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  1. Mr. Lane…you are most deffinately not a doctor, or a scientist, neither are you a half way decent reporter.
    What you are sir, is a violator of the Data Quality Act, and you are required by that Act to correct the false information you have just disseminated. By the way sir, if you’ve never had any experience with medicinal cannabis, you’re quite simply talking out of your hat, with less of a valid point, which I’m surprised nobody noticed with that hat off.

  2. does she really think that if cannabis were legal, that we would still buy from the illegal drug cartels ? what is wrong with that picture. i know personally having my choice to support a tax payin american and pay more or someone from over the border and pay less…..i would support america hands down. its part of what this is all about…..i hope we can find a way to help the people that dont know to see that.

  3. To Calvina Fay and all the other prohibitionists:
    1) Stop lying. Just stop it.
    2) The gateway theory has been proven and is false. I was drinking beer and smoking cigarettes at least a year before I tried cannabis. I have no desire to try any drug that came out of a lab.
    3) Shut the fuck up about “the children”. When cannabis is legal and regulated, only people over the age of 21 years will have to show ID to purchase it. Black market dealers don’t ask for ID. Businesses will lose their licenses and the business or cashier that sold cannabis to the minors will be fired, fined and possibly jailed.
    4) Mexican drug cartels will get out of the cannabis business. Is the mafia still in the alcohol business since alcohol prohibition was repealed?
    5) I can get just as hammered on alcohol as I can get stoned with cannabis. Why is it legal to possess the one that makes me puke, give me a hangover and turn me into an asshole? Why is it illegal to possess the one that makes me happy and peaceful without the effects of a hangover?
    6) Shut up. Just shut the fuck up.

  4. Can no longer view. That didn’t take long. From the responses I can tell that it was one filled with misinformation from opposition.

  5. The video is no longer available. What is this about? Do they only leave these video’s up for less than 24 hours regularly? Or is this due to pressure from pro-prohibitionists to remove anything from the public eye that is pro-legalization? This doesn’t sit right with me, and i really wanted to see this video.

  6. If we make marijuana legal then the IRS won’t tax it and the Grow Companys will pay all their taxes to the MEXICAN TERRIORTS AND IT WILL BE 9/11 ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Alchol is ok though once you’re 21.
    For anyone that didn’t get it… of the above was sarcasm; as it is impossible for me to take anything a prohibitionist says seriusly.

  7. I completely agree with “Don E”‘s comment that prohibitionist logic is quite humorous. I find it so funny, that I would like to see some stand up comedians trying to act like prohibitionists.
    It’s to bad though that they’re so serious about these insane laws that people do actually go to jail and prison.. 🙁

  8. Guess What! It looks as though CNN took the Video Down and it is NOT available.I watched the original Broadcast though. Are they getting more Biased on us now?

  9. The prohibitionist logic really makes me question the education system in place today. With the system spitting people like these idiots out, did I even get a decent education myself?!??
    Here’s a typical thought process for prohibitionist idiots:
    1. Drugs are bad mmkay.. (this thought rules all)
    2. Whoever sells these drugs are bad to mmkay.. (2nd in command)
    3. If drugs are bad and people who sell drug is bad then…. um…………… if we sell drugs we’re bad to RIGHT!
    4. MARAJUNA IS a drug so…. Drug= bad and bad= JAIL TIME FOR BAD
    5. Keep bureaucratic government job
    6. Rinse and repeat
    Attempting to shove some reasonable logic in this rinsed and repeated cycle often results in
    a. them lying their way out of it(most popular)
    b. being called a drug junkie(happens all the time)
    c. playing stupid and denying everything (victory for you)
    Eventually if we get enough c options, then we can convince people that we don’t live a fairy tale world where everyone is sober 24/7 and drug cartels and violence is not a problem because of marijuana criminalization.

  10. is that the only woman they can find to do live interviews supporting prohibition? she’s on like every debate i’ve seen!!!
    oh wait, except the one where it was ron paul vs. alec baldwin.
    how is this not legal yet?

  11. 62 is right….. the truth is out there its a fact as per government archives that it was made illegal through lies and manipulation for subversive motives namely greed…. and yet people are still respected in the past 30 40 years even TODAY that try and cling to these lies and vaguely speak out against it, science and history have proven that this plant is a miraculous healer and an integral part of human culture and creation(hemp)

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