hearts and keep pushing this ass backward fraud back in the government’s face with truth and facts. Don’t get quite, let your voices be loud and truthful.

  35. Here is an interesting note, the State of Kansas is running out of money and had to cut back at the Court houses. This would be a great time for the prisoner in Kansas beening held on unjust cannabis laws should file writs on the constructive fraud which has abrogated their liberty. These writs would be the sticks that breaks the camels / Kansas Courts’ back. This will pressure the State of Kansas to change their ass backward behavior because they can’t afford their ass backward behavior any longer.
    Please inform any and all those prisoners to get with their jail house lawyers and file these writs exposing this constructive fraud and seeking relief from said fraud.

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