NORML Women Make Waves

We’ve published several blog posts over the past weeks emphasizing the role of women in marijuana law reform.
Why? Well, for starters, women are now voicing their support for sensible marijuana law reform in record numbers.
According to this week’s Gallup poll, support for marijuana legalization has jumped 12 percent among women since 2005. By comparison, support among men rose just four percent over this same time.
In short, if we are to succeed to pushing public support for marijuana regulation to majority levels in this country then we — unquestionably — need the greater support of women.
Fortunately, NORML has its own core group of female activists who are unabashedly speaking out publicly in favor of cannabis law reform. Their efforts are changing public opinion and garnering mainstream media attention.
Here are just a few recent examples.

Kathleen Parker: Legalizing Pot May Be Women’s Work
[Note: Kathleen Parker is a syndicated columnist. Her most recent commentary, spotlighting NORML-ally Jessica Corry, ran in newspapers across the country under various headlines.] Today’s activist, more likely, doesn’t have facial hair, but she does have kids.
Lately to the smallish conservative crowd, notably once led by anti-prohibitionist William F. Buckley, is Jessica Corry of Colorado, a married, pro-life Republican mom, soon to be “freedom fighter of the month” in High Times magazine.
Recent partakers undoubtedly will have to rub their eyes for a double take when they spot Corry, who spoke last month at a NORML conference (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) in San Francisco, wearing an American flag lapel pin, a triple strand of pearls and a gold marijuana leaf pin.
Another day, another stereotype in the dust bin.
Corry is hardly alone and, in fact, may be part of a “toking point.” (Is there a drug yet for “Tipping Point Fatigue”?) In its October issue, Marie Claire magazine featured “Stiletto Stoners” about accomplished career women who prefer to relax with pot. A September Fortune cover story, “Is Pot Already Legal?” examined the issue. In April, former (2006) Miss New Jersey, Georgine DiMaria, [Editor’s Note: Georgine is an active member of NJ NORML.] outed herself as a stealth marijuana user to treat her asthma.

Next we have Meet the marijuana moms
The real crux of Parker’s article, another idea she picks up from Corry, is the prediction that it will be women who lead the charge for legalization. It was the Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform, both point out, who in 1929 spearheaded the movement to get rid of the ban on alcohol. (Thanks, ladies!) Parker also cites a Marie Claire article on “Stiletto Stoners,” high-achieving women who smoke weed, and the recent revelation that Miss New Jersey 2006 uses medical marijuana to calm her asthma. I would add the example of Marie Myung-Ok Lee, a mother who wrote in Double X about feeding her autistic nine-year-old son pot (in cookie form).

And finally there’s this excellent commentary in the L.A. Daily News penned by NORML Legal Committee member Allison Margolin, who rightfully criticizes Los Angeles District Attorney for threatening to prosecute “100 percent” of the city’s medical marijuana dispensaries.

Pot crackdown flies in the face of law and sense
[excerpt] Whatever the perverse reasons motivating the district attorney’s position, the issue is not why but how to stop this alarming waste of resources. The media has focused on the fact that the amount of dispensaries in L.A. has mushroomed over the past year and on the ease with which marijuana users are obtaining recommendations. No one has focused on the fact that the war against dispensaries is another chapter in the escalation of the drug war, another excuse to send people to state prison, another mechanism to disenfranchise people whose medicine is not respected by law enforcement as legitimate.
This has to stop. In the wake of prison overcrowding and budget crisis, sending more people away and depriving the state of taxes they are currently reaping from dispensaries is not the answer.
This week, the LAPD is expected to crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries across Los Angeles. The time for action is now – before more people are caught up in the system, before more resources are wasted and before more lives are ruined.

Normal women, NORML women — fighting to end prohibition.

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  1. Tell people to come to Baltimore if they want something ,like H that has no upsides. Marijauna has been proven to fight cancer and helps peoples nerves. This is rediculous.

  2. I can only hope that more of both men & women quickly chose to see the pro-cannabis side of this matter, and chose to follow it. For if we don’t, we may see a horrible situation take place in LA. Moreover, I also hope more of both men & women join the pro-cannabis movement, and help legalize what should have been legal a long time ago. Or rather, never made illegal.
    Please continue to keep us up to date NORML, thanks for all that you do to legalize cannabis, and promote industrial hemp & safe practices. As well as personal growing rights for the public. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks to the women who have the smarts and the strength to see the truth, and stand up for it. I am filled with frustration, as my wife gets angry and refuses to listen at the slightest hint of discussing this issue. Any suggestions?

  4. I seems to me some just dont understand that an arrest for possesion is more damaing at times to family than having cannibis.
    How about this perspective.
    If cannabis was legal,people wouldnt hide it. It would be easier to get help if needed.Like you can with alcohol.
    How bout this one.
    Everyone knows who the local drunk is, same with the weed…if it was Re-legalized.
    Just sayin…

  5. While other blogs often delete what i have said about a plant that is far less harmful than the deadly legal drugs that are available on the market today NORML has given me the opportunity to speak the truth about the ( pharmaceutical ) Drug Companies & about BIG Alcohol spending millions to snuff out marijuana through deceptive advertising NORML has given me the chance to state as i wish without deleting my posts or without censorship . I have no affliation whatsoever & i am not employed by NORML . In fact , i have no association with NORML except with what i post .They have never contacted me nor have they asked me to write this post .
    I am struggling to get by month by month just as many of you are. I am no different & am in no way
    ” rich ” . I gave to NORML less than $100 . I ask you to give whatever you can to NORML even if it’s a small amount of money . After all…………

  6. God knows my wife has way more sensibility than I do. When it comes down to making any sort of final decision, she takes the most sensible approach. Given my own experiences, I’d have no problem leaving it up to women to make things right.

  7. Sadly to think , the Drug Czar has been brainwashed by 50 years of lies , deception and propaganda . To say marijuana is a dangerous drug and has no medical value is ridiculous . Many ( even our history ) have shown you proof of the benefits of using marijuana both medically and psychologically & still they deny this .
    When younger kids outside of my generation are grown and Cannabis is legalized they will look back to this time and laugh as to the ignorance that prevailed during these times .

  8. It’s so nice to finally hear about other women in the movement.
    Remember that the more of us that speak up, the harder it gets for the government to ignore us.

  9. The drug czar has no sense of reality. He wouldn’t accept the fact that the citizens in 14 states have had to do what the government and the FDA are supposed to do which is study a drugs proposed use and report on it’s effectiveness and safety. Due to the fact that these idiots still have cannabis as a schedule 1 drug it is not allowed to be studied by researchers and medical science.They keep talking out of both sides of their mouths at the same time.

  10. women and marijuana legalization movement ?
    Not my cup of tea.Emily Murphy alone has done enough damage in her time. We certainly dont need people like her.The black candle is out forever.

  11. I am a female American Government- Public Policy, Grad Student at a northern California university. I am proud to say I have been writing about marijuana for several years with the support of both the male and female professors in the program. I have completed several empirical research papers on the topic to date and am known as the resident expert on topic. I have no qualms presenting information in class discussion or formal presentations related to marijuana or answering any questions people may have related to my research. I will be completing my thesis next semester and I will be asking “which venues in the government are more likely to change marijuana laws and which demographic among the public is the most likely to be a causation for changes in marijuana laws”? I hope to find the Congress will ultimately be the venue in which the law needs to be changed, because the CSA will be hanging over the heads of the states. I hope to find women to be the most likely causation for a change in these draconian laws. Considering the latest polls and the increase in the number of women agreeing marijuana should be legalized it the last several years, more research should be completed along these questions…just this leap in the overall numbers is incredible…everyone needs to speak out…no matter who they are…I am speaking through my research and openness in academia…alright well that may not be saying much…it is academia in California…but I was born and raised in Florida…so I understand their dilema and paranoia and I am speaking out for you too!!!!

  12. Look, I respect and love the female gender, but how is this any different from Blacks for legalizing marijuana, or Hispanics, or Trannies for Cannabis Legalization, we dont need to focus on minorities, what we need to do is come together and say Americans for the Legalization of Cannabis and stick to only that…that is what this organization was founded on, not focusing on a certain group…and if it does come down to focusing on a specific group why not try to get more doctors or lawyers, or law enforcment authorities on our side regardless of gender. These our the 3 groups that are undoubtly hindering the progress of this movement.

  13. How can we trust a federal law that states that cannabis is a schedule 1 substance while so many states permit so many people to smoke marijuana freely for medical purposes. Would they permit Cocaine which is known to be so much more dangerous to be under a Schedule II act which can be used for certain medical purposes. The laws of reason and logic which built our great nation seem to not apply to certain parts of our legal system, which is sadly disturbing and dangerous to say the least.
    Under this same logic, are methamphetamines,heroin,and hallucinogens going to be taxed like more dangerous substances like alcohol and tobacco as well? We live in a scary world.
    Finally, is anyone REALLY benefiting from this being illegal besides politicians and government agencys? I wish the government would stop blatantly lying about marijuana’s harmful nature and just tell the truth about their profiteering bullshit. I guess it’s good to have opportunities to create jobs by making DEA Agents and government drug agency management positions; but when these agents are used to arrest non-violent, innocence users of a harmless and non-addictive drug that is less harmful than alcohol, then something needs to be changed. I’d like to hear it from a few politicians besides Ron Paul please.
    President Obama, you led a campaign based on change. You promised the American people a change from the status quo. Please don’t let us down, we believe in you and our Democratic Republic to provide a sensible solution to this major problem.
    Wow I just realized how strongly I feel about this. If I was writing and essay on any other topic, it could take 1-3 hours, but marijuana legalization is such a simple and logical problem that it’s like writing to prove that the sky blue.

  14. I like the number 18’s post about living in an industry controlled world. What the alcohol company doesn’t realize is this: If they make marijuana farms that produce large amounts of high quality “dank” marijuana and can produce it for incredibly cheap, per plant (say the amount it costs to grow a wheat plant, per plant), then sell it for maybe 3x the profit of that wheat plant, then they can make much more money than the extensive process of brewing and making ethanol from hops and other plants.

  15. i dont give a crap what gender or race ends prohibition of marijuana , as long as i can buy it, go home with it, and smoke it responsibly without bein arrested in the privacy of my own home. so # 24 keep ur damn eyes on the prize

  16. It would be great to get an organization of women, involved in the reform movement, organized and active on the East Coast!

  17. Before the ladies get too self congratulatory, it was the WOMEN’s Christian Temperance Union that CAUSED alcohol prohibition!

  18. #31 – Tom, There is nothng to be compared here. Get real, alcohol vs marijuana???
    You reference a period in history that began almost a century ago. There should be no fear or doubt in the strength and power of the feminine. It is the feminine energy in ALL of us (men and women) that will influence and implement change in this world.
    This is not a time for trivial finger pointing but unity. One with the same respect, dignity and grace that should be embraced by all.
    Please do not forget, there is only one race and gender, human.

  19. RE: KI – Arizona:
    I never stated any comparison between alcohol and marijuana. The article that is cited states, “It was the Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform, both point out, who in 1929 spearheaded the movement to get rid of the ban on alcohol.” in BOLD print.
    I was merely giving correct perspective to that statement. Nothing else should be read into my words.

  20. Tom,
    Many appologies, I totally misunderstood your coment.
    I have read the article and, yes, the Women’s Organization for National Prohibition Reform did spearhead the movement for the repeal of prohibition.
    Let’s hope that we can be an outspoken voice with all those that want to repeal all rediculous laws that ban and/or punish legalized marijuana use.
    Thank you for the education, every bit helps in our cause.

  21. I was On Rumor Mill News Radio this morning to talk about the need for prison reform. The show will be archived so you can listen to it if you missed the live version.
    I was happy when the host gave me the chance to talk about marijuana law reform. When she mentioned that marijuana kills brain cells, I was able to inform her of the study that showed marijuana actually may increase brains cells. So many more people understand marijuana and are interested these days in finding a better way.

  22. The Plot is deeper than you can imagine. MJ helps when you meditate to reach the Higher Planes of Existance. The Government wishes to follow the request of the Grey who wish to keep us in Caos and Depression. They put chemicals in our water, they transmit Brain Waves to decrease our Vibrations. They focust this form of attack in the Cities World Wide. That is why you truely feel a sense of freedom if you travel to the country or lesser developed countries. They make us feel as though, “Someone Else is handling it” or “The Government is dealing with this” When in Fact they have sold us off to the Grey. Recently I was contacted by the Secret Government because I knew information about a man named Edgar Fouche, Look him up online. Also Phil Schneider. He was killed for what he knew. But the best info is of Billy Meier, If you smoke, use your ability to meditate and lift out of your body and ask the Pleadians for assistance. We do not have to see their faces to call out to them. Ask for help if you believe in God and our freedom to smoke and wish to live through 2012 and the upcomming disaster the Government has planned with the Dark Ones, who are the Grey, Kabal, Illuminati, etc
    Please for the love of All, God Bless you All, These things are connected. We are meant for something more!! We are Eternal and must remember our God Spark.
    you can see more links on Youtube or my myspace site, search for sweet6b9. This is REAL!!! I have worked for FEMA, DOT, EPA, TSA, and did some small work at Ft Belvoir. I live still to spread the knowledge.
    Look up on Youtube and listen: Bob Lasar, Phil Schneider, John Lear, DUMB (deep underground military bases), Billy Meier, Pleadians, see also: and for God’s Sake, keep smoking and stay happy. They try to bring out vibrations down. My name is Gaylord – translation (Happy Lord) and I walk among you!
    Father Bless us All.

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