NORML SHOW LIVE report from Oregon NORML's Cannabis Café [Update]

My deepest apologies to those of you who tried listening last Saturday to Show 011, the Grand Opening of the Oregon NORML Cannabis Café.  We were beset by technical difficulties and could not complete the show.
I will solve the technical issues and return this weekend to Oregon’s first Cannabis Café.  Oregon’s law does not allow for marijuana sales, but does allow patients to medicate “out of public view”.  Any cardholder may freely exchange medicine with any other.  So Madeline Martinez and Oregon NORML have created a private, members-only club for the social benefit of medical marijuana patients.
However, this is not a medical marijuana dispensary with a café; this is a café for medical marijuana patients.  Patients can visit the smoke-free vapor bar where a budtender will load up one of six Volcano Vaporizers, fill the bag with the vapor of any one of more than twenty of the strains available, and cap it with a sterilized mouthpiece.  Others bring their own pipes or papers and request a small ceramic bowl filled with their choice of freshly-ground cannabis strain and roll a joint as they play pool or smoke a bowl as they join in a card game.  All sorts of café food and drink are available, though not alcoholic beverages (the owner surrendered his liquor license rather than fight with the commission over the use of cannabis in the café.)  Many have questioned how this café can operate due to Oregon’s smoke-free laws, but the actual statutes in question specifically reference “tobacco smoke”.  Thus, no tobacco smoking is allowed in the café.
Most amazingly, all the cannabis is provided free through the donations of local area medical marijuana growers.  Oregon’s law provides for six mature plants, eighteen seedlings, but only twenty-four ounces of dried, cured marijuana.  I say “only” and people’s jaws drop, wishing they could possess 24 grams, much less a pound and a half of marijuana.  But that works out to four ounces per mature plant, which some growers are able to surpass, so they donate their excess to Oregon NORML for distribution to patients.  In fact, on the day of the Grand Opening, the café had more marijuana at the end of the day then they had started with, thanks to generous donations.
While I attended on Saturday night, two officers from the Portland Police Bureau stopped by to investigate the operations.  They were very friendly and just wanted to know where the medicating was taking place and how Oregon NORML was controlling the situation.  They were pleased to learn how relentlessly ID’s and medical cards were being checked and that the front entrance was closed as a measure to help control the smell from permeating the public area.  The police let everyone know that they had no intention of harassing the club or its patrons and that absent any complaints from neighbors the Cannabis Café would be free to operate.
Annual membership in Oregon NORML is required, since it is a private club, as well as monthly club dues, which go to support Oregon NORML’s lobbying and outreach efforts and pay the overhead of running the club, respectively.  This Saturday, November 21, we’ll return to the café and speak to Madeline Martinez and these patients and hear their medical marijuana stories, as well as taking questions about the café from the live audience and our callers.  It’s live talk radio from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Hosted by “Radical” Russ Belville, NORML SHOW LIVE features a recap of the week’s top stories in medical marijuana, consumer cannabis, and industrial hemp; interviews with the top cannabis activists, politicians, scientists, doctors, actors, musicians, and comedians; and your calls live at 347-994-1810.  Join us every Saturday Night, live, at from 9-11pm Eastern / 6-8pm Pacific.

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  1. All I hear is medical this medical that. I want some legalization for those of use who don’t have or need medical permits.

  2. Arizona blows….and I wish I could move to OREGON.
    But, chin up. Just like a smoke session procedes one bowl at a time;….Legalization too, will procede. One state at a time.

  3. I am a proud resident of Oregon. I hope that both Oregon NORML, as well as the cannabis movement in Oregon in general continues to grow quickly. Our state is in one of the worst financial crisis’ in the nation as detailed here:
    We need cannabis & hemp to salvage our State economy, and bring jobs to Oregon. This is a small step in the right direction, and will help to shape people’s opinion of cannabis; to that of a more positive one.
    Legalize cannabis in Oregon in order to help salvage our State from a horrible financial crisis, and lead the way in hemp use.
    Also, here is something else to read about:

  4. #1 tim. i agree. i am healthy and just want an occasional buzz. i find alcohol distasteful (literally and figuratively).

  5. I think this is a step in the right direction one state at a time.I live in Boise ID and i am surouned by states that have medical witch i would love to see this great state that i live in make the same changes that or surounding state have made. This is a great time in or history and i am proud to be here to witness it all happening. ONE LOVE.

  6. I hope all in attendance that will be medicating will set a good NORML example and follow NORML’s recommendations for responsible adult use and transportation is organized for those who should not be driving. If I were a cop, and didn’t like marijuana, I’d certainly be camped out waiting for people to pull over and harass. Be safe and have fun in OR!

  7. This is great. If The Cannibus Cafe is a success and nothing ‘bad’ happens (which it won’t), then the rest of the country will be able to see that cannibus cafes and coffee houses are akin to, and certainly safer than traditional bars that serve alcohol. This in turn will help those who are still dazed and confused by Reefer Madness to see that cannibus is perfectly acceptable and should be embraced by society at large, both as a medicinal and recreational miracle, and as a sure fire way to help our economy. Good luck to the proud owners of The Cannibus Cafe!!!

  8. Legalization is coming .
    This year in Cali i have seen 3 (three)_ liquor stores fold up and close its doors . I have talked with a delivery man for Budweiser and he loudly told me himself ” ohnh yeah ! beer sales are wayyyyyyyyy down & I’m not making the deliveries i used to make ” .The first vaporizor lounge for cannabis opens in , Oregon .
    The taxes States used to make off of Alcohol sales are being diverted to Cannabis sales . People are getting smarter . They are choosing Marijuana with zero calories & no side effects as the healthier & smarter alternative to Liquor .
    …………Change is coming .

  9. Great to see the progress being made here on the West Coast. Share this information with friends and family. Have them check out CannabisPlanet and

  10. Awesome! Wish it was for everyday smokers but at least people with medical conditions they have a place to hang out. Definitely jealous as I sit here budless 🙁
    As far as Oregon, its nice but rains way to much for my liking. The outdoors, when not raining, is beautiful however.

  11. this is freakin’ cool, thanks again norml.
    wish there was a webcam at Oregon’s coffee shop tonight

  12. Marijuana Saved My Life:
    As a chronic pain patient since 1993, if it were not for marijuana, I would be DEAD! I have had several back surgeries which caused severe neurological and musculo-skeletal pain. At times, I seriously thought about endeing the pain by ending my life. I was prescribed everything from from percoset, morphine, demerol, methodone, etc. etc. etc. All of these drugs killed my my stomach, kidneys, liver, and I could not function as a productive member of society. I was introduced to marijuana in 1996. I was 27 years old and never tried the drug before. I never did any drugs other than what doctors prescribed. I tried the bag of marijuana I was given by a friend for 1 week, and the quality of my life improved ten fold. I felt like I could think again, and within 2 months I was able to work, and actually have a quality of life again that was semi-normal. I go to church every Sunday, and thank the good lord for giving us this wonderful pain reliever! I have no side effects that all the chemically made man made drugs had, and I can actually function like a normal person. I still have to live in fear that my family or myself will be affected, because this drug is illegal. All persons involved are “OK” with that, because they have seen how it has helped me live a somewhat normal life. I’m so happy to see that maybe soon, we will no longer have to live in fear just so I can be pain free and support my family. I hope this legislation passes, and if you can use my story to help, I will go out on a limb to help! I have all the medical records and backing documentation to support my story. I use marijuana, just as a doctor would prescribe. I use a certain milligram dosage, on regular intervals, just as a doctor would prescribe. I dont get “high”. I use marijuana to help my chronic pain. If I can be of further help, please feel free to contact me.

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    KGO Radio and , Gene Burns continue to push the consumption of Alcoholic beverages . They pretend they don’t hear us . THEY ARE HIDING FROM THE TRUTH . They are sending the wrong message to children . Let them know your feelings by writing or calling KGO Radio of San Francisco . Please be nice & polite . Please don’t make threats or do any name calling . Your help is needed . Gene Burns also call marijuana a ….D-R-U-G and they put out the B.S. ad put out by the Drug and Alcohol Companies pushing a primarily ” marijuana ” drug testing kit meant to deceive you the public that shows marijuana positive but , their deadly drugs – negative .

  15. We will win this war because we tell the truth . They use deception and lies and tricks meant to deceive you . God is on our side . They take the side of the Great Satan the Devil . They ignore one of God’s greatest commandments…………
    ” Thou shall not lie “

  16. It has began its starting to spread we all have to be patiant the masses will want to smoke just like the ones with medical cards but i beleave thats fair u cant get a script for pain killers with out the pain so i feel its pretty fair and its actully really easy to get a midical card so i hear but this is just the start of it all let us all see what the future holds for us smokers im excited one state at a time they all will relize what a money crop this is in more than one way

  17. I agree with Tim as well, medical cannabis is good & all. But, I want to hear more about the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act & such. We need more legalization movement! The AMA thing is good, but I believe that ultimately they will work to only sell us pills with the extracted contents. While rallying against personal growing, and smoking of cannabis for “health reasons”.

  18. I’m trying to listen to the live audio but the stream is of horrible quality and it is stuttering at such a rate theres no point in listening, just a heads up guys

  19. Just a little hypocrisy humor here. The next time you see a sign that says “Drug free school zone” within 5 miles of a bar or store that sells alcohol, think of all the people put in prison for growing canibus. While the drunks run free in these school zones with their government approved baby raper liquid drugs.

  20. yea like dude said medical this medical that…we need the laws to change on smoking pot…kinda Amsterdam,people dont need anything to smoke they just walk in…bet yuh if more shops open like this,it could bring TONS of money in

  21. congrats all.
    hey NORML staff or Russ did u see drug free america has ads on your blogtalkradio
    lol i thought it was funny. them cashing in on a book with us NORML viewers

  22. To all you itchin for legalization for non-medical… chiiill my friends its comin. I just picked up a QP last nite. And im gona make soooooo much money here in the next few hours! Our gov wont let a cash cow like this get bogarted by lowly dealers like myself. Their gona get wise and want the money for themselves. Until then….
    I got 3 little girls who are gona get a GREAT christmas thanks to your friend and mine… sweet mary jane!$

  23. I live in the SF Bay Area (California). There are several clubs in the area which I frequent that allow members to medicate on the premises. Berkeley’s Patient’s Group is one. The Vapor Room is another. There are more. On-site medication has been policy in these clubs for many years.
    Still–way to go Oregon!

  24. To #13,
    Your story is very telling of how our government is easily blinded by politics and money. I have suffered from “Cluster headaches” since I was 5 years old. I have used cannabis for over 40 years. I now have a rescue drug called Zomig that can stop the headache but has some side effects I don’t like. If I can find good quality Indica it helps but doesn’t give complete relief. I use it more as a profilatic measure. It should be a crime for our own government to keep this important medicine from people that get relief from it. I hope you never get caught for possesion. Hopefully someday we can go to our local cannabis outlet and get the medicine we need without fear. Thanks NORML Oregon for all that you do. We all look forward to the day we are not persicuted for using something that doesn’t endanger anyone.

  25. NORML Show Live is what gets me through the week…what a bummer that technical difficulties ruined the grand opening (well, the broadcast of it) of a wonderful idea with the first cannabis cafe in the US of A!
    Madeline Martinez, Radical Russ Bellville, et al, of Oregon Normal* are setting the tone with their innovative leadership for a true watershed, landmark moment in the history of this once free nation.
    Since 1937, we’ve been oppressed by our government for using a safe, non-toxic, all-natural substance that provides tremendous relief for the sufferers of seemingly innumerable illnesses.
    Beyond medicinal applications, marijuana is the safest social relaxant and/or stimulant, depending on the strain, far superior to tobacco and alcohol in that it produces virtually zero negative effects such as hangovers, cirrhosis of the liver, cancer (might cure that, though!), et cetera. And it’s less “addicting” than coffee.
    NORML chapters across the nation are striving to get the message across to our politically appointed and elected “leaders” (WE’re leading THEM, more often than not on this issue) that the will of the people is to end the prohibition of this wonderful plant that can ameliorate, allay, ease, and even eliminate so many problems in our world today.
    Cannabis/Hemp can provide superior building materials, fine clothing and other textiles, the most completely nutritious food product (hemp seed) of any plant, remarkably clean-burning fuel, and on and on and on. There are over 50,000 documented uses for this amazing gift from God, which our founding fathers urged us to grow.
    In addition to all these incredible facts, which I urge everyone to research and educate friends, family and community about, Cannabis/Hemp is easy to cultivate, and requires very little fertilization compared to most crops, and virtually no pesticides in most climates and soils. One acre of hemp produces as much paper as four acres of trees, without all the toxic chemicals required in wood pulp processing.
    Most everything we need to know about this power plant can be gleaned from Jack Herer’s well-researched and written book on the subject: The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Buy it or borrow it, read it, pass it on…Our government has deceived us for too long, for no good reason.
    Racism, corporate greed, fundamentalist ideology and political graft have kept this innocent plant underground for over seven decades, and are the enemies of the people of our nation and the world. When we re-legalize the production of Cannabis/Hemp, the whole world will literally breathe easier…
    This plant removes more CO2 from the air than just about any other plant. CO2 is one of the most harmful greenhouse gases contributing to global warming. We can reverse that trend, feed, clothe and shelter the people of the world, and keep them healthier with cannabis-based medicines.
    It’s no exaggeration to say that Cannabis/Hemp can literally save the world. We have the truth on our side–let’s keep putting it out there so it’s increasingly difficult for prohibition to hold sway.
    *I would be remiss not to give due recognition as well to all the other hard-working individuals and devoted organizations such as National NORML, LEAP, MPP, SAFER, THCF, numerous health organizations now including the AMA! for their invaluable contributions to our common cause. Apologies to those groups I left out; keep up the hard work, the prohibitionists are flagging, but not dead yet! Their reprehensible paid liars will never stop spewing their propaganda garbage.


  27. I am so sorry about the technical difficulties. The café is remarkable. I am going to try to get the show BASED out of the café and run through a dedicated hi-speed line.

  28. Beer sales are down and so now KGO Radio of San Francisco , Cali. is quite often playing the Ad where a Mother says ” Kevin have you ever tried Pot ” than she immediately goes on to
    say ” cocaine ” & a bunch of other hard drugs . KGO gets paid advertising money ( & who can blame them )& that they don’t necessarily believe in this great tool of deception .What the D. A.& T. Companies do is promote their Drug testing Kit
    Check “is the name ) they invented to discourage the use of Marijuana . First they make money when they sell the Drug testing Kit . The Kit is used to trick and deceive you into thinking Marijuana is just as addictive as cocaine & other hard drugs for one point only … discourage you from using marijuana so you will use their drugs instead . This way they make money in two
    ways .Secondly they make money off of sales of
    drugs .I believe most of the talk show hosts on KGO are pro marijuana anyways including a brilliant , Dr. Dean Edell who has spent a lifetime studying medicine . I don’t think i have ever heard a show in which he doesn’t talk pro marijuana . With all the knowledge and understanding he has about Marijuana I’ll bet he’s a Cannabis consumer . Then there is this smart & funny Attorney called , Len Tillem who not only puts on a fantastic show but , also appears pro Cannabis . Most all of the Talk show hosts except maybe one are great & do a superior job .
    Today i was in a Drug store ( and i couldn’t sleep until i wrote this letter ). The entire right side of the store was filled with hard liquor and wine . In the back of the store was a cooler filled with beer & outside the cooler were stacked case after case of more beer .
    The drug store promotes alcohol beverages because when you drink you may either end up overweight , have liver problems , diabetes , high blood pressure and a host of other health related problems making you to use more of ” their ” drugs & so this is why they push the Drug testing Kit & alcohol beverages . Drug stores that sell cigarettes do this for the same reason …….. so you’ll end up sick or with respiratory problems so again you’ll buy their drugs to keep alive .
    Just like big alcohol the tobacco Companies are also trying to snuff out marijuana because when you use marijuana you’ll smoke less cigarettes but , more with beer . Marijuana has the opposite effect on smoking cigarettes as beer would .They are opposites .
    Conclusion ;
    When you drink & smoke cigarettes eventually your going to need medication and so the drug stores make money and financially benefit this way . This is why the Drug , alcohol & tobacco are all behind the Drug testing Kit .
    They all work hand and hand together .

  29. It is ridiculous that such stringent measures are observed to make sure that only officially recognized medical users can enter and partake of a non-toxic plant. They even require that the doors are closed so that not even the aroma of cannabis escapes. How silly to fuss like this over such a harmless activity, but that’s the result of decades of fearful brainwashing.
    Also revealing was the abundance of free pot at the cafe. It’s my feeling that, in a legal world, this product will become so abundant that it will cost very little. A few years from now we might be amazed at the absurd prices we once paid for this common herb. I can imagine free samples included with purchase of water pipes or vapes.

  30. @merle
    I agree, it is absurd. However I know it is a step in the right direction! Just think. Twenty years ago, this type of operation would have been ransacked and shut down. Ten years ago, the exact same. Now though, the people are allowed to acquire, share, and use marijuana, and the police even show up and don’t have a problem with it!! Just think what ten more years hold for us. I hope that by 2016, one state will have fully legalized and distributes.

  31. # 37 i liked your post but the movement is like a snowball rolling down a hill. there is major advancements everyday thanks to our advocate leaders doing their best in polotics. i think it will be much sooner for full legalization. im predicting within the next 3-5.

  32. i reside over the bridge form portland ore.while it is good we have the laws and ability to open such a cafe ,i would like to inform anyone who may move here simply for that to be ready for high rent / utilities.a huge homeless population.intolerant police force,they have killed several mentally ill people and a school system that is a complete failure.along with those problems there is a huge population of so called hippys who are just trying to get drunk or high.i just got one out of my house,i lost the 600.00 bucks for last months rent rather than put up with him for another month.o yeah ,i left out the meth heads and cant leave your bike or anything sitting around .it will be going back to florida with my wife and kids asap.really it sucks here.just letting you know.

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