NORML SHOW LIVE Saturday night: Reefer Madness Special!

This Saturday night at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific), “Radical” Russ takes on all the top lies told by prohibitionists for a two-hour “Reefer Madness” special on NORML SHOW LIVE! From the idea that today’s pot “is not your father’s Woodstock Weed” to claims of schizophrenia, psychosis, cancer, lung disease, birth defects, and even “man boobs” being caused by marijuana use, to the latest scare that taxes from legalized marijuana would not cover the public health costs of marijuana, “Radical” Russ breaks them all down and gives you the simple replies you need to easily win the debate. We’re taking your calls all show long at 347-994-1810; ask us your reefer madness questions and we’ll give you the science that debunks it.

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Next week on NORML SHOW LIVE we’ll bring you exclusive live access to the Cypress Hill Smokeout in San Bernadino, California, featuring Cypress Hill, the DefTones, SlipKnot, Kottonmouth Kings, and the first ever reunion of the band Sublime with their new lead singer.  Steve Bloom and I will be on hand, as well as Ed Rosenthal, Adrienne Curry, Ngaio Bealum, Tommy Chong, Alison Margolin, and many others, plus surprise guests I’m not allowed to mention.
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  1. Alcohol kills
    Marijuana saves
    Alcohol & prescription Drugs can kill
    Marijuana cannot kill
    Alcohol , aspirin & prescription drugs can cause permanent health problems
    Marijuana does not cause health problems
    Alcohol , legal pills , coffee , tobacco cause addiction
    Marijuana is not addictive .
    Marijuana shows up as positive in ” Drug testing ”
    Their drugs which cause dealth , side effects & addiction show up negative
    Whose lying about Marijuana , me or those ” legal ” Companies ?

  2. I made the long drive up to , Laytonville , California to have my medical marijuana recommendation with , Dr. Rob Rosenthaul renewed yesterday . As i passed through Mendocino County and just as soon as i was North of , Willits i could smell the scent of Marijuana everywhere . It’s harvest time . All the towns were pretty quiet with the farmers all busy with harvesting their crops . It’s that time of year
    again .
    After reaching , Laytonville & inside our meeting place where everyone greeted the Doctor i heard the TESTIMONY of several of the patients . One gentleman who was assisted by the use of a cane stated that after 40 years ( he never said why he was taking prescription pills ) he told his Doctors he was going to quit taking all of his medications . His Doctors said that he had to do it gradually but , he said ,
    ” No I am going cold
    turkey ” off of your drugs . On the first day he quit he substituted his prescription drugs with marijuana . From his heart i heard him say he has never felt better since using marijuana and has not returned to prescription drugs again .
    The second person’s TESTIMONY was a lady of around 60 years of age who said she had a heart attack due to stress & anxiety . She said as she simulated holding a joint up to her mouth she ” takes just a couple of puffs & her stress & anxiety is gone with no side effects and she has not had any heart problems since .
    Myself i used to weigh 260 pounds & as a former ( working ) alcoholic i was taking , Norvasc for High blood pressure , Gemfibrozil for high Triclycerides , Celebrex for the pain in my knees and back , aspirin for headaches and more pills ( all legal ). After doing blood testing for diabetes the results were just a hair away from me testing positive . My Doctor said that if you don’t stop drinking your going to get diabetes or worse , kill yourself . The next day i smoked marijuana and it was even difficult to finish my one & only first beer . Prior to this day i easily drank up to 12 beers a day ( not to mention Vodka ) . In a few months i lost 40 pounds . I no longer take any medications . My blood pressure and Tryclycerides are normal . I kept my old pill bottles which are half full from the time i quit if anyone does not believe me . I HAVE NOT TAKEN ONE OF THESE PILLS SINCE USING MARIJUANA . You can see how i looked as aa beer drinker by going to ; North Coast Journal – Jerry Droz .
    Now after 2 + plus years of using marijuana you’ll see how i look today by going to ; IMDb c/o Jerry Droz .
    I have told you the truth .
    REVELATION 12 ; 11 ” And they overcame him ( the DEVIL ) by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony : “and they loved ( those who lust for money & power of the Earth ) not their lives unto the death ”
    The Truth Doctor Jerry Droz

  3. I would not be the TRUTH DOCTOR if i did not tell the truth .It’s been some time since i drank all that booze but , i must reiterate . I drank not 12 but , seven beers every night . It was always a six pack and one more to top things off . My memory could not be more clearer .
    In the first picture i was already down 20 pounds from my 260 lbs. I went after the Meth , Crack & Coke dealers on B Street in , Eureka . I am a Law abiding working cannabis professional . I choose the safer & healthier alternative to the deadly legal drugs that are available on the market today . Jerry Droz

  4. “Public health costs of marijuana,” questionable as they may be, are in fact being paid now. Redirecting tens of billions of dollars from criminal drug profiteers to public tax coffers by re-legalizing cannabis could only help cover those costs, real or imagined. The truth is that sheeple, instead of being true American patriots, have allowed themselves to be lied to repeatedly by their government for many decades, up to and including this very moment. If the citizenry of this nation allows this to continue, they truely deserve to live like slaves, not the free people God intended as acknowledged in the Constitution of the United States.

  5. I hope the show tonight talks a little about Jury Nullification and how that acts can undue any law the peole do not want to enforce.
    I hope that we will hear about those folks spreading their seeds in the face of this wayward government.
    Perhaps the show will talk about the Constructive Fraud and our governments on going criminal behavior toward the people of America. Lets address this legal / illegal government terroristic behavior toward the people of America.
    I dare this show to educate the public about Jury Nullification and the power in the people.
    I double dare this show to talk about planting the cannabis seeds in the face of the government, bet your show will not say anything about what we can do as a group to tear down this unlawful cannabis laws.
    Do you have what it takes to win this fight or are you just spinning our wheels.
    [Russ responds: No need for any dares; I talk about these things all the time. I didn’t on this show, but jury nullification will be a major focus in some upcoming shows. I’ll be interviewing a jury expert to give us tips on how to get onto juries to enact some nullification.]

  6. This show eats time and preaches to the choir. I’m guessing since the obvious target demo is already pro-reform, it’s an effort at education of our own ranks rather then outreach. Why then is it not telling me anything new? Needs to be tightened up significantly in the way of time and content.
    [Russ responds: The problem with the choir is they hum real good, but most don’t know the words. What new things would you like to be told? Feel free to email me at]

  7. Stompedonmyrights: I hope we all have the stones to do whats right. Sadly ive lived awile and seen alota shit and the people of this country wouldnt know freedom and patriotism if it bit em in the ass. Even our greatest generation appreciated freedom far more than us and they are all old pot hating people. If we had the motivation to mimic the ways of the civil and womens rights movements all would be well. But few can detach themselves from the internet and their precious 30 rock long enough to form and back up a coherent free thought.


  9. General-Jake when your right, your right. The greatest generation of American were lied too. They hate us because they were taught to do so. If they understood the lies they were told they would be at the front lines for the fight for liberty as they have in the past.
    I am glad NORML is continuing the fight but I understand our liberty lies or dies with us, the people and not with NORML or government.
    We are working in the same direction (Writ) as Mass. We are looking at the Kansas Supreme Court Case Law to find the moment the Court ruled against the welfare of the people. We plan to use those case(s) in the Writ along with evidence of this Constructive Fraud. In the mean time we must continue to talk about Jury Nullification and the power the jury has to throwout the law. We have to explain that the Jury is the last line of defense against an unjust wayward government. Their laws if vioded out by a jury can not harm us. The jury of our peers must learn that they have the power not the Judge, not our wayward government employees. It is time to fire some of these folks for their unlawful behavior towards our secured constitutional rights.
    They Government must learn that we, the people, are doing the best we can to protect them from great harm that they themselves have created by this unlawful behavior. We have their best interest in mind even though they have never had ours. If the government destorys the foundation of the constitution, O! I hate to think what that will cost this Nation in blood and citizens.
    Will there be more Rudy Ridge murders, Waco slaughters, and OK City bombing? why? This is the wrong way to go, it not a street we as people should go down. I say Jury Nullification education may just keep America from being in a blood bath. When you think that American Citizens are armed to the teeth and with the gang attitude of our law enforcement our future just don’t look that pretty.
    Our wayward Government can avoid all this bullshit just by doing the right thing, respect the people of America and the will of those people will bring justice back to America.

  10. I don’t support violence by either side of this issue. But I know history has a bad habit of repeating itself. Something about the “Uneducatable Man” that makes history repeat over and over. Sorry!

  11. YES! Stompedonmyrights your dead on a country by the people eh? I hate our government but LOVE this country. Its our duty as free loving citizens to make sure our government doesnt go outta control. And just as you speak writs and jury nullification is a solid way to do just that. I just wish we had a million guys who feel as strongly as you do and not the multitude of posers who yell ‘LEGALIZATION’…. from their computer chair.

  12. Marijuana kills!!! O wait, thats every other drug, my bad.
    General Jake is right, Yelling “legalization” from your computer chair when your probably too stoned to move isnt going to change anything. Lets March on Washington with blunts-a-blazin!!! The million man (or woman) blunt walk. It should begin at a 7-11 end at a sandwich shop…

  13. The only problem is that in todays world, people are not exactly eager to publically support an illegal drug that could get them fired for using it. With a slow economy and job shortages no one is eager to get canned. And reguardless of whether it changes the law or not one runs the risk of being screwed prior to the law being changed, which means that if you change it but got into trouble or fired before hand your still screwed.
    And who knows perhaps obama is laying the foundation for national legalization but as we all know the beaurocatic process takes for fucking ever…

  14. I agree, Texan. You have to be worried about who knows you smoke. Some people really believe deeply that weed is as bad as all the other hard drugs. I know a lot of college students who have no problem getting wasted but think weed is the horrible dangerous drug. Expecially older people, like potential employers. They really believe the lies, and they are going to see you as a lazy stoner. It sucks, but the truth is spreading. Not soon enough, but hopefully if a state can legalize it and show that the world doesn’t end because people can buy weed, weed will become more acceptable elswhere.
    Also, would accidents caused by substance abuse go down if weed were legal? I would like a statistic on that if it exists.

  15. Your right. However you have to remember that employers were young and fun once upon a time. I’m a college student, and atleast here in Texas I would say about 70% of college students smoke, and 50% smoke daily. And people do buy weed everyday everywhere and the world hasnt fallen apart because of that. In fact I think if more of the world smoked pot alot of crimes would go down. “Hey North Korea, lets gather round this piece bubbler? I got some kim chi kush.” And you know that once America legalizes weed, every other nation will be soon to follow.

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