NORML SHOW LIVE Saturday – SPECIAL TIME 4:00pm Pacific – with Cheech & Chong at Cypress Hill Smokeout

Saturday Night’s episode of NORML SHOW LIVE will be at a special time – 4:00pm Pacific / 7:00pm Eastern – to take advantage of the lineup here at the Cypress Hill Smokeout in San Bernardino, California.  Cheech & Chong are playing a “4:20” set, so I will be there live, bringing you the comedy from NORML’s favorite comedy team.
Following Cheech & Chong in the lineup are the newly re-formed band Sublime, which many will remember for their cover of “Smoke 2 Joints” among many others.  We’ll bring you some of their set as well.  I’ve also got an interview with “My Fair Brady’s” Adrianne Curry, Steve Bloom from Celebstoner discussing the celebrity panel, and PonyBoy from Los Marijuanos from Friday’s festivities.  Calling in to the show are Kottonmouth Kings and responding to her Jay Leno snub, 2006 Miss New Jersey Georgine DiMaria.  (All subject to change due to the chaotic nature of a festival!)
Interspersed with the live audio will be my interviews with many of the artists, celebrities, and just normal folks attending this two day outdoor festival.  Join us live at, where you can also participate in our online chat and speak live to the host and guests – dial in to 347-994-1810 to participate.

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  1. We all love Cheech and Chong and C.H. But right now we need scietists doctors polititian types. Show em its safer than alcohol and tobacco and we can make a hell of alot of money on it thru taxes. People like to get high. They always have they always will. Why should the criminals get the money instead of the government. And industrial hemp. thats crazy it doesn’t get you high why is it illeagle.We are less than a year away if we do this right. Let’s get this done and then enjoy cheech and chong and C.H. in peace.

  2. Woo hoo, I live right by the amphitheater so I will just chill on my balcony and listen to the music with a fat bowl. Unfortunately there is supposed to be heavy law enforcement presence at the rally. The newspapers “warned” Smokeout goers that marijuana is only legal for medicinal purposes. Hopefully the police come to their senses and don’t arrest people for smoking weed.

  3. yea!!!! this is a great weekly wind down… the norml show live!!! some people love going to the bar or club and drinkin on saturday night…. i love coming home, whipping out the vaporizer and tuning into norml show live and talking to my peers and also learn some things to share with friends, family and co-workers. I know you are not making a ton of money doing this Russ but I thank you very much for doing your best to give our children a better future than we were handed by our ancestors. You are a hero in my books!!! Dont stop, dont ever stop

  4. I wish i could be there and hang out with those guys.I seen Tommy by himself at a comedy club here in Iowa one yr, he was awesome.But Never got to meet Cheech or Cypress Hill,on which listened to atlot in high school but i will be tuned in and listening NORMAL is the SHIT

  5. Russ you are the coolest! You keep coming up with great line ups and entertaining us in the most delightful ways. Thanks man. We all really appreciate it.

  6. Thanks Russ, but just a heads up for anyone attending in person. The Riverside & San Bernardino PD will be out in HUGE FORCE with many Under Cover PIGS looking for anybody with Marijuana.
    It’s NOT a safe smoke place…they are looking for you so be warned.
    Both PIG departments are on a mission to arrest and imprison as many Marijuana users as they can before the end of the year. State law means NOTHING to these PIGS…they prefer to arrest as many as they can, forcing you to spend money on lawyers rather than buy medicine. IF you go broke fighting them…that’s their plan!!

  7. #3 said is best. I love that we have this outlet for listening and participating. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

  8. “”Bill Says:
    There is no saturday the 23 of october 2009 !?””
    October,23rd was the Date NORML posted this article,Not the date of the show.

  9. Will you be saying any thing about JURY NULLIFICATION? Will you be spreading the word about planting our seeds in protest? Will you teach anything that can help bring further change? Will you address the constructive fraud and how it came to be? Will this show address our constitutional rights, that cannabis falls under certain common law rights and therefore protected?
    I just wish your focus was more towards teaching folks to disobey the law by peaceful means.

  10. We live in a “land” of the free and the home of the “brave”. Lets put these traits to the test and challenge pharmaceutical company profits and stop the spread of lies about a natural, non-addictive, and completely harmless plant. It does not take degrees in Chemistry to come to these conclusions about Marajuna, just a little bit of common sense. Many of the current legal drugs for pain, nausea, and countless other symptoms can be replaced by marijuana. This is why the Pharmaceutical company lobby congress to introduce radical ideas of the demonetization of marijuana. Our ancestors messed us up many years ago due to misinformation and greed but we can get back on track with a sensible and logical solution

  11. Letsgetbackontrack; Your Right! I think we were the land of the free once, we were the home of the brave once. But like you said so clearly our culture has been demonized and unlawful attacked. From where I sit here in Kansas greed and misinformation is the rule of day. Kansas has no more generals to give, no more great warrior live here. There are no brave people left to stand and be counted. Greed, fear, and control of others is what created this Constructive Fraud in the first place. Now my government deprive me of my constitution and has set out to define it for me. STOP! I already study the U.S. Constitution, spent time looking up each word to understand my founding fathers mind set. I do not need this wayward moral lacking government to define the Constitution for me. As a member of We the People, I see my constitution under attack by greedy thoughtless sub-humans who have spent their lives pointing their crooked finger at us.
    I had hoped they would die off and our constitution would again live in the hearts of American, but many years have pasted since I had that dream. Greed for money and power and the desire to control other people’s moral compasses has been passed down to another elite class of people seeking to take even more of our Constitution.
    Lobby against and boycott the Pharmaceutical companies is a great start. Getting people into office is really a good move, legisature for the poeple, can we get that? Court that respect our rights and claims of action to correct wayward government, long, long process with very little hope. Jury Nullification of the Cannabis laws is instant, It is right away! Juries in this country simply say “NO” or “NOT GUILTY” and boom! The cannabis laws are ineffective and lack enforcement. The executive, legisative, and judicial branches of government can do nothing, they will have been over ridden by the Peoples branch of our Government.
    While I am waiting to make the next move I will continue to seed mainstreet America. It is time for this wayward government to yeild, and yeild they most certainly will. When have we as a People lost? It may have taken time and blood but we American have never lost a home fight, and we all know history repeats itself.

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